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Need to delete a skillshare class? Solution!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Deleteing a skillshare class

    • 2. Why would I need to delete a skillshare class

    • 3. Making premium classes free

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About This Class

This class shows you what to do when you need to delete a skillshare class as an instructor and cannot find a way! Try overwriting instead or seeing if you can fix the issue by making it a free class!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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1. Deleteing a skillshare class: thank you very much for joining me for my skill share class Today I try and make skill share classes each day. This one is called need to delete a skill share class. Here is a solution based on the problem I've had with needing to delete a skill share class . Here's my solution. You simply overwrite the class that you want to delete with a new one. So here is a class I want to delete and there is no option to delete it. So I've looked around. I've clicked in everywhere I could find to click on. I've emailed skill share support. I've Googled and Google, then Google and looked through help article after help article they don't allow you don't delete classes From what I can see, However, in the editing process, what I noticed is the ability to literally overwrite every single part of the class. So you see, I can change the category. You can't change the class type. Or maybe you even can. It looks like you can even change that. So what I'm going to do on this is I've already started on this. I want to delete this class, so I just go through and delete each part of it. Delete the description and I can then do the same thing in the videos. And then what I do is just put a new description in here that's different so that this class shows you what to do when you need to delete a skill share class as an instructor and cannot find a way. Try overriding instead. So you see, I just had a different description there, and I went over, wrote that instead and then the same thing for the project. So I just overwrite the project and say something like Edit one off the classes. You need to delete the way I have done with this one. So this is a simple project, then It's a very simple class, and my solution is to update it with a simple classes possible. So if you need 100 minimum characters, then you just have to go through and put some warm. You can literally change every field, upload new videos and change even tags, titles and description, as I just am finishing here. So I've got that done. I hit saving publish again, and it looks like it went through So what I've got. I've removed the old description. I've removed the old title, have removed the old project. I've left it in the same basic category because its technology, that's fine. So then the same thing I need to end up doing over here with the video lessons. So I've got these video lessons here. Now let's see what happens if I try and delete every single video lesson without having a new one in here. Let's see if it gives me an error or not. So it needs to have at least one video, so you need to have at least one video for it to save. So that's fine. All I'll do is upload this when I'm done. So I'm going to just literally and this video and continue to class and then show you what it looks like 2. Why would I need to delete a skillshare class: Why would you need to delete a class on skill share? This is a great question that I will attempt to answer. Now if you're classy, if you discover like, as I've discovered, I have uploaded a class. Technically, I hired my friend Joseph to do it and uploaded. He uploaded my videos for me and made the skill share profile for me. And now I'm using in every day. And I've discovered that now one of my videos, actually more than one of my classes it appears to be in violation of the community guidelines. So what I'm doing Since I can't delete my skill share videos, what I can do is update them and bring them into compliance. So here's the Skill Share community article that is relevant for my class. So what you saw appear was a linen class, and skill shares a different policy than other websites. I'm used to teaching on the key thing, says your teacher name must match the person narrating the class So skill share doesn't do companies putting out a bunch of different classes with different instructors all under one name skill share. The narrator So me Jerry Band feel needs to match the person actually teaching in class. Well, a lot of the classes I've made. I've paid people to make things for me. Give me copyright. So it's my copyright. It's my class and then I upload it wherever I want to. Now the problem with that is in terms of students, students like If they see it's Jerry being filled, they, like Jerry Banfield actually teach it. I did this to make a bunch of in demand courses, things that I didn't know how to teach. So what I ended up doing, then is just telling Joe, Look, get all my classes up on as many websites. It's possible, Joe says. This is a new addition to the skill share terms, which I think is an outstanding edition. As an instructor, I think you should only be allowed to teach exactly what it is, matches your name. So I've discovered after seeing this particular policy, I'm not allowed to put up classes where I'm not the primary instructor, even if they are my copyrighted content that I've bought and paid for that given money in exchange for getting the copyright on it. So it's not a private label rights and it's not copyrighted by another party. But it does. With this specific section, you must have the teacher named match it. So these air kinds of cases where you might realize if you've done something like this or similar you might realize I need to delete my course while I cant delete my course. Okay, so all you have to do is override it. Skill share has what if I violate skill shares, community or class guidelines. Now, as an instructor has been banned from you to me, I am trying to do it different on skill share and make sure that from the beginning everything I create is set up to not cause any problems for anyone else and to not violate any community guidelines. So skill share has a three strike policy and you know what? You'll notice. You'll be notified of violations and your content may be hidden, but you will be given the opportunity toe update it. So what I'm doing, I'm updating this class hopefully prior to any issues or problems. So I'm going through and making sure all of my classes that were uploaded for me are in 100% compliance with the policies, so it looks like the main thing I just need to make sure is any of those classes where I'm not doing the primary teaching. All I have to do that is essentially narrate a new skill. Share plaice in its place. Just put a new skill share class over top of the existing one. And while that's not a perfect solution, since you can't delete it, it is an effective solution that then will hopefully minimize any issues for me. With the community guidelines, I care about being a good skill sharing struck dry care. I cared about being a good you to me instructor. And as with many things, I've often go make mistakes in when I first try a new platform when I first go on to a new website. So I'm starting off on skill share. Joe did skill share before, So I'm I'm starting off as I actually do this myself to make sure I'm very aware of all the skill share guidelines, all of the skill share policies and then work within the limitations off the system. This is the system. You're not able to delete a class currently, but you can simply update it. So I hope this explains to you clearly why you might need to delete a skill share class and offers a clear solution as well as reasons to go through and take the time to edit and update your class. 3. Making premium classes free: Here's another alternative based on the reason you need to delete a class that might be helpful for you. I've found another thing that I'm not doing right on the community guidelines, and thankfully, I can fix that fairly quickly today. So what I see that is going wrong. This time I have two basic problems I've had looking through all of my classes. So I looked through my classes and now this is one I because I didn't think about skill share I now need to fix. So here's the basic problem. I have courses published premium that are available completely free on my YouTube channel and website now. So what I've got is this. So I just noticed this here, and I wasn't aware of this before, but now I am. It's up to me to do something about it. Additionally, teachers may not publish classes into our premium cat along that are available for free off skill share. Thankfully, there's a very simple solution for this, so you'll see this 10 daily goals for entrepreneurs class. If I open it in a new incognito window, you'll see that this is now a free class. It was not a free class before I tested this to make sure it works. That is now available free on my YouTube channel. So I've got a nice, simple solution that I can do here. So, like this, I believe, is I can then just make free courses out of anywhere. This might be a problem. So I know I just uploaded the four hour work day on YouTube for free. So what, I'll go over here and do now Ago. Click class info. I'll go change it to free. And now I'm in compliance with the policy because since it's a free course now, then I'm in line with the policy so you can't publish classes in the premium that are available for free. While if it is available for free somewhere else, which either on my website or YouTube, then I can just easily edit that. So what I will do is make many of my old classes for free on skill share. For example, I think this is an old one that I'm not sure if this was available completely for free or not somewhere else. I think this is actually not. I think that's part of my big Facebook ads Course so I can go down here and figure out okay . Are there any of these other ones I've totally put up for free now? Yes. This Facebook event promotion. I did put that up for free, so I just jumped down the class info. Go switch this over to free, and then there's no problem. And this is nice, because this will then give me some free classes that people can take and start learning with me before they have to pay to sign up at all without even using a free trial. So this is a nice feature that skill share has. If you decider, need to offer something for free or accidentally just put it up and don't realize it. Then you can easily just go through at it class info and you don't have to override it or delete it. You can just change the class type two free and everything is then fixed that way. So I appreciate you watching this. This the second class I've filmed just for skill share. Right now, I hope it's helpful for you, and I value your feedback on it.