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Needle Felting : Wool Painting A Cat Face

teacher avatar Zainab Mohamad Ali, Fibre Artist, watercolorist and crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (26m)

    • 2. SUPPLIES


    • 4. EARS (Part 1)

    • 5. EARS (Part 2)

    • 6. FEATURES (PART 1)

    • 7. FEATURES (PART 2)

    • 8. LETS RECAP


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About This Class


Hi friends, my name is Zain and I am excited to share with you another needle felting class with you. This time you are going to learn how to paint a cat face entirely with wool and at the same the time giving it a 3D appearance!

I will show you the various steps involved in making the muzzles, the nose and the ears. Then painting the entire face with colored wool.

For the purpose of this class, I am making a cat face the size of almost my palm. Hence, it will be bigger in the video so it's much easier to see when i am showing you. But of course you can make it in any sizes you like.

I am using quite a few colored wool and I will show them in the "Supplies" section of the lesson. But not to worry cuz they are mostly common colors that perhaps you might already have in your stash. :)

Some parts of the videos will be in time lapse so as to speed up the process so you won't be bored seeing the whole thing! But not to worry, you won't missed the important steps.

But if you want to see the whole 'know how steps', please do check out my first class on THE BASICS OF NEEDLE FELTING if haven't do so and the link is here:

There is no music in this class so it's much easier to concentrate so you won't stab your fingers! As usual, it's only voice over with some instructions or info in text too.

If you have any questions about this class or about needle felting, do let me know in the discussion or you can message me on Instagram @woollywatercolor

Lets begin felting....

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Fibre Artist, watercolorist and crafter


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught fiber artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia. Though I am from a land without sheep, I do know what is wool but I didn’t know about needle felting before.

I only discovered this craft in late 2015 when a newly Japanese store called Daiso opened in Malaysia. I was curious about the needle felting kits that they are selling. So I bought a couple and tried making as per the instructions. Immediately I am loving it, so I started searching for wool online and found so many ETSY stores selling them. So the rest is history!

Initially I started felting wool sculptures and later discovered about wet felting and wool painting after a year lat... See full profile

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1. PAINTING A CAT FACE: Hi, friends. My name is in. I'm excited to share with you another leader 13 class and this time you're going to learn would painting of the cat faced with three D features? I am using a reference picture here from Pinterest. For the purpose of this class, I'm making a much bigger kit face, so it's easier to see in the video. But of course, you can make any size you prefer. We will be using quite a few colored wall. But not to worry, because there are most probably colors you already have in your stash. Enough said, Let's begin our class. 2. SUPPLIES: Let's look at the supplies that will be using in this class. I assume you will need a number city at fielding needle off form block and some wool off various colors. Natural, white, bluish white, black, dark grey, most green like green, pale yellow, light brown pH. And lastly, like Ping. So let's begin our class in the next video. 3. BASE AND MUZZLES: Let's begin by making the best off the face. This is the reference picture. Take some literal white wool, place it on the form block, step on almost her anger ship up line for the face that two pieces off pool and place on top of each other and start stepping. Go around to secure it to the peace below and put another piece off full. If it feels too thin and for in the ages and continue staving, step around checking for any thin spots. I have found one here, so I get some more wounds. If we also is thick enough, then it's OK. You don't have to get more. Continue. Stay being pill form at some more for the middle part. Step the ages to remember to step the egg a stool. I have taught in my first class about the basics off needle Felt E You can wash that class if you heaven making the muzzle. Now roll up a small amount of hula shown into a small bowl position. It has shown on one side law part off the face step to secure step all around the edges. That family, still rich, is the best do another ball and repeat for the AKA muscle. No for the nose taking a small piece off wool and bullet facing you. Step on the position on top of the muzzle in the flip over. Try toe boulder. Well, if it is to think ship with your left hand in tow. A North ship. Make sure the North it's not bigger than the muzzles us for the top fuzzy part. Pull it apart, spreading it over the top off the head on the forehead fully in. If it is too long and you start stay being smooth that will form the forehead stable around to smooth it out a little. No to cover the face with some bleach. White War that a small piece. First line it on top off the muzzle in the nose. Step us shown. Get another layer. Check checking now the middle part. The space between the two muzzle is too white, so I take a little strip off wool and I edit insight. Flip it over. Step into the bag. Now another layer off white wool on top. This will make your muzzle in north look smoother and neat and tidy. But older Fozzie parts to the back off the face and stepped in Now toe covered up apart off the face with the same bluish white wool stepping all over. Sleep it a social. 70 cover every part off the first of the British Y this is us. Something like a best caught for the face before we get some other colors later on. Okay, that looks nice. A little more on top. That will be the last piece they let on. You can check again for wish, but you need to cover once all the parts a cover start. Stay being the surface move. So it's done. Now we can move to the next stage. 4. EARS (Part 1): no for that use placing those off GreyWolf to mark the position off the ear, so it's easier to fix the here later on. Unit four doze off Grey Wound. Sometimes you can sort off measures, so both years place properly in position. You can pull it out and place again. If you think is out off place, check again and make sure another way is to draw out the face on the piece off paper. So it's easier to check. Place the first on top of the paper like this Now to make the ISS stepped up. Playing shape has shown ship different years. Put a small piece off pool to fill up the center. Scott Stay being when it's done for the ages in and step for a long the ship that you have stepped just now, the outlying ship Step to the ship off. One ear is full. Continue, stay being live it up and check the size against the peace That Jeffs case. It's okay if it's a little bigger, because it will string more after when it's done. No, tow it some colors. We need some brown and grey, starting with the dark gray place the war has shown. Don't cover the whole year. Leave little overhanging off the outside. No, place some brown wool to cover up the white part off the pull off excess cause the only one little toe fall over to the other side. Live it up now for all the color war in and stay stable around. Continue. Stay being totally smooth, Step some more step older ages to right with both hands to smooth it more up with your palms Now to check the size again So it's a little bit bigger. So we step the ages to reduce the size if necessary the fuel sizes Okay, then it's okay. Now, for the inner part of the year we get some pink color You can blend with a little pish for contrast. If you have some using the shop, keep off your needle to smooth out the pink ages Continue Stay being Remember the ages to repeat and do for the other year. Now you're done. You have to Yes. Now 5. EARS (Part 2): Now that your ears are done, list attention to the face. Your your use Checking the position again. Now pulled a fuzzy part apart as shown. Open it up to you. Reached the color part. Position it on and see if it fits. Okay, then pull and hold the fuzzy part So it less flat on the first. Then you can start stepping to secure it, turn it over and do the same the other side to secure it on to the fest. No check. Then step all the Fozzie fibers onto the face. Once is OK. The big site too. That looks good. Now repeat the whole process. For the next year, you can still a little with a Caesar. If the fibers are too tangled up, then you can pull it apart more nicely. Do the same us for the first year. Pull it down and step to see. Kill to descend Other side. Okay, Now you check. If both iss okay. If it is okay and looks good, then continue the stepping too. Go home first. It's smooth. All the fibers are. Then go in and looks nice and smooth. Check the whole faced around the chick area beside the north. No, it looks perfect. 6. FEATURES (PART 1): part one off features. Let's still the features off the face, something with the top off the head, like in the picture. I'm using a ready blend dark gray color wool like this one. If you don't have these, you can blend yourself with black, dark grey and bluish white. Spread the gray water tingly on the middle section first and then on the sites. Step all to secure, adding some more randomly and falling to the bag and step in the loose. Fibres. No police, some more over the joint area between the fear in the face so can cover up the pink color that is showing on the face. Benito the back, Step it in. Do the same for the other year. Okay, if if the great now we take some brown color small strips and step it in in between, all the grace randomly do this will form the features off something like a Maybe kids don't get too much or else it will look petty. We just want strips off brown in between the gray color and at some more brown around a muzzle for the small, distinct color change. Always go back and step so smooth up the surface after you it some new colors or some new wounds. Okay, We'll continue in part two. 7. FEATURES (PART 2): part two off features. Let's begin by making the eyes full up small among off like green wall in position it on I area. Step it in carefully using chopped off your needle. You can. The age is neat and tidy. That's very good. Repeat the process for the other. You can use your fingers to feel. If you see killed, you can press it a little. Step some more if needed. If there are still some loose fibers around the ages, no, take a tiny bit off most green color. Stepping in carefully on the outer part off the I. You see it some shit, Dr Shit, bit for the other I. And now for a little off the light yellow or lemon yellow, place it on the opposite side off the most green. Repeat for the other I This is to it, some contrast to your eyes. If it's not showing, you can get a little more off the light yellow or the lemon yellow. Now take a little black wool and roll with your fingers in tow. Something sort of for long or worship pull in the middle, particularly on the I green part off the I right in the middle step in Italy and do the same for other I Okay, if there are any stray fibers, you can just trim it off. Sometimes it's difficult to step them in. Now take some more black wool, drop it into a long, thin strips, start twisting it. This is to line around the ice. Start from the inner bottom part, moving outwards through the outer corner, stepping along the street to secure it. Turn around as you reach the corner. Bring it to the top part off the I and continue staving until you reach the beginning point where you first started. Trim off the excess living just a little overhanging strip as shown in the picture, stepping in with a little black line going downwards. Now you can step all around the face to secure any extra fibers coming out. Repeat the lining for the next. I has shown trimming off the excess. No, to make the eyes spot a little. Put it some life rules for white, bluish white wall in tow. Oh, Bush ship in another round ship. Place it on the I at the site off the black color and stepping in. Don't step too hard or else it was. Sing in tow the black area a bit forward, out of sight. If you put it on the left side on the other, I It will be the same on the left side. No, the isis buckling. You will get a little brown because IHS two white on site off the north. But if yours looks okay, then it's okay. You don't have any extra not to make the knows you're some pink color. Put it on the nose and step it in Form a north ship, which is something that triangulation Then make a thin strip off gray tow line the north area starting from the top part, turning at the corner and twisting the end with top off the needle Tip this from a tiny not wish you just step inside which will form the nostril which looks more realistic Then do the same for the other corner off the nose Turned the end to form the north stream You can if your strip is too short cans at some extra Another strip then but another longer sleep to make the line down to the mouth. Starting from 1/3 off the north downwards. No step the mouth area. Noto make no take a little black rule. Place it in the mosque area and step the middle part. They're small rule in the middle part and a tin street at the corner. Step it up was a little curve upwards. So your kid is like, smiling. Step all over. Tony, Tony Abbott and Smooth. I had a little brown here because it's kind of light, like off brown. Color that site in a legal brown or without sight toe. But if your looks okay, then it's okay. You don't have to add extra. Okay, Step to smooth out every part. Now make a few tiny round grey balls by twisting with your two fingers. This is for the spot on the muzzle. This is the place where the whiskers are. It's sufficient amount us you light or just a few random spot like mine. Nicely done. 8. LETS RECAP: No, let's do a recap. We have met a simple flat. Best us a blank canvas for the face. Then we added a couple off rounded ships for the muzzles and a longer ship for the news, which will give that three D appearance later. A couple off years who ended two. And finally we painted the whole faced with some colored wool. As for some ideas, you can frame it up like this. Oh, you can glue it toe a wooden plaque and hang it us a war hanging decor. Oh, you can attach it with a string to make an honor, man. Congratulations for felt in another amazing piece off art. 9. YOUR VERSION: Now it's time for making your bush in off a cat fist. And remember, you can make in any size you like. You can get inspiration. Picture from Ventre's Oh, perhaps your kids if you have one. And here it's one that I have met off my kitten named Cookie when you have finished your project to share it in the Project gallery. If you posit on Instagram, do take me at Woodley. What the color. Thank you for taking my class and hope to see you in next class. Follow me here for updates or future classes and follow me on instagram for daily Post off my artwork at Holy Water Color.