Name Your Product in 60 Minutes | Sorin Amzu | Skillshare

Name Your Product in 60 Minutes

Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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12 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Create your first MindMap

    • 3. Save time with these awesome tools

    • 4. Secure the domain

    • 5. Refining the names you've just created

    • 6. The DOs and DONTs of Product Naming

    • 7. The stories behind famous brand names

    • 8. Refine and improve the names you've come up with

    • 9. Outro to the naming course

    • 10. Case Study 1: An app

    • 11. Case Study 2: A hotel

    • 12. Case Study 3: A vacuum cleaner


About This Class

Branding is all around - products, apps, websites, companies. Learn how create that killer name for your product, with a simple 3 step method!

Find out how to:

  • generate 15 names in under 10 minutes
  • create names that are recognizable, memorable and short
  • use a MindMap to organize the names
  • save money by securing the cheapest domain
  • avoid paying freelancers or agencies for coming up with a great name

Imagine naming your app and getting 1000s a downloads a day, because it was keyword-optimized and the name told the whole story!

Also get:

  1. Full time access to all future updates (guides, checklists, videos etc.)
  2. Three hands-on case studies showing you the naming process step-by-step





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Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist

I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 5 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST.

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