NLP : 3 Steps To Become A Better Communicator At Work | Li Yuen Yeo | Skillshare

NLP : 3 Steps To Become A Better Communicator At Work

Li Yuen Yeo, NLP Master Practitioner, Entrepreneur

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7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to Course

    • 2. Quick Introduction to NLP

    • 3. Step 1 Find out Your Communication Style Preference

    • 4. Step 2 Recognize Other's Communication Style

    • 5. Step 3 Build Rapport with Each Communication Style

    • 6. Application How to influence in your meeting and presentation

    • 7. Wrap up


About This Class


Effective communication is the key to building good relationship with your colleagues, clients, suppliers and stakeholders. In this class, you will learn the 3 steps to become a better communicator, apply some of the most powerful techniques to transform your communication skill and improve relationship at your workplace and achieves better results.


What will you learn :

  • Identify your preferred communication style and that of other’s
  • Characteristic of 4 communication style
  • How to build rapport with each communication style
  • How to influence in your business meeting and presentation


1. Introduction to Course : have you ever wonder why you can go well with some people had no so well with others. Are you struggling to communicate with your colleagues? Our clients? Effective communication is the key to building good relationship at your workplace and beauty and good relationship is one of the attributes through your career Success. Have you seen a master communicator in action? Do you see that There are no only good at noticing the response. They get there also flexible in modifying their body language, voice tone and Uschi, what's the match? And you're better. Appalling this While most of us are not born as a master communicator like any other skills , communication skills can be learned through knowledge and practice. Hello and welcome to this cause my name is Le'Ron. I've been practicing NLP for more than 10 years. NLP is an amazing tool for communication and personal growth and it has transformed many people's life from all over the world. This cost I will walk truly you tree steps to help you to become a better communicator using NLP and you also learn how to imprint side us in your business meeting or presentation pretty to lend this amazing to the shop on your communication skills and improved relationship, your workplace and rule now and I'll see you in class. 2. Quick Introduction to NLP : the name. New linguistic programming comes from the tree it brings together. New rule refers to your mind, and you're thinking process the way you use our senses to understand what is happening around you. Linguistic refers to your worse how you used language and how in France, you and others programming refers to your behavior hole. You organize your ideas and action to produce results. In Jesus and Opie, explore whole your talks out of factor by was leading toe actions. Enoki helps you to become aware of a whole range of things. The notice and others, including language. The Kaio words and phrases People used eye movement, the direction of people's eye movement during thinking, body language. The person's posher breathing and gesture. By understanding the language, I movement a body language off others, you're able to speak their language. Obure better wrap always, then Wyndham over Obure better relationship with them and achieve better results in nothing bigger Guest. How much is communication and worst tonality and body language? Did you guess correctly? According to research, their tree elements off communication was accounts only for 7%. Tonal voice accounts for 30% and body language becomes off 55%. Whoa. That means more than 90% of our communication has nothing to do with what we actually say. The secret of communication. Is that what we see matters, Little toe how we see it? 3. Step 1 Find out Your Communication Style Preference : communication begins without toss, and we use worst tonality and body language to convey them to another person. And what is toss? Each of us has a thinking preference. Everything in pictures, some off, feeling your speech is an expression off the way you think. For example, if you think visually you're more likely to say I can't a picture. Oh, I see what you mean, because you really do see what you mean. If you're thinking auditory way, you'll be more likely to say I share you loud and clear all we are on the same way. Flynt, let's do a quick exercise. Take a moment to recall your last holiday. No notice. How do you remember your last holiday? Maybe the picture of a beautiful waterfall comes into your mind. Or perhaps your favorite song in a concert. All relaxing, feeling, watching the sunset. We tend to think about what we think and know how we think about it. We also assume that the other people think in the same way as we do. The truth is, most likely your collects our clients thing in a different way, as you do by recognizing your own and other people's communications stall. You're able to enhance your communication if active knows our work by knowing how to say what you want to say. According to local ixil clients, preference, the first had to do is to file your own preferred communication style, please no load and complete a communication style preference assessment. I'll see you in the next lesson as we darkened due to tear off the four different communication style. 4. Step 2 Recognize Other's Communication Style: So you have completed the assessment and final. What is so communications? That preference? Remember, these scores are preference, not semen, about capabilities about who you are as a person. For example, if you get a Louis car in auditory, it doesn't mean you're not a good listener. Let's get into the tail on the characteristic off. The four communication style a visual communicator prefer the thing in pictures and diagrams. One off the characteristic of a visual person you can recognise from their body language is that their hate tends to slightly off debris from the opera chess and their breathing out, typically shallow. When you're talking to them, the chance to make good eye contact when you're awesome. Question. You can see their eyes moving upwards. Typically, they prefer to keep their distance from others so they can see better. Do you normally call in quick bursts and higher Peach voice Visual person. Also big picture thinker as the thing in picture they typically use visually descriptive was such a C look picture and so on. An auditory communicator preferred to communicate in worse, one off the characteristic of auditory person you can recognise from their body language is that they're hit would turn towards the person speaking debris from the middle of the chest . When you're talking to them, they typically look away to avoid destruction. When you all some question, you can see the eyes moving sideway towards the are years, typically the pre for the stand closer to you so they can listen better. An auditory person tend to think in sequentially. They have nice and reader may voice toward, and you would normally hear them using what such as hue, song, top and so on. Akina, 30 communicator prefer the few or experience things one off the characteristic of a kinesthetic person you can recognise from their body language. Is that their head? And she intends to do slightly down waas the breathe deeply from the die from area. When you're talking to them, they typically have NASA eye contact. When you also question, you can see the ice moving down or down through the are right. Typically, they like to stand close to people and likes to touch kinesthetic percent arm. Also shared with their experience. They speak in a lower tonality slower temple, and they're also tend to possible talking. You were commonly Hugh them, using words such as few heart whole and so on an auditory digital communicator prefer the thing in ideas and to analyze one off. The characteristic of the auditory digital person is Is that there? He tooted up and shoulder down. They're breathing on shallow and restricted. When you're talking to them, they have very little eye contact. When you're awesome, question you Chris Iggo Ice moving down to the UN left. Typically, they prefer to keep a distance from you to disconnect and analyze things. Auditory digital people have little vocal variation. The tall in shot and monotone You were commonly feud and using words such as thing experience, understand and so on. Now let's do an exercise from the eye movement off the people in this picture. Could you recognize their communications fell for each of them? I'll reviewed answer in the next lesson 5. Step 3 Build Rapport with Each Communication Style: Here's the answer for the previous lesson exercise. Did you go to karaoke? If yes, well done. What? It's ripple. Rep. Paul is the ability to connect with others in a raid of creates trust and understanding. For example, the first thing you notice when two people who get along very well is how much they are like each other. They display the same body language speaking in same tone of voice and pays off speech. In this lesson, you will learn how to be ripple and communicate with all the four different communication style. When communicating with visual, it is important to speak their language. Use visually descriptive words such as see, look, appear and so on. You may also use question to engage them. For example, do you see what I'm in? Or you're getting the picture in a Seal Smith thing. Your client, this visual you can Austin, What did you see? That looks the best for you. Dear mental picture Move faster, so it is best to speed up your temple when talking with them. To have them understand your message. Clearly it is best to gift an illustration and colorful presentation pictures graph all video will also be very helpful for them. Visual person are big picture thinker, so it's best to get them summary and information in bullet points when communicating with the tree people use or to treat descriptive words such as here, see song and so on. You may also use questions to engage them. For example, how does this sound so far? Does this rings a bell in a Seuss meeting? If you're applying this audit tree, you can ask, What ideas did you hear that you like today? Measure your freedom while talking with them and be away off the peach off your voice as they're very sensitive to song. Focus on global in direction and encourage them to think along. If you're not able to meet them in person for discussion, you would be helpful to give them our audio recording or engage them over the phone. One important point that ignore it is to me, to my soul destruction. Choose a quiet location and turn off the background music. Give them information in sequins. Do appear attention to what they say a repeated keep homes while talking with them. When communicating with Kenna static your skin a static descriptive words such a few touch hole and so on. You may use questions to engage them. For example, does this fuse okay? Is dis comfortable in a suits meeting? If a client is king a static, you can ask, What option do you few most comfortable and remember the slow down you're talking. Be patient with the post and slower temple speech. Give them something. Touch even a brochure for them. The whole makes a difference, and especially if you're doing or product demonstration. For example, a smartphone demonstration. Make sure you allowed in the touch and use the smartphone, and it is helpful to share your feeling to engage the emotion when communicating with all the treat. Digital use digital descriptive words such as thing understand opinion and so on. You may also use questions to engage them. For example, what is your opinion All? Do you understand in a suicide meeting? If you're climbing, is all the tree digital you can ask? What do you think off the option we just discussed? We're talking to them. It is bastard mashed speaking tone. Give them fracture and logical information and encouraged our thinking by asking factual questions. Give them the details. First organized information and present a step by start well done for following so far. Let's do a quick recap off the tree steps to help you to become a better communicator. Start one final your communications tall preference step to recognize others. Communication stall, step, tree bit. Report with each communication style. 6. Application How to influence in your meeting and presentation: you know, daily Consul work. Most of us have to attend me things. Representation toe. Collect your bosses all present all business Proposal to clients. If you are giving representation to a group, chances is there good mix of different communications. So how do you be report inspector? Languish and inference them in a meeting. Representation. If you're presenting an important business proposal, decline us what impression you want to give to your clients what you're wearing and how you present yourself can be really important, especially if your client are visual people during the meeting. Representation. Do you use a good mix off sensory specific words to engage your audience, For example, Use. See here off you let the visual people see what you're saying by showing them colorful illustration. Pictures, diagrams off video clips. This can depend the understanding off a visual person. Let the auditory hear you loud and clear, and you will also be good the whole and open discussion. If you have a new productive show, let him try out. This is very important for kinesthetic people nicely. Don't forget to give backs of figures to engage the auditory digital people, so you have cover everyone 7. Wrap up: well done for completing all the lesson. One last exercise to do. Find someone and your workplace, pay attention and listen to the language they use observed their body language and eye movement. And finally, what is the communication? Stall preference. Use what you learn in stuck, Cherie, to be rappel with them like anything else. Breakfast. Mixed buffer. With each passing day, you become a better and better communicator. Your workplace. Congratulations. You have completed accounts. Thank you so much. And I hope you enjoy the cost. Please share this with your friends and I look forward to see you in the next cost.