Nature Inspired Creature Design - Week 01 Reference Workflow

Gabriel Teo, Academy of Media Arts

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6 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction to Nature-Inspired Creature Design

    • 2. Session 1: Location Scouting

    • 3. Session 2: Observation

    • 4. Session 3: 3D Scans from Photographs

    • 5. Session 4: Organising Photos and Files

    • 6. Session 5: Art Journaling


Project Description


(Intro video here!)

Welcome to Week 1 of our awesome workshop, Nature Inspired Creature Design!

What you're about to experience is the first of a 4-part series called Nature-Inspired Creature Design. This segment is entitled Inspiration, and is about just that - getting inspired by nature for the creature you'll learn to create in our next workshop.

In this workshop, Gabriel will show you how to use your smartphone (with free apps) to capture textures, 360-degree environment panoramas, and anything else you find interesting - then organise your files into mood boards with Photoshop for easy accessibility in the coming 3 weeks. In later videos, we'll use what we've collected to design a creature in 3D with the sculpting software ZBrush, give the creature photoreal texturing and lighting, put it in the environment we've photographed, render it out, and present the final using Photoshop.

Please share your photos, sketches, inspirations, and ideas! We grow creatively by collaborating and getting inspired by others. This is just the beginning of people around the globe bringing their visions into reality!

For the full workshop overview, click here!


We've created lots of Pinterest boards for more visual inspiration, but there's one specifically for physical texture, shape, and colour references (click here).

Here is a OneDrive folder we have loaded with photos, panoramas, textures, and backplates from our libraries so you can have some examples in addition to creating your own!


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