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Natural Medicine and Natural Healing For Natural Good Health

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

Natural Medicine and Natural Healing For Natural Good Health

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Natural Healing - Overview

    • 2. Natural Healing - Course Contents

    • 3. Natural Healing Course - Stroke Prevention

    • 4. Natural Healing - Blood Pressure - Prevention

    • 5. Natural Medicine - Blood Pressure Part 2 - Natural Supplements

    • 6. Natural Healing Course - The Body As An Energy System

    • 7. Natural Healing - Grounding The Body

    • 8. Natural Healing -The Importance Of Spinal Health

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About This Class

Natural Medicine and Natural Healing For Natural Good Health

Natural Medicine - Stroke Prevention : Natural Healing - High Blood Pressure : Natural Medicine & Healing For Back Pain

Natural healing is a multifaceted system of care, which is primarily gentle and non-invasive. Natural healers often speak of the subtle energy or aura, which emanates from the human body with layers of color. All of the colors combined form the auric field or the rainbow body. When a person is healthy and balanced, these colors are said to be clear and radiant. When a person is ill or out of balance, the colors may appear faded or dim.

The chakras are another primary component of natural healing. Chakras are energy centers situated along the spine, just outside the physical body, in an area called the etheric sheath. Each chakra, with its corresponding aura, correlates with a specific area of the body and specific emotional issues. 

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Jim Bruce

SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer


I could write a book about the different jobs and roles I've had in my life - maybe I should! We'll see.

Online course creation seemed to be a natural step for me, after years of being involved with SEO and internet marketing.

After making a living out of playing acoustic blues guitar in Europe for many years, I became interested in teaching online about 15 years ago, and began creating online courses. In 2103 I was voted Number 2 top blues guitar teacher by users of

While blues guitar remains dear to my heart, the last year I've been concentrating on novel writing, movie script writing and SEO for internet marketing. It's all about creating and being the best we can possibly be!

After years of promoting my own products online, I realised I had ... See full profile

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1. Natural Healing - Overview: human beings are by far the smartest animal on planet Earth, so much so that it's eats to forget that we are animals and we need to exist in balance with the rest of nature. High intelligence is a double edged sword. While it brings us amazing improvements in our material state of living, it also causes on aggravates illness in all kinds because of pollution stress in our general modern lifestyle. Paradoxically, humankind attempts to kill illness by using the same kind of tools that created it. Modern medical science often treats the body like a complex machine. It's pretty obvious that, although complex in a biological sense, it is really not a machine. It is impossible to try to cure or treat any part off the human body without taking into account many of the things, including the emotional and spiritual states of our organism. Incredibly, even though little more than 100 years old, modern medical science pour scorn on traditional methods of curing and treating illness methods that have been used over thousands of years in eastern countries. In certain circumstances, the modern medical way of treating illness is necessary. Very often it is not so How do we tell the difference in this course, you will learn about the following how to prevent stroke, details of spinal health back and neck pain on why the spine is so important. Toe overall health You will learn about cardiovascular health. How to keep your heart on blood supply in tip top condition So you really don't need modern medicine? Help. I go through the basics of energy healing what it is and what it can do for you. And then we look at the causes off and how to stop inflammation in the body. This is the root of many modern illnesses. Whatever your age, this course will give you some tools to cure several serious illnesses that accord or aggravated my modern living. Sign up now and I'll see you inside. 2. Natural Healing - Course Contents: before we move on to specific subject areas, I'd like to take a few minutes just to move over the differences between traditional medicine and more than medical science. Inevitably, many of the traditional techniques of healing that were referenced today come from the Far East, from China and Japan that by no means all. For example, on the American content. The main civilizations on the Inca civilizations, to name but two as well as the American Indian all developed natural healing techniques. Although the American Indians tended to be more shamanistic, so it was more magical and mysterious, more spiritual than practical. The differences between traditional and modern medicine can be described as follows. In ancient China, a medical practitioner was employed to keep his client healthy so a man would be paid to administer herbs and advice to a client. And the client will pay a small amount per week or per month. And if the client became ill, he was simply stopped paying. So it was in the medical practitioners interest to keep everyone healthy. In this way, it was proactive. The client or patient would be advised on certain treatments and ways of living, so that he could Mitt maintain his health by keeping a balanced bodily system. The idea of balance is very important in traditional medicine, and I'll be referring to this again and again throughout the course in the present day. We try to achieve this balance by eating healthily, taking regular exercise and trying to reduce bad habits such as smoking and taking alcohol . In the modern day, medical services are generally reactive, although there are some tests available on were encouraged to find out if we have some kind of disease before it becomes too serious. But for the most part, people live their normal on healthy lives. And then if they become sick, they go to a doctor, hopefully so that he can cure them with some miracle drug or some other kind of treatment. That's where you become well again. We go back to our normal life, which is actually many times the cause of the illness in the first place. Once we are ill, the damage is done. We want a doctor to give us a quick fix to make us well again. A doctor will often give a patient a drug or a pill to try and remove some symptoms, help with pain or reduce inflammation. For example, however many drugs come with side effects, sometimes that are worse than the sickness. Medical science on the drug culture is part of a multi $1,000,000,000 business that is designed to manage your illnesses and not to kill them. Sales of prescription drugs in 2016 in the USA alone amounted to some $450 billion and if you were cured, that the business would fail. In general, the idea. The concept of introducing synthetic compounds chemical compounds into a biological system . A complex system such as a human body is very suspect on often necessitates further treatments to negate the side effects. The problem is quite severe in the U. S. A. At the moment, over 70% of the population takes a prescription drug. Over 50% take more than two prescription drugs, and over 25% take more than five prescription drugs. Many of these drugs would simply not be necessary if we maintained a healthier lifestyle and made the right choices, take responsibility for our own health. Traditional medicines, on the other hand, are derived from plants, flowers, herbs, and other natural substances. Although profits are made by the purification process, they're nothing like the profits enjoyed by the pharmaceutical companies. Natural remedies can also be self administered, with care on a little research. Generally, they have no side effects, if not effective there, simply eliminated by the natural processes within the human body. A modern medical maxim. Maybe if drugs don't work, then cut it out. Obviously, any kind of surgery is a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. It is often used as a last resort when all else fails, and often it doesn't work. For example, many doctors recommend surgery for spinal pain relating to dis compression. Now the success rate for this kind of operation is around about 25%. Or is one orthopedic surgeon stated? It's just about the same. Was flipping are going? The physical treatments given by traditional practitioners focus on balancing the body's natural energy and use techniques such as acupuncture to relieve pain and to heal modern medicine attempts to define a human body as a complex system, much like a very complex machine. The ancients realized that were much more than this. What we call a human being is actually a combination off a physical component, an emotional component on a spiritual component. Each of these must be taken into account when treating the body. The concept is expressed by the term body mind and indicates of ancient traditions. Taken took out the whole human being. It's a holistic approach not to treat one part of the body separate from the others. In this paradigm, disease and illness are called by imbalance on imbalance in the body's energy system. If this energy system is in balance in perfect equilibrium, there is no disease. If there is existing sickness, then re balancing the body's energy systems will allow a human being to fight and heal itself. Throughout this introductory video, I've mentioned balance several times. This idea is absolutely vital to the idea of human health, and I'll be for referring back to it again and again throughout the course. In later videos, I'll revisit again the idea of a human being as an energy system and how we can become balanced using natural means. In the next video, I'm going to talk about modern medication 3. Natural Healing Course - Stroke Prevention: the contents of this course are based on my own experiences on. Although this lecture concerns cardiovascular issues on particularly stroke on the drugs used to control it, the same paradigm applies to many of the conditions as well. I believe that this medical process are prescribing drugs for symptoms when the underlying causes are not really known or understood is quite prevalent. And it's not just limited to, uh, incidents of stroke or cardiovascular issues. Many times such conditions can be controlled and prevented by natural therapies. A stroke can occur at almost any time of life, with various degrees of severity. The most common cause is a blockage off a tiny blood vessel in the brain, which could be in any area. The size of the blood clot dictates the size of the blood vessel it blocks, and also the severity of the resulting condition. Because a larger plot will starve a bigger number of brain cells of oxygen, then a smaller one, thereby affecting mawr of the cerebral functioning. A minor stroke gives rise to minor symptoms such as slurred speech or loss of control of the facial muscles, but even so, they should not be ignored more severe symptoms include paralysis of one side of the body, depending on which side of the brain is affected on complete paralysis. The most severe, of course, is death, although this course is about natural therapists and remedies. If you develop stroke symptoms, you should, of course, go to hospital immediately. However, how you handle this condition on your overall health after stabilization is a matter of choice and natural therapists may be the way forward to prevent further illness. It is often said that a minor stroke is a warning of a bigger one to come on. The statistics are not very comforting. People who survived a stroke were five times more likely to die between four weeks and one year after the first stroke, these people were two times more likely to die after more than a year passed when compared to the general population, you can see that the risk of death in the following years after an initial stroke is quite high. It's essential that preventive measures should be taken during this period. It's obvious from the statistics that prevention of a second stroke is absolutely vital to your health. Years ago, it was often advised to take 1/4 of a Children's aspirin because aspirin is a natural blood thinner. In this way, we could keep clots from forming in the blood stream. Modern practice is to recommend them prescribe drugs for thinning the blood. These drugs are prescribed for various conditions where there is a danger of blood clotting after heart operations, for example, or for stroke prevention. Many patients are told as I waas that I must take this drug every day for life if im to remain healthy. However, these drugs inevitably affect bodily functions in various ways. On some of the side effects, some of the common side effects are severe. After checking out the side effects of the particular drug that I was prescribed after a little research, I found that in the USA alone there were over 5000 legal cases against the biggest manufacturer of the drug. It's well known that other drugs are prescribed in order control. The first drug side effects a completely insane situation. I'm sure you'll agree in case of the common stroke control medication I was given. Beside effects are listed as internal bleeding, bruising, constipation and nausea, possibly needing secondary drugs control their occurrence. Further investigation reveals uncomfortable facts and figures about the prescription drug industry in general on the type of business model enforce for every dollar spent on drug development, 19 is spent on marketing on the promotion. This cost is recovered from the end users, the customers, the end users off a very lucrative business, you and I. It seems to be quite a dilemma. Of course. We want to prevent a stroke because it's a terrible event that has a devastating effect on your health. It's distressing for you and your family. So what can we do? We don't to put chemicals inside our body because it's completely unnatural. Nor do we want to line the pockets of someone who has a very profitable medical business, feeling that there must be a natural solution to this problem. I started my research with three basic criteria. It must be natural. Second, it must be available and not too expensive. And thirdly, there must be absolutely no side effects. After some days, I discovered the answer. An enzyme marketed under the name of Natto Kinney's. It's well known that generally there's a low incidence of cardiovascular disease in Japan and it's largely attributed to the diet. One researcher took it upon himself to fight a natural enzyme that actively dissolves blood close and found a common breakfast food in rural parts of the country was rich in such an enzyme. Natto beans, unfortunately, have a very particular taste disagreeable to the western palate, and so an enzyme was developed and refined and produced in powder form, which is enclosed in capsules. Under tests, the design was found to dissolve blood clots in around six hours. Additionally, when the enzyme is present in the bloodstream, clots cannot form. Complete protection is afforded for about 6 to 8 hours, and so if you are prone to blood clotting, you need three capsules a day. The important thing is that after extensive trials, absolutely no side effects have been found. This discovery of mine was instrumental in causing me to look at natural therapies and remedies. All kinds of conditions, particularly conditions that I was prone to The goal was to live naturally and minimise reliance on modern medical science. Of course, hospitals and doctors have their place. If I break my leg, I want to go to a hospital immediately. In the next video, I'll show you how I control high blood pressure 4. Natural Healing - Blood Pressure - Prevention: high blood pressure is another condition that is common has many causes, which is sometimes difficult to pin down or determine. Like most health issues, several factors often combined to cause the condition. Such factors include high salt intake or sensitivity, a genetic predisposition or loss of arterial elasticity, or a combination of all of these. These factors are aggravated by lack of exercise and obesity. If you smoke and drink as well, then the situation becomes even worse. It's often called the silent killer, because often there are no symptoms. But a consistently high blood pressure can lead to all kinds of serious complications such a stroke or heart attack. It's very important to keep track of your own blood pressure. This is easily done at home, with an inexpensive Elektronik tester simply fits the cuff over the upper arm. Press the button and relax. The readout will deliver your results in about a minute. But what do these numbers mean? The greater number is called the systolic pressure, which is when the heart muscle is contracting. On the smaller number is the diastolic. When the heart expands on, the pressure is at its lowest. The heart is relaxing between beats. Blood pressure varies throughout the day, but the norm is between 1 2129 for the systolic and less than 80 for diastolic. Blood pressure spikes can occur, and they do occur. They could be caused by a traumatic event or something that you ate. And generally they're not too important there. The reaction off your system to an external stimulus, however constant high blood pressure is a killer, although it's often said that there can be no symptoms. In my view, there are always symptoms. If your body is out of balance, it's just that we're not sensitive to them. If your blood pressure is very high and constant, you certainly will have symptoms, sometimes quite severe. Symptoms listed on most medical websites include nausea, dizziness, slurred speech, shortness of breath and headache. However, the majority of sufferers have no symptoms at all. Detection is crucial, given that almost 50% of the population in the West have high pressure, 60% of all strokes are caused by it and 50% off all heart attacks. In my experience, there are symptoms. Even if they're very subtle, the symptoms may manifest themselves as simply feeling of not feeling to, well, something that you can't really put your finger on, but you're not 100%. The symptoms could include irritable nous or anger for no reason, or you feel tired, and you cannot understand why. Maybe all thought is a little bit slow when usually your thoughts are quite quick. As with medication prescribed for stroke on many other conditions, blood pressure medication comes with side effects. These side effects can be severe. Common types of medication expand the blood vessels. The arterial walls become more flexible so that the blood can push them aside, thereby reducing the pressure on the work that the heart has to To the side effects associated with these kinds of drugs are nausea, dizziness, headaches, severe stomach upset and constipation. Secondary drugs often needed to control the effects, the conditions created by the 1st 1 What I'm presenting to you today is Miller replacement for medical help or treatment. If you are taking any kind of drug to stop high blood pressure or any other condition, don't stop it. Don't stop it immediately without medical supervision. You certainly can't control these conditions using natural remedies, but it needs to be done in a controlled way in a responsible way. If taking no medication, then you can simply follow this process. Step one. You need to take your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the day so that you know what your base level is. This should be done when you are resting on. Your pressure is relatively stable. I think the pressure at one hour intervals over appear three days. You can sit or lay to take her blood pressure as long as the upper arm is at the same level as your heart. Keep still without speaking on. Breathe normally. After a few minutes. Place your awareness in various parts of your body. Does your head feel normal or your thoughts clear? Is there a slight headache or a feeling of fuzziness, the joints of your body to their ache, or do they feel completely normal? It's just a relaxed Goodling making any noises at all. Does it feel a little noisiest or uncomfortable, or did it feel completely okay with this awareness moving around your body? Just become aware of what your body feels like when your blood pressure is normal. Be aware of your breathing Is it tight? Is it easy? Is your chest rise easily? Do your lungs expand during the three days when you're testing your blood pressure every hour you may identify a period of the day when your blood pressure at its highest it is quite high. And if it's more than 1 35/80 you should feel a definite difference in the way that your body feels trying to identify this high blood pressure period in the day and go through the same process, placing your awareness various parts of your body and try to feel the difference is what are you aware off? Once you detect these differences between relatively normal low blood pressure and high blood pressure, you're ready to start using biofeedback to control your own blood pressure. When you feel that your blood pressure is high or the tester indicates that it is high, simply lay flat and start in deep. Breathe as you breathe. Try to control your thoughts a little. This is very difficult in normal life. A normal human being has thoughts that erasing around but 1000 miles an hour. Try to bring your thoughts back to the various parts of your body to incorporate them into your new awareness as you breathe deeply. After a few minutes, make the same test and you should see a slight reduction in your blood pressure. It's already taken medication. Then the process becomes a little bit more difficult simply because medication is abnormally controlling your blood pressure, it is artificially making it a normal level. In this case, reduced the dosage of the medication very slowly, a news biofeedback to monitor the effect on your pressure. 5. Natural Medicine - Blood Pressure Part 2 - Natural Supplements: I should be the case with any kind of medication. We're looking for alternative, natural, herbal or food remedies to help you with blood pressure. It's best to look for clinical trials now. Normally, we associate clinical trials with the drug company, the drug industry. But trials are being made on natural food, and rev. It is all the time, the two that I recommend to control blood pressure, all hibiscus tea on being fruit juice. Both of these supplements have several clinical trials showing that they have a definite on a positive effect on high blood pressure. A study was made of Hibiscus Tea versus Capital April, which is a common high blood pressure treatment. You can find the results of this study in the resources. Four separate clinical trials came to the same conclusions. Hibiscus tea reduced the systolic blood pressure by 10% on diastolic by 12% in a matter of weeks. Interestingly, one study compared the results with capital pill, a commonly prescribed drug, and found little significant difference in the results. Given that capture, pill side effects include the usual suspects off stomach disorders, diarrhea, dizziness, headaches and others. The choice seems obvious. Take one large cup for breakfast. Order to prefer supplements are available in capital form that your pharmacist root vegetables and beetroot in particular are rich in nitrates. The body converts these diet treats into nitric oxide, which has the effect of softening the arterial walls, thereby allowing them to expand war when blood passes through them. On reducing the pressure, trials have concluded that a regimen off beetroot juice can reduce blood pressure by 4 to 10 points in a matter of hours. It's worth noting that a five point reduction in blood pressure was use of the risk of stroke by 14% on a heart attack by 9%. Other simple dietary changes can have a massive impact on your blood pressure, particularly if their combined with reducing alcohol and tobacco, for example, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can reduce the rate of cardiovascular illness by 30% . Another little known physical practice that is very easy to do, it's called grounding. Grounding is a great way to normalize blood pressure on our present. This in the next video 6. Natural Healing Course - The Body As An Energy System: like everything else in the universe, the body is actually an energy field. It's a system of energy flows. The ancient health practices developed in the East in China and Japan over the centuries focus on balancing the energy flows around the human body. Energy can flow freely or it can stagnate where there is an imbalance than illnesses. The results. The practice is that we're going to discuss, aim to balance out the energy flows around the body. So the illness disappears. Such practices are holistic in that they impact the body, the emotions on the mind. This idea is not a strange as many Western doctors would have us believe. If we drill down into the atomic structure of all material things we find, well, nothing. The basis of all that exists is quantum or a packet of energy vibrating so fast that everything seems solid. It makes sense to view our bodies as a more denser form of the energy that surrounds us. But it is still us. Our energy extends away from our bodies, becoming weaker and weaker, but it never really ends. Any energy system must maintain a stable state to exist on the human body is no exception. Ancient Eastern cultures identified certain channels or meridians were the life force, with its sometimes called Chee or Qi flows. Pressure on certain parts of these channels can accelerate flow, removing blockages or slow the energy down. Where there is an over abundance, Judah blockages elsewhere. The result is improvement of overall health. If the approach uses needles to stimulate the energy points, the practice is called acupuncture. If the things are used, it's called acupressure or shat soup. All natural remedies aimed to restore the bodies balance. An energy balancing in the form of shiatsu or acupuncture can aid the body in unforeseen ways. Although people do seek out schatzow and acupuncture treatment for particular problems, the practice tends to affect the whole of the body. One effect of this holistic approach toe balancing the body's energy field is that bad habits tends to fall away if you have a tendency to drink and smoke too much. In my opinion, any drinking and smoking is too much for perfect health. Regular sessions of energy balancing will help to reduce these or even stopped Um, it really doesn't take willpower to remove these kind of habits when you undergo energy balancing because the body starts to be more in balance, it's intuitively realizes that these things that you take into your body, such as alcohol and tobacco, are really not necessary and not required. These habits tend to fall away naturally because the bodies simply doesn't need them anymore. 7. Natural Healing - Grounding The Body: over the last two or three centuries, our culture and civilization has pushed a s'more and mawr into a lifestyle that is not of benefit to our health. It's easy to point the finger at the usual suspects, which is pollution, lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and smoking and alcohol and several other factors. But I suspect that one of the major quarters of many of our illnesses is just the fact that we are separated from Mother Earth. For thousands of years, we walked barefoot on the earth almost in constant contact with it. Even the first footwear was made from animal skins, which transferred moisture. But modern footwear with rubber soles effectively insulate says from the ground. Why is this important? Apart from the intuitive feeling that we should be closer to Mother Earth, there are very good reasons why we should main contact physical contact with the ground on our planet. All domestic and commercial electrical systems use an external grounding rod designed to protect the human body from shock. In this example, the metal case of a heater is connected to Earth to the electrical wiring system. If the case becomes live due to a fault. Inside the device, electricity will flow to Earth instead of through the body of anyone touching the case. This is because the planet has a huge capacity to absorb. Electric charge on reduces them to the same potential. This is why lightning is drawn down to the ground. The effects of connecting the human body to Earth has been proven to hold great benefits for health. Such benefits include reducing stress and enhancing the bodies. Auto immune system Making US Less Susceptible to Illness Two very important effects are reduction in inflammation, a cause of disease on improvements in blood flow. Velocity. Blood viscosity is largely governed by the Z two potential off the surface of the cells, which is a measure of negative charge when the negative challenges elevated, blood cells repel each other and they slip past each other, thus making them flow more easily. One effect of this is that the heart doesn't need to work so hard, so there are added cardiovascular benefits. When the cells have insufficient Zito potential or negative charge, they tend to stick together in clumps, which encourages clotting. Blood flows more slowly on the heart has to work harder. The blood pressure tends to be higher and there is a danger of stroke. So the planet earth itself is rich in electrically, negatively charged electrons. When we connect this vast bank of electricals, the effect is to reduce the strain on our hearts. It improves blood flow, and it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke even 30 minutes a day. Walking on a beach or in moist grass is sufficient to improve blood flow. But obviously when we talk about grounding, more is better. Grounding also improves on regulates sleep atoms, so the night is a great time to get grounded. There are several commercial products available to ground your body, whether in the daytime or the nighttime, and these range from sleeping mats toe other devices that strap or clip onto your body. These tend to be expensive, and I prefer to use an electrical technicians. Er things trap, which simply attach is to the wrist or the angle performs the same function, and it costs just two or $3. They're very cheap and portable. Simply clip the crocodile onto the earth in connection of any domestic electrical outlet or a metal spike driven into the earth and you're good to go. It's particularly useful if walking barefoot is difficult. For example, you can keep it in your pocket and clip it on one in the cafe, in an airport or any other public place. You can also buy grounding shoes that connection to the earth while you walk. If you take this option, bear in mind that you will only be grounded if you walk on earth, concrete, grass or tile. Tom AK on other bitumen based coverings will not allow the contact with the earth that you need. Regular grounding also reduces inflammation in the body. Information is considered to be the cause of many modern ailments, including some forms of cancer. Whichever way you look at it, grounding your body, connecting it to Mother Earth makes complete sense. It should become a part of your daily routine. 8. Natural Healing -The Importance Of Spinal Health: from. Although this lesson may seem a little out of place in, of course, about alternative health, it's completely in line with the idea and the concepts of harmony and balance within the body. By definition, the spine is central to our physical existence and has functions far beyond the obvious ones of helping us to stand upright. It's largely ignored until we feel pain, in which case we normally go to a medical doctor for help. The vast majority of general practitioners recommend pain relief on rest. Now there's nothing wrong with pain relief. If we have pain, we need some short term relief than any kind of medicine is OK because it's not persistent . However, when we have a problem with our spine or the or most often, the muscles associate it and attached to the spine. Rest is not really required except in moderation. Living tissues D to move, to stay still to be dormant is not good for our bodies. Now, if you have a real deformity, a real problem with your spine or any part of your body. If you have a broken limb, for example, or a broken vertebra, then of course, you need a hospital, you need medical attention. I've always said if I break a leg, I want to go straight to a hospital and be treated properly. However, in general, for back pain, whether slow in developing or sudden, a chiropractor is the best person to go and see. Although sometimes scorned by the medical establishment, Cairo practice have huge expertise with spinal problems. Having undergone several years of training, studying the skeleton on muscular systems of the human body off UM, a bank pain that we attribute to a slipped disk or a ruptured disk or some kind of spinal deformity can be traced back to the spasm of a muscle or a group of muscles that have pulled too hard intention against others to protect the vertebra. Spinal alignment is vital to our overall health. It affects the condition on the function of of our internal organs and also the muscle groups all along the back and the neck. Regular chiropractic visits can alleviate a lot of suffering from stiffness of the neck and headaches. Associate ID. With these muscle groups, the muscles along the back can become pulled, all of normally tense as they try to protect the spine from damage due to poor posture or physical overload. Sometimes pain is referred, such as the lower back pain experience that either side of the spine when the real issue is the hamstring muscle at the back of the thigh. Two conditions imposed by modern living give this particular problems. The 1st 1 is being around for one or 200 years, with the 2nd 1 is relatively new and has become more acute in the last five years. The human animal isn't designed to sit in the way that modern chairs demand that we do, since most modern seating encourages our body to slump forward or slouch, which tends to close in the chest and push the shoulders forward. Perhaps more importantly, sitting for long periods shortens the hamstring muscles at the back of the legs. These powerful muscles pull on the lower back muscles, which come the subject to spasm and pain as they try to counter act the extra pull to protect the pelvis on the spine from damage. This exercise is designed to stretch the hamstring muscles and should be done several times a day. Stand with legs apart fairly wife, both knees bent on the feet turned outwards. Place your hands above the knees and straight on the left leg. Keep the right knee bent. Now relax the left knee when the leg is straight. This may seem difficult at first. Pusher buttocks up a little further, stretching the left hamstring. Turn the left foot in a little on. Repeat, turn the left foot in a little more and repeat the third and final time. Now repeat the whole sequence for the right leg to finish off straight on both legs and stretch the hamstrings together. Turn your feet parallel and stand up straight. This exercise focuses on the neck area but also addresses the effects of slumping. When we sit in a chair. Kyra Practice say that the key to a healthy spine is the neck. We should take great care of this delicate area. In recent years, the increasing use of laptops and smartphones is causing problems for a whole generation. When we look at a laptop, we tend to bend the head forward. When we check out smartphones, it's even worse. The average weight of a person's head is about 10 to £11 or 4.5 to 5 kilograms the neck and shoulder muscles hold the head position centrally over the spine to achieve a balance, which places no strain on any particular muscle group. Looking at a laptop screen on particularly smartphones leans the head forward, placing a bigger load on the neck muscles at the rear. This causes inflammation stress, tension on, inevitably, headaches. In the long term, it can lead to severe deformation of the upper spine. Like all joints and muscle groups, the neck should be exercised to its fullest extent in all possible directions. This set of exercises also addresses the effects of slumping in a chair. When we sit in the incorrect posture, push the head forward and backwards without bending the neck. Don't force the action and keep your eyes fixed on one spot in front of you. Like all the following exercises. Do this five times. Bring the shoulders up back on down in one fluid motion. This exercise is almost the same as the last, but we're going to stop and hold at each stage. Lift the shoulders on hold for a count of three, pull the shoulders back on hold for a count of three and now dropped them while they're pulled back on hold for a count of three. Now we're going to hitchhike with both arms, starting with the thumb extended, with both hands almost touching in front of the body. A chest level. Keep the elbows the same height as the hands and throw them back is if hitchhiking. You may hear a cracking sound on either side of your chest. Don't worry. This is normal. Drug your heads down to your chest on hold for a count of three before raising it up and as far back as you can go. Do this five times. All of the neck exercises are repeated five times. Bend your neck to the left on hold for three before bending it to the right. Lastly, rotate their head as far left as it will go, holding for three before repeating the action on Lee of the Side. For all of the exercises described, try to move the neck a little further each time, but without straining or forcing the movement carry out all of the exercises. In this lesson, At least twice a day, you will feel increased mobility, less tension and if you tended toe, have headaches due to tension in the neck. People gradually disappear within two weeks