NLP: Destroy Self-Doubt #3 - Psychological View of Emotional States

Patrick Howell, Psychology to Action™ Bootcamp

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3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. NLP Confidence Anchoring What You'll Learn

    • 2. Anchoring Psychological Overview and Examples

    • 3. Practice Anchors with Script Skillshare


About This Class

Join Life Coach Master Trainer Patrick Howell for a thorough, informative 13 minute course on the Psychology of NLP Emotional Anchor Process

During this 13 minute course you'll unpack the psychological underpinnings of NLP Anchors and then you'll be prompted to apply the strategy in your own life.

Who's teaching this course? 

I'm Patrick Howell. Over the past 25 years In the field of life and business coach training, I've worked with tens of thousands of people and currently have more than 36,000 students in 172 countries.