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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. INTRO


    • 3. TREE

    • 4. SNOWMAN

    • 5. HOUSES PART#1

    • 6. HOUSES PART#2

    • 7. HOUSES PART#3



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About This Class

Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain and I am a fiber artist from Malaysia.

This is part of my Needle Felting Class series.

Welcome if you are a new student to my class and welcome back if you are a returning student wanting to continue learning more about needle felting.

This is a class for all levels but if you are totally new to needle felting, please do go and check out my first class: ‘THE  BASICS  OF  NEEDLE  FELTING” and here is the link to the class:

This is a special Christmas Series Class. Hence, we will be creating a Christmas Village by making:

  • Village house
  • Some trees
  • Snowman

If you have taken my first class, we will be applying the basic round, flat and cone shapes in this class. We are will also learn some new shapes, rectangle and triangle shapes.

We will still be using the very basic tools like:

  • 38 felting needle with a triangle tip
  • A firm foam block
  • Scissors

And of course some wool which I will mention what colors to use in the ‘Tools and materials’ section of the class.

After completing this class, you will be able to make all kinds of house or building structures or simply expand your little Christmas Village!

We will end the class with a simple project to do in the Class Project section.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zainab Mohamad Ali

Fibre Artist, watercolorist and crafter


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zain (short for Zainab) and I am a self taught fiber artist and a crafter from a tropical island called Borneo (Malaysian part) in South East Asia. Though I am from a land without sheep, I do know what is wool but I didn’t know about needle felting before.

I only discovered this craft in late 2015 when a newly Japanese store called Daiso opened in Malaysia. I was curious about the needle felting kits that they are selling. So I bought a couple and tried making as per the instructions. Immediately I am loving it, so I started searching for wool online and found so many ETSY stores selling them. So the rest is history!

Initially I started felting wool sculptures and later discovered about wet felting and wool painting after a year lat... See full profile

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1. INTRO: Hi, everyone. My name is saying and I'm a fiber artist. Welcome. If you are a new student will come back If you are a returning student, these classes for all levels. But if you are totally new another felt ng please to take my first class the basics off needle guilty In this class we're going to create a Christmas foolish will be making house pine trees and a snowman. In my previous class, we have already covered some basic ships in which we will be applying in this class and will be making some new ships which is rectangular and triangular an end off the class. We're going to do a class project together, Let the felt ing begins. 2. TOOLS & MATERIALS: As for tools and materials as usual, we need the basic a felt ing needle in the form block. Some wore. Let's look at walls for the house, innit? Brown, black, yellow, blue and white. For the trees. We need natural white, and some mixes off any greens that you have and Leslie for the storm in black, white, orange and red this begin. 3. TREE: Let's make some trees for your village. Well, making this kind of tree. The three is stubble. The height off your house. This is for comparison will be making a concept for us. Let's begin by taking a fluff off White War late on this form liver into three parts. Then we fall one part towards the center and start to roll it up. Can see this demo In my first class. The best six off needle felt ing roll it up tightly. Yes, you can. Once this role, um, you can start stay being washout for your fingers. Always step in front off your left hand fingers. Step all over. Role to compact. Step the bottom step all over. Roll with your palm. Continue stepping until this cornice ship. Then it's time to get some color like a piece off that green color. Wrap it up the bottom off the corn. Hold the fuzzy part with your left hand and start stay being step all over at some more green. Continue stepping and covering the white corn at some more. If there's some quite showing, roll it up, step it until the whole color is not seen. Two is a little too tall. Roll with your bum to compare it more step the bottom flat. Salyer three can stand up. No goals, said some more if you need. Okay, does done. Then it's time to get some fuzzy leafs through the tree pension. Little off whatever green checks that you have in your stash. If you don't have it's OK. You can just mix two colors a darker green in the light of green. Pull it all apart and try to blend them together roughly. Do not over blend because we want to see the texture of the colors. Peace be and place it on the corn, starting from the bottom off the tree. Then we work it upwards to the end. Start stay being step randomly. Don't step to time because we do not want a smooth surface. We want a rough surface, so it shows that the leaves are alive on the tree. Stepped It'll older trees is covered with relief. Once discovered, check true and find no stating to secure thing just done. Now you have feel tree 4. SNOWMAN: time to make a snowman, Pour some natural white war rolling up and starts taping. This is for the body of the snowmen. Cut, Stay. Being essentially docker form blocks. It is easier to see with the white. Water always comes off your hands. Compressor fiber, more a social step the underside flat so your snowman can stand up. Keep on stay being Rub the bottom underside on the table Top to compress Inflect on more Check the height. Did you sell it less than the three high No no make hit that a small among a white war Roll up, leaving the fuzzy end on step Step only front off it do know step defies the end because that's the part to join with the body. Keep stepping their own pot. Open up the fuzzy end, spreading out the fibers. Now put it on top off their body. Pull down the fuzzy fibers and let it lay on the body. Hold a hit with your left hand and slowly step the lower part into the body, giving a few deep stepping so the loose fibre were tangled up in the body. Step old loose posy by pull it down I always feel left, and then you step in front of your left hand, pulling it down so you will have a smoother surface. Roll it against the form continues shape being on your step. So you're snowmen. Wouldn't go out of shape. Try to press the neck area. So you're him, uh, deeper. Then put packed for the next shape us. You step along so you will have a nice ship in the end. Always stepped Botham and rub. Now it's done. You have a snowman. Now, to make the scarf, use a red color wool. Pull a long strip Step on to the neck area has shown you can use other color if you like. Step, do where the beginning start and step a couple of hot stay being at the joint area, then flip it down to us the body. Step it to join again and pulling it down, stepping it down usedto keep an off your needle toe guide the fuzzy fiber down, and at the end you can twist it with your needle and stepping in, and you will have a smooth end. Once it's done, step over the whole Scott area again to smooth out evenly talking in any loose fibres. No. Well that the face area thus will give him a smiling fest, A small amount of black twist into a thin strip placed on the lowest part off the head X that in one end to the other end, make sure is a smiling face. You can make a big smile or small smile. Cut off any excess before your Caesar in the extra fuzzy end so you have a need. Smile now your orange color for the nose. You can make a round nose or a little bit long. I met the horizontal long north. Three off any extra fiber that is coming out. If you're Caesar, it looks easier for you but the ice libre. Now roll up your tiny black dots with black rule. Could it position it on the face above the nose? Step in little eyes. The size of the eyes is up to you. Slipped surrounding. That's a beautiful snow. No, for the battle. Using the same black roll up a bigger ground fluff, you can get three or two buttons. Okay, now it's old. Done. You can make most men if you want. Okay. Oh, done 5. HOUSES PART#1: we'll start the class by making houses for our village. First, pull off some nature of white rule. We're going to make the body off the village house, you know, apartness white. Then we'll it colors on out, running up as tightly as possible. Peace twist left hand and start stepping in front of your fingers. Watch out for your fingers. Kooning. Este being on all sites. Try shaping with your hands because we want a rectangular ship for the house. Rub it on a table top to flatten and also from up the sites, too. You can also kept with your pen. Continue staving. Check the site it more. If the size is still small, roll it up and start. Stay being. Repeat the simple says from beginning stepping all over. Continue the simple says, stating and shipping us. You go alone, grab it on the table top again. Can press it with both your hands to maintain direct Ingles size in ship since the sizes. Okay, now we can now step the needle deeper into the wall. This helps to come pick up the fiber more faster by stating it deeper and harder. Remember to always share us you are stepping to maintain the ship now to extend the top appointee Pat. So it looked like the rooftop. Okay, we have checked dust the top off the roof. What's more among off? Roll it up, Kightly. To make a cylindrical shape, place it on top of the house instead, people hot, deep step steps Feel secure at a little water at the sites to cover any visible. Then get some more room. Go around the rooftop. We want to have a smooth side. Press the top to form the triangle tower Take some more warm And this time we want to cover the whole top down towards the body off the house, all with your left hand fingers and step the whole wall to secure to the body By pulling the with your left hen it will give you a smoother surface. Continue pulling and saving. All true, the sites also and the out of sight Step till ghost. No more fuzzy fi bus coming out This pinch the top to get a shop. A little pin shit from we have reached up there. Step So the ship Eustace, press again. Step every time after you press to maintain the ship by no robbing to smooth out every surface. Now it's done. You have. You have your house body. 6. HOUSES PART#2: is this part to off making houses? We'll start by painting the house color blue. I use blue here, but you can use any color you like. Pull a piece off pool and start covering the bottom off the house. First start, Stay being to secure. Pull all the loose fibres upwards with your left hand fingers while you step. Pull the fibers together. Hold it from ble instead. Step all over. That looks good about this time toe. Cover the lower part off the house. Start by the side of the house Falls covering the try angle site flys which is the site off the house. Step to secure the first part. Then rip all around to us. This other site same goes to the other triangle side covered with piece off blue color gripped up properly and step it smooth. That looks OK. Empty part. It's okay. It will be covered by the roof later. Now we need to step some mobile at the lower part of the house to make the color more even smooth without rub it on your table. Top all sites, step the bottom. It fled us. Possible peace to ship the top part so it will look like a roof. Step a little more here. There are some fuzzy part here. All of your left hand fingers spots, baby pulling the fiber upwards. The bliss Fozzie fiber is easier toe. Make the window a little peace some more or the top triangle park. Interrupt the bottom right now. Touchup. That's perfect. Now we'll make the roof first. Cut our piece off paper to make a template for the roof, making sure the edges off the paper is a bit coming out off the site of the house. Let's take a piece of brown wool and spread it fled to feel a little bigger than your pepper template. With the template on top off the wound and stepping along, the Vegas removed a template and start to fall the ages in one and starts taping to secure . That's some more womb for some Sener areas, so you have a more solid rooftop later. Stay being all around. Make sure the size before them put once a one. Remove and check for any feeding areas more wall to cover up it us evenly as possible. It's all about to secure check again up on the tabletop or with both your palms to compress the fiber may show one small that looks good sleeping from out the site towards the centre or for the help string the peace. Smaller step in a way. Your needle iss slinking. Who was the center off the roof? See the difference between this to this step in unspent places? Now do the same for the other side. Stay being from inside to the outside acres my show again. Can I help the roof on your house? You are not. Exercise looks a little too big at the corner, so we can do some more staving to reduce the size would be the same process off stepping with your needles slanting towards the center along till the and in the ages Dude other site all over the ages. So you have a smooth ish with the roof, Misha. One small. It looks nice. So no, they fight the roof in tow. Half that the middle part. So that's way Will, with top off your house. Okay, Misha, this week, the old one. That's how you are. Cashing little. Put the roof on top off the house and step the top to see Kill, Step very deeply and slowly. Of what? Your fingers from one end to the other end. Okay, that looks good. One secure. You can step, start stay being the sites and other sites. So the roof of attached to the body of the house that looks good now to step the corners in so you wouldn't have too big a flip off roof house protruding out your house. Press a little to compress. No. Start staving to reduce the site. The ages site staving while shipping the corners. If you go alone yes, your finger to shape the point part off the roof. I hold it up for you to see, But please do put it on the form to step tow. Avoid stating your fingers. Step two. Age is still that looks very nice. And he's done 7. HOUSES PART#3: but three and final part off making houses. We're making dough and windows for our house, a little brown rule and put on the bottom corner off your house. Start staving all around. Used the tip off your needle toe pulled a fireable inwards steps deal. It's more. We're reaching the bottom part. Step a line so you can flip the wall over the top. Istan. Take a tiny bit off yellow wool and fall it many times in tow. A small square but it into position. Step it like you did on the door, smoothly done in the house. Toe another window on the bank. This time a longer and wider window step. Kill smooth like before Detective Brown and fall into a tiny rectangle ship. This is for the shutters. Off the window on both sides. Off the window is that they will smooth again. Do the same for the other side of the window. Trim off any long stray fibers now for the window frame, using black color, poor little and twisted into a long strip. Got with one inner side off the shutters. The bottom 10 trim off excess. Do the same. I gotta sign like these. Trim it off now, sent off the wooden door vertically down can do another one horizontally across the political line. No, all is stunned. We're going toe. Pull some more blacks feet and now line the outer part off the shutters and the window. Frame around to the other side. Step to the end and cut off any excess and step in the cornice talking, talking in the bozzi pop. After that, step all around the window frame to smooth out the surface. That's perfect. No, for the other side. Start with the window. Do the simple says like you did on the first window. Do a cross section trim off and then all around the window frame not necessary to the top part. Only the sites and the bottom stick around enough with the goal. Do the same cross section in the door, then all around the Vegas off the door. - Once it's done, a sushi step all over to smooth out the whole surface. Of course you have. You can get more windows on both sides off the house. If you want toe, step the bottom to flatten it out. Robin table done, you know, get the chimney to your house. Run up a small amount of blue color wolf. Step on Lee won end off it. Were holding the fuzzy end cost. A fuzzy end is the one attached to the roof. Later on, step some more. Careful off your fingers to his interrupt with your palm step Deal. Quite flume. No, it a brown street will fool on the top ages off the chimney to that end to secure and then turn it all around the chimney. Step all around. Step the top blue part Also Now try to spread out the fuzzy end of the chimney so we can fix it. Toe the house, Put it on the rooftop. One corner. Give the center a few deep step to secure it to the house. Full off your fingers. A couple more stepping. Okay, Once they see kill, you can start stating all the sites in. Remember toe in all the fuzzy fiber that in the best off the chimney. Once he stands, step around the rooftop to smooth. You can step deeper into the chimney again to secure it more. It's done. Beautiful house 8. CLASS PROJECT: Now it's time to do a class project in this project. I would like you to do the same tree but just at some red and yellow spots on it. Then it is a light that tree. So share your class project in the gallery section. If you posit on instagram, please take me it, will you? What the color. Thank you and hope to see you in future classes. 9. FINAL THOUGHTS: Congratulations on finishing this class. Now that you have met the house a three and a snowman, you can expand your village by creating new houses and trees and maybe even a church. Feel free to contact me. If you have any questions about this class, contact me here on skill share or instagram at Really? What? The color hope to see you in my future classes. Thank you.