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Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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12 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Content

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Sky Transition

    • 4. Dip to Black

    • 5. Prism Wipe

    • 6. Walk By

    • 7. Spin Transition

    • 8. Zoom In (Out)

    • 9. Hand Over Camera

    • 10. Blur

    • 11. Whip

    • 12. Wall Pan


About This Class

Nine different in camera transitions that are SUPER easy to create!


1. Content: Thank you, E. 2. Intro: Hey, guys, my name is Alex, and welcome to my school share. Over the next few months, I will be teaching classes based around video editing on Premier Per, in addition to behind the scenes for two shoes on what I do to get certain shops and other things along those lines a little bit more about myself. I'm 19 on Just like college. After studying art photography on business, I run two blocks. One is based around trouble on finding the best spots around. Love on the other SLT, based on portraiture. Photography on my block is laid out like I'm like, If any of you have any questions, please feel free to message me. I am more than happy to help if you are confused on anything. But other than that, I hope my classes are helpful. Do you enjoy them? 3. Sky Transition: So the first transition I'm going, she is basically just panning up towards the sky on back down again. So since both of my videos actually ended with the sky, I didn't have to worry about crossing the end of them there. I did quit the start of them just to make him a little bit shorter on just to get rid of any excess. Because both of the videos do end with the sky. I did have toe reverse one of them, but once you cut them both, just place them together. And as you'll see when it goes into this guy on your first video, it will then come back down in your second. 4. Dip to Black: So this transition is pretty similar to thes guy transition, except you're just dipping it to black instead of white light the sky. So my first clip is off the road, and then it just dips down on my second clip is off the mountain, and then it goes into someone's coat with Jews black. So I cut both of these in half just to cut down on some of the excess on a similar to the sky transition. Because they both ended by dipping black. I reversed my second video. Then I just put them together on This is what it looks like because you could still see some of the light of my second video when it did the black. I went back a little bit in my first video and cut it a little bit earlier, just so that it wasn't pitch black on. This is what it looked like, asserted this with similar videos, but instead off dipping to black. I use the ground in these videos 5. Prism Wipe: so this next transition is quite cool. You're basically using a prison to swipe across the screen to create the transition. So, as you can see for both of mine, I just went to the point by which the prison covered the screen on cut it and then just got rid off the end of the first video and start the second and had them together. And this is what it looked like. I also did this with a blue prison. So the prisons I use, I actually got from an arcade. They work quite well. I don't think you really need anything expensive to do these, and I think they look quite effective. 6. Walk By: So this next transition is a walk by transition, which is when something in the screen wipes across similar to the prison wipe. Except it's part of the video, you know, adding anything to it. So my first video was off a cable car, and then the frame of the car is just going across the screen. And then my second is off offense, which is going across the screen. So I went to the point by which the fence in the cable car frame were half way across my shopped, and then I cut them both there, and then I just paired them together, though this transition does what better if you use a mask and still to reveal the video underneath? 7. Spin Transition: So this transition is just a basic spin transition, so you can see that my first video is off a window sill on. My second is off some plants on, basically just flipping my come around to create the rotation. So I just cut both of my videos where you could see some of the motion blur. So in my first video, you can see it around the trees in the background on the plants, and in the second video, you can clearly see it on the pumps and then just put the two together and 8. Zoom In (Out): So for this transition, I'm going to show you had to do an easy zoom in which you can also easily do as a zoom out so that your first clip needs to be off. Whatever is you want to zoom in on from a distance on your second video needs to be a close up. So as you can see, my first video was of the plant from a distance. And then the second video waas off the leaves. Close up. Now what you need to do is go halfway between where the zoom starts and finishes on your first video on. Cut it. So what you should have is a bit off a emotion blood during the zoom, as you can see. So this is just where I'm gonna cut mine. And then I did the same in my second video. Then you just need to put the TVs together, and you're finished 9. Hand Over Camera: so this transition is basically just using your hand to create the cut. So on my first video, I just went a couple friends over from when my hand covered the camera to work with rock on . I did the same with second video, and then I just put the two together on This is what it looks like. 10. Blur: so this transition is just using a blur, so you can do this manually, or you may have a video that does it automatically. So one of my shots is off a flag, and I had my focus on auto. So the video was just naturally blurry when I first liked shooting and it ended up feeding into a clear shot. My second shot is off a tree, and I use manual focus to blood this on because I already had my flag video. I knew that I needed the video to be white, So I shot the video down really fast, like Pan, in fact, which overexposed it so that the colors matched in the two videos. You basically just have to cut your videos where they're blurry, and they both match in color that you may just want to edit them so that they do much, then just paired them together on dure. Finished 11. Whip: So this transition is a whip effect or pan If act so, basically, whatever it is you're filming, you just whipped the camera really fast in any direction to create the transition. So, as you can see, my first video is off the window sill, and then I whip it really fast to the right. And then the second video is off plants outside. Andi, I whip it from left. Iraq. So could you videos. You basically need to go to a section where there is a lot of motion blur. And then just connect the start of your second video with the end of your first. So, like I said, I did mine from left to right. You can do it in any direction. Up, down, whatever suits you. 12. Wall Pan: So this transition is one whereby you pan into something like a wall adore lamppost, whatever on, then, continue moving the cover in the same direction. So your first video, like mine could be moving to come down from your shop to behind something, and then the second could be leaving the cover down from behind something and into your shot. I just cut both of my videos where the colors matched. In this case, they were both black on. I just paired them together. You're gonna obviously do this transition in any direction.