Need to Know? Five Steps on Finding & Learning Anything. Step 1. | Mark Thompson | Skillshare

Need to Know? Five Steps on Finding & Learning Anything. Step 1.

Mark Thompson, Information Doctor

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Step 1 IntroB

    • 5-Step Formula Animation

    • Step 1: Ask it Right

    • Step 1 Principles for Better Questioning

    • Step 1 Class Project

    • Step 1 Project Demo

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About This Class

We all feel it. The urgency when we say to ourselves, “I need to know.” We have a question and are anxious, worrying about what will happen if we can’t find out. Whether it’s for a new health problem, planning a trip, going to school, or searching for a new job – at times, we just need reliable information and may need it quickly.  

This class will help you.  With years of experience in researching and teaching, I have developed an approach that saves you time and gets you reliable information.  Use it with any current problem or decision you need to make and see the results!






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Mark Thompson

Information Doctor

I am a professional researcher, librarian, and teacher in NJ. I love helping others who are eager to learn! Thru the years, I have helped many different people from employees at major corporations, to small business owners, to students in college and public library users.

I have learned that mental toughness determines one's success in finding and learning. Knowledge is a mind game! So I put together my lessons-learned in a book, called "I Need to Know: How to Find and Learn Anythi...

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