Nature: The Fuel Source of Creativity: How Nature Inspires Creativity Masterclass | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

Nature: The Fuel Source of Creativity: How Nature Inspires Creativity Masterclass

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

Nature: The Fuel Source of Creativity: How Nature Inspires Creativity Masterclass

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Warm Welcome to How Nature Inspires Creativity

    • 2. Taking a Look At How Nature Inspires Creativity + 3 Creativity Challenges

    • 3. Thank You for Joining This Nature Creativity Class

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About This Class

Are you looking for a boost in your creativity through nature? Are you feeling frustrated with your creativity? Do you want to know how nature can inspire your creativity?

In this nature creativity class I want to reveal how nature can inspire your creativity and how to take full advantage of nature's natural creativity source. 

This nature creativity class does not teach a specific skill but rather will open up your eyes to where one source of creativity comes from, which is nature. 

Being in nature doesn't just enrich your creativity but it has so many other benefits. Why do think we have soothing nature meditation soundtracks? To relax us after a busy day.

Staying inside your home on your laptop or cellphone can stop your creativity and add to the stress and pressure from your work or society. Yet nature doesn't have that pressure, nature is supposed to help balance out your busy day and help replenish your creativity.

So if you are ready to learn how nature can inspire your creativity and how to use nature for your creative advantage go ahead and enroll in this creativity class. I am excited to share another class with you based from my personal creative experience!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Warm Welcome to How Nature Inspires Creativity: Hi there. Welcome to another creativity class. My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and in today's class we will be taking a closer look at how nature inspires creativity. Not only will I explain and give you some personal examples of how nature keeps me inspired creatively, but I will end the class with a few exercises or what I like to call challenges for you to complete. If you're thinking nature, that sounds too easy. How can I use nature for creative inspiration? Then this class is hands down the right class for you. Doing creative exercises sometimes isn't enough. So understanding how nature nurtures our creativity may be the missing puzzle piece you were searching for. This class is short and right to the point because I want you to start thinking more creatively today by keeping an open mind and finding time to submerge yourself in nature has so many benefits than just boosting your creativity. As I reveal in this class, one of my favorite creative places is the beach, and I can't even tell you how many times I have found creative inspiration answers by simply walking along the beach. I want you to get to this point eventually as well, but it first starts with understanding how nature inspires your creativity. So go ahead and roll today and let's discover the correlation between nature and creativity . I'll see you in class. 2. Taking a Look At How Nature Inspires Creativity + 3 Creativity Challenges: just like food and water are essential to your body. For fuel and energy. Nature is the fuel for creativity. Nature is one of the most natural and free ways to increase your creativity. You might be thinking. Yeah, Roy, Tatiana, you're just saying that. No, actually, I'm not. My number one favorite creative place to be on is the beach, and I have lost track of how many answers and ideas I've come up with walking along or laying on the beach. Even sitting in the woods against a tree. Writing in my journal have given me very clear moments of where I need my creative project to go next. I understand these may sound very stereotypical or almost too easy, but let me tell you what. In all these years, nature has never failed my creativity. Nature doesn't kill creativity. So let's take a closer look at how nature inspires creativity when it comes to getting creatively unstuck or finding the creative motivation it can all be found in nature. Instead of sitting by your computer and doing hundreds of creative exercises, mix it up with nature, so do a handful of creative exercises and then enjoy time in nature. Now, why do I not recommend Onley sitting in nature? It's because you want to challenge your mind. So by completing some creative exercises and then pairing it up with some time in nature, you may change or come up with better solutions for your creative exercises. You see, nature has everything we need to simulate our creativity. You have the smells, the sounds, the colors, the shapes. So pair in nature with creative exercises is really a great combination to thinking more creatively. So when you need creative inspiration, go to the fuel source, which is nature. I have mentioned this before, and I want to emphasize it again. And that is, in today's world, everything is busy and about multitasking. Our minds have so much going on. Our stress levels are through the roof. People are struggling with depression. It's a fact that society puts a lot of pressure on each of us in a different way. So with this going on, it's no wonder people are getting out of touch with their creativity. This type of business can be bad for your health, but the business of nature is actually soothing and replenishing for our mental health. There is zero pressure from nature for you to be or do a certain thing. The business of nature goes back to the cycle of life, the food chain and how all things are connected to one another in some aspect. So if you want to awaken your creativity, get away from your busy multitasking day and stay busy by simply observing what is going on around you in nature. I just touch base, another important aspect of how nature inspires creativity, and that is our ability to just observe when you observe, that is when you have a chance to learn something new. If you want to improve your creativity and problem solving skills, learn to observe in nature from the small things to the big. You don't have to talk. You don't have anyone to impress. Just be in nature and open to learning by observing observation is more often than not, one of the main sources that ignites creativity and gives you inspiration and ideas for your next creative project. In creativity, you do need that calm centered balance when you are not calm or balance. Trying to be creative is futile because you will have emotions and thoughts that will be a huge distraction and demanding your attention. So a quick fix is to submerge yourself in nature to calm and balance yourself. I have never heard someone go and simply be submerged in nature, and then when they return back, tell me that being in nature just pissed them off. Even Mawr and their stress level is through the roof. Now I'll admit that if you have to walk through a gigantic spider Web and a couple minutes later found that the big spiders actually hitching a ride on your sleeve Point given, because that would be stressful. But overall, nature tends to calm you and get you back in harmony with yourself. Yes, it is possible to be creative and get creative inspiration from a heightened or negative emotions, such as a break up or a loss. But that type of creative inspiration isn't healthy for you. Long term. When I went through one of my worst breakup in my life, I used creativity as an emotional outlet. I'm not going to lie. I produced some great work, but my mental state of mind was out of balance, and this long term would have had a negative impact on me. What got me out of that negative state of mind was my friends and our tradition of stargazing laying side by side, looking up at the stars. That feeling is unreal. There aren't any words that would sum up perfectly what it feels like to land a blanket on the grass at night, looking up with stars. But the balance and calm did return. Nature has a way of healing you and having you get back in balance and then opening the door for creative inspiration. One of the last ways that nature inspires creativity is that it's a cell phone. Electron ICS free zone. Now when it comes to electron ICS, the Internet, etcetera, I love it. It would not have been possible for me to make this class and connect with you without my electron ICS. But too much of a good thing is typically bad. Nowadays, they're people that are addicted to their phones, so addicted that they check various social media platforms every 5 to 10 minutes. Now what exactly has happened in that short of a time span that you need to check and refresh your home page again and again and again. We have been programmed that if you don't stay updated, you will miss out and be left behind in the dark. But what are you going to exactly miss out on? Is that the hottest new app? Who's pregnant? Who's divorced now? Okay, that's cool and all but end of the day, what you're really going to miss out on is living your life. The main problem with why people procrastinate and aren't as productive as they once were or one to be is because of all the distractions, starting with the online world in nature. And when it comes to your creativity, it should be a no Elektronik zone because it's a distraction from you and your creativity, one in nature. You need to be Onley in nature, not sitting on a blanket outside wall on your laptop that is going to do zero for you and your creativity. So if you want nature to inspire your creativity, don't serve the Web or be anxiously waiting for the newest episode for the TV show that you absolutely love. Focus on you on growing and challenging yourself creatively. Now, with all of these different aspects in mind on how nature can inspire creativity. I have a few challenges slash exercises for you to complete for the first exercise. I want you to not watch TV for three days in those three days. Spend time in nature observing and writing about whatever you want. Thes three days can be after work where you enjoyed the last part of the day outside. I would like you to start with at least one hour in nature every day because an hour is a really good time frame that allows you to enjoy an unwind in nature without it being too short, especially if you were just starting out in using nature for your creative inspiration for the next exercise, I want you to break the addictive phone habit. If it's not pertaining to work, there isn't a need to check your phone more than three times a day for me. On some days, I will just leave my phone on my bed in my bedroom and at the end, the day I will remember that. Oh yeah, I haven't checked my phone all day and I will go ahead, pick it up, check it, see if there's anything exciting and continue on. The less dependent you are on your phone, the more freedom you give yourself and the more time you have to be creative. So if you are someone that tends to be addicted to their phone or other electron ICS, the first step is to figure out when during the day you are on your phone the most, and then replace it by either spending time with yourself in nature or start a completely different hobby slash routine, not involving your phone or any other electron ICS. I know. When I was addicted to my phone, it was mainly during college. I could stay up until four or five in the morning, even though I had class at eight, and I would just Internet surf. Nowadays, though, I really love my planner, planning my week out in advance and then making sure I stick to it or readjust my day if I need to before bed each night. And unless it is work related, I typically no longer Internet serve because it was one of the biggest time wasters that I cut out and now actually get a great night of sleep so I can put in 100% the next day, and the last exercise I want you to complete is to plan one day out of the year that you can spend out in nature for the entire day and then document your experience. It could be activities such as hiking, boating or even just laying out on the beach. Ideally, I would love for you to have 3 to 4 days like this. But I know with work and family it could be hard to make this happen. So aim and start with one day where you're going to spend outside outside of your home outside of your yard somewhere that is new somewhere where you can observe to see what creative inspiration surfaces up. At the end of the day, the world is always changing, so it is essential to stay in touch with nature because nature is one of the main components to stay in creative along with many other benefits. And sometimes it is nice to just get away from your house, get away from your yard and go out somewhere where you can have some you time. We have now reached the end of this class. I hope that you learn something new and that you start using nature to your creative advantage. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy to go into detail and answer anything else pertaining to this class. Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope to see you again. 3. Thank You for Joining This Nature Creativity Class: Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students Feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you had fun. Learned some new stuff and I will see you in my next class.