Narrative Travel Writing: Capturing a Sense of Place

Christopher Clark, Travel Writer and Wanderer

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9 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Your assignment: Write a Narrative Travel Piece

    • Get to Know Your Hood

    • Not on their watch, here or elsewhere

    • Superman of Havana

    • Tools of the Trade

    • Getting Started and Avoiding Cliche

    • Your First Draft

    • Final Thoughts and Pitching Advice

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About This Class

Great travel writing has the power to transport the reader into the world of the story and make them feel they are right there with the author.

Join experienced travel writer and wanderer Christopher Clark for an immersive class that will help you to capture a strong sense of place in your writing.

Christopher will take you through a few examples of excellent narrative travel writing. He’ll then encourage you to get out and get beneath the skin of the place that you live in, and write and share your observations and experiences in the form of a narrative travel article.

In this class you’ll learn essential skills including:

  • How to engage all your senses when exploring a place
  • How to avoid lazy and tired travel writing cliches
  • How to create a compelling experiential travel narrative
  • How to share your travel experiences with the world

This class is useful for writers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an avid amateur, you’ll be better equipped to put the world around you into words.  

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My desk is cluttered. It's one of those you have to stand next to for your work. I built it after an medical issue I had a while back (a whole other story.) My dog is laying on the floor next to me while the bacon was cooking in the microwave. I checked email. Checked Twitter. Then decided to see what's new on Skillshare. As you can guess, it's when I found Christopher Clark's new class. I thought this seems interesting, let's take a look. Right as I started watch "Superman of Havana" I came to realize the bell was ringing for the bacon and I thought "It has to be toast." I paused the video, got my bacon, and tripped over the dog. Needless to say, the bacon was toast and my dog was pissed, however, I loved this Skillshare Class. Mr. Clark, Thank you and please do more! Note; I hope you enjoyed my little capturing a sense of place. Cheers!
Morgan Phillips


LOVED this class! So helpful & really got me thinking about travel writing in a different way. Really recommend taking this class!
Christopher offers a class that truly helps us hone our writing about locations and people by using all of our senses. The tips, ideas, direction and examples make for a well rounded class. I feel I have a new way of approaching writing and I look forward to writing with a different approach. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to expand their writing skills, not only for travel articles, but for any type of article. Thanks Christopher, I look forward to reading your work.
Sylvie Hanes

The Appreciative Traveler





Christopher Clark

Travel Writer and Wanderer

Christopher Clark is a British freelance writer and wanderer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has traveled through and written about 13 African countries for more than 30 local and international publications including CNN, The Times, Narratively, Rough Guides, World Travel Guide, Fodor's Travel and Huffington Post. He has twice been featured as one of South Africa's best writers by The Big Issue magazine. Find out more on

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