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(NEW) SEO - The Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization

teacher avatar Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

48 Lessons (2h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Course

    • 2. What is Search Engine Optimization

    • 3. Everyone Does SEO a Little Bit Different

    • 4. What is Google Pagerank?

    • 5. How To Check The Pagerank Of a Website

    • 6. What Are Keywords

    • 7. How To Find a Niche For Your Website

    • 8. How To Pick a Main Keyword To Target

    • 9. How To Find Keywords For Your Posts and Pages

    • 10. Creative Ways Of Finding Keywords For Your Website

    • 11. How To Pick a Domain Name

    • 12. What are Exact Match Domains

    • 13. The Best Way To Build Your Website Online

    • 14. Configuring Your Wordpress Installation

    • 15. How To Optimize Your Homepage

    • 16. How To Pick an SEO Optimized Wordpress Theme

    • 17. Make Sure Your Title Links Back To Your Homepage

    • 18. Getting Your Website Indexed In Google

    • 19. Wordpress Plugins For SEO

    • 20. Wordpress YOAST SEO Plugin

    • 21. What is On-page SEO?

    • 22. How To Write Title Tags Correctly

    • 23. How Many Times Your Keyword Should Appear On Your Pages

    • 24. How To SEO Optimize Your Post Descriptions

    • 25. How To SEO Post Tags

    • 26. Creating a Category Layout For Your Website

    • 27. How To Get SEO Traffic With Images

    • 28. What Is a Link?

    • 29. The Difference Between Do-Follow and No-follow Links

    • 30. The Definition of a Perfect Link

    • 31. How To Vary Your Anchor Text

    • 32. How To Build Traffic and Links With Blog Commenting

    • 33. Finding Link Exchanges

    • 34. Why Guest Posting Is Important

    • 35. Getting Links From Article Directories

    • 36. Linking From Other Websites You Own

    • 37. How To Use Fiverr To Build Links

    • 38. Create a Winning link Building Timeline

    • 39. Things We Can Exclude From Our Timeline

    • 40. Why We Need Lots of Social Links

    • 41. Using Hootsuite To Build Social Links To Your Website

    • 42. Why You Need Lots Of Content On Your Website

    • 43. What Type of Content Ranks Well In Google?

    • 44. How To Make Your Website Pass a Manual Inspection

    • 45. How To Install Google Webmaster Tools

    • 46. Installing Google Analytics

    • 47. Using Your Analytics To Get More Traffic

    • 48. Why You Need To Actually Put In Effort

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About This Class


Do you really want to be able to make money online?

Are you ready to take that step out of the 9 to 5 life and into the freedom of working from home or from any location you want?

There are many people out there who always tell themselves that it's time for a change. They keep saying that they will quit their jobs and start their dream job online. The problem is that most people only go as far as learning the very basics about internet marketing and when they finally decide to get started, they fail to see any results that will encourage them to continue moving forward with it.

Over 95% of individuals who try to succeed with internet marketing are going to quit within 30 to 90 days and that is a proven fact!

The reason why this happens is quite simple. The first mistake that people make is to think that making money online is going to be a walk in the park. There is no way to earn a lot of money online in a legal way that will pay you thousands of dollars for a few days of work. You need to learn how the internet works and how successful internet marketers earn their income.

The secret to success is search engine optimization!

Most people who have attempted to get involved in the business of internet marketing have heard of SEO, but very few people have given it the attention that it deserves. You could have the best products or the most affordable services, but if you don't know how optimize your content for search engines, you are never going to be able to make full time income from the internet.

It doesn't really matter if you want to use the internet to promote an existing business, or to start earning money from affiliate marketing and pay per click. It could also be to raise awareness for an important cause on a website. All of those things require traffic to be able to generate income. That traffic needs to be targeted to your particular niche of business and then you will have a potential customer in your hands.

This is the one thing that most people are failing to see. They create social media pages, open up a website and post a few links to their Facebook contacts a couple of times a week and they feel like this should be enough for them to see results. Things don't work that way and you will have to learn to perform proper SEO in order to see those results.

My Udemy SEO course us going to allow you to learn everything there is to know in order to succeed online!

Remember that I said that the main ingredient for online success is search engine optimization. This is 100% accurate because without it, you would have no way to gain visitors.

The beauty of SEO is that you can use it for all kinds of purposes and it can become a huge assest and it will be extremely useful at all times in the modern world.

These are some of the skills you will gain from this course:

  • Perform efficient keyword research
  • Rank a Website high in the organic search
  • Learn to build links
  • WordPress SEO
  • Creating quality content
  • How to use analytics

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robin Haney

Web Developer and Online Instructor



My name is Robin Haney and I am an instructor here at Skillshare. I primarily teach web developing and programming tutorials. 

You can check out my blog here - www.robinhaney.com 

See full profile

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1. Introduction To The Course: help. My name is Robin Haney. I am a web developer, blogger, author and s e o expert. I have been building websites online for over five years now, and this course we're going to learn s CEO, But using proven and effective techniques do you rake a website and Google search listings to start things off you really s CEO is and why it is a huge industry online. Then we will move on to keyword research. After you understand how to pick keywords, we will talk a little bit about how we can optimize WordPress. From there we will talk about on page and off site s yo in the difference between the two, you learned what links are and how to build them to your website. I have also provided a link building timeline you could follow to make it a little bit easier to understand. We will brush up a little bit on building social links as what was how to create quality content for a websites. In section 10 we learned how to stall analytics, set up Google Webmaster tools and how we can use this information to get even more organic . Search traffic moving towards the end in section 11 you'll talk about hard work and hopefully give you a little bit of motivation to get your project started and rolling. Last but not least, I've included a link exchange section where everyone can share links and set up trades for their websites. At the end of this course, you will become a true s you expert and you have the knowledge to rank a website and go and get targeted. Search traffic to your website. 2. What is Search Engine Optimization: search engine optimization, often referred to as SCL, is the art of ranking websites and Google in order to get organic seo traffic, for example. If I type into Google, what do I feed my cat? You go will give me a list of websites related to my source query when it comes to S u. We want our website to rink as high as we can to increase our odds of people. Clicking on our Page s CEO is a big business and a lot of money is spent in order to achieve high rankings and Google in this course, we're going to go over some simple ways. We can increase our search engine traffic so that you can make more money with your business. We're going to cover keyword research on Page Seo Link Building Content creation as well as General s yo best practices. With this course, you increase your seo traffic, become an S u expert yourself same money from doing your own s you optimization and in the long run, your overall earning potential. Now that you know what s CEO is, we can get started with the scores 3. Everyone Does SEO a Little Bit Different: before we hop into the main content of the scores. Let's spend a little bit of time talking about S e O. There are many different ways that we can do s CEO and there are lots of different ways of getting organic. Search engine traffic to your website S e o to me is a form of art because there is really no one way of doing it. We don't know 100% what ranks a website or it gets a website traffic from Google through trial and error, though I have come up with my own ways of gain Organic seo traffic to my websites. So if you are taking this course and you already know a little bit about S e O or for instance, let's say you follow other people in the S E o field. Keep in mind that their way of doing things might be a little bit different than my and that's perfectly fine. Everybody has their own way of doing it. I simply do what works for me, and other people do the exact same. If you're getting organic search and the traffic, there's really no way reason why you need to change what you were doing if it works and stick to it. The main thing I've realized after learning about S E. O for the past couple years is that most people were generally do the common things the same, but then have slightly small differences here and there. So in general, most people will be doing the same seo techniques and practices. But there might be a couple things that are done differently, but it's usually the smaller things, so it's not that big of a deal. What's more important as we're doing the major things that are going to give us the best results? Things like building links doing proper on Page Seo and keyword research? So just something to keep in mind, as you're going through this course is that there really is no one way to do a CEO, and I'm open to other people's ideas and techniques as well. In fact, one of the best things you can do is do a trial and error process where you try new things and see what works and what doesn't work for you. This is the best way to learn in the best way to find out the best s U techniques out there . So I just wanted to make this video to get that out there and let you know, Try to think of s u as a form of art. There are many ways to do it, but now that we know this, we can start with the course and let's learn a little bit of odysseo guys. 4. What is Google Pagerank?: in this lecture, we're going to talk a little bit about Google paid drink and why it can be important to us in regards to CEO. The pay drink of a Web page is basically the overall strength of that particular page. Pay drain can range anywhere from between 0 to 10 zero being the weakest and a pay drink of 10 being strongest. All websites start off with up a drink of zero and we have to build our pay drink by guinea links from a website with the higher pay drink than others. So if a website was zero, pay drink than a link from basically anywhere is good, regardless of pay. Drink links are still good nonetheless, if we can, we try to get links from higher pay drink websites than ours, but a link is still a link. Which brings me to my next point a page with a smaller pay drink. Can l drink a page with the higher pay drink, especially if good eso techniques are used by the lower pay drink website. Do some things up. Links from higher pay drink websites are ideal but not necessary. We will talk about pay, drink a little bit more when we do some basic humored research later on in the course. But for now, try to understand what pain drink is. And in the next video, we're going to show you how you can go and find out what the pit drink for particular website ISS. 5. How To Check The Pagerank Of a Website: Hello, everybody. In this video, you were going to learn how to check the pay drink of a website, as well as install a cool tool into your Google Chrome Web browser that's going to lead us . Check the paid medical groups. That's even faster. But first, let's head on over to a Web site called W W dot pr checker dot info in the search box. Here, we're gonna type our website, So let's look up the pay drink of you to meet dot com after you enter. We will need to enter the little text here to confirm that we're not a robot. And then after we don't that we can now see that the painting of you to me is a seven, which is a very high paging for a website. Now let's check out the pay drink of YouTube, for example, enter in our verification text once again and we can see that YouTube is even stronger coming in that nine out of 10. That is a very, very strong website. Generally speaking, most websites you will see that letter at the top are usually show, so networks or big company websites that get a lot of links from a lot of different sources . So now let's take a look at a tool that we can use to find the pay drink of websites a lot faster. We're going to in go into Google here and typing s CEO quick, You can install this extension in your browser. In my case, I'm using the chrome extension. But I do believe that s your quick does have extension for Firefox as well. If you are a Firefox user, so we can see here. We already have this extension installed and it's up and running. So after we instill s yo quick, we're gonna go back into Google. What we're going to do here is we're going to search for a keyword. Now you're going to notice after we type in are cured. It's going to be a little bit different. We're gonna have some other things pop up here, and we're gonna get a lot of things related to s yo such as the paid rate which we can see right here. We can see all the individual pay drinks of all the top ranked websites and Google and we can do this for any cured. We like, and this is a very easy way to see what the pay drink is of other websites and Google. This is great for checking competition for other websites for keywords. This is great for just checking the pavement really fast. We could see that there's a large number of paid drinks here. There's some small ones and big ones. Anything in between 1 to 3 would be considered a good quality link. Very common, but very good quality and anything of afford be a high authority Web page or website. So now that we know what pay drink is and how to find it, we can continue on to the next part of the course. Keep in mind that Pedro isn't the most important thing. It's just something we want to look out for. And if we can, we want to get high paid Drake links, if possible. 6. What Are Keywords: key words are words or phrases that people type into Google to find Web pages online related to what they're searching for. For example, if I wanted to find some s u tips, I can type into Google s CEO tips. The key word in this case is a seo tips. If we go to the Google keyword tool, we can search up and get a rough idea of how many people are searching for the skewered every month. We're going to cover how to find and pick keywords in the next few lessons. For now, just try to understand what a keyword is, and we will figure out the rest later. 7. How To Find a Niche For Your Website: Let's go over some nish selection tips when it comes to picking a topic for your website. If you were just building your website now, then you are going to want to pick an issue that you have some knowledge in and or something that you haven't interest in as well. This way, your content writing will be easier, and the day to day grind of building links and writing content will be much more easier for you to manage websites. Can whoever be boat, anything we have an interest in or we like I personally have been whips it in all kinds of different categories and issues? My best websites have been Inish is that it personally have an interest in passionate. The best thing to do is to start by making a list of topics you like and brainstorm different niches you might want. Look online for examples and look around the house for ideas. Remember, you can create a website about pretty much anything. I have included a text document with some common niche topics and categories to get the ball rolling. If you are struggling with us, if you need help picking a category niche or topic for your website to mostly be a boat. Please let me know and make a discussion. And I would try to help you out again. Try to pick something that you have a strong interest in you. Like or something. You are already knowledgeable, and this will make the process a lot more easier. 8. How To Pick a Main Keyword To Target: in this video, you are going to learn how to pick a main keyword for your Web page, and this main keyword is going to be targeted by the home page or index page of your website. So your home page is your main page. If you go to www dot your your l dot com, that is gonna be your home page. For example, in the case of my personal block, if you go to www dot Robyn m haney dot com, it would take you to your exact home page, and your main keyboard on your Web site is gonna be targeted on your home page. And the way we build WordPress pipe states is would have remain key were targeted on our home page, and every post and page will be a similar keyword to her main keyword in each post. And page will target its own individual keyword. So, in order to find huge weaken target for our home page and website, we're gonna go to the Google AdWords keyword planner. Now we're gonna type this into Google and click the first link at the very top we're gonna send into AdWords account. If this is your first time signing into the Google AdWords keyword planner with an AdWords account, you might need to set some things up before you can access the actual to it. So we're gonna click on, find new keywords, and we're gonna make a set about WordPress. So we're gonna type WordPress in here, and the T. O Toole basically is going to give us a wide range of keywords related to WordPress. So, as we can see here, we have our different keywords, as well as information about searches, our CPC and all that kind of stuff. We're gonna click cured ideas instead of cured groups and click exact searches. So we narrow it down just to give you an idea of what it looks like. So now we have even more narrow keywords. But the problem is, we want to have a more broader scope. So we're gonna change that back to you the way it was before. Now we have this giant list of keywords that we can target on a website, and these keywords are cures that we would put in our posts. But we're gonna go with WordPress themes, I think, because it's a nice, good keyword. We're gonna tape it in here, though, to even narrow it down even more. And now we have WordPress themes we can see. It's a nice skewered, it gets a good chunk of searches and the CPC is pretty different. CPC is the cost per click, and this doesn't really mean much unless you're using AdWords so we don't worry about it. Generally speaking, though, you want to have a CPC that's a dollar team or if you intend on using Google AdSense on your website to make money with ads. But if we scroll down, we can see all these different keywords that we can target with our posts and pages, and that's pretty much we're going to do with their WordPress websites. Once you find the main cured for your website, you are ready to move on to the next video. In the next video, we're going to learn how to optimize their homepage for our main cured that we just found. So when are example? We decided to use WordPress themes as their main keyword, and we're going to build a website around that main keyword and in the theme of WordPress teams 9. How To Find Keywords For Your Posts and Pages: Alright, guys, we're back again for now, Adolescent, In this lesson, we're gonna learn how to pick keywords for a post and pages on a website. So as of right now, we have remained keyword for a website and we have our main keyword optimized on her home page. But now we need to find keyword for a post. So what we're going to do here is we're gonna type our main key word here, and we're gonna be using the ghoul outdoors. Cure Planner. We'll click keyword ideas and all these keywords right here. We're gonna be ones we can use as post ideas on our website. And generally speaking, we're gonna want to use the ones with the highest search searches per month. So if we look at some of these keywords, let's take a look at free WordPress themes Here. Copy the text here. I'm gonna turn on the ASIO quick, make sure it's turned on and I'm just gonna tape it in and see what the competition is like . Competition is generally something I don't worry about since we are building a nice 30 blawg website. If you're bailing a smaller interstate, then you might want to look at competition more, but I like to build my sites nice and big, so we cover a lot of keywords. And when you have a nice big authorities say, you can really rank for those hard to keywords. And I generally don't worry about competition, but just for reference. See, we're gonna look at this keyboard. We can see that this keyword does have quite a bit of competition and some really, really good Web states, while we can see WordPress itself is ranking here which is paid drink eight. So that makes sense. But let's grab another one. Ah, let's go with or press blawg themes, maybe see what that brings up. All right, so now we can see again where presses up at the top and an any means that this website did not exist before the last pay drink update. So we can just to seem that this is a zero for now, zero. Okay, So as we can see, this one is not as bad. We even got a Google plus profile or page, I believe ranking here. So these are all examples of key words. We will pick for posting pages, and we can sort them by clicking average monthly searches. We can even go to add group ideas to get even. Mawr general themes like We're Press Blawg Video theme, Professional theme Top WordPress Photograph for talk Can't even talk Your photographer WordPress Elegant teams, which is a website, um, news WordPress like there's all these different Cuba's weaken target and when we So let's assume we're gonna pick one of these. Let's go a portfolio. WordPress. So I'm gonna copy this here and paste this up here and now we can see even more keywords related. Go back to cured ideas first. Now he's even more curious related to our curator before your WordPress. Now, when picking our long tail keywords that you want to use their posts, we generally want to have something to do with our actual mane Curie terraces portfolio in WordPress. And here we can see there's not a heck of a lot redemptive hope before your Web sites. That's one week a target. Keep searching a bit here. Photography portfolio. That's when we could do where Press Gallery Canada has the same portfolio. Website is similar art portfolio that might not have to do with WordPress But But these are examples of long pill cute. We re target in our actual post, which is put fully a WordPress. So when you're thinking of trying to find post videos and whatnot, you want type, you mean just is a quick refresher. It's type remain cured hip here, WordPress themes. And these are all the keywords Weaken target. Look into now, after this video, I'm going over some other ways of finding key words and topics to talk about in your post and pages. For now, this is the main way we're going to do things. You could also use any other cured tools or any other services that you use online to look of keywords. It doesn't really matter here as long as you're targeting keywords and things that people are searching for each month. And just to remember, we generally go for the higher search keywords just so that if we do rank them or we rank, any variations of the keyword were more like you to get more traffic. All right, so that's it for this video. I'm going to grab a couple of these cures and Adam to my spreadsheet, which I will show you in the next few videos. But, um, take some notes of these keywords, maybe save them and write them down, and I'll see you guys in the next video. 10. Creative Ways Of Finding Keywords For Your Website: All right, so in this lecture, we're going to do something a little bit differently. We're going to learn how to find keywords for a posts and pages and a little untraditional . Wait. Now, this is more of a guessing game, But keep in mind that the Google AdWords keyword to is not always 100% anyways, So the first thing we're gonna do is take a look at Amazon here. And if you look at a lot of these products and stuff like that, we can guarantee, especially if they're new. People are searching for these, And if you do have a like a product review website or a store or information website in a certain ish, you might want to consider using Amazon to get cured ideas for your website. So if you go to let's go to a department here, let's go to GPS navigation. We just pick a prime example. Now we can see all these little products. So these accessories, all these different things, these can all be used as ideas for posts. Ah, Windows eight. This watch here, like anything that's really did to your whatever your website is about. Let's go back For example, if you were making a phone website, see if we can find phones and here somewhere, camera food. Oh, no GPS cell phones and accessories. So if you had a cell phone accessory of site, you could go in here and find case and covers to block a vote aerator vote unlocked phones , smartwatches screen protectors and for keywords, you would just generally use whatever these products are. So if he goes to screen protectors, you see it the iPhone six screen protectors right here. You could basically just use these. This rate here is your key word and just kind of make up your variations of a cured anything that you think somebody would be searching for. So, for example, you could put like by iPhone six SCREEN protector Review of this six screen protector iPhone six SCREEN PROTECTOR REVIEW Eyes it any good, you know. Different variations like that would work perfectly, So Amazon is great way to also find idea for your category. Ideas for your website would not. If you're stuck on finding an idea for your website trade, going Amazon and just looking at some categories and getting some help there, this is one really good way of finding different variations for key words. And the next time going to look at is YouTube. And YouTube is really good, too. Because if we tape in, for example, let's tape in dog food on. That's not a great get. Let's go. Uh, how do I feed my dog or what? To feed my dog to feed my dog eso If we before you type in the dog, we can see that all these keywords will pop up here. And if we tape in parrot, for example, let's see if it'll some cured that does it. Okay, so some key words we can see that some things will pop up area. We can get general ideas for what we wanna carry it. So what do I feed my cat? Let's see if this one will pop up. No, let's try a cure that's a little more popular. How to make money here. You so far curious how to make money. We could see all these different key words we can use and these air things that people are actually searching for because we can assume I'm not sure how it ranks, but I'm assuming that it ranks it for the top search one at the top here and cannot goes down down as we go. So how to make money? YouTube might be a really top search keyword phrase, at least on YouTube. We know, but if people are searching for it on YouTube, there's a good chance of searching for it on Google as well. So we have to make money as a teenager how it makes money selling drugs. It's probably not something you want to look at, but how to make money as a teenager? Ah, how to make money to pay uploading videos? See, there's a lot of different ways being find keywords using this method, and it works really, really well. So if you're having, if you're struggling and you just need some more content to write, try using YouTube to search for other cures. And Google is gonna be the jock same way. So we type in how to make money. You see there's some searches are ready made but weaken. Ah, we can see it. There's let's try, Ah, make money online. Maybe that will be make money online. We could see a hero. There's some cures a pop up. Sometimes you get a lot more. Sometimes you get a lot less. I think if you're on the home page, let's try that. No, it's don't do it. There's a way to make it pop up more. But for now, we're just gonna I think you have to go in your settings to do it. Let's see if we can find search settings grew instant predictions OK, only increase always 10 0 instant. No, that's not what we want. Okay, so it doesn't look like we can change how many pop up, but we can still use this as ways to thank you. It's on a website, so example, if we typing you to me, we can see that there's different keywords now. You may not get that many here, but it's still a way to find cures for your website. And the last method we're gonna go over is just using some online cured tools to find cured variation for your website. And I'm gonna tape in one that I know of, which is really good that I even use myself sometimes. And this is called Long tail Pro, and this is basically cured that you can cure tool that you can type in your keyword, and it gives you a lot of different results, and it shows you things like competition and whether it's worth looking for. Let's close that just for now. Sorry about that. And it's a really good tool. The problem with a lot of these tools is that they are kind of expensive and they're not necessary. Like once you get the income going in, your website starts ranking. It might be a good idea to get to, but you don't need it, and they are quite expensive. So if you want to look at them, I'm going to add a text document at the end of this video, just suggesting a few common ones. I don't use them a lot myself, but I do use them sometimes, like they are good for cutting back on time and finding some nice, good targeted keywords. So that's it for this video. We learned of some unique ways to find keywords for a website, and well, you have to do now is you have to go to I'm assuming you already have a main cured for your website and now gold find some keywords for your posts and pages. After you do that, meet me in the next set of videos and we're gonna go over our spreadsheet and how we can add those into our posts and pages and start making a nice, big website that's going to target our main keyword and our variations that we have. So thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys in the next to do. 11. How To Pick a Domain Name: All right, everybody. So for in this video, we're going to learn how to pick an S CEO optimize domain name for our website. Now, one thing to keep in mind before we go through this video is domain Names are generally nothing to worry about too much. If we can optimize it, we will. But do not worry if the domain name you picked earlier isn't that strong. For example, let's say you have a website that's built out. It's already getting search traffic and it's doing OK and you're watching this video right now. Don't worry about starting over or making a new domain name. Just keep using the domain ing you have right now because it's always better to start off with an existing website that's getting traffic into S. You optimize it from there than to create a whole new domain name. If you create a new domain name, you're making a lot extra work for yourself and you're gonna lose everything you already built on your website earlier. So this is mostly just applying for any new websites you make or if you're making a new absolute right now, so just keep that in mind. as you're going through this video, we're going to try to include your main key word in your domain name or a strong variation of it. At least this is especially true if you are creating a small website or a website that it's very targeted in a particular category. If you are building and very large website than a general, main keyword for your topic can work as well. Let's say, for example, I wanted to make a giant website that had to do with everything about sleeping, helping people to sleep better, fixing sleeping disorders, different things like that and actually have built a website like this. And it does does really, really well and makes me a lot of money each month. But for this particular type of website, I can just include the overall cured sleep in the euro and be fine because Google notice that a website is going to be about sleep and it's going to kind of ranking in that category and any kind of Cuba and I have that has the word sleep in it, which is a good chunk of my keywords is going to be optimized for that particular cure now you can drill it down a bit. But the problem is, when you make you mean you are l a specific keyword. It makes it really hard to kind of branch out if I use the main cured sleep. Um, for example, if I made a website called the Online Sleep Clinic, then that kind of gives a general approach to the whole sleeping category. We know if I made a website does talk about how to cure sleep apnea, then it be hard to kind of branch out to different categories of sleep. So that's just something to keep in mind when you're picking your domain name. If you're planning on building a big website in branching out, try to pick something that's general and include, like a cue word for your main topic or something. But if you're going to pick a smaller and more focused website like in our example, you might want to include your main keyword in there as well. For example, for smaller websites or focus websites about a particular topic, try to include the whole cured in your URL for some reason on site. This didn't show, but that it's supposed to say WordPress themes online. Or you could put something like WordPress themes for you. Or you could also say WordPress themes on sale like there's so many different variations you can use. And it all depends on what type of website you want to build. But since I remained cures work press teams and we're gonna have kind of like a more tart into website, that's just gonna have WordPress themes we want include WordPress teams in our euro, or at least a really strong variation of it. If you're going to make a website that had everything to do but WordPress, then we would just be fine having WordPress in the oil and whatever else you want to stick in there as well. So euros. No, mediums are not that big, and you shouldn't worry about it too much. If you can, you want to optimize it. But if you already have a website going, don't worry about starting over or switching into a new domain name. Just keep what you have and go from there 12. What are Exact Match Domains: So this video is an update to the course after release the course to do a request from a few students. And this is about exact match domains. And I've had a few people ask about exact match domains. What the Aaron. If they're still used now, it isn't if they can still rank well and go. So let's first talk about would an exact match domain actually is so in exact match. Domain has Theo exact keyword in the Earl of the Domain and nothing else. So, for example, if your main key word was guard dog training and MD of that particular key word would be w w dot guard dog training dot com or guard dog training dot net or dot orig, etcetera, etcetera. As long as it's just the main cured in euro, that's classified is an exact match domain. Now, the reason why a lot of people use them back in the day is because by hiding that you mean cured in the Euro, Google would rank him a lot higher and easier to be a lot easier to rank and Google search result and a lot faster, like you could make an exact match for domain for a keyword, especially if it wasn't super hard to rank to begin with and rank it up high in Google search results to get traffic right away. And over time, Google is kind of cutback, and they've kind of late can to crack down on something because a lot of the Andes are spammy and they're basically made. For that reason. They're cheap websites. People may just to make some quick money on AdSense kind of thing, and they were good in the past, but nowadays didn't work. It's good they they still rank. And you can assume we can assume that by having our main Q Bert Inter euro, we're getting some authority and we're gonna rank easier. But keep in mind that you don't want your domain name to look too spammy. So if you use like long tail keywords and stuff like that, it can look really spammy and especially if your website is not a good website, it's it's a good chance Google is gonna do something to that. If you don't make a high quality website or if you use an exact match domain, that's a little bit shorter, it's not as bad. Let's see if your what's that was card. Just I guess guard dog training isn't too bad. Like, let's say, if you were ranking for a cured cold, all nine guard dog training or something like that, I would look a little bit not as bad like dog. Good dog train isn't too bad, but it's when you start. I didn't like the long tail was When Google knows that you're specifically making this domain, just drink for this keyword. So you gotta be careful with that. They still work now it is. But just keep that in mind and again, just you can use them as long as it's not too spammy. But keep in mind if you are using any Andy, you're going to have to sacrifice Brandon because it's gonna be hard to brand a website like that cause you're making the name your website is going to be, you know, a keyword and not like a company named kind of thing. So just keep that in mind. But I hope you guys like this video an exact match domains. And if you have any questions, anything like that, let me know in discussions with video, and I'll try to answer any questions you guys happen about MDs 13. The Best Way To Build Your Website Online: in this video, we're going to go over why we use WordPress for creating our websites. WordPress is great because it allows normal people to build and manage a website effortlessly. WordPress is also create because it is naturally s CEO friendly as well. Throughout this course, we will cover some details in WordPress. But we're going to mostly focus on s seal. If you would like to learn how to create a website with WordPress and consider taking my course how to cure e eight, a website with WordPress used to code and text file at the end of this video to pick it up for only five bucks. Now let's go into some settings and configurations we need to make in order to start optimizing our wordpress website. 14. Configuring Your Wordpress Installation: All right, everybody. So in this video, we're gonna learn how to s you optimize our WordPress installation in this video and throw . Most of the courts were going to be using my website. Learned how to WordPress, which is basically an example website to show people how to do things. And WordPress in my previous course. How do you create a WordPress block? We built this website and configured it and added some posts and stuff like that. So in this course, we're gonna learn how to s you optimize this website. So let's start off and go into the dashboard and in the settings type in the general section. In the previous video, we optimize their home page. So this is Oh, good here. We don't need to do anything here. We can skip this. We just want to make safe changes. If you want to know how to put in your state title and tickling, consult the video on optimizing your website homepage. Let's go to writing and we can see that nothing here needs to be fixed. So we go to reading and in their reading section we're going to have her latest post display on the top and we want to have around 5 to 10. Post show. This can be up to you. How many you want to show. I like to do as many as possible without making the Web page too big or too long to load is ideal because the more posts we have on the home page that better because we're sending more eternal links. Two other pages on a website and since their homepage is the strongest page on our website , we're sending a little bit of usedto ara posts by having a future on the home page. So, if possible, try to have, like, a post feed on your home page and we can see it. Our website right here that we do have a little post feed. So all these posts are getting linked back from her home beach, and they're getting a little bit of a juice because their internal link we'll see in this theme that are titles are not clickable. So this is something you might want address. You generally want to make these titles clickable so that our titles are going to be the anchor text back to her posts for some reason with this theme. It makes the image theme that clicked the post. But if you can try to get this title take to be clickable I don't know why it doesn't in this name, but ah, when you pick yours, try to get that because that's going to give you your anchor text back to your post. But anyways, let's continue on here. Search and invisibility is definitely something we want to not have checked. If we check this, then this discourages search engines from indexing the site. So what this means is, if we check this year, Google will ignore a website completely and we don't want that. If you want a toe s, you optimize our website. We want Google to come to our website, so make sure that this is not checked. Usually when it comes to the default installation of WordPress, this won't be checked. But some Web host might have this check, so just double check it. It's in the reading section of your WordPress installation. So gonna hit save changes here. Our discussion. I don't believe we need to do anything here gutting media. The media's oh good or permit links. We're going to want to have our post name so that when we view our website, we're gonna update. Let's just save this year. Usually, when you install WordPress, you have the default option selected. But again, we're gonna go with post name. We're going to stay this. And now when you go to our posts, when you see that the U. R L structure is our website, and then our whatever the title is of our post, and that's what we want because now this post in euro is up the bias for whatever our keyword is. So if our keyword was in this example a YouTube video example, then we have our cured showing appear, and it's gonna be more sq optimized, so that's something to keep in mind. Do you want to make sure a prevailing structure as post name and if you want, you can make your own custom structure here by typing in, uh, your archives the month and date. But I like to keep things simple. Input post name. But if you want, you could put post name with a date. But the main thing is to just make sure post name is in there. So we're gonna save changes on that. And there's really nothing else we need to do here. Everything else is pretty much good to go. You see that? We do have an s CEO plug in section here. We're gonna go over that later on in the plug in section. But there's not a heck of a lot we need to do. And we're pressed s u S e o optimize it. So once that's done, you guys can move on to the next video. Thanks for watching. We just s you optimize our WordPress name. So now we can continue on with the course. 15. How To Optimize Your Homepage: All right, everybody, in this video, we're going to learn how to optimize our home page for our main keyword. So the first thing we're going to do is we're gonna go in the homepage of her WordPress block, and we're gonna log into our WordPress and head on over to our dashboard. For this example, we're going to be using my learn how to work Press website. Just a zone example to show you how we do this. So once we're in our dashboard, what we're going to do is we're gonna navigate over to our studies type and clip on General in our general settings tab, you're going to go to our site title. Our site title is going to be a combination of her main keyword. Plus anything else we can fit in for our variations, similar to how we would make a title for a post. But in this cage, we're going to make it the title of the whole website. So I made a sample tighter here to put it in and in our take line. We're just gonna description that further describes what our website is. Vote. We will try to include our main key word here is well, And if we can't include a variation or two, that is ideal. But more importantly, you wanted to make sense more than anything else. So after we enter in our website title and tagline, we're gonna hit safe and then we're gonna view our website. Now we can see our website keyword up at the top in its variation. And now, since this is at the top of a web page, if we navigate to another Web page on a website will see that we have a good, solid link here with their anchor text with our cured in it, that is going to point back to our home page. So this is gonna over time as we build over a website and ADM or internal links to a website is going to allow our main home page to rank higher, fair keyword and any strong variations of it as we build order website more or posts are gonna be variations of her main key, which in our example is wordpress teams. Now it takes a long time to build a website but over time are what page will start to rank for any other cured. That has to do with WordPress teams, and it's variations of it. Picking our state title and tagline is not something that has to be too complicated. We just don't want something that's fast, quick to the point, and lets users understand what you're what pitches about again. Be sure that your main cured is in there and tried. Include a variation or two into your tag line as well. If possible, he has any questions about this video. Please start a discussion, and I will help you with optimizing your home page for your main key word. 16. How To Pick an SEO Optimized Wordpress Theme: when choosing a WordPress theme, we want something that its simple clean loads fast and has limited coating on it. The main concern is to find a theme that looks good but loads fast as well, Since page loading speed now has an effect on how well a page will ranking Google, the faster you would say loads the better. Another thing to consider is the WordPress team that it's mobile friendly. What I mean by this is a website that looks good on all mobile devices. For example, if we take a look at my website and resize our browser window, we can see that a page adjust to our view port. Since more and more people are using mobile devices to view the Web, it's important that a website looks good and it's fully mobile. Responsive. Google has also started ranking websites that are mobile, responsive, so this makes it even more important that we have a good solid where person, the current theme that I am using is his genesis esteem, which I am a huge fan of any theme will work, though, as long as it meets the requirements that we have discussed so far. If you need help in choosing a WordPress name. I provided a few links in the next text lecture that you can take a look at to help you out . If you're looking for a specific theme and need help posted and discussed in section and maybe somebody or I will take a look and try to find a theme that is right for you. You can always search and Google as well. So now that you know what we need to look for in a wordpress theme, go through and find a theme that it's right for your website. If you find a really good thing you like, shared and let us all know. 17. Make Sure Your Title Links Back To Your Homepage: Hello, everybody. Just a quick video here. But I want to talk it with something that is really important when picking your WordPress theme. You want to make sure that your title at the top here links back to your website's homepage . Our title is very important, so we want to make sure we're using this link on every page to given internal link back to her home page for a main keywords. So when picking your pristine, make sure that your title and description are visible and make sure that your title expect your homepage. You are ill. So if her home page key word was learned how to WordPress and every page on her website will give her home page a little bit of a boost since we will be linking back to it with their anchor text, this is just something to keep in mind when you are choosing your WordPress theme 18. Getting Your Website Indexed In Google: Now let's talk about getting your website indexed in Google. First, let's do a test that you can tell if you whipped it is already indexed or not. Let's head on over to google dot com, and in this example, we're going to see if my own personal block is in. Next. We're going to copy and paste my home page. Your L then add site in a colon just before it we were then search it into Google. And yes, we concede that my blood is indexed here. Here it is, giving me a listing of all my pages that are in there. You can get your site in X pretty easily, and Google will usually do it automatically for you Nowadays. You can, however, help speed up the process and write some content on your blog's or publish a few posts. 1,000,000,000 linker to will. Also help is well, after you start building your website out, check back after a few days and try this test to see if your website is in next 19. Wordpress Plugins For SEO: in this part of the course, we're going to go over some ways we can optimize there s CEO by using WordPress plug ins. We're going to go over some simple plug ins that are going to help our ranking to be higher . But more importantly, we're going to keep things as simple as possible. In the next few, you're going to learn about the all important S CEO plugging by Yost and why it is vital we install it on our website. Pregnant are great because they're easy new install. They require no coating. Anybody can easily activate them and throw them up in there were press book. It is also important not to install too many plug ins on your WordPress site as this can really clog everything up and cause a website to load slowly and not correctly. And this can affect our rankings over time. So this is why we want to install as little plug. It's as possible and only the ones that we really need for the S. E. O on our website 20. Wordpress YOAST SEO Plugin: All right, everybody. So in this video, we're gonna learn how to install the Yoast Seo pelican. So from our WordPress theme, you go into dashboard here, and we're gonna go into our plug ins now, this plug and I believe, is already installed in this website. No, it's not. OK, so we're going to install it right now. And Joost plaguing is basically a plugging that SDO optimizes your WordPress and lets you add some title tags and keywords and things like that into your posts. So we're gonna go to plug in and goingto add new. We're gonna type and Yost here, and it should pop up. Yep. It's gonna be WordPress Seo by Yoast. Okay, it is installed. Ah, Let's see what it is here. Must be work. Process sealed in. They don't see a yost one in here, so activate it to go to general. Okay, so this is the Yost one. So our general settings were going to go through here. There is a tour you can do, but it's pretty self explanatory and simple. Usually don't need to do that. We're gonna go to restore default settings, just in case. If I did switch anything around. But generally speaking, there's not much we need to do here. Your info. So you can put your website name here. And the altar name here. This is this part right here. Is going to your website name that appears in the search engines. You can the default one. Is this your website name? But you can put it all three name so that when you type in, let's type in the URL here, see if we can find it, for example. Whoops. All right, so you see a website pop up right here. So learn how to WordPress right here would be our website title. So if you put your alternate name, that'll change this pretty piece of text read at the top here. And our company a person you can just choose person or company. Your name? Uh, let's go with Robin Haney for my name. Click Save Changes. What? Master tools. You can add your Alexa verification. I d. You're being Webmaster tools, Google Search Council and your Yandex Webmaster tools. You can go ahead and do that if you like. We're not gonna worry about that Security. We're going Teoh. All right, so we're gonna disable this for now, just in case. It gives us a lot of ants tools that we don't really need in our post section. And it keeps a simpler if we just disable that. Let's go to titles and made us our general sittings. 43 Right. Entitles we're gonna not enable this because we don't want to reread her titles. You want to keep it the way we write them? This little icon right here was separated title. So getting going back to research and result we see this little dasher in between our WordPress name and whatever the pages, we can change this dash by clicking on any of these here. We can use this one. We can use that one. The star, whatever you want, I'd probably keep it simple and you used the dash here Or use the line break Here is the most to common ones that people use. So let's pick the line. Break. Here. Go. Same changes. Go back to home page. Our title or title template is how are name is gonna appear in the search results. So site name re here's or site name. Learn how the WordPress page would be the page that were on and in this case, our home page. So it was sore description. If we're in a page for a post, for example, let's go to a post here, then, since our post is a YouTube video example in this part right here would say a YouTube video example. And then the separation is a separation icon we use. So this little dash here and in ST description, what if our description is would be the little text underneath here. So this part right here, which is, I believe, our tagline that we have right now but for your post would be your post description. So that's that part. We if you ever want you can change stuff. You can give her the separation and get rid of the page. But we're just gonna keep things that way They are, and save the changes, our post types again. Same thing we can change the template, our posts or pages, our media like images. We're just gonna keep everything the same. I like I like things the way they are and their best issue optimized like this. The great thing about this plug in is we don't really need to change to too much inner Cut . The tax nominees is our categories. Page takes page format again. We're just gonna keep everything the same. But But one thing I'm going to do is okay. One thing you want toe make sure is make sure that these boxes no and next follow on your takes and categories are not selected. We don't want to know index or categories and taste. You want to make sure that Google seats thes, so just keep that in mind up to you, save your changes. And Arthur archives. We're going to keep this page the same. Make sure that this box is not checked. Make sure that the disable other Arthur archives is not checked either. Um, this one right here. You can check this if you like. This is just protecting you from duplicate content. It's up to you whether you want to do it. We're just gonna leave it check. Since we're just gonna follow the default settings for this plug in and OK, it looks like everything here is good. So we're safe changes. Make sure none of these boxes are checked. Yeah, make sure none of these reject and we're gonna go to social settings. Here. You can insert all your social pages. You can put your Facebook hero, your Twitter user name and other things like that. Just add these in here. If you have them Facebook, you can has your Facebook or Twitter. This has just made a key words for your social properties. You can them if you want. You don't have to you, but I would just in case because it would help make your website look better in Google's eyes. In your exit, Most state maps we're gonna click our state map. You're basically what a site map is. It looks like we don't have them created. But a site map is like basically like a map of your website that you can send a Google and it just kind of makes Google the Google search bought index your website easier and stuff like that. So we're gonna enable make sure that this box is enabled because you want XML site Mac functionality, good hit save changes. Going to just look at this really quickly. I don't think we need to change anything in here. No, it's all good, so we can leave that in the advanced section enable breadcrumbs. This is bread crumbs or basically lake. If we go to a Web page and we go to, let's say we navigate to a post, we're on a post right now. So bread comes like a little trail here that goes your website, your category, your post. Take anything. You can put them here if you want. It's up to you if you want to enable them or not. Perma links we've already set up, so you don't have to worry about that. Our arrest feed. We don't have to worry about any of this, either. In the tools, options doesn't look like there's anything here we need to do. And the extensions. There's a lot of different things you can add as extensions. You can get the premium version. Where for US CEO, which I wouldn't really bother with. You don't really need that, but you can take a look. If you want video s, you optimize your readers to throw them off in search, still to get more clicks. If you have a lot of videos on your website, you might want to get that Google News SCL would be If you're making a news website and local issue is for ranking with Google maps and stuff like that, I'm not sure if these air free just going to take a quick, quick look here. Yes, it looks like they are paid paid extensions for the plug in. So those are options, If you want include them, they're not necessary at all. But you can include them if you want. So that's pretty much all we need to do for the plug in everything is pretty much set up. If we go to our post and we edit a post the school to the bottom, we can see this little section here that we're press s you. But you have to add to your post pages, and here we're gonna We can add some things like keywords RSO title. And they're made of descriptions. But we're going to go over that in a couple of videos in the future, So don't worry about that right now and just keep it as it is. And that's pretty much it for the WordPress s yose, yose plugging. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the discussion saying this video and thanks, guys for watching. Now you know how to install Wordpress Seo by Yoast 21. What is On-page SEO?: on Page Seo is the type of search and optimization that we do on our website. Hence the name on page during many different things we can do in order to increase our on Page Seo and this module, we're going to talk about all these things and other things we can do within our website to help increase our search engine rankings in this module, we will also talk about title takes, descriptions, tags, categories, internal links and images. All right, so let's get into it. Now that you know what on Page s CEO is, we can get started with working with it on our website. The first few we're gonna start with his title takes and we're gonna learn how we can optimize them on our posts and pages over WORDPRESS website. 22. How To Write Title Tags Correctly: our title tags on her website are the top tags that appear at the top over a Web browser. The main purpose of her title take is to tell her users what our pages about search engines work the exact same way. So we gently want to make sure that whatever keyword were targeting on our page appears in our title takes in at least some way or form as well as any of the variations of long tail keywords as well. So for this example that we're going to do, we're going to build the page so you guys can see exactly how you would build a title. Take now, before we get into this. Our main keyword we're going to use for this example is WordPress themes, and all these long tail cures that I found using the Google AdWords keyword planner tool like I Showed you in the Cured Research section are as follows. Best WordPress themes. Premium WordPress themes, professional WordPress themes by WordPress themes and customizable WordPress teams. We're going to write a nice, big, juicy title on her page that is gonna target all these keywords. And one way or another now, there's no right or wrong way to do this, and we can approach opposed from many different angles. But I've come up with a title that sort of incorporates all over. Q. Is that we have and definitely has their main keyword inner. And that title is where to buy the best premium and professional WordPress themes on the Internet. So as you can see, we have remained cured WordPress themes, and we tried to squeeze in as many of our variations as well. Keep in mind that her variations don't need to be word for word perfect or anything like that. As long as we get a couple words in there that's gonna work, justice give. This is a prime example of a title that is going to get a lot of long tail and different variations for a cure. Our scope is very large for this title, as opposed if we just made a title that said WordPress themes. If we save her post title viewer post up three. Publish it. We can see that our title is now at the top of our browser as well as at the top of our post title as well Be creative when you are creating your title tags, but most importantly, make sure that it makes sense. The main thing is to include your main cured and try to naturally working along turkey words as well that it all flows good and makes sense. Avoid just using your main key word as this can look really spammy in the eyes of a search engine. 23. How Many Times Your Keyword Should Appear On Your Pages: Let's talk about how many times our main keywords to peer on our page for centers, my main keyword or a very similar variation of of it should appear in the title of her block, post or page. So in this case of this post, my main keyword is going to be how to wake up at five AM every day. We should also make sure that we add our mean keyword as a take as well, like I did here. When it comes to our content, I would make sure it appeals at least once. So right now, a main key weird. It's appearing on our page 2 to 3 times. Usually this is enough, and we don't want to. Spammer cured too much. It's more important that her page and content fluids natural we can fit in our variations. Ever cured inner content as well to help rank for our main keyword as well as the variations of it overall, are cured. Density is not something we should generally worry too much about as long as remain. Keyword appears 2 to 3 times in their variations at least once. You should be fun. If your article is lengthy you might want to work in more variations than you normally would to make up for the extra text you have on the page. This is why writing high quality and more informed articles without very high word count could be very beneficial to your CEO. 24. How To SEO Optimize Your Post Descriptions: in this video of the course, we're going to learn how to optimize our descriptions on our post using our WordPress by s CEO Joost plug in. So if you go into a post here and we pick an example Post, we can see that at the bottom of her post, we have our snippet preview our focus, keyword or s yo title in there Made a description. Now the focus, keyword. And yes, your title we're not gonna worry about in this video. But we're gonna talk about the description part here Now, the made A description, I believe, is the part that's gonna appear in the search engine results. So if we type into how to create, let's just go. How the check the pay drink of a website. This section right here is you have made a description of your page. So anything we tape in here is going to pop up right here, and you can click the little question mark if you're unsure about any of these little things we can see here for their made a description, it says the made A description is often shown as a black text under the title and search results. So again, it's this part right here when it searched in an S u O search engine like Google. So I made a description we generally want to have. What I usually do is I'll usually grab the first paragraph of my post and stick it in there , and you gently wanna have your keyword or maybe a variation or two of your keyword. It's not. It's more important. You just have your keyword in there. Don't spam it. Make it, Make it make sense. Like again. I usually pick like the first, the first paragraph paragraph of my post You she does. You can write your own if you want, but I find it's kind of time consuming. You can put more than 156 characters, so just grab like the first couple of sentences of your post and work your main keyword, whatever it is for your post in there, I think for this post, I think, I believe, remain keyword was professional WordPress names. So in this case, we would make sure professional WordPress teams is at least in this part here. But just a recap. The description is the part that appears right here in the search engine results lips despite reader. So you want to go through all your posts and pages and make sure that this section is filled out. If you don't fill this section out, I believe the plug in would just randomly grab a section of text on your page and use that . So we kind of want to make sure we have the section optimized by putting in our main keyword. But that's pretty much it. It's nothing too complicated. So that's something you want to make sure you do. Once you have that done, we could move on to the next section of the course. 25. How To SEO Post Tags: tags and WordPress a great because they allow us to add extra key words and phrases to her pages and posts to help us add further prevalence and rank for our main cured variations. When picking takes will make sure we use our main keywords for our page and any other natural variations. We can work in a swell. It is important that you make sure your takes appear in the content of your post as well. Generally speaking, you want to make sure you have around 5 to 7 tags for each post anymore. Conceive spammy. So I wouldn't recommend adding too many takes into your posts. If you can't seem to find in a takes, you can also add important keywords that you think someone would be searching for as well. So, building on our example we had earlier in our title tags, we're gonna write some tags for the same post. So our main keyword was wordpress names. So we're gonna want to make sure that wordpress seems is definitely a take and all of our variations we're gonna write in its well, so best WordPress themes. Premium WordPress themes professional where press themes by WordPress themes and customizable where Chris names are all things were gonna want to put in our tags so that our page will rank for those keywords as well as our main keyword. Now that you know how to optimize your post takes, let's go ahead. And in the next video, you're gonna talk a little bit about categories. 26. Creating a Category Layout For Your Website: in this video, we're going to spend some time thinking of her category layout for website. It's always important to spend some time thinking of a category Leo for your website. Make sure that it makes sense. Don't cured stuff your categories as this can be expanded for smaller websites, you can be more specific and use variations of a cured here and there, since it makes sense for larger 30 websites. Think really broad and cover everything you can about your topic. If possible. Let's go over to examples of both a small website and a large website. In the first example, we're going to go over a smaller, more niche approach website. So let's think of the style over WordPress Themes website. We could have her main category, which every poster generally be included in called WordPress themes, and we can have sub categories that are very similar and specific to this cured because it makes sense. If the site is just about WordPress themes than over posts were going to be a boat. Different types of work press teams sick so we could use things like free WordPress themes . Premium WordPress names magazines that were press teams business, WordPress names, etcetera, etcetera and keep it really specific in this structure. If, however, we're building a large website, we want to take some time and really think of a really broad approach to our category structure. For example, every wanted to make a website that had everything to do but work press and make it really good reference for WordPress as opposed to our WordPress team website, which is very specific for Amore broader website. We could do something like have WordPress is their main category, which every post to be included in and then have specific categories for all. The different things in WordPress, for example, were pressed Eames how to install WordPress. WordPress seo were pressed development and different things like that. So it's really important that you take some time in consideration to make this big category layout and structure for your website. It will also make it easier to write posts and doing category Structures and ideas can also help make you come up with post titles and ideas along the wave. So spent some time doing this. Think of a category structure in Add your categories to your press team and maybe even get some posted years in the process. After you complete this, we can move on to the next video in the course. 27. How To Get SEO Traffic With Images: in this video, we're going to talk a boat Images and why Images air Good for your S E O. Images are often overlooked when it comes to getting certain in traffic, but they serve two purposes. Number one. A lot of people search for images and Google and secondly, images helped dress up your posts and pages and make sure content looks much marriage that legit. For example, it created a sample posting here and in this post were targeting the keyword premium WordPress names. I've created a title that targets are key Bird and right here have added an image. So let's preview this post for now just to see what it looks like. And we can see the images here. It looks really good, and it really dresses up the post. But now this image here can also be searched for in Google. If we head on over to Google weaken search for, for example, let's type in premium WordPress teams. And if you go to images, you see a giant list of images for this cured. Now, a lot of people actually search for images. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna s u optimize this image we just included. So when people typing premium WordPress themes or variations of this keyword and to image search, our image will pop up here in the search results. So let's go back to our post. Let's edit our image we're going to do here is we're gonna add a little caption every image . You should add a caption that helps described with the image edge as bows and more text on your page. We can add something like the canvas theme is a prime example of a premium we're pressing. We can see that our main keyword is in here. This isn't a must, but if you can work in a variation or your main cured, that's perfectly fine. US. Well, so now that are caption is added in alternative text is going to be what pops up. Let's say, for example, the person viewing your website can't see the images. They have images disabled in a Web browser, but for some reason the image just doesn't load. Then a piece of text will pop up in the place of the image. So it also works that the owner alternative text is the part of the image that the search engines read. So we wanna have a Texas related to our cured. Now we can put a cured Penis WordPress theme, or we can add a variation of it. I generally pick a variation because again adding your keyword in too many spots can look a little spat me. So we're gonna right can vis premium WordPress theme. So now we have premium WordPress name in there. And you also have canvas here to get traffic for any base surgeon for the canvas premium WordPress theme. Because in reality, this is exactly what this image about. We're not gonna write premium WordPress themes. Actually, let's put in s at the end there. We're not gonna right Premium were pressing for alternative text. If this isn't really with the images about its more specifically about canvas, so it makes more sense we can in the displacement and align it left center, right or none. I like that. Line it in the text. It just looks a little bit nicer. We can select the size. Generally speaking, you wanna have nice, big images on your page. They look better, but I'm not sure if this image will wrap correctly we'll try it out from the full size just for no and we'll click on advanced options and there's nothing here we really need to worry about. So we're going to click update and we're going to preview it again. And now we can see that this image is kind of slightly, a little bit too big. So we're gonna go back into the edit section and make it back to medium and publish it if we wanted to. We get published on a separate line to make it that big. But I find when you wrap the text that looks, this looks much better. We could see her caption here. Keep in mind that every word pristine will make captions low but differently somewhere include the caption outside the Post In this example of this theme, the caption isn't really that nice. We're gonna have to come in here with CSS or something to make it look a little bit nicer. But if you have a nice word, pristine captions will look really, really nice here in the image. So now we haven't optimized image here. Start with somebody searches in Google for a premium work best seems or variation. There's a good chance that our image will pop up, especially if it's not a target. If it's a low, um, competition targeted keyword because a lot of people don't s CEO optimize their images, and if you do, you're gonna have a higher chance of getting search engine traffic. So would you want to do? Is every image that you out in your page? You want to do this? If you have multiple images for a post, just these variations of a keyword, if possible, you can also make the key word variations of things that people will be searching for. So you don't have to use your cured here. You can always just add something that you think somebody was searchable in Google. So that's it for optimizing your SDO images. Make sure you do this on every image on your website. It's gonna bring you in a lot more traffic than if you didn't so go for your website. And whenever you add images, make sure us you optimize them 28. What Is a Link?: in this video. Let's briefly go over what a link is because, as he will soon find out, links are very important when it comes to s CEO and search engine optimization. All right, so what is the link? If we take a look at this page I brought up on my screen, you will see a bunch of text as the content. In this content, you can see some of the text is clickable and if we click, it will be taken to another webpage on the Internet. This is a prime example of what a link is. This page is linking to another page on the Internet. If we hover are most over the text, that is clickable. We can see that a portion of the text highlights. This text is called the anchor text of the link and is usually related to what, The page where you're linking two is now we will cover links more, and you will learn why they're so important when it comes to CEO. But for now, congratulate yourself. Now that you know what a link is, you are well on your way to becoming an s CEO expert. 29. The Difference Between Do-Follow and No-follow Links: in this lecture were briefly going to be discussing the difference between do follow and no follow links. First, let's talk about the do follow. Take the do follow tag with tell search engines to follow this link in. Count it the vast majority of links that we will be pursuing in building toe. Our website will have the do follow tag. The no follow tag would do the exact opposite and tell Google or any other search engine do not count this link and ignore it now. No one knows for sure, but it is believed that links with the no follow take will pass little to know S E o value . Now I believe that no followed links still account for something, but we should primarily pursuit and build. Do follow links to our website. Now let's go into a live example and you will see in my chrome Web browser that I am using an extension called No follow. What this does is easily show me. Do follow in no follow links as I pros the Internet, for example, on this wiki page we have are normally do follow wings and then you can see down in the reference section. The red bus links that are no follow. This extension is free and I will provide a link to it in the text document in the next lesson. Now we know the difference between these two types of links, so we know that do follow links are much better to build than no fuller links. 30. The Definition of a Perfect Link: in this lecture, we're going to define what a perfect link is. This way we know what to go for when we are barely links to our own websites. The first factor that determines what a perfect link is would be the anchor text. A perfect link will have an anchor text that matches are cured or is very similar to what we're going for. The next factor is where the location of the link is found on the webpage sidebar, footer and comment. Links are not as strong as in content links. That a friend within the content of the page, for example, a link in a block post will be more valuable than a link in the comments section of that block post. Next, revel Insee is Keep the page or website Lincoln to you, needs to be highly targeted and similar to your nish. This is going to make that link pass so much more of juice and the page about cars and linking to a page about fishing, it's going to look suspicious and not make sense. That's why good links come from websites that are related to yours. The last factor that determines how strong a link will be is the authority of the page linking to yours. This includes that pages pay, drink and link profile. So hype Adrienne Page or site that ranks well is going to pass a lot of juice in its links now. Although I just showed you what a perfect link is, you need to remember that naturally, these types of links are going to be few and far between. We don't want to build too many perfect links because it looks unnatural and Gu can slap a website for this. The best approach is to get all types of links and vary your profile on links as much as possible. This ensures that your website or business when ranking Google in the long run and continue to make you money along the way, you want to try to build a few perfect links and optimize them for a website here and there . If you need any more help defining what a perfect link is, please let me know and I'll get back to you and help you out 31. How To Vary Your Anchor Text: Hello, everybody. Welcome back again for another video. In our course in this video, we're going to talk a little bit about varying our anchor text in curating links that are natural and will cause your website over time to rank better in Google. Now, when you're building links, it's important to realize how people build links to websites and how links are naturally made on the Internet. For example, I'm gonna bring bring up our spread sheet here and we haven't went to the spreadsheet yet, So don't worry about not understanding what things are. I'm just gonna make it here just to give you an example. Now, this page descending example of a page we have in our website were targeting the keyword free WordPress themes. And here underneath is our key words were targeting like are variations for our main cured , which is free. WordPress teams. You see, we have free p me a premium WordPress names download free WordPress themes. WordPress themes free top free WordPress themes. And we're Christine. I got these from the Google AdWords cure platter and I've also added a couple in here of my own. Now you see underneath these I have things like click here article this post and link. Now you can creature own variations as well, but it's important to realize that these are not necessarily cures were targeting. But these are natural anchor text that people are going to use. For example, let's go back to our blawg and let's say let's pretend that we're a different website and we have an article written and they're linking back to us now. Not all Web masters air going to use our anchor text as a link to our website. It looks a little weird. Naturally, most people are going to be like, Hey, this is a nice post click here and then have linked to the Post to check it out. And Google knows this. They know people are natural gonna linked websites this Wait. So if your whole link portfolio is just your anchor texts for your main key word or your variations, it's gonna look really weird. You want include these natural variations like article this post and link and click here and things like that that people are going to use because the Web Masters and bloggers don't always know, but as CEO and they're going to use in protects that make the most sense in the articles. So it's very important that as we build links, we include these variations that are natural. So going back to a post here when we build our links to a website, make sure that we add those variations include them. You see that most the vast majority of my links actually have these natural anchor text. And as time goes by, this is going to be more relevant, since Google is really cracking down on websites that air, using anchor texts and just getting links for the main keywords. If you want us really stand the text the time we really need to start working in these natural keywords here decree a link profile that looks natural and it's very smart. So as he build their links, we're going to keep this in mind. And as we go through the course, we're talk more about this spreadsheet and now weighs weaken naturally, build out our website with links, but for now, just can't keep that in mind. And as you're doing your link building timeline in building links to your website, China grab links that include these natural phases. And if you can try to come up with your own things that people researching for, like, this post or link or click here or this coup article or this WordPress article, things like that that people were naturally into. So just keep that in mind instability in your links and I'll see you guys in the next video of the course. 32. How To Build Traffic and Links With Blog Commenting: Hello, everyone, welcome to another video today we're going to go over White. Commenting on other websites is a good way to bring extra traffic to your blog's and built some nice links on the side. So start things off. Let's over hell. Commenting on other blog's could bring us some extra traffic. You might be surprised, but spending a little bit of time and writing a good solid comment could do wonders for you . A lot of big people read comments, especially on bigger websites, and if they like what you write, they might follow you back to your website. You become follow of your block. Now most links on block comments will be no follow. But this isn't always true. There are a lot of do follow blog's and included a list you can check out as well. After this lecture, sometimes bloggers will also run a top commentator plug in under Blawg, where top commentators will be listed in their cyber, as well as a link to their website. What jo for this, because sometimes these air do follow links as well. Overall, block commenting is great, and you should be doing it. Find some blog's Munish and get active and spend some time here and there, right in good quality comments. Another blocks over time you about summer for road traffic, relationships with others and links to your website. At the end of the day, this will give you more organic search traffic from Google. Although block commenting and comment, links aren't going to be the strongest in Google, we still want to have them in a link profile again to vary our profile and get all different kinds of links as well. 33. Finding Link Exchanges: Let's spend some time in this video talking about how we can get link exchanges or guests post exchanges by contacting other Web masters on the Internet. So, going back to your other example, we used WordPress themes as they remain keyword in what our website is going to be about. Now, if you go into Google, we can take things such as Top WordPress blog's or we can type in our keyboards or different variations of a keyword. And what we're going to do here is we're going to go through all of these of these results that pop up, go through the list and what we're going to do is email that Web masters on these pages, asking for link exchanges. So using this first example l urgent themes dot com This is a very, very popular website. Let's turn an S E o quake here for a second and refresh the page. Okay, are bars not popping up? So let's go back into ghoul here. You okay? So we can see that some of these websites are really high paid drink valuable websites. We're going to go through them all and look for some kind of contact page or ways we can email the Web master and I did see a contact page of top here, so we're going to contact them. It looks like we're going to have to go to perspective customers, we, general and you a general inquiry. Or if they happen to have a link exchange request option, we can click that as well. But it looks like for this website we're just gonna have to go with prospective customers. And we will fill in your name or email up subject. And we were right in a message here, asking for a link exchange now, in the next lecture, I'm going include a text template, which you can use for your link building exchanges. You would just need to edit it for each website you submit to. It's also worth going to each website. For example, we could find a company or if it's somebody's blawg. If we can find the name or something, we can use the personalize this message we're sending. We're going to get a lot higher chance of getting a reply or even building a link to our website. Now, keep in mind while doing this, most of these link exchanges. You do requests. You're not gonna get a lot of people to reply. If you did like 30 for example, you might get like one or two people reply back, and you might build one link, possibly out of that menu requests. But the important thing to keep in mind is that we're getting good, high quality links here and in your link, akin to request. You want to ask for a link exchange or a guest post opportunity. Now, Guest post is probably the ideal situation, since you will beginning a one way linked this way. But if possible, link exchanges air good as well. So let's go to another website. Let's see if we could find a blawg. Let's go 30 Best personal blawg and we're gonna go through the list. Is this themes? These air themes, actually. So let's go back, see if we can find wordpress dot com Blog's the day. Okay, here we go. So let's click on this example, and now we can see somebody's actual blawg. If you go toe about weaken CIA Contact page that we can contact this individual and ask for linking James or a guest posting opportunity to go through there a boat page, we could find it. This guy's name is Anthony, and we can kind of personalize it a little bit more about doing this. This does take a little bit extra effort, but you'd be surprised about how many people were applied back to you. If you actually take some time to make a personalized response so that what Master doesn't think you're just spamming them. And if we got a link on this Web site, we can see that the pay drink, let's go to the home page. Actually reaching the pain trick of this website is a three. So this would be a really, really so it link. If we happen to get a link exchange now, the vast majority people won't do these requests. And the reason why is because it takes a little bit of effort to go through all these Web pages in these listings. It's gonna take some time. But if you make a template and customize it, it'll be a lot faster. And even if it does take some time, you're gonna get some good, solid links this way. And since a lot of other people aren't willing to do this, you're going to be that much further ahead of them. So again we can type in our key words or just variations are definitely cures that have to do with her. Que it in some way or a subject matter and just go through the list and contact all these different blocks. We can start like Page one, or you can go to Page six or whatever you want to do. And we could just contact people asking for links again. Let's see if we can find a contact page in this website work with us. It might be in Oak Connect with us. That would be the that be the right one. So connect with us and here we go. We can just email them here, ask you for a link exchange Now, some websites. It won't have a link, a contact form or a way for you to contact him, and that can be a little bit annoying. So maybe you can leave a comment or something like that. Usually you'll find like me being in a boat section or privacy policy. You can find an email, but if you can't find it, don't worry about it. Just move onto the next website and keep doing this. Ask you for link exchanges something you can do to further your chances of getting a liquid change request is maybe link to the website prior to sending the email, and this may encourage him to like back to you more. Or, if you're doing a guest post, submit the guest post to them. Why you're asking for the guest post opportunity this way. It kind of makes things faster. It makes it easier for people to publish your content or linked to you. So what you want to do is every month, go through a big list of logs and you want to get maybe in the beginning 12 to link orb logrolling exchanges. This way you don't get too many, but just try to get one or two, and then, as the months go on, you can continue it. This is a great way to get linked changes. A lot of people don't do it, so use the template in the next lesson to send emails to these websites that are in your niche to get linking change request. I have also created a Link exchange request section at the end of this course that everybody can go to to link their niches and get link exchanges from fellow people in the course as well. So check that out if you haven't already. 34. Why Guest Posting Is Important: in this video, we're going to talk a little bit about guest posting and my guest posting is so valuable for building links to your website. So let's go, for example, of a website that we would look for. That would be good to get a guest post on. So let's assume that we're still looking for links for a WordPress team's website. Let's type in the best WordPress thieves. They're gonna click on one of these top results. Creative block. Here is an example. If we could get a guest post on this website, you get a very high quality link back to our website. Since it is a paid drink. Five, we can see that getting a link on this Web site would be great because our link would be in the content of the page, which is really, really good. It'll be a single link. That's one way and would be very, very highly targeted toe our website if you remember it. Previously, when I define what a perfect link was a link from a guest post it very similar to the best type of Cuban get So let's say we wanted to find and Web site we can guess. Post on for WordPress seems website. Let's take in guest posting WordPress blog's for press blood. What I like to do is typing guest posting and then keywords related to your niche. This way you can get pages that usually pop up there accepting guest posts. So let's a year we confined. Find the websites most of these air How to Let's pick something little bit different. Let's say guest posting Web development Blog's Let's say for website was a Web developing blawg we could see Oh, there's a webpage right here on mobile fights website That's actually about guest posting that if we click on it, will probably give us an idea. Yeah, So this is a page that's telling us what they're looking for in a guest post so we can see that this website right here is actually looking for people to guess post. So this is a great example to get a high quality link on the page, rank for website to submit your guest post too. And if we go through the list, we can see blawg guest posts and CSS menu maker. You see, right here this website looking for blood guest posts a massive list of 200 plus boys. Hello, guest blogging. So you see, there's a lot of great websites and like I said before, guest posting gives us some of the best quot links we can get. So it's definitely something you want to focus on. You don't need a lot of guest posting links to really, really give some value to your website. Just a couple from high quality websites that have very high pay drinks could really boost up your blawg or your website in the search engine traffic. So try to build a lot of links from guest posts and make it a big part of your link building campaign. I know it can take time to write the content and you want to make sure that the content you write in your guest post is very high quality. But that link or to that, you're going to get back to your website. It's gonna be really great. Make sure that the Lincoln your guest post is gonna be do follow as well. So now that you know what guest posts are and why you need to get links from guest posting websites, go after they get him, build one or two or a couple in. Your first couple wants a link building. You would notice your website will like much higher and Google. 35. Getting Links From Article Directories: Hello, everybody. Let's spend a little bit of time talking about article submissions and article directories and why it's submitting. Articles to article directories can be beneficial for getting referral traffic as well as building links back to our website. Now we're gonna go over a few popular websites here as well. Let's give you a giant list of websites and article directories that allow submissions. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of these websites, such as Easy in articles and go articles, are now no follow. Article directories when I mean by that is, if we go to ease and articles click on a category will go to painting soon. Is this what page decides to load straight? Different one? Okay, let's try to use Go with your nose. All right, so we'll click on this article here. Internets a little bit slow today. If you go to the bottom, you can see that there's a link here now, way back in the day, you see the link back to your website and you would get but do fall a link, and it would be a very so link from he's an article since it is a paid during sex website, but now it is. Links are no follow. That being said, you can get a lot of a frill traffic by posting on easy and articles, and you still get links that look great in your link profile. So, back in the day, I would recommend you do a lot of these and articles. But now it is. Just do a couple here in there, because again, it builds referral traffic, and it hopes gift you some good, solid, no follow links, which you need in your link profile. I do believe go articles is a no fuller directory as well. So you just want to get a couple here and there just to get the referral traffic and the high quality no follow link. And right here we can find a list like this in Google. But I found this particular one Well, it lists all the do follow article submission sites, which is the main ones you want to focus on, because again do follow links account more. But we do want to get no follow here and there. Now, this list is from 2015 but I can see some websites on here are now no follow. So you might need to go through here and just double check them just to make sure user s CEO quick extension to be sure. But you can see here is a lot of different websites or you can submit your articles too, and get a link back to your website. So let's take a look at some of these websites just to see if we can find ones that aren't . Do you follow? Try this one here. All right. So let's click on an article here, wait for the page to load, Okay? So we can see that there is a lot of links on this page that aren't Defoe. And it looks like it looks like all of these links are pointing towards the persons website that the create the article on. So it looks like they wrote a nice article here and they linking back to their website, and I guarantee this article was probably get a lot of pro traffic and it gives them a high quality link back to their website. And if you go to the homepage of uber articles, we can see that it is a PR rank three website. So this would be a great website to switch your articles too. And remember, do you follow article directories of what you want to focus on? So, as you're building your links, try to get some links go through this list. If anybody knows of any great do follow article directories, please include them in the discussion section of this video and share them with everybody else. As you can see, there's a lot of articles. You consume it a lot of places you can submit your article two, so check them out and include them in your timeline when you're building links. If you have any questions of what utter could directories or some submitting articles to article directors, please let me know. 36. Linking From Other Websites You Own: while we are progressing through our link building timeline, a great way we can get a solid link is from websites that we already own as your career and s yo life grows on the Internet. It is a great idea to build out multiple websites because it allows you to link to your own websites, but also be more flexible when it comes to doing link exchanges with other Web masters. For example, what you looking at on the screen right now is a website I own. I could go from this website and linked back toe another website, for example, my blawg, and get a good solid link here when linking between websites, you own, do it sparingly and try to do one way link exchanges so it looks a little bit less obvious in Google's eyes. So if you have a few websites online, this is a great way to get some extra use out of them. If you only have one site, consider expanding your portfolio for more options. When link building. You might also be interested in investing or buying other websites that people are selling to increase your past earnings and flexibility for link building, a very popular website for both buying and selling websites, is called Flipper, so it's worth checking out for sure. Flipper has a wide range of expensive intermediate and entry level websites that anybody can buy. If you have multiple website, it's also worth thinking about selling websites on flip up as well. So using this knowledge, if you have multiple websites, try getting links from them, trying linking them together. But again try to do only one way. Linkage changes just to make it less obvious and look good. Owning multiple websites when it comes to s seal could be very beneficial for you. 37. How To Use Fiverr To Build Links: everybody have decided that I wanted to make a new video on a specific topic called How to Use Fiber to It s your links to your blood, your website and this is something that you can do. And this is something that a lot of people talk about. But you got to be careful when you do this because there's a right way and a wrong way to do this. And in this video, I'm gonna kind of show you guys the right way. And this is something you could just do casually here and there. You don't want to make your link building campaign just using fiber links. You want to kind of do it on the side like there's a lot of cool, different, unique ways we can do what I'm about to show you to kind of put some links here and there and again, you can do this casually, especially since it will cost you money. But something links were definitely really good. I guess how you can kind of, you know, use the good ones and avoid the bad ones. What not because there's definitely a wrong way of doing this, and I'm gonna try to show you guys a right way. And this is something I do here and there casually through my website and whatnot to slowly build links to them over time. So we're gonna first, we're gonna head over to Fiverr dot com and there's some categories we're gonna take a look at. And there's some different ways to find good links on here. And the first thing I'm gonna actually point out is that fibers change your interface a little bit, so everything's a little bit moved around here, but I'm sure we should be able to navigate. Uh, let's see here. We're gonna go to online marketing is the first thing we're gonna go to were to go to. Blawg mentions. We want to give this a click right here. And in this category, we can see that this is a way for us to do guest blogging and to have other people do guest posts on their blog's. And usually they will let you link back to your website and he was like fibres a little bit slow today. So we just wait for that to load. Here we go. And, like, usual again, we can go for the recommended ones. First, we're just gonna quickly browse through here. But we can also go to the Iranian courses as well. But you were gonna click on this one, and we can see that this is a gig for I will write a guest post on a PR free sports block for $5 and if we read about it, we can see that if we actually order this gig, this guy will, actually, Right. We'll write you an article of 303 150 words related to up saying posted on their blocks. That's pretty cool. In this case, they actually do the writing for you. And some gigs they they will post you puts your article, but you can have to write it first, which is okay. In some cases, I mean, but if you want a high quality article, But in this case it's pretty cool, like how the for you, Um, and you want to make sure that your link so usually do follow if you if you can get a link from, like a really high paid drink website or really you know, like good looking website, it's OK if it's no follow, but for the most part, you want to try and go for Do follow because, remember, do follow links to the ones that Google will index. But again, it's not that big of a deal. And, um, one thing before we do order gigs like these. One thing I really stress you guys to do is to message the person who owns the gig first and see if you can see their website first. Because you want to make sure that when you're building links to rips that you're building high quality links and guilt one links from Spammy websites, so to speak. So it's a good idea to message this user it here. So if you were interested in this gig because in all reality to pay $5 for a targeted article on a block that gives us a great solid link back to our website. It's a steal of a deal. But again, we want to make sure that this website this guy owns is actually good, and we would only order this gig if we had, like, a sports related block. We wouldn't like get this link if we had something unlike Cookie Anderson. Think that because that really doesn't make sense. You know, you want to have it related though we're going to do here is we can go to the bottom. Here we go click contact me and here we can see that it actually takes this cake so we can just animal response and he'll know exactly what we're talking about. You know what, the list, the gig or anything like that As long as you click that contact button from the gig page and you want a message the user and just be like a interest in your gig. I have my website here. If they're not sure, like if there's anything they don't declare in the description of the gig, you want to write that down. So you want to make sure that they'll give you the link to their website, and if they refuse to to show you their website, then that's like a big red flag. Do not order the gig because you want them to be transparent. You want to see which website they have, and you can assess it for yourself like you can look at that website yourself like you know what it looks. Spammy then chances are you should avoid it because there's a lot of gigs on here and there's some really good ones. But again, when you look buildings to you upset, you want to make sure they're legit links and you're getting them from high quality blocks . Just because of Block has a high pay drink doesn't mean it's, you know, I authority would not. So keep that in mind. Eso We can measure this guy. Be like, Hey, you know, you can ask him how many links you can have an article and etcetera, etcetera. You can ask him for like, Hey, can you send me a sample of which are which you're writing qualities like, you know, in different things like that to make sure your links are high quality, and that's one way we can do it. So we're gonna go back here and we can look at all these different things when you say you could say, I will feature you in my blawg all these different like little gigs here. There's Some of them are topic related. Some of them are just general links. They're all pretty good, and you want to look at them and you want to check the moat because they're pretty cool. And again you wanna look for related extra related to your website. Look, for if you can get a high page rank or authority block, it's more important that the block is related to your topic and it's a high quality website . That's the biggest thing you want to look for, and we can do this year. We can also let's see if we have, ah, Internet marking blood. We ever that kind of kind of style blood. We're looking for links. We can also go to Lake, I think exchange or something like that. We can take Link Exchange in here and we can see we have, like, different things here we can get. We can also type in Internet marketing blawg. And sometimes these keywords were kind of being a gigs that air related to people with. They're in here marking blocks they can advertise. You put your link up to here, I will interview about your business on my Internet, my Internet. I'm Internet block. Okay, they didn't put that in the title, but this is pretty cool. This is a unique way to get a good solid link here. We can see you will interview you about your business on my pay drink went in her marking block so this would be accidentally and link like if you have a blogger. What? Inner marketing. You could really establish yourself with this interview gig and get a link back to your website. It's kind of a cool way to, you know, get a high quality link because it's gonna look legit. It's gonna be really cool and something to interview you. So it's gonna make you look, you know, more high professional whatnot, and you're getting a solid link, especially if this guy has a It's only a pay drink, one Internet marketing block. But that's still gonna be a really, really, really good link. So this is definitely a great way to get some high quality links back to your website, and it costs five bucks, which really is not that much. You want to make sure that one thing else I want to mention is you want to make sure that these gigs have that your link is going to stay up in the website forever. Don't order the gigs worth like you know your link will be up for a month or two or something that make sure that link that they put up it's going to stay on their website forever. So you're getting that complete $5 value. And I wanted to make this video because it's something I do. I've been doing more and more, but again, you want it. No. Take your time when you do this and make sure your gigs or high quality and you're getting good links. And, well, we used to come in and get like, one or two of these a month for a website. So let's say I'm gonna bring up my Internet marketing low grade here and something like to do here is for the interview. One for example, I could I might actually even order this cake. It's pretty cool. I could do, you know, order it and I get a link back to my website. I'd probably get back to my home page or something, and I do like maybe you one or two of these five gigs a month just to, you know, get some traffic gets, um, you know, build something slowly, but over time you get some pretty high quality links. And, um, it's definitely a good idea to go with the gigs that have smaller purchases, that you can see that there. You know, like a lot of people who do these fiber gigs or people who have like their, you know, their personal blog's and stuff like that, and you want to go for the smaller rated ones, usually because this proves that you know, they're not like making these websites just for five readings are actually doing it on legitimate blog's and stuff like that. They're just looking to make a little bit extra revenue on the side. So you know that that means you're usually Most of these websites are gonna be higher quality on the smaller gigs and stuff, so it's definitely something you want to look out for. And if you have a whips that you can also do this yourself. You could also do gigs like this and come into fiber and, you know, make a make a gig, being saying like, Hey, you know what? I have banner spots on my bog. You know, it's in the fishing knish or something like that. You know, for five bucks, I'll put you out on there. You can do things like that as well to make some extra money on the side, too. So there's, you know, there's definitely cool things to do like that. And if you have, like another directo an article directory or like a guest posting Blawg, you can also make gigs about that as well. It's another. So it's kind of like you can do both new, both things you can build links with fiery, but you can also make a little extra money off your body as well. And yeah, that's a pretty cool way. And I'm making video about that later on if you guys want. But I hope you guys got some value off this video again. Just do it here in their, um, if I get some time, I'm going to go through and maybe make some gigs like some good quality gigs that you guys can use to build links and what not to your website. So let me know what you guys think. If you guys find some high quality gigs on fiber, please, you know, make a discussion posts so we all can see. But thank you guys for watching And if you have any questions, let me know. And I hope you guys like the rest of the course and yeah, I'll be adding some more videos as time goes on. So I want to thank you guys again. Thanks for being my student and I'll see you guys later on. 38. Create a Winning link Building Timeline: So in this video, we're gonna talk a little bit are linked Building timeline. And this is gonna be the spreadsheet we're going to use in order to manage our timeline and buildings to a website. So we see this is the main part of her spreadsheet up at the top. Here we have our your L but you put the your elbow website. We hear when we click it, it will go to a website. We remain cured here. Support press teams. We have a cute variations of remain keyword down here. So this section right here is going to target our homepage. And underneath here, we ever post cured or post titles, if you will. And I've set it up so that when if we click on one of these keywords, it will take us to a new spreadsheet. So then we contract for each post what we're targeting. So if you go back to remain sheet, this is gonna be our home page. And here we can have a post on free WordPress themes. If we click on it, we now see our main cured being free WordPress themes and all our long tail keywords and variations are here is well now a top here we have or links that keep track of our links on a website. And whenever we get a link, all we do is we had a number here, so let's say I got in link from a hug page for this anchor text. I'll put one here added in and really on our homepage Republican add a lot more variations of her anchor text and cured variations. Whenever you get a link for any kind of text, make sure you added here. So this is gonna after a while of time. It's gonna be pretty big here, but it's important to keep track. So you know how many links you have so you can see Oh, well, maybe I need some more link exchanges for my homepage so we can get a link exchange. They were like, Oh, you know what? Maybe I need a block girl or I don't have any internal links on my home page. I keep hold it up from there and then here we have our post page, we can you the exact same we ever main keyword. And then we have our variations and all the different sources of links. Now you can add your own sources, appear other websites and then underneath here, in the bottom, you're gonna want to add your internal links. So put your anchor text in your euro here. So this is a great way to track your cures and keep track your spreadsheet before we finish this one thing going to do is I'm gonna show you guys had a link your pages together and you document so if let's say we were going to write a post about premium WordPress themes, we want to link it to another sheet on our spreadsheet. What we do is we go to hear or third, like our new spreadsheet. I named a P W t for pretty premium WordPress themes. We're gonna highly this little story here. Click on the hyperlink a pump and then target in the document. We're gonna go to sheets and then find our pwg. Try to double click it here, click, apply and now click close Apply. That could close again for some reason that thing go right Supposed to target the whole word. Let's try that again. Go back to hyperlink. Target and documents sheets. P w t apply. Okay, there we go. Applying close. Now, if we click on this keyword here, they'll take us in our spreadsheet Toby wt sheet. We can navigate back to remain here, So this is easy way to navigate the spreadsheet for a different post in our homepage. Now it's important to track all this so that anytime of the day, if you want to build links or build a website, we can see exactly what we need to do here. So if you go to the post in our page, like best WordPress themes, we can see we have no links here, So we need to build a couple things for this page when it comes to building a timeline. Generally speaking, if you're just starting your S e o timeline or campaign or if your website is new, you might want to focus on 1,000,000,001 to 2 links. Pretty And I wouldn't go any faster than that. After a couple months and you start getting some traction and whatnot, you can start building maybe 2 to 3 links per day and slowly increase it from there. So I hope you guys understand this video if you have any questions about this pressure suit ? Please let me know in the next lecture there would be a link for you to dallin this friendship as well. So it's a great idea to use a spreadsheet in track of all your links and you build on your website. So when you're coming in, Indian gave a day, you know exactly what you need to do. 39. Things We Can Exclude From Our Timeline: In the last video, we created a link billing timeline. In this video, we will go over some things that we can do at our own free pace, and it doesn't matter how fast we do them. Internal links are an example of an item that weaken do as much as we like and build at our own pace. On our website, we can create an article and link to it a couple other pages on a website and not have to worry about building those links too fast. Content creation is another example. We can create as many posts or pages that we like on our page, and we don't have to worry about anything bad happening unless you're publishing over 100 posts at once. There's really nothing you have to worry about in terms of content creation. Generally speaking, most on site activities are safe to do at her own pace, while offsite techniques such as building links. I need to kind of follow some sort of timeline so that we don't get penalized or anything bad happening like that. If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the suggestions part of this video. Now address them if you're unsure of anything just to be on the safe side 40. Why We Need Lots of Social Links: in this video, we're going to talk a little bit about social links and why building social wings to our website is a must. If you want to have a high ranking website in search engines, social links create authority. Insure that our website is a high standard on the Internet. The more people are talking about your content, the more traffic and chances somebody might link back to your website. If content is good on the Web, it will be naturally shared on social networks and Google noses. Having social links will make over absurd and company look legit in the ice of Google. Social traffic can really help get your content out there, ensuring amongst people on the Internet. Free links are free links guys and we will take all the links we can get. A lot of people don't build social traffic, and I think this is something that everybody needs to improve on. We can do things like tweet are posting contents on our Twitter account. We can post their content on Facebook and we can link back to a website and YouTube videos . All these methods would give us nice, good quality social links, make your website in business, look legit and bring in a lot of referral traffic in the process. So now that you understand why we need social links in this section of the course, we're going to go over some simple methods of increasing so for traffic and building social links to our website. 41. Using Hootsuite To Build Social Links To Your Website: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're gonna learn how to use Hoot Suite to share our content on the web into build social back links. So to start things off, let's head over to hoot suite dot com And up here, we're gonna never get to the plant section and give it a click. You can see we have free plans. We have free pro and enterprise. Now, what you want is up to you and how many's social platforms you have. But we're just gonna up for the free option for now. If you like cute sweet, you can get the pro or the Enterprise Extension. The pro version right now has 30 day free trial, CME. I wanna look in that regardless. So let's go for the free option. Click get started. Now you're going to fill in your email address your full name, your password and where you're from. So I'm gonna fill that in and I'll meet you the next part of the video. All right, so after you created your account, everything's all set up. What we're gonna do is we're gonna add of social accounts. Do you want to add your twitter entering your user name and password here. Okay? And we're gonna authorize the app to user Twitter account. Once the twitters hooked up, we're gonna go to Facebook, do the same thing if you have a LinkedIn account, you want to add that in as well you go. Plus, you might want to use to set that up right now, except that. All right, so now we have our Google plus in her twitter set up so they can continue here, finished adding our social networks. And now we have our dashboard or a hoot suite. Spend some time going through the dashboard in the tutorial to get familiar with using the hoot suite dashboard and learning how to manage your social accounts here. After we go through a tutorial, we're now going to install the hoot suite who lit extension into chrome. All right, now, what we can do is we're going to navigate to our website and we never rewrite content or share content. We can you the son, YouTube, whatever we have under a block posts anything. Do you click on the page and then click on Earth? Who that I can up at the top Now we can select all the social media platforms we have appear to select all at once, and we can write the text we want to share. Of course, with when you add your link, be sure to add at least one or two hashtags to people searching for house takes. Confine your stuff we can type in WordPress or whatever content is related to weaken. Schedule it. Now we can auto schedule it from a certain date, so this is an easy way we can share our content. All that one's under different shortfall foot platforms now the free version of whose sweet only lets you use three social platforms, but you get the pro version. I believe it's up to 100 so you can create all these torso accounts on on these websites and share your content all at once just by using the Hewlett extension up here. So this is a very fast and effective way to get social links to your website and build your content out and get referral traffic from social networks. There were also lots of other social tools you can use, but for now, we're just going to use Hoot Suite 42. Why You Need Lots Of Content On Your Website: in this lecture, we're going to talk about content creation and why it is important for S CEO and getting traffic to your website refreshing your home page and posting new content on your WordPress website is going to get the Google bought visiting your website multiple times per day. This is good because it would get your content indexed faster and Google will add more 30 to your website. The more content you have related to your topic, Ornish the better in regards to traffic, more post equals more keywords, which equals more chances to rank in the service. In all cases with websites that I have owned, writing more content has drastically improved the organic search traffic I get from it. If you already have a website ranking well, this is especially true when writing your content, you generally want to make sure your content is at least 400 words. The more content, the better. But remember, it has to be quality content and has to make sense. More words equals more long tails and different variations you can potentially rank for in Google. Try to fit in your long tail keywords if possible as well. But more importantly, make sure it's quality content, and it all makes sense 43. What Type of Content Ranks Well In Google?: Hey, everybody, Robin here once again for another video on R S. C. O course. And in today's video, we're gonna take a look at a prime example of content on the Internet that ranks well on Google. So when you're reading your content and your building on your website, you can want to strive for women both to show you because this is prime examples of good looking content. That's gotta rank well on Google. So I typed on the keyboard related to credit score and Google, and one of the top three believed this was 1/3 search. Result is from bankrate dot com, and this is the article title. Seven Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score, say the article title up here, Right here. Believe this is an ad, but you'll see that we have the content coming down here. You can see credit scores, credit score, credit card balances and there's pictures, a lot of variations of the credit score, keyword and lots of text in this page, so we can assume that this page is probably getting a lot of search variation, keyword, traffic and all that kind of thing. A lot of long pills, but you'll see that there's a lot of great great content on this page. This is a good, well written article, and it looks really, really nice. You'll also notice at the bottom we have 1562 people on Facebook like this. So there's a lot of people sharing and tweeting it, and we can see in the comments section is 227 comments. Now these comments are assuring the page right now are also going to contribute to the text on the page. So if anybody is running anything to do with credit, that's gonna also help. Wrote this page rank for different variations of his key work, so you can see there's a lot of interactivity and this is really rolling article. And if Google was coming to say to evaluated, this site would get a really, really high score because it's a well written article. It looks great. There's a lot of social activity, and it's good. So when you're writing your content on your website, you can want to strike for doing this kind of thing. I'm gonna go over some more things here. I'm gonna see if I can find another example website for just to talk about some other things. All right, so here, again, another example of a great looking website here. Ron i. G n dot com, which is the news related entertainment website. A lot to do with movies and video games and that kind of stuff. And where the closest here up at the top you'll see we have. This is a news related website, so there's not gonna be a lot of key words per se. This is gonna be a lot of trending topics and stuff like that and building new States. It's probably one of the easiest ways to get search engine traffic because all the keywords there really two news are not gonna have a lot of competition. So upstate, just starting now, it can easily rank for these cured. So we'll see. We see here. This is the Star Wars rebels review of some sort and you'll see we have the author up here nicely Author, Picking a link to his profile with that actual video up here we have some nice looking taxes title. We have a video in the content as well, another video and another video. So you see, there's a lot of good content, a lot of text. This is a well written article. That's something we really like this author, an author section at the end here. And usually there's a picture here is Well, so if Google was to come and check out this website again a lot of comments and interactivity, they can see that a lot of people like this page and this is gonna be a really high ranking website. So I just want to give you guys an idea of what you should be striving for. When you're writing your content, try to use a lot of texts, make it look sense. Try to get like an author bio and get a picture of yourself up here at some images and some YouTube videos. If you want to know what kind of stuff that's really gonna help out and just try to improve the overall look and usability of your website cause that's gonna help you rank better in Google. So I hope you guys got a lot from this quick little lesson and I'll see you guys in the next video 44. How To Make Your Website Pass a Manual Inspection: So in this video we're gonna talk a little bit a boat, a Google Google manual inspection and what exactly this is and how you can protect yourself from one in the future if your website is manually evaluated for So, for starters, do actually hires people across the world to go to websites and inspect them. They have someone of a course outline Kenneth thing, where the people check websites for certain features and rape them on a skill of Let's just assume 1 to 10. Now hiring websites will move up in a search engine engine results and if they're already ranking high, they'll keep the ranking. Meanwhile, websites that get a low score might get penalized might get put down or, if they're not rinky well, do whenever inkwell. So it's important that a website to look it have great usability, and when that Manu inspection comes and it will, we get a good score, because if your website is getting okay, rankings. If you get a high score, you're really going to see your website go up in the search engine results. So I have a couple examples of some websites here that I brought up that are gonna show you how to make a nice looking website that's gonna pass the manual inspection. And the first thing we're gonna take a look at is a wiki page. Now, if you've ever searched for anything on the Internet, you'll notice that Wiki P just always rank high in the reason why because they're awesome sources of content. You'll see here we have the title at the top that's completely related to work uber. So this page is strictly about this or topic great here and nothing else to see that we have lots of content with lots of links in lots of references, references. This is very important. Every link on this page is linking to something that might be helpful. And Google will look at this a lot of these links or internal as well. So if we see this page this link rate here, William Denny and his brothers, this is likely to another article on Wikipedia about William Denny and his brothers. So this is passing juice from this page to the article, and a lot of these links are internal links, and over time, that's really gonna make a really nice site structure that's going to make all the pages really, really strong and you'll see at the top here we have a nice low navigation that if we want to find something quick in the article, we can just click on it and it brings us here. So that's great for usability. I used to have this little box here that tells everything about are specific keyword, which is awesome. And overall, this is a nice good source we also see, like at the bottom. Here we have a reference section. This is something that a lot of people need to start doing for their websites, especially news articles and any kind of article it well researched of all written. Don't be afraid to write your sources at the bottom introvert reference section and linked to them. If you're really concerned about Ikea, make these links no follow. But a lot more people should be doing this, especially if you have a new site, because it looks really professional and looks really, really well. Another thing you can do is at an author box and give yourself a picture or face. But that's pretty much if this Wikipedia page overall, it looks really, really great and you should be using This is a prime example. When you're building your content, that's going through another website. Now, this is example of Internet marketing block that I personally follow. And I believe his name is Rob Cuban or coming and hope I'm saying that right, But we'll see. Here we have the top, we have a logo. So a nice little logo on the page looks really good Over here we have a social network. So nice social marketing there and it looks really good. We have a nice navigation. We have a nice little cold action here. We have a side very of the content. Nice pictures, nice layouts. Maybe Looks really, really, really, really nice. Here. Everything is nice and smooth. If we click on an article, give this one a click. We can see that again. Nice pictures, Nice content, Well written articles, really easy. They're really nice use of quotations and lists and stuff like that. The text on the page is really smooth and nice. This is a really prime example of a good post that will rank well on Google and Google will look at these things So it's always something You want to take it up and again with this post, like all the other ones we see ranking well in Google, we could see a lot of social interactivity we can see on the side of the website. Here is using a social plug into again increase the link shared from this post and Google will look at this. So it's important to have that there. And the last website we're gonna take a quick look at is G B Evans, which they believe is a fashion clothes store of some sort. And we're gonna see here again when they have a logo, some nice links up at the top Here. We have a nice little javascript here, and the main thing I want to point you guys here is they have, like, a contact information here on the front page so people can see that they're an actual business. They have a name, you have an address and they have a phone number and all that stuff. So Google really looks for this kind of stuff. We also have brands here. It's very, very important stuff. You want to make yourself look big, You want to make yourself look authority, and you want to have a lot of content content on your page. Now getting logos and banners and stuff like that to your website to make it look good can be expensive. But if you head on over to fiber dot com, this is a great place where you can get graphics, content and things to make your website look really good. For example, we can go graphics and design logo design and get a nice little girl for a website for five bucks. So it's definitely something want to consider cause it's gonna make your website look good in past the manual inspection. But I hope this video has really shown you guys that the quality that you need to make an Internet content is king and high quality articles and websites will rake really, really well on Google. So just keep that in mind when you're building your content, and when that manual inspection comes, you want to make sure that you pass it. If you guys have any questions about this or you have any experience with Manu inspections , please let me know in the discussion stains of this video. Now we'd love to help 45. How To Install Google Webmaster Tools: in this video, we're going to learn how to install Google Web master tools onto our website. So the first thing we're going to do is navigate to the Google Web Master Tools website. And if we typing Google Webmaster tools in the Google, it will be the first swept set up here. But we log in and set up our account were greeted with this screen. We're going to add a property we had tip in the Earl of her property. Make sure that you type your UL exactly as it is and make sure it's correct. Now we're going to do is click alternative methods and we're going to use an HTML take to verify a website. So we need to copy this tag navigate to our website and in our WordPress dashboard. We're going to go to appearance than to the editor in the editor. We're going to go to the header dot PHP. The header is the top part of our website where we will be inserting this take we're going to want to look for is the section that has just before the closing tag, this part right here and what we're going to do is paste are take greater hit update file. And if you go back to our search council, we should now be verified. There you go. Congratulations us successfully Very fight Ownership of website. We hit. Continue. We can now see our data here. It may take a little while for our data to show up and for a website to be indexed and for everything to catch up. But this is now your Google Webmaster tools Dashboard. After about a day or two, your data should start to fill in here. And you should be able to see your search traffic links to a website, your eternal links and all that kind of stuff. So I hope you guys on this video helpful. We're going to go over how to use Google Webmaster tools and how to use our analitico to further our search engine traffic in the next video 46. Installing Google Analytics: Let's go over how we can install Google analytics on her website and start getting now a text data for a website. So if Ron Google, we're gonna type in an analytics in the search and the first thing that will public will be Google analytics official upset So going to give that a click and will be taken to the home page. Now if you don't have a Google account, if you've never signed up, you're going to see a little button up here that I say signing or sign up to Google analytics or something like that. You want to give it a click? I already have an account signed up and sit up. So mine says access Google analytics Give that a click here and here is their dashboard weaken. See different things about our website and our traffic we're getting. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a new property. If I can remember how to do this. I think it's admin. Oh, websites yet. So we're gonna go to our account here. I'm gonna go create new account. Well, actually, I think what we can do, Jack website. Yeah, we'll go website here and we're gonna name our account, which will be a website. I'll just put, um Let's go with websites. That's this Go example. Website. Actually, we'll do that and we put the name of a website example website and we'll put the u R l Here , use this and you could select the category if you want. I don't know if it makes a big difference, but we're just fix something here. And if you want, you can check Marty's. It's up to you. You don't need them, necessarily. But you might want to go through. So, you know, grabber tracking. I d click. I accept the terms and conditions, and here we're going to be given our tracking code. So we're gonna copy, increase the copy and paste the script. Highlight it. Right. Clicking and coffee. You can also go control, see to copy on a keyboard. And we're going to navigate your wordpress website and in the dashboard here. We're gonna go to appearance and go to the editor. Now, your theme might look a little bit differently. The mind does. But if you look on the right side here, you're gonna want to look for something that either says footer or header. The first thing we're gonna try is the footer, so click footer. And this is a part of the code that displays at the bottom of her page. That's what the footer is, sir. We're going to see if we can find a body tag and it's usually at the bottom here. And yet we can see a slash body take. This means the closing of the bodies. So this is like the end of her web page, basically. And just before the end of our website, we want to stick our script here and you can see I already have a script actually here, posted from the pro for I'm already using on my Google analytics. So you want to post your code here Hit update file. After your file was updated, you go back into your ANALITICO, and if you go to your dashboard, you should see your data pop appear to be open up here. We can see an example website, which is the whips that we just made, and it may take a little while, but your data will start recording. We can click on her website data and Now we can see the traffic up at the top here. We could click our dates. So for today, obviously, right now we don't actually have it installed on the websites would be nothing but through through here, we can navigate to view at air traffic and stuff like that. So this is a great way to use ANALITICO. Let's find a website that actually getting traffic here. Let's let's go to our You know me. Ah, yeah. Let's go to a unity page. Here I have is if you can go back. All right, there we go. So here we have. We're going to go to my unity course and look at the traffic we're getting for the past three days. Two days, actually, cause I just just installed a now ticks on my you tube page we're gonna look at are we can see right here in our dashboard. For this page, we can see our sessions or users or page views are pages procession, our balance rate, or average sustenance, duration and our languages. We can go with a country to view where people are coming from their cities, their browser, the operating system, other you unique things like that. But the main thing we want to focus on is the acquisition, which is gonna be where people are coming from. And we're gonna hit overview here and we can see right here that the vast majority of my traffic is coming from social referral and even direct, which direct is probably a combination of social in referral and to email as well. And very little organic search. Since my course, I just made it a couple days ago. It still needs to settle in the search engine track search engines, and I need to build links. Know that before I'm gonna get traffic to it. But over time, the organic search will slowly increase. And that's where I'm going to assume that most of my sales for you, to me, is going to come from now. Using this information, we can click on a referral to see all the different websites that are sending traffic to her page here. And if you go back, we can go to social and seal the social platforms that are sending traffic to her page as well. So this is a great way you can see how people come to your website. And in another video, we're gonna go over Google Webmaster tools as well, and we're gonna go through a video. We're gonna learn how to use this data to get more traffic to our websites and increase or a Google search traffic over time. So this is a Google Analytics account of Shane with you? I do. You have multiple accounts because they do have a lot of websites, but I just wanted to share you guys an example of how you install Google analytics and when you can do with it, Do you have any questions? Please let me know in discussion studies of this video and answer any questions you have. 47. Using Your Analytics To Get More Traffic: Hello, everybody. So in this video, we're gonna learn how to use our analytics to further optimize our website. So one of my websites here I wrote a post not too long ago. I believe it was a couple of years ago on a team tree Hosts review which is according website online and Web development. So if you're familiar with Web developed or you want to learn how to design websites than team Tree house is a great place to go. But I wrote this post to review the website and to get some traffic for like you were, and the cure it was specifically targeting was team treehouse review, and I I did a bunch of actually, let's look at the post first before I you see, I have title up here and then I have my variations of the key word here. And throughout this article, I've tried to put as much variations of the key right. I made sure the main cured was in there, and it was a pretty good article we're gonna viewed on the Web site, see how it looks. So you nice list here and its image later content, you know, it's pretty good here. And just after a couple of days, I'm already getting some search traffic, according to Google Webmaster Tools. And I'm starting the ranking Google for some of these searches. You click next. We could see some other ones here. So one of the ways we can use ANALITICO to help us is to see what pages air getting traffic or which websites they're getting traffic. So if you have a website or you have multiple websites and let's say one or two of them is doing better than the other ones, then that means you need to focus on the one that's doing really well. The same can be said about certain pages on a website. If you see for this example our review of team treehouses doing really, really well, it would be a good idea to put more effort into building out this page, then doing the other stuff on the website. You still kind of want to do everything but just focus more on what's working, what's doing good for the time being and that's really gonna help you improve all the time . So one of the things we could easily do to make this website ranked higher for our key words here is to look at each key words, and we'll kind of pick the ones that makes sense because some of these don't make sense. But we look at the ones that make sense, and we're gonna work them onto our page here. So team treat house to reviews that one's kind of let's go treehouse to review coding is another one that kind of doesn't make sense. TEAM TREEHOUSE REVIEW That's our main cured right there, but this one in this case has a space I can't remember if I use the space or not. Team Tree House So we didn't use the space. Okay, so let's go back into this one and we can go. Treehouse Web design reviews team treehouse website dot com Treehouse Web development So this one is one we could target because it makes sense and we can working with Paige. So if you go into a post, we could actually at the keyword on our page somewhere where we can add it in as a tag here in this section here and right off the Hawk, we were instantly rate better for that keyword and just a simple fix to do. It will take a long time at all, and you can go through all the key words here. She host Web development. That's when we could do. Treehouse Review is definitely one we could you? That's an easy one right there. Tree Host Web Design Review We could work that one into article somewhere. TREE Host Coding Review. We could probably do that as well. Adas a tag team tree host Review another one tree house were designed. So you see all these ones that makes sense. We can work in some of these ones. Don't really make that much sense. And I wouldn't bother with the ones because again, we want to make article actually be readable and you don't want to insert takes that just don't make sense. So again you can. I want to stick to what we talked about earlier is using, like maybe 5 to 7 tags. So if you have, let's see how many we have here. 1234567 So I can maybe at like one or two tags. Maybe to this article. I wouldn't add to too much if I wanted out of residency and rank for these keywords, I would more added in the Post here. One thing we can also do is if we see some cures that actually getting us some traffic. I'm not sure exactly were Ranking and Google with these keywords. I haven't checked them, But if we're ranking decently for them, we can also add some of these key words to our in cortex. So if we go to our spreadsheet, we'd make a sheet for this page, and we could add something like Treehouse Web Design Review. You mean to click that treehouse Web design review? And we could start building links for this anchor text, and that will instantaneously if you get a link to would really shoot a substance already ranking well for the cure. So those different ways we can use aeronautics to really bump up the traffic on the website , improve certain pages of your website. If you guys have any questions about that, let me know, and I hope you you can use Google Webmaster tools or ANALITICO you go and I'll fix to do this kind of thing. And I would recommend doing both because sometimes Google Web master tools will not pick up certain things that Google ANALITICO will pick up and vice versa. So it's it's a good idea to consult them both just to make sure. 48. Why You Need To Actually Put In Effort: in this video, we're gonna talk a little bit about how putting our work and effort into S e O is going to pay off over time. And how s CEO is not something that you will get right away when it comes to CEO, The more work and effort you put into building on your website and building links, the better the results you will get if you don't put the effort in. And if you don't pull links your website, you're not gonna get any traffic and you're not gonna ranking Google S E. A. Work takes time and it takes a lot of patients. Your website, we know rank after a couple days or even a week or even months. Sometimes, yes, you can take a long time, which you will notice is that first you were start to get traffic for your long tails in different keywords and then over time you will start to rank for your main keywords and your traffic will really start to pick up some websites and some keywords will rank right away or a lot faster than others, regardless of competition. And other times it can take a lot of work to rank for a keyword. The work you do today will make you money in the future. This is something you need to keep in mind and use this as a reference to keep going when times get tough, Remember, Guys s CEO starts off slow in overtime. Your earnings and traffic will snowball and increase exponentially. It can be hard. So if you're having a hard time with doing s you and you just need someone to talk to you or some motivation, feel free to leave a comment or started a discussion and we will help you out. There's gonna be a lot of people taking this course, So if you need help, let us know. I'm always available to talk to if you need me.