Network like a Ninja: Building Effective Business Relationships | Laura Pennock | Skillshare

Network like a Ninja: Building Effective Business Relationships

Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

Network like a Ninja: Building Effective Business Relationships

Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Networking Like a Ninja

    • 2. The Power of Networking

    • 3. Step 1 - Build

    • 4. Step 2 - Classify

    • 5. Step 3 - Describe

    • 6. Step 4 - Identify

    • 7. Step 5- Connect

    • 8. Project Power!

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About This Class


Taking a strategic, “ninja-like” approach to networking, Laura Pennock shares her favorite means of generating work: a process called ‘client-sharing.’  She illustrates the distinct advantages that networking provides over marketing and shows Skillshare users how to pinpoint valuable contacts and reach out to them in ways that work.  Students will leave empowered to participate in the broader business community and find new avenues for reaching their clientele.

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Laura Pennock

Face Artist & Instructor: FAI


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1. Networking Like a Ninja: My name is Laura Pennock, and I am the owner and operator. Jack Anna Parties, a Children's entertainment company. In this class, I am going to teach you to network like a ninja. Networking often feels like grocery shopping without a list. You go to the grocery store, you see a bunch of food. You put some of it in your cart and you check out low home. But then, that night, all you offer dinner is Oreos and peanut butter and A Z Good is it tastes. It's not very nourishing. If you network like a ninja, you will be able to get in, be focused, get your job done and get out. One of the most powerful ways to network is my client shared in this class. I will teach you how to find businesses that are interested in that working with you and I will teach you the skills it takes to network with those businesses. 2. The Power of Networking: the basis of any business is information to the client. So how are we going to get people to talk about you now? Most people start by talking about themselves, and that's great. It's awesome to have that kind of information and that kind of report with your customer. But it's limiting because you can only talk to as many people as you can talk Teoh. So most people move on to the next step, which is marketing now. Marketing is having a business relationship is from a professional company to a client, and people know that marketing has its limits. Any time we drive by a billboard of an amazing, yummy, juicy hamburger, it makes us want hamburger. But we all know in our heart of hearts that the hamburger we buy is not going to look like the one on the billboard. Marketing is something that people only trust to a point, and that is where the power of networking comes in. When you can have somebody that is unrelated to you talking about you, the power of word of mouth really comes out. Networking can be awesome when your clients start talking to other clients, but more often the power of networking comes when you can build a personal relationship with other business professionals. Let me show you an example. Recently in the mail, I received thes two letters. This one is coals, and it isn't marketing to me. They're talking about you and us. They're talking about Happy Anniversary. They're making it as personal as they can. They even have my name in pink. Laura. Here it is. But this is marketing, and I know it's marketing. I know that they're trying to sell me something, even if they're giving me an $8 Permal gift. I know what the end of the day. They want my money. This is a wedding invitation that was sent to me by an event coordinator that I have done a lot of work with. This is a personal relationship that he is looking to build with me by inviting me to the wedding of his son by building personal relationships with networking professionals in your area you are able to then when they have an opportunity to talk about you, it's coming from someone else. If I tell you to hire me, you might. But if your friend or somebody you know says you need to hire this person that is going to carry a lot more weight. So this class is using that amazing power of networking to your advantage. How do you get to know those people and get them to talk about you in our project? I'm gonna take you through these five steps that you can dio, Let's get started. 3. Step 1 - Build: Step one building your client list. This step is really important because it is going to be the foundation for our entire project. I need you to get a piece of paper and a pencil or go ahead and open up a computer document and let's get started. What I want you to do is I want you to look back over the last six months to a year and make a list of anybody who has hired you. Hindsight is 2020 and it's a lot easier to find money by looking at where the money has come from than it is to just guess of who you want to work for. So what I want you to dio is list out about 50 to 100 clients. Put their names down. Who is it? Where have you found success in the past? So you have Bob and Sally and they hired you, and that's great. But it could be a little bit too complicated to look at all of these different names. So go ahead and write the type of work they hired you for next to their name. It may have been if your photographer ah wedding photo shoot or a baby photo shoot or whatever it is. Go ahead and write the type of work they did and look over, See if you have any holes. Did you forget anyone? We're looking for the last 6 to 12 months, about 5200 people. If you have a lot more work than that, go ahead and pare it down. If you only have five or 10 clients because your brand new go ahead and think about who would you like to have higher You what? Air your dream clients and and fill out this list so you end up with about 50 to 100. 4. Step 2 - Classify: step to classify. We want to take those 5200 names, and we want to split them into about 5 to 10 groups. And easy way to think about this is imagine the rehearsal dinner at a wedding. You have all these people coming, and you want to separate them into a place where they comfortably fit. So you have the table of your parents and the table of your husband's parents. And then you have a table of all your weird college roommates that air still single, and then, you know, you you split them up so that they're in where they belong. A really easy way to do this with your clients is to ask yourself questions. And in the project section you can see a list of questions. But those questions or similar to do they hire me for holidays? Do they expect me to travel? Do they hire me based on you know, their gender? Is this something that's all about? You know, uh, ladies night out? What are different ways that you can categorize thes clients and to still and down to, instead of 100 people we have to look at, we can look at five or 10 groups, so go ahead, take some time, look at your people and get him sorted out. I was able to split my clients into six different groups. Those groups are events kid focused celebration Aren't focused recreation or people having a good time on the local news or entertainment industry? By having this split into the six groups, it becomes a lot more powerful as you'll see in the next step. 5. Step 3 - Describe: Step three describe in this step, we want to describe each group. We want to get to know them better. We want to know clients that fit in this group and why there are four sections I want you to think about in this group. I want you to think about the challenges that this group represents. What makes working for them hard? Is it because their way stressed out? Is it because it's really expensive to do the front work? What is it that makes this group challenging? Next step is the benefits. Why do you love working for these people? What does it make us this work? Your favorite? The next question I want you to ask is, What do you expect when working for this group? What does it look like when you are on the job? The next question is the approach. How did this work find you, or how did you find this work? What is it that it takes tow land thes gigs? What is he approach? Once you have these four questions answered, it gives you an opportunity to really understand these clients. Who is it that you are working for? What makes them in this group. At this point in our project, we've gone over building our client list, getting them into groups and now describing the group. At this point, I want you to go back, and I want you to look at steps one and two and see if there are any holes that you can fill in. Are there any people you forgot? Are there people that you think? Oh, my gosh. In this group, I would love to work for this person or this person or this person that all belong there. Now, this is a networking class, But right now, you have an amazing marketing plan before you. And so don't don't feel shy. Use Use the project at this level, but get ready for step for where we start to learn the magic. 6. Step 4 - Identify: step for identify. Just like in the introduction where we talked about grocery shopping with a list, we are going to generate a list of people we want to network with. How do we go about that? Let me show you. When you think of a mom and a dad holding hands with a little kid, it's really cute. And it's amazing. Now when we network in our own industry it can be wonderful and powerful because those people, they understand our problems. They understand where we're coming from, and they know the kind of clients we want to work with. But it's limiting because we're trying to hold the same hand on this little child, and there is only so much one client needs from the same industry. But just like a child will hold hands with the mom and the dad. Your clients have other people that they are also using. The easiest example is again our wedding. So here we are. We are doing a service for a wedding for me. I do the Children's entertainment at the reception, but what other people are my wedding people hiring? They are hiring photographers. They're hiring a band. They're hiring somebody to do their cake. They're hiring. And now imagine we'll pick one. The cake decorator. Here's my little kid client. I'm holding their hand and they're holding hands with a cake decorator. Who else is that cake decorator holding hands with? They have other weddings. They have birthday parties. They have bar mitzvahs. All of these opportunities that are people that potentially could also hire me. I want to get to know all of the cake decorators in my area. I want to get to know all the photographers these air people that I share clients with and by client sharing. We are able to promote and refer to each other's businesses. This is where we generate our networking list. Ah, powerful example from my business where this worked is I made friends with a radio company and they had a company that was planning a grand opening now grand openings or something that I do fairly often, but I don't know that company. I didn't know they were having a grand opening this radio station. They did, because it's somebody they network with, and they came in and they said, Hey, we have an awesome face painter that we know. Why don't you hire them? They gave them my card and they called me and I have done to grand openings for this company. It is an amazing wait a network when you know who your networking with and why. So what I want you to dio is I want you to go through each of the groups that you have identified. I want you to think who else is targeting this group? Who else wants to work for them? Think of a Venn diagram. You're over here. Other business is over here and you have this overlap. Who do you overlap with? Who can you client share with? Go through each group, try and come up with five separate companies that are interested in this table? The most amazing reason that client sharing is successful is because these are non competing businesses. It doesn't matter how many clients I share with a radio company. That radio company is not going to start painting their faces. And I'm not going to start delivering music into their home. So it's a wonderful opportunity to both build each other's businesses, and that's what networking is all about. But you're not in competition 7. Step 5- Connect: Step five connect Now, in order to connect with these companies, we need to know the people were trying to connect with. I have three easy ways that you can connect with their people 1st 1 is the cold call. Call the company and say, Hey, who does your HR? Who does your marketing on? By having a name and a phone number, you can call them and start building those relationships today. Sometimes that can be a little uncomfortable to just cold. Call away that businesses come together in order to make these connections is through business networking organizations, like a local chamber of commerce or A B and I group. They host events where that's they're all focused on networking on. By having the type of people you're interested in, networking written down and you're ready to go. It can really give you direction in those environments. Another idea when you have somebody specific that you're trying to get to know, but you feel a little uncomfortable approaching on your own is find someone you already know that can do the introduction. This is an amazing way of client sharing with networking, where you have somebody that you already know you're holding there hand let them hold your hand and introduce you over to the person you're trying to meet. Once you meet these people, though, it could be a little awkward. It feels a lot like a first date. You've swapped cards, you know each other's names. But what do you talk about? How do you get to know them? How do you network? I have five ideas for you that are all really powerful ways. And if you look in the project section, I've got even more. I love client sharing, obviously, and to do old class about because you already have a golden ticket in to building a relationship with somebody. Bring them a referral. You know that they could be good for your business. You could be good, for there's share somebody that you know would benefit from that relationship. Introduce them toe one of your clients. Number two is complimenting them. Anytime you're trying to build a relationship with a friend, you're always like Oh, I love your hair. I love your clothes. Do that with their business. It's amazing how far Ah compliment can go. I know I feel amazing. Anytime somebody says you do so good at this or that in my own business idea. Three. Ask about them, Talk about them, talk about their business, talk about how they got started, get to know their company. If you want to cheat her way to do this, use social media. People are always sharing their story and so get to know their story. And then, instead of oh, how did you get started? You can come across and you could say, Hey, I heard you got your start here. How did that happen? They will love knowing that you are not just trying to pass your time until you find someone better to talk to. You are being focused and you were talking to them about them. Social media is also amazing at number four, where you can share their story on your page, give them a shout out, use their hashtags, get involved in their causes. It's amazing the ways that you can connect and build relationships using social media. The last idea that I have for you Number five is asking for advice. Now we are not looking for free services. If it's a photographer, do not ask them to shoot for free. Do not ask them how you can shoot yourself better for free. That is not what I mean. When I say ask for advice. Look at something that they do well in their business. Are they always on time? Do they have a really crisp image? Is there something that they do well that you could learn from going up to them and saying , How do you stay organized in your business? I am sure they will tell you all about it and you will learn and you will grow. And in the meantime, you are building a relationship and they will think, Wow, this person cares about me. They noticed me and they will start to take notice of you. Networking is amazing and knowing who you want a network with that is what it takes to be a ninja. Take the time to find the people you want to connect with and then connect stuff. I've 8. Project Power! : So, Ninjas, are you ready? Now is the time that you need to go When you need to implement your project, I need you to go through. Make sure you have your client list. It's all focused into groups. You've described your groups. You found other people that are interested in your groups. You have the names and phone numbers of who works for them. Now it is time to take your Step five and get out there and be a ninja. Are you ready for your first mission? I want you to take those 25 names that you have and I want you to pick one and call him. I am here. I am your son. Say in the discussions group. Go ahead and ask questions. If you have something that you're struggling with or something that you want to talk about , ask. I am here for you. But take the time. Take your project, not names and phone numbers, but your, uh, your groups and your descriptions and upload them into the project section. I'll look him over, and I'll comment. But we'll also be able to build a database that other businesses can look at and we can all grow together. Skill share is one of the most amazing places to network with other like minded individuals . I am so excited to see what you dio and I am here for you. So we're ready to get started, go ahead and Mike and comment and do all those awesome things so that other people confined this class. So, ninjas, it's time to get going. Let me know how it goes.