Networking - How to survive an event | Diane Darling | Skillshare

Networking - How to survive an event

Diane Darling, Author & Speaker

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10 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro - How to navigate a networking event

    • 2. Prepare - Don't go in cold

    • 3. What to wear and where to put your name tags

    • 4. Networking vs. net-eating

    • 5. How to remember names (and what to do when you forget)

    • 6. How to connect with VIPs

    • 7. Secret tips for introverts who don't like events

    • 8. Dyslexic introduction

    • 9. Handshake therapy

    • 10. Follow up after event


About This Class

Good leaders have strong networks. Attending events is a part of life both professional or personally.

  • On the positive side they are a place to meet and reconnect with many people in a short amount of time.
  • On the negative side they seem insincere, rushed, and overwhelming.

This course will help you gain confidence and provide insights you can implement immediately.





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Diane Darling

Author & Speaker

Welcome! I'm new to Skillshare and look forward to seeing you in my classes.

Most of the time I'm speaking around the world sharing insights on communications, networking, public speaking, and football. Yes you read that right, I teach people how to understand football. Why? If you can't speak sports, it's tough to connect with others.

I took standup comedy in order to overcome my fear of public speaking. That's a course for another day. I enjoy sharing insights both online and...

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