Naughty Aquatic Creatures in Watercolour and ink Pen | Nasim Abaeian | Skillshare

Naughty Aquatic Creatures in Watercolour and ink Pen

Nasim Abaeian, Fine art illustrator

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10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Drawing on WC Paper

    • 4. Inking

    • 5. Adding Rubber Cement

    • 6. Colouring the Background

    • 7. Colouring Foreground

    • 8. Final Touches

    • 9. Removing Tape and Rubber Cement

    • 10. Conclusion


About This Class

This is a fun class for creating underwater washy creatures, perfect for people who love water-colour, mixed media, children's illustrations or simply for those who want to loosen up their drawing and water-colour skills.

In this class I will show you step by step how to make a beautiful vignette illustration of an aquatic creature,

fishes, seahorses, octopus and etc). loads of fun are the key element.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to one of my classes here in scale Share. This is Nazim Adrianne, professional artists on illustrator and art instructor leaving here in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my art. Welcome to my art studio. So good to have you back in another class of mine. As you remember, probably. Maybe not. If you're new to me, it makes me the artist. I like to make a lot of techniques and a lot of new media, different brushes, different boards. I love exploring all the different. 10th if if you could get out of this. So today what we're gonna do in my class, it's gonna be creating seahorses. As you could see, small seahorses in here. We're gonna choose apart. But you could have everything that's on the water. Creature. Could be an octopus would be a little cute. Fish could be a crab. Anything that you like. I think this technique with watercolor and ink works really well for underwater creatures. So let's get started. I'll show you the materials, and after that, I'm gonna guide you with step by step process in the classroom. 2. Materials Needed: Okay, then. So let's start with the materials that we need. Normal age to West Ridge. Something that has no B and it's nice and light to do the drawing on the paper waterproof and smudge proof in pence Uni pan could be stetler or micro micro soft watercolor brushes, and I like the round ones. They're better make sure they are soft, so use that thick wants, or the personal ones that are for oil on acrylic. They don't work well. What color? Um brown. A watercolor I like to use. This has lots of colors, and it's not very expensive. If you happen to have other brands of watercolor, McCoy would do the same job, uh, or also colored inks he can have. This is an echoing brown Caldicott, but that's not stopping. Has been I some washi rubber cement, which is basically a type of glue. I get it here in at Michael's here in Canada, and I think in the States is in there, too. But check a song as its rubber cement glue. It should do the job. That brand shouldn't be making a difference. Simple eraser drafting tape or magic tape, something that you could take your people on the board on um out the end is the paper, which I just happened to have watercolor paper over now David Moroni. But I think if you have mixed media paper or anything, that's kind of thick and has a nice tool. Again, I lost a smooth one. This is a very small had a little bit of texture to cold pressed, but it still does the job, So let's go start withdrawing and the references. 3. Drawing on WC Paper: Hey, so welcome to the classroom. Let's get started. I just did a quick reference going from seahorse. I'm gonna choose, But you could have a nice, beautiful fish on crap or shell or a starfish. Live it up to you. So I'm just gonna choose this two little ones out of them and put some a little bit of plants and photonics, cause we're gonna do a smaller virginal that. Okay, so and I'm going it on watercolor paper, and then I'll cut the edges and I will take it to a nice deport. So just to draw the big basic shapes big shame off the seahorse. You cannot look like birders a little bit at first. Their faces. It's very much like bird, but they're not birds. You can see I'm using my etch pencil. Not too dark. It's not too light. And make sure you're not using anything that has a B because it will be hard. The race hp probably is the maximum of dark, but no to bees or tree bees. So you can see how loose I draw. We're lose no details at all. I prefer to add the details later on, especially with the thinking part. You can see how kind of loser drop the same thing when you use your pen and ink. The same story could be Liza Lou's, but if you feel more comfortable having more details, that's fine. Everyone has a style, but I've noticed the better. The smaller the Dita details on, the less the details. I work much better, and I can use more of my imagination. Have more fun with technique. That's what I advice. But if you're already an artist that has tried, what a color. Or maybe you've watch my previous videos in the other class, So I bet you already have a style in your line quality. So that would be a what I will do for now, for for this big one and there from the small one next to it. I'm just gonna do the same. Draw it quickly, the big quick shape smaller than that. So I'm going to continue the same way. I'm going to add a little bit of vignettes to it on a little bit of plants so you can see very loose really any see anything to see? But they're still nice marks, and there so I'll just it all with my quirky style. You're welcome to try it as well and all some of you like my quirky style. And I've been toe asking me, How do we draw this loose and quirky? It's just practice on. Try to loosen up your hand control. You sure left hand. Maybe if you're right handed, so I'm just going to continue this drawing. I'll fix the small one and I'll see you in the next video Bye for now. 4. Inking : Okay, now I have my drawing. Don, I actually started a little bit of the inking, but I left this part, so I showed us on the radio to do the thinking with my style. The whimsical style I like. Um, grab your infants. I like to start with a thin this 101 Oh, go very loosely around that. Sometimes I advised, if if you're one of those who has a lot of hand control, I would advise Use your left hand and I like to multiple lines. And this is the point want. So the lines are fairly thin to start with, give more variation afterwards and see how loose I go. And only do you follow exactly my car to try to be gonna hold that very loose and you clear It's very interesting lying quality when you do that. And as I showed before also in my whimsical mushroom video, the conjunction their super important so you can go more darker in the conjunctions. The eyes are usually like to have a nice spiral even for small Warren. I'm gonna put a little Speidel These air bubbles since there underwater where they bring the food bubbles. I think it's always cute to have some bubbles. I'm gonna go with my 0.3 little bit, doctor, especially the conjunctions parts that are corners. You could do a second layer nicely. It's starting to show. Some details are not very important. Don't make them so dark. They will be there visible the 0.3. I slightly change the angle off the camera, so I control it better. Maybe a little bit of room so you can see my line quality as well. This is basically how I continue. Go forward. Variation is the key. Try to create nice variations. Some parts school been reports in between on small details. Make it more fun. And I'm going to continue the same for this small little one. Make sure you're looking at your reference. I have been doing this for so many years, so I'm kind of known in my heart. But I didn't really start by imagination, so try to look at your reference UN's. It's going to make a big, big difference. You're still one of other the whimsical. You still want them to look like, um, marine creatures on their water creatures. Then I'm gonna go with my Secondly, so I'm just gonna go finish stinking and I'll show in the next video how? Toe the rubber cement on the water. 5. Adding Rubber Cement: so the thinking is done nice and clean. I just see there some pencil marks here. There. Make sure you remove all your pets remarks, because once you add what color, you could not waste them afterwards. So it's better to do it now. There's any cover in a Tory pencil marks that you're not using removed them like and I'm gonna Roberson n Always I am the first to the foreground. He comes looking bottled compete, but it drives very fast. Smells a little bit. It's actually strong, stored in a little bit, but it drives pretty fast. Put it on the foreground. Don't try to re super precise or with a small brush. You will ruin the whimsical effect if you really try to be precise with that, really, the beauty of this technique media have kind of care less. It is a little bit on the bubbles. Hear any of the big leaves? Yes, you have part of their super smart. Yes, you could use a smaller brush. Nothing against that. But I like to have it kind of big, old and careless. So that's what a four round, especially the edges, and then I'll have a little bit of random ones in the background. And if it's too much, you could remove it when it drives to turn out to have really any kind of order with it because it rooms the whimsical effect of it. You can see how I move my brush in different directions. Sometimes ago. Pointy. Sometimes I use the edge, so have some fun with it. Okay, we're gonna let this are 10 minutes. We're gonna start pulling back. 6. Colouring the Background: So now I'm gonna start coloring the background so it's gonna be underwater. So lots of blues. Turquoise is. I just would live nice first, but I'm not that he was only one move different. Lose. Sure, you kind of lose and using. So I thought that a green make it more tacos. But let's deal with the blues first, and I'm using a day washing with the stage not going very dark. It's always safer to start watercolors late and then go there. Okay, first washing. Don't be afraid. If there's some parts that goes out of lines, it helps it more Wonder Cook. It's nice to have different after blues and then some parts of lots of purples. Crisis, all kind of cool colors, anything that's associated with water on the water. Young life, the effects of rubber cement under the water in here with your facts are having in here beautiful. There are a little too much rubber cement in here. We need to move that after him paint on the top of it. It's a technique. Give you lots of freedom, lots of flexibility. I have to keep. It was a nice clean yet here, but if you have parts that goes a little bit out of frame now with some greens and some parts to make it more aquatic, more car number. Me. The key is not using groups. That's too much. Let's blended with water. What, you move it? Not really. Blender for moving water. A little more purple ian there. It's good to wait in between layers, I would say, because the purple on the green or not, we're going to create a little bit of Brown's, um, so it's nice to like a blue first floor, the first floor so dry at the green. Do the opposite. Use a hair dryer if you wanted to drive faster. I'm learning Russian taking my time, and I'm enjoying it. So no big deal. But he was definitely a big brush. Don't use a small, tiny one because you're gonna leave all the strokes and you don't want to have a small little strokes. Your smallest Russia's for details. When you're working on the sea, watch itself or on the plans in the Algeria don't get tempted to use. Plus, it's gonna take you longer if you use a small rush. So I'm just exploring different blues. And again this goes too much. I have water. Get the hell nicely. My plants are covered here, not adding any yellows yet. I want to leave more of the warm colors two of the seahorses itself to create a nice, cool and warm contrast. But there's no harm I control. You can just add a little bit off yellow turns a little more greenish Do you like so much? I just so cold there. Be careful the colors you're using, not using too many compliments. And then you're gonna create brown and browns for water is not easy. Good looking. If he was food, I would say that if I But since they are having this on the water theme, try to avoid having Brown's, at least for the water may be on the seahorse. You can good and see how fast it is hope and how loose I'm working because of the lines Because of the rubber cement, the control part is already done, So with paint, you don't have to control too much. We're going to really just after our fun move your hand and wrist. You don't just use once in your color. That's the key I usually say to my students is, it's like cooking. Don't paint Rob taking to like some proper So your paint looks cooked Just not just rolled out of the to Okay, I think I'm quite happy for this for now. Everywhere kind of cover. Let this drama more yellow in here. I heard a lemon yellow for underwater. Not the warm, warm, returned orangey. Close the brow. Don't be afraid if you made mistakes. If you have too much yellow, just remove it with some water. So let us drive and we're gonna come back. I'm paid to see what should sets. 7. Colouring Foreground: So this is the look you're gonna have wants. Your watercolor background is dry by friends. Dry rubber cement is dry. Now, with my rubber cement remover, you could use an eraser. Doesn't matter something that you could just peel the rubber cement off. I'm just gonna go over. Let's start. Maybe with plants won't know. Let's let's what a happy seahorse. So I'm just removing and see so every part that was covered with rubber cement time to move it. Make sure your background is dry. Don't. Otherwise the paper's gonna be very badly around When you do that. If there are some parts of your background being mixed with faux ground, don't worry too much makes it more whimsical but still questions. If there's any parts that are left, then I will do the plants and algae is after. So since we hade colors and back, let's look from warmer tones in the foreground. Congo grab a slightly smaller brush compared to what I was using. The background was a little wider. This hold a little more water, these cultural colored water no more that those glossy first could I have a different calling? I leave it up to you. I like to have a little red orange, maybe because my background was cool tool I have to keep in the foreground. More war. It just has a nice cool in one contract. It's crying, especially the first letters. I'm not gonna go super size you from Tyco Yellow or Angela Orangey as well. Again, it's good toe waiting between layers. We should wait the yellow to drive a little more and then at village liking too much. Sometimes. Make a mistake. T shirt for everyone does not soft. One could do moving your faint because we're not happy with colors, but do it fast. Don't wait too long because if it drives, you can't remove it. Meanwhile, the first yellow layer seahorses is drying. I'm gonna removed a rubber cement here to plant would have smaller fishes around so many underwater creatures. Creative. I'm on the other side of smaller brush. Big yellow, green, yellow, greenish together could be like green as long as they're analogous colors. Colors that are next to one another. They're fine to be. Yep, Thean lowered. That would expect Okay, not great. It's pumping here, since it is the freshly here two bit washy. I like to keep some parts white like See that white to see some of that white. Leave that white. You can go with the doctor. You know it's still better to wait between layers. Could have some orange with your green as well, especially for this one, but that's a loose to the green. But against better to let the first layer dry and then come back. Go to touch to see if this is DR Strike me. So I was slightly darker and stronger. Tone more orange. I use paint now thicker. Not much water, but more paint. Did you consume doing yellow First orange? And then when I touch is a red round at the end. Great. A little bit of extra. I think there good, Bigger C course. Just bigger. Maybe my brush with a little too small. That's why I have to grab more paint. Look at the referencing would like ours darker. But if you've been drawing or painting for a while, you start. You know that you were right and plus is not to be supermen listed technique. I love to be protected. Could you have strong colors are getting in please. Much darker parts are much stronger. What I'm having here, it seems on the video to get a little bit lighter. Plus, it's a gray rainy day. What do you expect? Canada? Sorry about that. So what happened? I'm just making It's stronger than normal. I could go with Justin Here. You can see I'm not using the same yellow. The same orange try toe. Vary them. Be careful of complimentary effects so that we don't want had a blue to your engine. Purple's gonna turn brown. Maybe at the end. If you wanted to. Yes. Wouldn't know Now, maybe some parts. A nice to be yellowy. I like that kind of laughing. What left white effect here. And I think after I'm gonna go with little orange, darker orange, you mean got a reddish orange in the div. Avery and I went out some ground. Maybe some polka dots would be nice, but I have to let this place dry first. So I'm working again on the leaves, Guys, that's looking more intense. Green. Now, since the yellows kind of already they're good, can see it already came to very carefully. No, not at all. That's the beauty of the worms ago. Oops. Going back and forth between yellow and green. Oops. Okay, that's amore. Suddenly my green totally changed Just fine. Could go back toe green again if you want, Like a doctor Meaning that makes a touch of blue with it But don't make it to a blue Could your backgrounds already blue I don't like it to be so close to the blue of the back with you too in color that if you find like some of your water color has faded away go back to blue Talking about the background could go back and make a darker no one that even after you removed the background you could go back for and at the shops Add some more spices of color I don't think you can see a little bit of purple and here I'm gonna make it even more Purple E would be nice to have a little bit more blues around the thing itself. This corner was a little light, so it's gonna make it stand out Even more divorce. Now it's dried. I'm gonna Baltimore red Some parts read more like a brownish red. Who too much? Okay, I think at that stage we can. You want to create a little bit of poke it up, Texture? They're not very smooth. Seahorses, huh? Maybe around the head, you hear you mean more red? You would be nice to and again if you want. Look more visible. Polka dots or texture. It's good to wait, Let it dry Grow some grads in here So much for just the whole fight that you don't have to care too much. That's what I love about Mr I don't have to dress yourself You can just enjoy process the way colors are mixing together It's very controllable. No means I can have a touch off blue make my green were stronger in some part and not everywhere again because he thought you blew out to green. Kind of make the green much Trumper bluish green. Where the brown from some part Not too much brow you can see. I kind of go darker strolling players. I don't suddenly jump something dark. Going light probably would be useless because you already have yellows lighter than that's not gonna show. And till needs more definition. Even first yellow. I didn't. We'll keep going until you reach a level. Do you think age enough? It's saturated. And off or not on. I'm gonna continue all this part. Same technique. And I'll see you in the next. You have to pass a final touches. 8. Final Touches: Let's got nice final touch, especially for parts that the watercolor has kind of faded the ink. I'm gonna go over it. Make sure watercolor has dried. Otherwise, your prints, your pen would not really put marks or your ink would keep smudging and spreading around. You don't want that. What else? I can see it in here going over it. So just go over that. Whatever you feel, you want it darker outline, because what color are? Lloyd is very transparent. It's still Haas. A little bit of coverage, especially if you use it thick. You can. This technique I used to think of the very end stages to the hot and again on the seahorses as well. I don't advice you to use a very big mark or suddenly I'm doing 0.1 point two is fine, but 20.5 it depends if your frustration is bigger, that's fine. But if it's a size that I have it just about lead by eight inch. Don't go bigger than that. Don't go thicker than that. Those two bold is gonna make it too cartoony on you will change the look here. Don't be afraid. If you're not going exactly on the same lines. You don't need to. It's not realistic Grind here and there to finish off. I'm gonna have some splatters. Just gonna make it even more water in Washington. So I could also more blues and purples. I use a bigger brush for duck so it absorbs more water. If you one of those splatters. However, the blue purple mover thin like struck thin You look see that if you want bigger splatters feel I want to call it really more watery. So create a bigger pile to It's nice to be gathered in one part and it's very accidental. It's a little hard to control, but you can see how kind of gives more to the Washington on. There we go. Our beautiful restriction is done. I'm just gonna let it dry a few minutes. And after that, I'm gonna love tape 9. Removing Tape and Rubber Cement: now everything. The ink you want to call her. Everything is drive out the final touches. The last thing is, you don't have to do this, but I'm not sure. How would rubber cement act in the paper, leaving on your page for a long time? So I write to remove it. The backgrounds. The four grounds already removed the deal touching her, which helped, if you still love them, his nursing rubber cement left in there. But if you think it's too white, he could go over it. Blood of colors. I think it's fine. I left you push. Could you wash it? Everything is on tape. Graphic times, usually very safe. Further removes. Never ruins paper, but don't leave it for toe no more. I had experiences when I left. Take too long. No one has ruled. That kind of work that's not have a little bit of that's okay. Could be covered with light. Or it could be fixed when its reigned. The last thing you could do it's on you. Or I think that's a perfect sport. To will be a sign. Groups like he was the same income pet. Don't use a different color of it. Kind of changes this style again. Tutta Do we go? Our administration is 10. Conclusion : everyone. I hope you enjoyed the class. I hope your results were nice. This is how mine turned at the end. Feel free to share your command. Share your post. Let me know if there was anything wrong in the process. Anything that was bothering you. Let me know. I will be more happy to help you. And make sure you are sharing your post also on social media, Facebook, Pinterest and everywhere else. So the whole world sees what you are doing. Thank you so much and see you in my future class since getting