Navigating an Unconventional Career Path | Brian Honigman | Skillshare

Navigating an Unconventional Career Path

Brian Honigman, Marketing Consultant | NYU Professor

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10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction: Crafting an Unconventional Career

    • 2. Why Work Outside the 9-5?

    • 3. Start with Your Existing Skills and Work Experience

    • 4. Career Paths in Freelance Work

    • 5. Diversifying Your Workload

    • 6. Set Clear Terms For Each Project

    • 7. Getting Paid

    • 8. Promoting Your Expertise

    • 9. Networking: Finding Clients, Freelance Friends, and Mentors

    • 10. Conclusion: Freelancing for the Long-Term


About This Class

Thinking of going freelance or investing time in a side project? It’s hard to know where to start as full-time jobs are the type of work we’re most familiar with as other options get glossed over. This class is a realistic and modern exploration of building an unconventional career. 

Join Brian Honigman, a freelancer for six years and counting, in this course on how to achieve your career goals as a professional interested in operating outside the nine to five, whether that’s investing time in a side-hustle, becoming a full-time freelancer or starting your own business.

Diving into a non-conventional career can be challenging for many as there’s less certainty about which direction to take and why as compared to a traditional, full-time role that often provides a clearer path for progression either outlined by a company or your supervisor. 

To succeed in an unconventional career path, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your career goals. More flexibility? More creative work? You get to decide.
  • Take on projects and new opportunities based on your existing skills and experience.
  • Find and analyze different career paths outside the nine to five that are right for you.
  • Diversify your work portfolio to take on more than one work opportunity at a time.
  • Organize the projects, gigs, and clients you’re working with to align with your preferences.
  • Get paid to do work that pays the bills, provides stability and helps fulfill you creatively.
  • Promote yourself without feeling icky to ensure the right people know how to hire you.
  • Network with the right people that can help open doors and offer support.

Whether you’re a first time freelancer or have a thriving side hustle, by the end of this class you’ll learn how to take on the work arrangement you’ve always wanted or maybe a path you didn’t know existed, succeed financially and above-all, gain more freedom by defining career success on your own terms.