Negotiation and Conflict Management - A Freelancer's Guide | Nick Armstrong | Skillshare

Negotiation and Conflict Management - A Freelancer's Guide

Nick Armstrong, I make marketing FUN.

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12 Videos (41m)
    • Intro to Freelancer's Guide to Negotiation and Conflict Management

    • Negotiation Basics

    • How To Win Negotiations

    • How To Lose Negotiations

    • How To Recover From Negotiation Problems

    • How To Scope Negotiations

    • Common Points of Business Conflict

    • Understanding Scope Creep

    • Setting Your Rate

    • Handling Tough Questions

    • Negotiation and Body Language

    • Recap and Your Project


About This Class

  • Do you often end up holding the short end of the stick with your clients?
  • Do you feel like you can't charge what you're worth without a mile of scope creep tagging along?
  • Do you want to handle client complaints and disagreements with tact and composition?

This course will teach you how to handle negotiations with clients, how to grow your confidence when setting and asking for your rate, how to handle tough situations and disagreements with your clients, and how to redirect scope creep into a profit-earning opportunity.

With the skills you'll learn, you'll have the opportunity to advance your goals in the real-world.

Earn more, stress less, grow your list of happy clients.


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Great course. After working in freelance for 8 years, I still didn't know what was I doing. After watching this, opened up my text editor and started outlining key moments. Helped a lot. Hehehe... ;)
This is the exact type of information I'm looking for as a beginner. I've been nervous about freelancing and being cheated on that I never thought I could start. But with the knowledge I gained from this class, I'm one step ahead of my fears. Thank you :)
Quick to the point, mutually satisfactory to both freelancer and client





Nick Armstrong

I make marketing FUN.

I'm the Geek-in-Chief behind WTF Marketing, dad, author, Ignite, PechaKucha, Startup Week, and TEDx speaker, audio drama enthusiast, and award-winning entrepreneur. More than anything, I love to make people laugh.

I teach 5 courses on Skillshare:

1. Negotiation and Conflict Management - A Freelancer's Guide

2. Intro to PR: Storytelling Pays in Marketing

3. Intro to Public Speaking - Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying

4. Building Better Business Rela...

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