Nail Your Next Presentation | Ashley Whitlatch | Skillshare
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7 Videos (32m)
    • Intro: Are you ready to nail your next presentation?

    • Your Class Project + Resources

    • Discovering your Audience

    • Creating your Presentation: The Science

    • Creating your Presentation: The Art

    • Delivering Something Memorable

    • Wrapping Things Up!


About This Class

You all have stories to tell, deals to close, and people to inspire. If these ideas aren't presented in an engaging way, you might miss out on the chance to make an impact. This class is for people who want to win.

I cover the three main steps for giving a memorable presentation: preparing for your audience, creating an effective visual aid, and delivering your presentation with confidence.

Learn how to be an effective communicator, and leave your audience wanting more. Get more gigs, close more sales, and inspire more leaders.

Are you ready to nail your next presentation?





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Ashley Whitlatch

Global Brand + Marketing Consultant

Ashley is a visual storyteller with over a decade of marketing and leadership development experience, and helps brands tell their story and build communities as a brand marketing executive consultant. Previously, she served as the Director of Marketing at Redkix, (acquired by Facebook) and also spent four years at Prezi, Inc., leading global evangelism programs & partnerships, helping them grow from 9MM to 65MM+ subscribers worldwide. While there she scaled an international B2C Ambass...

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