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NHS Jobs Portfolio - International Medical Graduate

teacher avatar Dr. Monisha Mishra, Doctor | YouTuber

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Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. NHS Jobs Website Tour

    • 3. Personal Information

    • 4. Qualifications

    • 5. Employment History

    • 6. Referees

    • 7. Supporting Information

    • 8. Monitoring Information

    • 9. How To Improve Job Search

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Everything that you need to know about NHS Jobs profile and how to apply for your first job as an International Medical Graduate. 

I have gone step-by-step through all the pages of the virtual CV. I have also showcased my own old CV from 2018. 

By watching this class, you will learn about how to fill in the details in the various sections on NHS Jobs Profile, how to maximise on your capabilities by listing down things that you didn't think were important, tips on how to increase job searches and tips on how to increase your chances of being offered a job interview. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr. Monisha Mishra

Doctor | YouTuber



I am Monisha.. your friendly neighbourhood junior doctor currently training in Psychiatry in London. I was born and raised in India and moved to England in 2018. Having gone through the process of PLAB, GMC registration and getting matched into a speciality of my choice in London. I decided to share my journey with all you lovely people.

I have constantly shared valuable information regarding IMG journey on various platforms and you will always have my account for free advice. I thrive on the love and appreciation from you guys and I couldn't possibly have done it without your support.

I am currently working on a series of Skillshare classes where I plan on sharing my IMG process and tips on getting your first job in the NHS and life in the NHS. If yo... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction : Hey guys, my name is Monica and I'm a foreign medical graduate working here in London. I'm doing currently my core training in my dream specialty psychiatry. In my downtime, I make videos about my international medical graduate journey life and that you get as an expat and other random bits and pieces of my life. If there's one bit which is the most crucial bit of someone's journey of working as a junior doctor in the UK, then it's the first job in the NHS as an international medical graduates, there is so much information out there, but no one really goes into that offer. I have a lot of videos which took us Platyrrhini, which is the licensing medical exam on my YouTube channel. Once you've passed your lab exams and attainder GMC license, then comes the most important step, which is applying for jobs in today's class. I'm going to go through step-by-step with regards to applying for NHS drops and also show you my NIH's portfolio in its entirety are applied for non training jobs back in 2018 and I've left my portfolio. So in today's class I'm going to show you my NHS jobs portfolio. I'll show you literally everything that's in there. I'll also show you how to apply for jobs and how to increase your chances of finding jobs and get offered a job interview. What I wanted to stress upon before doing that is that you really need to remember that your profile on NHS jobs is actually a virtual CV and this is what gets sent to your trust, your HI, your consultant. So basically before they even see you, this is something that gives them an idea or a rough picture as to who they want to meet and what their skills are or what their drawbacks are. 2. NHS Jobs Website Tour: So now I've logged into my energy drops profile. So the website is like you can see on the top basically and stops if you just Google it, you'll find it or drops taught energy stored UK. So that's the website. And once you've locked in, this is what the main home screen looks like, just so that you're aware there's another website where you can be applying for jobs as an international medical graduate basically for non training job status truck drops. The other website where you have mined for training jobs would be strictly audio. You can not apply for training jobs on any of these other websites. The only place it could be applying for it is on the Oracle website, back to NHS jobs through file. So this is what the home screen looks like. As you can see, I've got my login over here. I haven't used this ever since 2018, so yeah, a few of the information on it is quite old because obviously I've progressed in my career since then. I haven't updated this profile ever since. Over here, as you can see, you can track your applications if you've made any job applications. In this section of my applications, then you've got my interviews. That's where you will be keeping track of all the scheduled interviews. And then you've got your soldiers, That's where you look for your job soldiers, you could even save your searches. I'll get to the bit about job searches at the end of the video. But yeah, so this is where you would search and you could always, so see the soldiers over here and you've got your messages if you are having any conversations with the trust or sending them any queries or they want to get in touch with you. This is where they would usually they don't to be honest, to be fair, they send you e-mails, but yet you photo section over here as well of messages. Then you've got a favorite jobs. You can list the job searches which are your favorite drops and BCG track. You can do that on favorite jobs and you've got my profile. So that's your most important bit, which is basically your virtual CV. 3. Personal Information: All right, So once you open your my profile, which is your virtual CD, you see a lot of headings on the left side, and I'll go through all the headings. So the false sharing that you can see is personal information wasn't information is basically all your basic information regarding your name, address. So as you can see, I've written on my name over here. When you start your job applications as an international medical graduate and the first one being a non-union shop is still haven't gotten your T u to v is also keyboard and hover. You can national insurance number. So you can just leave this field blank. You don't have to enter anything. You'll have a national insurance number once you've attained your Tier 2 visa. It would be written on that. So you have to just leave this bit blank, then you've got the address section. So fill in your details. Radio address, where you're from your home country, then you've got the information about your telephone details. So over here, you could ride my mobile is not you get registered. I did not have any registered number because I was only on visitor visa or an off visiting the UK, fill in the details of your mobile number from your home country, then you come to the bit here. It asks, are you or British or Irish national or a European Union, European Economic Area, or since national. So you would write no, The fact that you're writing the exam. So obviously, which means you wouldn't be categorized into any bits. Then over here comes the bit about the current visa that you have. So you can write visitor visa. So you would be a visitor visa when you would have applied for your exams or you would have pretended your GMC registration interview and all of the arts. So whatever the details I even have the visa is expired. You can write the art. You can right when it was valid from start to expiry date. So basically you need to fill in the details of your most recent visitor visa to the UK. You'll have the visa number mentioned on the visa which will be in your passport. So write that and you will have restrictions if you're on a visit or weeks off. So whatever is written on your visa, again, on the visa page, UK visa and your passport. Just write that. So this is what was mentioned on mine. Then you would be mentioning know over here, ru and NHS professional returning to practice because the first time applying for jobs, so this would be a no and then you would take in the bits which are basically a preferred employment type if you're coming to the UK on a tear to Visa as an IMG, then you would be looking up for a full-time job role unless you are an independent visa and you don't have any of these restrictions, so you could then pick up part-time or job share or it's up to you. So yeah. So this is the first bit which is personal information. 4. Qualifications: So next comes the qualifications. So, and qualifications you would write deduce about, you know, when you've finished your MBB is the place where you finished the ISA exam and then plop 12. So these are the exams to that point I had up here at 4. If you have given any Royal College exam, see MRCP, MRC side, MRC, would you have said drunk, You didn't mention all those bits as well, right? Put in just add another qualification and you could write membership exams in your place of study and then secreted or result what it was and you are, you obtain the result. So you could write that in your education and professional qualifications. Or if you've done any post-graduation back in your home country, like in India, Europe done your PGI or if you've done a super specialty, you can mention all of that also in subject or qualification. Then comes training courses tended. So back then when I was applying for my phone shop in the UK post my internship, I had done only these two courses, which was ACLS and DLS, and these will pull certified by American Heart Association. Obviously since then I've done the ACLS, certified by the UK resuscitation council. That is something I need to add here over now. So if you've done any other training or courses that like if you've done AT ALL. So mentioned all of that over here. Any extra causes? Mentioned it over here then would be the split which is membership of professional bodies. So please indicate your professional registration status so you need to pick where you are at with the registration process. So you could be like if you have a registration with regards to registration and license to practice for this post, you could write that or if you are in process of applying basically awaiting your GMC registration, but you've taken the appointment date, you could take that up to pretty self-explanatory again, whichever bit fits your situation, picked that if you have applied for your registration and your awaiting appointment date or your Due to go and touch the duration you are applying, then you need to pick this one. You get professional registration required an applied for. And if you are currently in the situation wherein you just given your plug two exams and you're waiting for your results and your duration applying for jobs and you could take this one. I do not have relevant UK professional registration or you could write, you give professional registration required but not yet applied for it. Either of the two actually to be fair. All right, so the next bit comes is the professional body and membership. This is your most important bit. So you would pick up your General Medical Council. So it depends which one it is that you fix your criteria. So it could be registered with license once you attain your GMC registration, right, your membership or registration number. This is the most important a number. So this is where you would write a GMC registration number and your expired renewal date you do to renew your GMC registration every or you could just write a year from then. That could be the idea, could put it in. So that's everything about qualifications. 5. Employment History : All right, so the next comes employment history. This is another very important segment in your virtual TV. Starting off it, it asks please confirm what you believe would be effective data starting of continuous energy service. You still don't know. Leave that blank over here. You put in the information about where you did your internship from. So I wrote my medical college name, the address either from whatever the API deemed University Medical College and poor name. What is the kind of job that I deal with the added a household which is technically or one year or rotatory 12 month internship. I just thought reporting to the head of the department what my job medical intern when I started and then what was my end date to not have any salary? I didn't know during my internship what was the contract side? So there are a few of these which I couldn't understand. So I just showed other and another 12 months rotating medical internship. Then reason for leaving? I will not leave during my internship, I completed my internship at a stretch. So I just wrote not applicable. Then this is the bit where it says brief description of duties and responsibilities, as you can see, averaging quite a lot and there's quite a big word limit. And in sort of writing so much is still 188 what's remaining. So make sure you really, really right in detail what you did. What's up internship as much as you can. This is the bit where you're trying to sell yourself. As weird as it sounds, you want them to know that you are capable also, because this is something we would read before saying, Oh yes, let's interview this person. So make sure you write this bit in quite a lot of detail. Do not underestimate or undermine even the littlest things you have done in your internship, even if it's under supervision, do mention that I pass them MBB as in February 2015 and off with 3D orientation program to my 12 months later internship, I started my internship and I don't know the exact dates. Then I wrote all the specialties in the order I rotated through. Then I wrote a brief summary as to what all I learn. It's like quiet, vague, and broad, basically how to take an accurate history and document the same as in something you're doing all the specialties, how to do a careful and precise examination to stay differential diagnosis. And once you've done the proper history, taking an examination, come up with a management plan including investigations and treatment are discussed case with my seniors. They really want to make sure that they are safe. Doctor, I attended morning and afternoon war drives. I complete a discharge summaries to help the team. But if there are more things that come to your mind, this is what I wrote in 30 spot. A few more things now thinking, but yeah, so I don't want things if it's possible, then I wrote all the procedures that I did during my 12 months and don't share that. I also mentioned a little bit of extra curriculum right there I wrote, I also participated in various workshops. This is basically non extra curriculum relates actually Academy curriculum in various workshops and presentations and present it in seminars. Then I wrote the presentations that I did and you know, what I did which was useful in regards to my CV back then. Then I also mentioned that I was also an enthusiast participant in medical and non-medical debates at college level. That's something that's very dear to my heart. I love participating in debates. I haven't had the chance since I've moved here. I also wrote that if I'm unaware of any procedural or haven't practiced enough in yours, I'm not shy of asking for help till date, if I don't know something I just asked, I'm like, please could you explain how to do this? I don't have that ego and neither should you. So yeah, I'm eager to learn and reload. And then I wrote that I've made sure I approached and handled ethical and patient confidential information in a delicate and responsible manner. This is something which you might think that, oh, it's kind of obvious, I don't need to write it, but it's kind of obvious if someone who doesn't know you and it's supposed to judge you based on a piece of paper versus your CV. So I would say you rather State Beef things down. Alright, so that was that then employment gaps. So after my internship, I was preparing for all Indonesia exams and D and B. So I did have employment gaps because I did not walk off to my internship. So I mentioned that Bozeman medical internship. I decided to take a study leave to prepare for all India post-graduate exams, IP or for my exams in July 2016 and December 2016 and the start of 2017, I decided to prepare for lab exams and attain license to practice in the UK, there is unemployment gap and I was honest about it and I mentioned it. But if you were doing anything else other than taking study leave, like if you had any personal reasons to state that if you had any traveling reasons or you decided to explore the world, do state that are traveling also counts as education if you know what I mean. So whatever you were doing, be honest about it and state that on your CV. 6. Referees : Moving on to refreeze. So referees is something which is very, very important because these are the people who are going to watch for you deal the people you've worked with in your home country. So make sure that the referees you pick are willing to give feedback. Because once you pick these refreeze, they are going to be sent out e-mails and a form to fill in and they need to fill it enough period of time, you will actually have to chase them because I remember this one particular professor. I had to change quite a lot for my referee and because they would ask them when was the most recent time of contact, when they absorb you working under them for all the things they absorbed you doing and how you as a doctor and how will you as a team player, as an ethical person and things like that? There's quite a lot of questions on the form, and they will have to also list their address, their mobile number, their licensing number, and all of that. Yeah. So make sure this is someone who's going to take the time to fill in the form and during the time duration that it's allocated on the initial jobs profile. So there are different types of referee. It could be someone who is your current employer, previous employer or personal character could be someone probably an admin person from your place back in your home country or the HR, or it could be someone who's from a college, university or higher education. I listed three of my professors and that's how it was. So yeah, you would need three referees going in here, pretty self-explanatory. And you were also say that they can contact this person before you enter your off to you and to be however, it works also just so you know, this is not only because it's your first job in the NHS referee system is something that works throughout your life working in energies if you're changing jobs or changing trust like when I was working in Southern University Hospital, that was my first job. So obviously I've got my references from my home country who are my professors, who I did my internship on top after that when I finished my job and salt the end or in between that when applied for training, I listed the referees from my trust in south end because they appreciate if it's a current referee yard, Who's your recent employer? And I think there's a window Peter, as two, you can't let someone as a referee if you hover and worked under them or with them in the last some number of years. I'm not too sure about that. Maybe it's not with all the trust, but this is something that was mentioned to me when I was listing referees from India, from Assad and job Just a heads up. 7. Supporting Information: Moving on, now we've got supporting information which is honestly the most crucial bit of your online CV. This is something which backs what you are seeing. Basically, it supports your case and it makes your trusty HR or to consult and you're going to walk with, make them aware that why they should be offering you this job interview or why they should be offering this job, do not underestimate the value of supporting information, whether it's academy or non Academy, make sure you fill in as much as you can, alright, so far as to fall, There's bits like practical experience. This is something which you can change and remove and add based on the jobs you're applying for. If you're applying for a surgical job then lists a lot of surgical procedures that you've done or you can supervise to do if you're doing applying for a medical job less than medical procedures. So things like that. Okay. Depending on the job you're applying for, you can always edit it, save it, and send it to the trust based on that. That's just a tip there. Then you've got please briefly describe the extent of a proficiency and experience in the procedure highlighted above, along with any particular clinical skills, experiences, special interests you possess that you may wish to highlight. Again, this bit where it says any special interest groups that you may wish to highlight. Again, depending on the job you're applying for. If you're applying for a medical junior dog, then relist that any special interests that you have, the more things that you want to learn or if any surgical job you're applying for list any surgical procedures that you are interested in learning. So that also gives them yes to that this person doesn't want to learn newer things, then they get hired to do this job. Okay. So I mentioned again all the rotations I did under the supervision, all the procedures. I did a few of them I've mentioned and I wrote, I'm confident with performing the above procedures. I'm always happy to reach out to a senior when in doubt, I believe I'm a safe doctor as I discussed with the team and follow protocols. These are again, very obvious thing that you expect a junior doctor to do or to know or to be aware of. But again, they wouldn't know whether you know these things on all. So it's again, very much important for you to listed down. You don't have to copy and paste exactly what I've written. You can always tweak it based on what and how you want to present your CV. But I'm just giving an idea as to what I wrote in my CV in the context of this post and reflecting your own skills and abilities, are there any areas where you might seek further developmental support? This is something which is not quite encouraged back in my home country basically to talk out in the open about your drawbacks in this country, There's a lot of reflective practice. They really appreciate people who can list their shortcomings or what they are not confident with. So then I wrote, I would like to have more hands-on clinical experience on basic but essential medical procedures. I'm also interested in learning, understanding, and participating in audits and research. This is something I had 0 experience with. So I wanted to obviously done that. Then I wrote I would follow, want to increase my knowledge on paper publications and participating in clubs. That's something again, which 0 experience 0 idea back in the home country. So that's something I had no knowledge about. So I mentioned those things that I want to do when and if they offer me the job, next comes teaching over your eyes at that, do you have any relevant formal, informal teaching experience? I said that, yes, I did. President of your papers and my medical school, I did have medical students with bedside presentations and bedside teaching during rotations and in my internship. So I listed all of that then. Do you hold any particular qualifications and teaching? No, I don't have a qualification that I mentioned on to that. Then they wrote you wish to highlight any changes you forcefully implemented in the past five years, took us with that. This is all like no, no, no Because I had literally nothing. Never did research. Ten published any journals. Then I did do a few presentations. That's what I mentioned over here. So you can add any presentations you've done this. We're all again in my local hospital level, so that's what I wrote. Then they wrote about prices or Academy distinction. So the two debates I participated in my final two videos, I mentioned that then there was management and leadership experience. So you could cite personal experiences. So vr, by personal experience, I mean, one person experience at a professional level way you acted as a leader. So I mentioned about writing, about case discussion and gynecology department and where our team monopolize. So I mentioned that and I wrote that I'm a very supportive and helpful colleague and make sure the team around me is comfortable. Basically what leadership qualities I think I possess and put benefit the trust if they hired me, then with regards to teamworking, I wrote every obvious to have a culturally are and you know, i is to take in charge of my job or whether it was for like a dance performances or any cultural events. So I mentioned about that, that I believe I'm capable of building a team during on goals and all sort of calming experience, art. So yeah, Basically team working and all of that then comes to supporting information. So in this section you need to demonstrate that you have read the published person specification. This is a very, very, very important way. It will go to a job soldiers in a bit and I'll show you where that is. So when you search for a job and that advertise for a job, there will be a PDF or a Microsoft document uploaded on the right side with SASE job specifications. It literally lists what all they're looking for, what the essential criteria is, what the desired criteria is. They would have mentioned obviously things like you need to have GMC registration or you need to have done a sudden exam or you need to have experience in this or whatever was written in the job specification is your hint and is what you should be using or tweaking it a bit to list over here. This is quite general one that I've left as is, but I have left job specification, so I would see the advert and see what the old they have written, what all they want their doctor to possess or what are the qualities they're looking for a doctor. And I would change it to that. I believe I have this or I believe I can do this with whatever the job specifications are and I would mention it over here in the supporting information, but this is something is the basic bit which I've left eyes is I wrote bits like, you know, I can speak six different languages to whatever your factors are. Please don't undermine any of these things that you can go up and walk under stressful situations and you got good problem-solving skills and all of that. Just write that in the supporting information I'll show you when I look up for a job specification. So yeah, so that's what goes into your supporting information. 8. Monitoring Information : Next comes the monitoring information. This is quite straightforward, right? Your data. But yeah, basically all the bits which are quite self-explanatory, just write all of that, then you go Save and Exit and that's basically your entire job CV or your portfolio NHS jobs. 9. How To Improve Job Search: Now I'm going to show you how you can narrow down your searches and put in the right filters to find the jobs. I keep getting these messages from people that there aren't enough jobs for junior doctors and as an IMG or the market is saturated. I'm just going to show you quickly how you can narrow down your searches and find a job specification. So if you just look up for Dr. off, there are a lot of jobs which come up the way you can filter it out is if you put in foundation dr, That means you're looking for a job which is after your internship, you just write dr other as well. If you're someone who's done there, PG in India or someone who's finished the court winning over here, then they could put on filter off say specialty doctor or specialty registrar could look for a permanent job or a fixed term shop and you're looking for a full-time job. So you can put all these filters and just look up. So now there are 294 jobs which have come up with. It's obviously a mix of people who've done their internship or people who vote for a few years in their home country and things like that. Okay, for now, let's just look up for a job which is for only Foundation Dr. and I'm going to remove the other two filters table. So there's trust Dr. job, which is SP3, Class level general surgery. All right. Let's look up this one which says FYI 3 slash t12 level. So now if you've done your internship from back in India and you've completed that, you could be applying for this job by the way. So there you go. It says short-term, it's for six months. In the first instance, you can always extend it. It's a full-time, flexible working full time. This is the bit where you're looking for the job specification. You can look up a job specification over here. I'm going to allow that. And let's look at what comes up. This is a university hospital climate NHS Trust. This is the job title. What the job is going to be, things like what base duties that as a Jew level attending the consultant ward rounds, tendons of a department, specialty clinics on coal and weekend work on as part of the medical decision acute on Paul wrote after data really tells you what your job is going to be and a little bit about the department, then he could come down. Weight mentioned your salary scale. This which says possible specification. This is the bit which you need to use in your supporting information. You could write, oh, I'm able to function successfully under stress. This is the bits that you're going to take and put on your supporting information. Or I have the ability to establish good working relationship with other members of the MDT. I promised to contribute a departmental training session. Do you understand what I mean? You can pick up things from the job specification or description and literally put it in your supporting information. And going back to this, this is just an example to show you. Look, there's one more here, which is junior clinical fellow job. Again, you can look up over here job description. Let's look up a clinical fellow in critical care and this is going to fit dome job. It's an intensive care medicine job. It's in Liverpool University. And then you could look up over here, basically, when did the post to draw what the pay scheme is going to be and main duties of the job. Everything is listed over here. Recruitment documents where all you need. This is the bit which is person specification allowed the local university hospital again, your requirements, what is essentially where it's desirable skills you could ride. I'm fluent in English. Personality can cope with stressful situations, work in a team, things like that, like you have an understanding of ordered haven't completed. But the very keen on learning word and ordered this would be very keen in doing some research work in publications and things like that. So yeah, so this is again, like I said, your main hint factor to filling your supporting information on your energies jobs profile. If you go to the next phase, I moved jobs over here, there's one which says F1, F2, OB GYN. There's one more which is doing a clinical fellow 53 in A&E. There's one more tool includes solo and oncology. So all the salaries kind of gives you an idea that these are all the jobs which would be listed for people who have done their foundation training or basically or 12 months rotatory internship. And India. 10. Conclusion: All right, so this brings us to the end of today's lesson. I hope you found this video informative and useful. And if you have any questions or any queries, then do leave it down in the discussion section below or comment section. I really don't know husker shell works, but yeah, it's somewhere down below. I'm sure there's a comment section. Just leave it down there and I'll get back to you. I just wanted to say before wrapping up the video is that finding your first job in the NHS can be quite a long and consuming to UNI in the way that you'd need to have a lot of patients you need to be patient with yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself if you're not hearing back from troughs or if you're not being offered job interviews or being offered a job as quickly as you would think it would be. Sometimes it can take a few months, so be very patient with that. All I would advise is that stopped the process as quickly as possible. Once you've appealed for your plateau exams, just start applying for jobs and be kind to yourself. I have had friends who took much longer to get their first job but went into training much before me. And then there were people who are quick with getting first non training job, but when they have phenotypes, so make sure that the job you're applying for is something that you really want to do. Don't just get into a job or a trust just for the sake of it, just to get it into the system and make sure it fits the criteria of what you want and you fit the criteria of what they learn. Yeah, and in all, just be kind to yourself and it will walk out. There are so many of us who are not from this country but are working in this country now. And I'm sure you're going to be one of 10 very soul. And yeah, so that's it with regards to this video, and I'll see you the next one, maybe on my YouTube channel or we'll see how that works out. But yeah, I think the next one, Bye.