NLP: How to turn "the main asset to achieve goals" ,time management, to a daily automatic habit

Amgad El-Sakka, Trainer

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25 Videos (1h)
    • Welcome to the course

    • Who the speaker is and what you're about to learn

    • A practical activity to prove the importance of this course

    • The most thing that you waste your time on is: The "Mentally Drunk" Phase

    • Are you "mentally drunk"?

    • Besides the reviews; the proof that this course actually works

    • Samples of my success .. It's possible

    • Learn about the main difference between "successful" and "normal" people

    • The Fortune

    • Introducing the "Golden Circle" and how to apply it on time management using NLP

    • The Golden Circle

    • A mid-course wrap up and an introduction to answer "Why"

    • HONESTLY.. Why are you going to organize YOUR time?

    • Do you "want to" organize your time or do "you need to"?

    • An introduction to know my perspective of how to practically gain a habit

    • The answer to the critical question: How can a human being gain a habit?

    • What I mean by saying "task"

    • Preparing to start how to PRACTICALLY turn time management into a habit


    • Info-graph to show the analysis process

    • A template to help you "Analyze"

    • CHANGE

    • Mindmap to show the "Change"process

    • Identifiy whether you have acquired the habit of managing your time or not

    • End of the journey: The simplest definition of time management


About This Class


It's possible to achieve everything we aspire, however, we just need to have the correct planning and the effective assets.

This course explains and facilitates the most important asset to achieve goals, the asset that stands solely as the main difference between people who eat, drink, sleep, get married, have kids and DIE, and people who actually enjoy their lives and have an impact on the world. This asset is time management. This course also turns this asset into a habit very easily.

Be more effective and successful, because time management is the main asset for that. Do that now using my simple, short, specific, informative, updated, practical , guaranteed, cheap to apply course, which has fast results, because any delay means a delay in your destined success and because the moment that goes never comes back so let's make every moment worthy!






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Amgad El-Sakka


My name is Amgad. I'm 22 years old and I have a bachelor degree in journalism from Cairo University.

In 2011 I started my career working as a journalist. I worked for 4 years in 8 different newspapers, and in one of them for a year and a half, I was the vice president of journalism translation departmentin a prestigious newspaper in Egypt called Al Dostor.

Because I realized the fact that it's really easy to publish any ideas in any community by knocking the right doors with the right force by the right way in the right time and that the media abuses this fact, I changed my career to be a professional translator and I worked there for about one year and a half.

After that, I joined another career which is English teaching and training and I worked for 16 hours 6 days a week for 4 months. Then, I left professional translation to be who I am now and who I aspired to be; a full time English trainer and a freelance careers, businesses and sales consultant and I'm writing my first book.

All of these changes in my careers taught me that we usually get drifted away from our dreams while doing things we don't want to because we're scared of doing what we aspire lest we fail, especially if you thought you weren't ready (like in my case as I don't have any academic degrees to teach English or write a book in it).

In my life I've had four dilemmas that taught me a lot; the first was that my mother had the H1N1 but she was cured, the second was me having anger management and hesitation issues, the third was that I lost my right eye for 5 days and the fourth was that I broke my right wrist and spent 3 months in the plaster cast and learned how to use my left arm just like my right arm because I'm not left handed.(Those were dilemmas for me because my life was so peaceful).

From those four dilemmas I've learnt that life is too short not to learn things in it. I've also learnt that the day I waste without learning means that I was dead on it.

I pride myself on having , an increasing number of, 45 certificates in different fields like; HR, business planning, project management, customer service, marketing, SEO, leadership, creativity, etc.

So, I'm sharing my experience here with people who are passionate to gain it.