Nature's Elegance: A Sketchbook Activity (Draw 10 New Flowers)

Annette Francine, Embrace + Express Creativity

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13 Videos (43m)
    • Welcome to Nature's Elegance

    • EXAMPLE 1

    • EXAMPLE 2

    • EXAMPLE 3

    • EXAMPLE 4

    • EXAMPLE 5

    • EXAMPLE 6

    • EXAMPLE 7

    • EXAMPLE 8

    • EXAMPLE 9

    • EXAMPLE 10

    • Create a Floral Pattern

    • Thank You + Have Fun


About This Class

Welcome to "Nature's Elegance: A Sketchbook Activity!"


In this class I share a sketchbook activity I use when I want to draw elegant versions of flowers I see in nature. Yes, there are an abundance of elegant flowers that already exist in nature, but through this activity, we will draw elegant characteristics to flowers that may or may not already appear to be elegant.

Through ten short lessons, we will look at a photo reference, consider what changes we'd like to make, and then sketch out our new flower. Each lesson is under three minutes long.

How will we draw elegant flowers? Elegance can be defined as: beauty in manner, form, or style; delicate; pleasing in subtle ways, dainty, grace in movement or appearance. 

When we look at each photo reference, we’ll consider ways we can create flowers with pleasing shapes, beautiful form, subtle beauty, dynamic lines, and/or delicacy.  We don’t have to incorporate all five points, only the ones that stand out to us when looking at the photograph. 

Most importantly, since this is a sketchbook activity, we welcome imperfections and unexpected outcomes because we can learn from them and experiment further in the future. 

Overall, we'll be drawing 10 new flowers that we otherwise may have never drawn. 

I will also share one example of how you might use these flowers in future projects. You'll have the option of watching me draw a floral pattern using three to four of the 10 flowers we create. 


  • The only supplies you'll need are your favorite sketchbook and pencil.
  • If you would like to draw a pattern as well, I used a Stabilo fine point pen in black.

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Thank you Annette - I really enjoyed that!
Great way to loosen up my drawing :)
Thank you for helping me learn more about abstract sketching. I am enjoying it and appreciate your easy-going style and approach!





Annette Francine

Embrace + Express Creativity


Hello! I’m Annette Francine, an artist from the midwestern region of the United States. I am a huge proponent of embracing and expressing creativity - in whatever form suits you best.


When creating classes, I have beginners and those returning to an art practice in mind. Whether you would like to complete an art project or develop surface pattern design skills, I believe that the process is as important as the outcome. 


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