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NEW Microsoft Excel: practical skills for Beginners

teacher avatar Top Skills &., Skills for job & work success

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. 110 v02

    • 2. Creating basic mathematical formulas in excel

    • 3. Building absolute and relative cell references in Excel formulas

    • 4. Considering order of operation

    • 5. Copy Excel formulas

    • 6. Introduction to Excel Functions

    • 7. SUM Function in Excel

    • 8. MIN and MAX Functions in Excel

    • 9. AVERAGE Function in Excel

    • 10. COUNT Function in Excel

    • 11. Autosum shortcut key

    • 12. Adding a new Excel worksheet

    • 13. Renaming an Excel worksheet

    • 14. Moving and Copying an Excel worksheet

    • 15. Changing Excel worksheet colour

    • 16. Moving and Copying Data into and within an Excel worksheet

    • 17. Deleting an Excel worksheet

    • 18. Font Formatting (font, font size and format)

    • 19. Change Cell background colour and font colour

    • 20. Copy formatting in Excel

    • 21. Working with Cell Borders

    • 22. Working with Data alignment within the cell

    • 23. Merge and unmerge cells

    • 24. Creating Column Chart in Excel

    • 25. Creating Pie Chart in Excel

    • 26. Renaming and formatting an Excel Chart

    • 27. Copying the chart into word document or power point presentation

    • 28. Viewing Excel worksheet in Print mode

    • 29. Change page layout (portrait / landscape)

    • 30. Change print margins

    • 31. Select number of prints / printer or print to pdf

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About This Class

Start working with Microsoft Excel, and establish solid Beginner level skills.

Master the most common functions and formatting settings in Microsoft Excel 2019.

Create graphical visualisation of your data by using Excel charts.

This class was created with Excel 2019 (Excel for Office 365).

Microsoft Excel: practical skills for Beginners

This excellent online Microsoft Excel class is a brilliant Start to Excel 2019, the Office 365 version of Excel.

Current online Excel Class is recorded with the newest version of Excel, Excel 2019 (Office 365). Please note most Excel features work the same way in Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016.

Join the class and learn essential skills about Microsoft Excel. Excel is the most popular tool to manage spreadsheets, analyse and visualise data. Current course combines deep Excel expertise and practical working expertise with Microsoft Excel 2019 (Office 365). The creator team has 30+ years of expertise working with Excel from collecting data till performing complex analysis of large data sets and presenting findings to Board level executives / Directors of highly successful global companies. As your instructor we will use our Excel expertise to guide you step by step and you will establish Beginner level Excel skills.

Participation in this brilliant class will enable you to master Excel tools that will speed up your daily tasks. During this class you will start with the basics. Establishing a solid foundation will give you the basic building blocks of Excel, and how to use them in the most effective way.

At the end of this class you will be an empowered Beginner level user of Excel and be able to use the most popular Excel tools with great confidence. You will also be able to perform Excel tasks with efficiency. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

    Confidently using Excel / navigate in Excel

    Formatting data in Excel spreadsheets, and working with Excel workbooks

    Mastering the most popular Excel functions (like SUM, AVERAGE) and using simple charts to visualise your data in reports.

Hope to the you in the class!

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Top Skills &.

Skills for job & work success


The Top Skills and Business English Academy is specialised for management skills and business English teaching, involving state-of-the art technology in the educational process.

Our high-quality E-learning courses help people to learn practical skills like MS Excel, and professional English for work purposes.

We are based in the United Kingdom. We are committed to share only the most common and relevant real-life examples informed by business practice. Helping you to perform better at work is our passion. Our management team has 30+ years of business experience from Cambridge to London City, as well as MSc and PhD business degrees from Europe and the United Kingdom.

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1. 110 v02: joined Microsoft Excel Practical Excuse for beginners class Today. By the end of the class, we'll be able to start working with, except this is the new best version. Off Excel 365 well established started back in their level skills. We also master the most common functions and former thing settings. In Microsoft Excel 2019. We'll be able to create graphical visualization off your data by using Xer Chaps and save Print your XO and RO Now and learn essential skills. But Microsoft Excel actually is the most popular to to manage, stretch its analyze and visualize data. The current course combines Deep Excel expertise and practical working experience with Microsoft Excel 2019. This is the Office 365 version. Of course, Creator Team has 30 plus years experience working in Excel, collecting data to performing complex and uneasy saw flash data sets with president findings, the board level executives and directors of highly successful global companies. As your instructor reviews or extra expertise to guy, you step by step and you will establish picking their level excess. Chris, see you in the class 2. Creating basic mathematical formulas in excel: let us have an overview. How we can use basic formulas. Mathematical formulas in Excel. The status example where we have three colleagues, Steve and Jack, who sold certain quantity from a product which have a price having just changing it to currency. Actually to show you that Let's say I sold it for bomb panned for pants expand and we sold 57 and then 10. Steve Sort. Then let's see how much money has Steve made. Any formal always starts equal side, which you can just write with your keyboard, and I can just referenced the cell 10 product. And then e b is the price gives me that Steve made then bound for us, and I can just copy this. Write it on the same a equal age for product e for which is the price and their 20. Or I can just I like the two cells, which actually just highlight the 1st 1 Click on the bottom right corner and keep my left mouse button down and just drag the holding down. And the doubt Orpheus, you see, it just copied the same for month H five product E five. Just for doing this case seven. Product. Six. It's quite simple lighting. If you would like to see how is the overall quantity resold? We can just say equal then lass five plus seven. I just need to select South and this is or formula for summarizing things are heading Selves together. I think it is just very similar if I just would like to see what is the difference between the quantity Steve sold and undersold. I can just say Crawl 10 or H three in this case minus five. I'm just referencing service here, and it gives me five. If I just would like to decrease it with further three, I can just say, minus three. I don't need to reference a cell to humanity or formula. Nappies formula Looks like equal age. Three minors age for minus tree. If I'm just changing age three now and say that Steve sold actually 20 it automatically changes the values in all myself because I changed the input value, which was in a three. Similarly, if you would like to see you have 12 and you would like to see what is the half off it, you can just say equal age 11 slash two it is like in any mathematical formula and X I give you the value, so the basic things that you will use in any except formula is equal, plus my nose product and slash. 3. Building absolute and relative cell references in Excel formulas: In this lesson, we will have a brief overview, how to be a relative and absolute references in Excel formers. Let's see or three simple examples, and this will lead us to to understand how it actually works. You see, in the first example we have a sales price, which is 15 year old, and we have three colleagues Steve, Emma and Lea. They're selling different quantities off this product. Steve's our Stan m also town and lead 20. What is the sales price? Obviously, the sales procedures stated above in C. Tree. So this reference it If I just write formula satisfies equal see tree, then we can see that it brings the 15 year old value to sell these six. It's just perfect. Now when I try to copy it down, then you see that it brings the next cells to see four and indie ate it. Beings. Actually, the value sales quantity, which is in C five. It is not actually right for us. So this is very brings everything relative. We need to fix the C four, so it should basically say c three and we should put a dollar sign in front off three. This few fix for us that it always brings the value from roll three from column C. If now I click on the right bottom corner off the cell with my mouth, keep the left mouse button dam and roll down my mouth, then it out off fears the South and it always references there. Drove from column C. This is how we made it up suit. This is how we always always fix this room. Similarly, if I would like to fix the column, then I need to bring or I need to add the dollar sign in front off the column. It doesn't make sense in this case, but this is how it works. Just he didn't know if I would like to summarize the sale, How much has Steve sold for us? I can say equal sales quantity, which is C six produce sales price. She's a 15 year old. It is 115 year old Now. I see all references a relative, so if I could be, I'm toe competing cell down for M. I. Only if you bring me the right value because see if I double click on the cell. It also highlights with blue and red with cells are referenced. So I see that it is serious quantity and sales by cells from Steve Throw, which is good if I do the same for a mom is basically see second productively seven, which is also good. So in this case, we haven't needed any absolute references. Only route it was enough. A sufficient let's see the second example. We have a currency rate, which is 1.2 just given euro is $1.2. We have three colleagues Mengele on, and then they are selling different quantities from the product, which has different price. They're sending it on different places. Let's see how much is the saline pound? We can't just say, because everything is every safe spaces impound. Say it's quantity, product, serious price or relative references. Nothing is fixed, not the common, not the room hit end there, and I can just copy it down, which is actually the right results. So if I see it reference right cells, how much is it in dollar? This is an ex question, So basically we have the pound reference and should field formula equal e 16th product the currency rate 1.2. He doesn't care. And I know if I would copy down, it would bring the right results because we've just done this mistake in semper one. So what I should do? I should build absolute reference for the Cell C 13. So I should just fix 13 by putting a dollar sign. And he tends there and now at Butte. Partially relative, partially absolute former. We just always references the currents here it in my table when I could be them. It is just perfect. So basically, does the right calculation for us. Let's see or third example have it works and we have send a serious price for July and June , and we have Steve Bull ending or three colleagues who sold the same quantity in each month . Let's see how much the some CSU's I can have a formula like Sears Quantity See 27 product sales price in June. You know that need to reference it. Absolutely. So we always take, wrote and deport. So always take see 24 can t. 10 terror. I can just copy it down so it kind off copied the right values for some sales in June. Let's see how it works for July. If I just copy this July, what will happen if I I just received wrong number? Why? Let's see, Because it also jumped from column c two column The for the sales quantity. I don't want it. I need to fix Call him. See that it always takes the number from column C very from column C. Now it always takes from column C and Rovio be relative. So it from 27 it would jump Took 28 29 if I school it down, obviously for the X Prize, it will always bring value from roll 24. But if you jump between sea and the S, I scroll it Now I copy this to sales in July which now references the right values, the sales price from July and the quantity from Steve. And if I could be down for poor ending, then I see that it always brings the right moment Lee surprise. And it brings the right quantity for a given person because I de friend is the column for the same quantity. This is how absolute and relative references are working in Excel 4. Considering order of operation: should always consider ordered off operation. If you build complex formulas with Excel, it is just the same as in any mathematical case. You should use brackets if you would like to set certain operations together. And let's see how it works with a simple example. If you would like to car great but some sales in pound, you can just write equal the six plus the seven plus the eight and hit enter. It gives you £450. If you would like to see how much is it in dollar, you obviously need to use the currency rate, so let's see how you can write it. You can write equal, open the bracket, some serious impound for manual for on plus for Ben, close your bracket and then be able to protect and just reference be three, which is our currency rate opening and closing the break. It means that the calculations within the bracket a bomb first and then the whole some is used and he'll be multiplied it be three for just he down there if you give me 540 which is actually the previously calculated, previously calculated some CS manned indoor so don't forget use bracket. If you would like to execute calculations for speeding the bracket, typically plus, Magnus calculations are considered something you need to put into brackets. Before you, it was multiplication. 5. Copy Excel formulas: at a civil overview. How to cope Reform Lesson Exxon We just have a simple Excel table here with sales prices in June and July 3 colleagues who are selling in this quantities, and we already made the calculation but multiplying the sales quantitative in the June sales price also be fixed. Column B So we always take the stairs quantity, and we just let the road variable and also fixed Rule five, which means that we always take the standard sales price room and we just let the common variable Sabes not fixed. There is no doubt are saying they're basically this is how it calculated the sales price for June, and we would like to copy it for July. So as I showed you previously, we can just left Mouse Creek on the very bottom right corner off this cell range and scroll the mouse. Tow us right, and this would copy or former us to be south. If I just double click, I see that it takes to see its quantity from ING and jumped to the July sales price. Must be haven't really fixed the column being the previews former so it could just jump to see, but it kept the roof fixed. Throw five. Excellent. So this is one way to just I keep hoping it obviously it won't bring can value because it jumped to the five, which doesnt make sense anymore. So think is this is one way to compete former us, Some other rays to simply highlight the formula you would like to copy. Let's say I would like to co p c eight push control, See think to the savory would like to taste it. It would make sense, obviously, for July for Steve and just push control. Be on the keyboard. It paste the formula. You see that the based it doesn't move the process to control C control. Be quite simple. The third way to do it. Actually highlighting the given given cell leaking where you would like to paste it. I highlighted c eight and copy it to the eighth. Just pushed control. See, basically here you can t eight and right mouse click on this cell and I can actually based in you see, I can paste the formula. That's what we have them. I can pay the value which would bring copy the former. It would just simply copy the value of £150 which is in C eight, or I can actually paste the former here. It's quite easy to do. I can do it it more to process to actually econo. So it was the right mouse click toe copied, clicking the eight. It was the right mouse click and then baste it based my former. 6. Introduction to Excel Functions: in this section. I would like to show some basic except functions, obviously can always build your own formal living in exile. But there are simply defined functions which are very helpful. You can always use the out awesome, but you can just click on the formula Step, which opens up a Neri. Ever the excerpt. Pre defined formulas are maybe the auto. Some will be the most used one. You can also reach it from this area that are also recently used functions that you can just see the most frequently used functions their financial functions. If you're working in finance in the street logical functions, probably this had also quite commonly used the text based functions. The time Look up preference related functions. If if you would like to find something in excel mathematical functions if you are working with more complex with a month ago, things and that are more function statistic engineering cube information, so I don't even want to go into the leader s off it. If you have any programming, Excel most probable is a pre built function for it, and you can always read about the details off. The functions on the search for the functions include, to be honest, to provide you more answer about how to use it, even function 7. SUM Function in Excel: in this section, we will review how to use the sun function in Excel. Bring up the function. You can just click in any cell. Let's say I would like to calculate, but this in the some area a click be 13 right equal and start typing some. You can just select some function. You see, it starts writing some brackets, and now you can just type in what you would like to some we can also highlight. Actually, I would like to some the sales quantity by clicking with the left mouse, click into the first cell you would like to some keep hold it down like toe some the sales quantity from Steve Pool and King and then can just hit enter and it sums it up. Basically, it adds up the numbers, which are within the range. You see it rise some bracket from B eight till be 10. You can also summarize the monthly sales. Let's say I can summarize it for June or for dry together. Let's summarize it for tonight and June. Together, I can just write equal some open brackets, highlight the first CS number from June from Steve and then rule my mouth. Keep my left. Most button push down road to right on down. Basically, I highlight this whole table area that the sales numbers are I can hit. Enter her. I can even closed my bracket here, cap in the in the function Syria hit Enter And they see that this summarized me the numbers within this whole table. This is the sum function. It's quite useful. You will use it quite frequently. 8. MIN and MAX Functions in Excel: in the section with you review the mean and the marks functions in Excel is that also previewed factions. Let's say if I would like to see about the minimum number given arranges with in a given range of salaries, I can use the main function just hit equal start writing mean and it actually brings you in the main function by double clicking it. You see that it opens up a bracket. You can also ride a bracket manually. You should at the range that say, I would like to see what the minimum Sayers quantity is. I highlight these cells from B A three beat on close my bracket. You see, record discovers up here or you can just hit on. Terry closes the bracket automatically and you see this town if now I let's say, provided Steve only sold five it. Actually, it actually changes to five, which is great. I can also see what the minimum sales amount is between June and July. By highlighting multiple cells or a range of cells in multiple columns, I can write equal. I mean, open the bracket, always open a record to highlight the range. I highlight the sales area from C 80 the 10. So let's see how much is the minimum sales in June and July? And it is 75. This is the lowest number. Basically, within this range, the marks function is just very similar. I can start fighting monks, you see, it brings up the function. I can double click on it. It opens the bracket. My question is, what is the maximum sales quantity within the street colleagues? I can just hit enter at this time. It brings me 20 days indoor because it misunderstood. He thinks it is a currency sell. I can just say it is a number. Several, actually. And I can have the same question. What is the maximum? The highest amount off serious between June and July. And his three colleagues, I can say, Max, open the bracket, highlight the area or actually Mykonos. So just type in here. If I would like to see eight below the town because this is the end of two that you see, it also highlights the stable area. If you don't want to use your mouth, you can just type in. We can close the bracket. He did enter and you see that the highest demand off sale is 400 which was actually made by Jing in July, since he's had a mean in the max functions working accent. 9. AVERAGE Function in Excel: let us review how the ever each function works in Exxon. You can just look in a cell type and there and see how much is the every sales quantity I can just write. Every judge received pops up. You can also buy pitting manually. To be honest, it opens the bracket. Now you can add the range it is for the sales quantity range from be a to be done. Close the records hit, enter and you see that you never age. We sold the event 0.66666 Specifically, you can always decrease the number off 30 miles. How has it calculated it? It is basically nothing else than many reenters function off the some off the sales quantity pair the number off items, which is three in this case because we have three sales representatives there, three so altogether be sold five plus 10 15 plus 2035 we just see how much happy sold on average, which will be. These 11.7 can also do the same for the sales. To be honest, you can say how much is the every sales in June In June and July, you can say average. I like the area which is for the whole month of June and July. Close the bracket or just hit Enter and you see that every sales for this mourns with among or three sets obscenities. Steve Poll Ending those rand. $204. 10. COUNT Function in Excel: in this section video. See how the count function? Very Experian. Except this basically gives us the number off entities. It Kant's the number off entities within a range within a table. That's a habit. Works or question is how many times have we generated sales in June and July, you're gonna say Ekho type count, See pops up, can directly commit or just open a bracket. You can highlight the range It was very would like to do the can't close it and he done there. It means that we have made six times income six times in this moans. Let's pretend the whole gun for holiday in July and hasn't done any sale. I just deleted. Delete this value. You see it. Riker acquitted the count, but there are five values. It basically means that we have done five sales in this month. Steve that one time says for 75 in June, 100 in July. Paul has done 115 in Jordan, cutting in July and in Causton, 300 in June and 400 in July. And they just can't. How many times has something happened for how many times we have value in the cells, or how many times have we value in a given a range off cells 11. Autosum shortcut key: in this section we really viewed out, or some button in excel the auto. Some is actually about in the upper menu structure in the home section, so it's quiet, easy to reach. If you click on a cell and pushed the auto some it out off, use some function and tries to summarize what ovaries above for batteries so as the left off the cells. Now, if you give us to some off the sales quantity, which is 35 the same issue card created with some function belong. If you would like to calculate the some off the sales in June, we should just quick in C 11 quickened out of some function and hit. Enter. It calculates us this some off sales for June. If you double click on it, you see what function has bean included in the cell. If I click on E eight and try toe, summarize the sales that Steve has done in June and July. I can click on the auto some function, and you see it rise to summarize from the eight basically all the numeric values which won't be good for us, so we can just modify it and click on the section off the do highlighted area and decrease it so that it always summarizes C eight and the eight can do restrict your left mouse by keeping it down. You can he down there and you see now it highlighted the right area. So I think it's quite useful, although some it's quite useful you need to be. You need to be cautious not to summarize something which doesn't make sense. That was summarizes sales quantity and the sales value so, you know, always need to review out or some, especially if you use it on tables like this, where there are different types of values next to each other. But basically it always summarizes matter Berries above rata Berries on the left or tries a left off it. It's quite useful function. I think you will use it quite frequently, and don't forget to actually check what has it done because it hasn't automatically being executed 12. Adding a new Excel worksheet: in this lecture review Review How to Work with X Server kids When you open a new extra document, it always has a worksheet Deb can see on which work it. You are in the bottom left corner. You see it is called sheet one. If you would like to add a new blank worksheet, you can just click on the plus button to the right from the name off the worksheet. When I click on it with the left mouse button it. Actually, it's a new worksheet fact. Click on the next one It that's a new worksheet, and you can speak in between version by actually clicking on the direction with the left mouse click. You see, this is worship one. I would like to call it next worksheet. Just write something in and virtually for you See, doesn't includes anything. So it's quite simple. Toe purple, different worksheets and at the new direction. Any time. You can also add a new work sheet by clicking on any worksheet with right mouse click that say, I would like to add a new work it here I'm clicking on virtually treated right mouse. Click and click on Insert it the left mouse click. It brings up the exact menu, and I can just select the worksheet and click OK. It added the new worksheet to the left from any existing worksheet. It is called virtual five, in this case without any renaming. 13. Renaming an Excel worksheet: in the section REVIEW REVIEW How to Rename Ever Cheat in General. Then you open the new except equipment. It's It's Berkshire names like Sheet one sheet, Toshi three, etcetera. I think it is always better in a professional environment given name, Toe your Excel worksheet and you can easily rename it You can just selective worksheet. You would like to rename, click right mouse click and select Rename it Is that the adoption. It brings up the name of the worksheet inevitable mood, and you can just rename it like this. One could be renamed a Sales June in July. Obviously, this has a limit, so you cannot write any number of characters. Keep it short and sweet. You can just click on the next worksheet name and you see that the first worksheet kept the name. You can just rename it us. Let's say help there if you would like to keep any data which helps you or you can just really in the next work Ch'tis CEOs I was on September. That's how easy it is to name of worksheet. And once you named your worksheet, actually, you can just move the worksheet with Dragon Drop Kind off left mouse, click on any worksheet and move it that Avery would like. Toa. Let's say if I would like to move, says are boost in September before the happen worksheet I can just regular drop is here and my work she steps in a good order. 14. Moving and Copying an Excel worksheet: this section, I will talk you through how to move or copy on extroverted. As I mentioned, you can just click on any worksheet selected. Keep the left mouse button lamb and you can move the worksheet by bringing it to us left or two wives. Right. This move survivorship within the same excel you can also could be the whole ver cheat into New Excel. You can just click right click on the given except direction. Select move or copy In this case should keep in mind that I have to separate extra documents open. So I have Excel training 520 version one and accept training bedroom one open. If I would like to move or copy this happened work. Shit. I can just right click, select, move or copy And it blows me to say whether I would like to create a copy. In this case, it leaves the health, airbrush it in this except also or if I don't select it them it will actually move it to the other file that a strike board I can say that I would like to moving to the other Excel The Excel trainings there one and I can also actually specify before which version. I would like to move it if I leave it like this. It's a movie before sheet one where I can just decide movie to the end. It will moving after feet one. I can just say OK and see that excess switch to the other exit open except training there one and I had sheet one and helped ever kid, which is a newly copied direction. If I just go back to my first XL, I see that this has been moved half a rush. It has been moved. Let us quickly renamed Sheet for, like, some pervert shit and play that I would like toa cope it so not move but copy it to the other Xer. I can just right click on this worksheet Select move or copy Say, create a copy. I can just say that I would like to have it. I can also have it in a new book if we wish, But I would like to actually move it to the except training the other Excel file and move it before they have their work it so it should journey. Then leave it here in this Excel Training 220 Version one file and also create a copy to the except Training the Rove on Excel file between the two worksheet between sheet one and between help Click OK and you see that xer jump to accepting 01 I have three sheet now. Actually, the semper of Rush It has been moved into the middle. And if I go back to the Excel training 520 file, I see that the simple version stayed here. A sit has been coping instead of moved. 15. Changing Excel worksheet colour: in this section, we review how to change the color off any given except Rashid. You see, you can switch between worksheets by clicking on the name off the worksheet. I am on the sales June and July worksheets, and when I right click on the step with my Mouth, then I can see that I can change the top color. There is a top color selection item, and I can just choose any cooler in general, I would say, If you have multiple steps in Excel File and you know that you have work to do on it, let's say you need to feel in the data for June, July and for our most September. Wherever you are ready, you can choose a color, which is like green, and if you click out from it, it easily tells you that Hey, it's green. I'm ready baited. Let's say, in sales August and September, there is no data yet. I am nowhere near being renovated. I can just right mouse click on it to stop core and choose red. And this were just am easily. I hate that he still some work to do to try to change your color so that he tells you something. Otherwise, it is the easy way to choose and change the color off any excess tab. If I would like to change the August and September sales step core, I can just rightly commitment my most step core and change any other core that say, I'd like to change more range color for this one. 16. Moving and Copying Data into and within an Excel worksheet: If you would like to copy data between X ever sheets or reading Monex ever cheat, you can just select the area that you would like to copy or the data that you would like to copy and use the control. See combination on your keyboard. Click to the other. Except that we would like to copy the data drinking to any cell. And then it was control. We you see that the data is inserted and there is the small control selection books. The based option can be selected. You can also have a preview. You can select and paste the value solely. I use it quite often. You can select the copy and paste off the values and number four month thing or you can just keep the source for nothing. So I encourage you to try this based options. I just based it as cities now and I assure you another way to baste it. It is still in my selection box Still on my copy area. I can also right mouse click and then you see the paste options are showing here. And if I go through this, it will actually show me a preview. This is simple paste. This is based in the values only, so you will lose the former thing. This is actually pasting the formulas. Recent. This had some references, which are completely wrong Now. That's why I don't have values for some sales values. I can actually transpose the whole matrix, which that place is the roles with the columns and the columns feed the trolls. So it is kind of something you can use in some cases. If you need to do this, you can keep the former thing only you can pay some things, pasting everything with the former thing, too. We can also pesetas a picture if you would like. Now it is a picture and it can be moved. If you would like to move some data video in one except virtually it, you can just highlight the area you would like to move. Simply drag and drop with the left months quick and move it very, very like the same way you would move it. Hit control C Control V 17. Deleting an Excel worksheet: If you have an extroverted that you would like to delete because you don't need it anymore than you can just click on the name of the worship, I'd click with your mouse and click on delete area. This feel, actually permanently delete this direction so you need to think about it is really needs to be deleted. Obviously, you can always go back to the previously saved Passion Off Excel. But all the deleted if you think it should be defeated permanently when I defeat on virtually then it disappears from the worksheet selection area. Toby Arrest. In many cases, you see people having additional unnecessary worksheets in an Excel file. I think it is better just leave diverse sheets that actually there is some data that you need to look at. Let's say if you are sending over an ex certified to your colleagues your email, I would encourage you to remove the unnecessary worksheets just to make it easier for them . Focus on the Virgin's, which actually have data in them. 18. Font Formatting (font, font size and format): in this lecture, we review how to format your text in exam. You see, a small table has been prepared. It will be a calendar and to form of your text, you should highlight any self that you would like to form of the text. Let's say I would like to form a January you see on the home tab. There is this phone section. This gives you everything you need. You can make the text bold by clicking on the B button. Be ICOM bold icon. It makes it bold. You can make it italic. If you would like to. You can also underline it. Actually be help off this arrow. You can double underline. You can also change the phones. Type can change it from calibri, too Aria or whichever phoned you prefer. You can also change the phone size by actually setting it. Let's say it was size 11. I can set it to size 14. I can also use thes increase. Fun size decreased from size outcomes. I use it quite often. Toby amassed by clicking on the decrease size Icahn decreases the size. Sleeping on the increase. It increases the size off the formed you have also further options by clicking on the formed settings, and you can further customize how each phone looks like like clicking on it. You see, I have the phone selection, the phone Styx selection, the size election, and I can also set further effects that say, strike through superscript subscript For the sake off this video, I just set January toe Board set it reasonably large formed type, and I also set Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, bold and and also italic. 19. Change Cell background colour and font colour: in the section we review How to change self background color and font color. If you would like to form of this calendar toe, let's say give sale background color to the days to the name off days. I can just use this selection few color selection in the form section off the home tab by clicking on it. You see, I have multiple options to choose from. Let's say I can choose the blue. I can also form of the number off weeks. Let's say I conform of them, but range and I conform a January but a darker blue. My general advice is, don't choose a color which makes the text unreadable. So in this case, the dark blue color obviously is not either for January, but also you can do after former thing the cells. You can also form us the text color. You see this letter here, letter A and this feel Change your phone call or let's say I can set the for January. Why now? This fight color is very much visible and readable. The dire blue background. So my general suggestion is choose your formed galore and their core Bisoli so that the text states always readable. I can just set it like this for the sake off simplicity, because a quickly four months sounds so that it looks a bit more compressed. 20. Copy formatting in Excel: in this section, we review how to go before my thing in Excel. Let's say if I would like to change the weekend they Saturday and Sunday to grayish color, I like that This is not really a working day can just highlight the two weekend days from the first week, and that is this form of painter Icahn. I think it is very useful because you can just select the content very. Would like to copy the four month thing from Click on the former painter and select something else. But we would like to copy. The format is real, like painting. You see, this has just copied the gray formatting to the other cells. Similarly, I can highlight the whole area, click conforming painter and copy the four months to some other cells. Also, I can obviously take some cells where there is no formal thing at all, and then copy it to some other area so that everything is just right again on me. That was for my thing. I think it is quite useful feature 21. Working with Cell Borders: in this section, we review how to work with cell borders and how to form of them so that they look nice, and it really can give sharp look off any table you create. I strongly encourage you to you, sir, Borders, because it helps you to highlight each cell contains information that, at the borders off different informations, Let's say, if I would like to provide cell borders for these given cell, I can just click on the small triangle next to the border icon and I can select from a range of different borders the 1st 1 all the sets, the bottom or their the second little poor There next, only the left side off a cell. That's if I click on it. It always set left side off a cell with a border. You can also said the right border or have no borders at all. You can set all borders or outside borders. Now the cell has outside borders. You can also have a teak outside border or double bottom border. I don't use it to be honest, but I always use the borders. The difference I board. There's all borders and the tick outside borders because it really helps you to highlight very or table is. But if I just highlight my whole Kandahar area for January and say that all borders should be set, you see, it looks much better. I can see there the different cells are much better. I can re highlight the whole area and say that I would like to have a thick outside border . This sets a bit part, the whole table from the rest. I can also say that for January I would like to have a tick outside border and also for the days and the number off weeks. So this whole looks a bit sharper. Also, when you click on the phone section, you see the board there, Deb, and you can actually customize beach side should be hard border. Or you can also set borders across the table so I can create a cell like this. You see, I think it might be useful depending on your needs. Let me click on this again, so fold board there. You can obviously set the color off the bordering. If you would like to say something is red on double border, you can set it. You can fully customize. It can also select the style. If you would like to say something is dotted, I think it can be useful if you think about printing the document, because sometimes print doesn't allows you to see the small differences off colors. But if you started or full line than it can make a difference in a printed version, so think about it when you set the borders. 22. Working with Data alignment within the cell: in this section, we review how to use text alignment in Excel. You have the alignment area under the home tab May menu item. You see, there are multiple options. Let us go through this. If you have a tax, you can. All I need to talk to the middle or to the left if you have a tax which doesn't necessarily is in the right position, really, in the South, you can always change its alignment. You can align it to the top. You see the text moved to the top and into the middle of the cell or aligning to the bottom . You can also say that the test should be aligned left. It is currently left because it is the great out area. You can line it to the middle. You can write to the right off the south. So depending on how you would like to see it visually, you have multiple options to troops from Midian Exxon. Also, you can change the direction off the text, so let's say you can change. The orientation should be anger. Counterclockwise like this. Even necessary. Recommend toe. Do it too often, but again, you can always undo their alignment What I recommend If you have a least which has main items and sub items under it, you can actually use his decrees. Increase Lyman in done section and just let it start to beat towards the right so that usually it's easy to overview, which are the sub tasks. You see, it became much cleaner. Also about more nice. And I meant if you have a long text in excel, then you can always rapid toe fit into the cell. You see, it looks like you can read all the text, but it is not within the borders off the cell. With this rep text, I can you can actually set it so that it breaks them right into the cell. Obviously you can them decrease. The size looks a bit better, but this rep texts something you've you use quiet off them. And if you would like to format or calendar table, you can say that the number of weeks should be in the middle or should be better on the left. Decrease the sale of it. You can say that they should be in the middle and in the middle of the cell, although it's quite alright. January is at the right place currently. So this is how you convert with alignment within text that are always further options. If you click on the arrow in the line and settings area and you can actually have multiple options toe set the direction off the text, do all the some things that we have just done with the individual buttons from video, the line and setting section. 23. Merge and unmerge cells: in this section, we review how to merge and on merge cells in excel. If you have multiple cells that you would like to merge, you can just highlight the cells that say, I would like to merge the cells in or Kalandar table. I highlight all off the south and click on the merged cells icon. This will combine the cells which are highlighted, and keep the upper left value if there are multiple values within the syringe. You see, there is all the one value here January. All the other cells are empty, so the three e three f GGT etcetera are empty. So if I highlight all the strange which is in or calendar table and click on merge south, it actually combines the cells. Now I have all the one cell. This is a merge sell and I can say the island should be within the cell like it in the middle so I can merge Petri before merging cells. This one cell Now I can also show you how the merging off cells work spend. There are multiple data value speeding the sounds that say, If I highlight sub task 2.1212 point two and click on merge cells. You see, I have extra message. Merging sells only keeps the upper left value and these cuts other values. So you should be careful and you're merging cells which have value. You can click OK, it merges the cells, and it only kept 2.1, which was the upper value. I think it is something you you need to be aware off and you can obviously always under Cosell's. But by then you've already lost the value, so you need to make sure that you understand what you are losing and the one immerse as, and it really makes sense for you. 24. Creating Column Chart in Excel: in the section review How to create charts in Excel. Let's start with the column chart. Also separate. Excel Training Worship has been prepared. It's called Excel Training. 810 Belgians There one. It is revenue report. We have two products. Product one and product, too, and the evenings for these products for each month from January to December are visible in the table. Also the summary values, which is just a summary off the reviews for a given product within the time period. So if I would like to visualize it, I can use a chance for it so I can just select to give in the area. But I would like to see on the chart. Let's say I would like to see the product one. Revenue from January to December. I can actually click on the in their section. It is just next to the home button and in their charts. You see this chance area in the middle of the screen upper area of the screen and you have these column or bar chart. If I click on it, selection box opens down and I can just choose simple column type off chart. Toby inserted If I click on it, they see that the data is visualized and I can just move these charts, as I would like to with the left mouse click. Damn, I can change the size off the table to make it as pleasing visually as possible. This is product renew for a given moment, and it just makes it easy to see that I had jump up in renew in sales in May, and the strongest month was December, and we had a quiet week April. So basically, this helps you to visualize that the term you can also just remove chart by clicking on it and pushing the delete button. If I would like to see how it looks with this type of chart for product, from product to for these moons, I can just highlight the area from B to D 14. Click on insert, go to the chart area with my mouth, becoming that Colin or by a child in just select the chat I would like to see this instantly places the data from both product one and product to into the champ. So now I have the visual to easily compare the sales off these two products for these bones . So I see that product review exceeded productive in January, also in February. But March was very, very strong for Producto. I see this high orange bar that it just far exceeds product one renew. It just helps us to see how the sales off these two products compares for each month. I can just remove this child for the sake of simplicity and truly what happens if I highlight from the area? Let's say I also include some area. I can just come in their chart and you see that is the some which I don't necessarily would like to see hear. And what can I do? I can click on the chart and it highlights the area where the data is coming from and come back to the table. You see, I highlighted the area. This is blue highlighted part, and I can just left mouse click and decrease the area that the data comes from Now the some area in the chart will disappear, but I relieve my left mouse button. So now you see that a smaller area has bean selected and also the chart changed instantly. Similarly, if I only would like to see it from January to June. I can just change the input data area, and I see a smaller table of it. Last moments included that say, I would like to include everything. So this is how it can easily build the child. And this is how you can change the data area the child uses as an input after you created a child. I hope it helps if you all we would like to see product to but you can do is tow. Select the cells from B to B 14 push down the control bottom, so continue selection. Condi, toe the left mouse button, scroll down the 14. Now you have highlighted these two column areas, and you can just click on Insect Select that you would like to insert a three d klum and what you have just done. You only included the product to review into the chart because this is variable. Data comes from the first column has been taken as horizontal axes like January, February March, etcetera and the product to review area has been taken as the data input data set, which is then visualized in your child 25. Creating Pie Chart in Excel: in this section, we review How to Create a pie Charts in Excel If you have an Excel table, you can just highlight the area that you would like to use to create a pie chart. Click on insert and in the chat section, which is in the middle upper area off your screen. You see by chapter in the pie chart, or don't a chance if you click on it, you see that you have multiple types off catcher that you can insult. I just recommend to insert a simple patch at this time. You can also use three D by Charles Looks very fancy as you prefer, you can insert different types of pie charts. Let's stay with the simple to the pie chart. This is how come in that by chance, if you would like to insert pie chart all before the some sales for products or product to please just highlight the upper area and also highlight the area over. The numbers are by pushing down control the left mouse button and scrolling bit doors. Right, so you have highlighted now sells from B to D two and tells from the 15 till 15. Then we called the pie icon in the chance Syria and you their child. You see, in this case we have by chart only four the some data because this is what we have highlighted. If you double click, you can also see that the area is highlighted. 26. Renaming and formatting an Excel Chart: the current section of your review. How to format any chart that would be a pie chart or a history Graham type of chart. You can just select the child by clicking on it the left mouse button, and you can individually select in the chart area like the child title, the child itself or the label area. By selecting the child title and clicking in it, you can actually modify the tax. Let's say I am. I'd name it from some to some review, and by clicking on the home tab, you can actually make the text bold. You can change the text. Let's say I'm changing it. Toe that bloom, increase the phone size justice with any other text, the nuclear gonna chat. Some other good thing to know you have this plus button, which allows you to change the chart elements. You can remove the legend, add it back. You can remove the chart title, add it back. Similarly, you can change data labels, and these basically puts the underlying numbers to the chart. You see product to removals $985 product one was $1380 so you can just set it to fit outside the box. And by removing and adding the chart title back, it has removed my three weeks change. So I rename it. Now again, this is how or chart could be aerated, the same for the other type of child. You can just say that you would like to add a chart title, say, actually immune her product. Her moment. This is what this chart is about. You can actually make it larger so that it is more visible kicking on a child and clicking on the painter icon. You can select charts ties, which is just a great help us. You can select and also preview how it would look like with capital letters how it would look like the different style in the programmes themselves so you can just scroll down and check the different redefined chart. Types think this can easily have you to create a very good looking charge. Then you can customize as the former chart area also opened, so you can just customize the background off the chart. This can basically ensure that the style off your child accommodates to your company or to your own personal needs. so I can really encourage you to try out this options is this can be really helpful to customize your chapped. But in most cases, to be honest, I just leave it. A symbol is possible. You can also have access titles, the good option to at sometimes. And I'm just removing the data labels this time. But I can name the excess like new, and the other axis is phones like most move. It usually helps you to customize your chart, and I encourage you to try out all this options. 27. Copying the chart into word document or power point presentation: in this section. Let us review how to copy data, let it be tables or chance from Excel Toe other Microsoft office applications. Most common thing, these two could be a table or a child. Let's say, a child which is created in Excel into Microsoft Birth to create a report or create any Britain documentation, you can just click on the child. Push control, See, then click on the Verge document. Let's say I would like to send me to say its revenue report, then click Control We and then the charities pasted into world can also select how you would like to paste it, use destination team and embed their book. Don't really recommend this. Keeps us. Formatting and embed were book use. Destination team keeps those for my thing and Data ling or justice picture. To be honest, in most cases, I use paste this picture because then I I'm sure that whatever I pasted into world states like this, even if I modify excel later and if there is a new version off it, I can just copy paste. It's a picture again toe the world document. I think it's just easier to fully understand that verdict Mint stays unchanged. But if you change the excel and you know when we update any given document so I just insert this s a picture and then I can modify it as a picture. The invert the same is if I click back to my excellent and I would like to be there the sales revenue report on just pushing controversy. Actually, I can just right mostly and say copy, I can click to my power point, which is like sales renew, slide, then right click on the slide and I instantly see the paste options so I can just simply select basit us a picture. This is the easiest way to manage it within Power point. I can move it around within Power point picture. 28. Viewing Excel worksheet in Print mode: in this section, we review how to view your Excel. Document your except direction in apparent mold. If you have an extra abruption having multiple items on it like a table in two charts, you can never be sure. Have it feel looking printing. So it is just safer to go from the home tab to the View tab, which is in the upper right area off the main menu. When you click on it, you see this page break down you. If you click on it, then it allows you to see how your document would look like in a printing mode. You can also actually enlarge this area by clicking with the left mouse button to the right bottom part of the square and enlarging it. Now you see very speech one beach to base three so you can just actually change the page size. You can just move your content. If you would like to see the second serious with new bear product, Fairmont Table on the second page in the COC view on the first page, you can just arrange your ranger content. Yes, you would see it. Feet think it is a quiet, great feature off Excel to view your document in opinion mode. I'm just freaking out formally small to normal view. And now you can see there the page borders are with the slightly visible, dotted line between Page K and out on Big Miro 40 and 41. You see, it just gives you a preview. Very old page break would be some other weight view. Within a print mode, you can click in the final menu. There you see the Save savers and cleaned area and you click on print. It gives you the printing view. So you see, now we have six pages because this is Germany is highlighted on the previews. You moved on the first page. The content would be looking like this. You cannot change it at this time. Can also switch to the second page with the next pharaoh in the bottom area off the screen . This is their second chart. Ease the sister of new permanent Terrible and the third stage. It will be obviously empty. Don't want to bring this empty pages. This is how you can preview how your Excel document would look like. Then you printed before you print it, especially if you use paper which you don't want to waste 29. Change page layout (portrait / landscape): in this section, we review how to change the page layout. You can click to find menu than select print, and there is a layout option in the settings. The default option is the Portray layout, which books like Normal a four page and you can change it to landscape Lay out there. It's a bit more horizontal than there to go. This is how you can change the layout off the print. And if you go back to the view area to the Excel, you can see the page break you. You can just customize the view so that you see that it fits your your content feats to the page. So I would like to say that these sales revenue product pheromones he's also on the first page. I just could be based control C control be in the range my content so that it looks quite all right on the rampage fashion. You can also make sure that you have the stable in a bigger version. On the second page, you can just removed a page from the print. I actually decreasing this area. You can actually arrange your content as you wish, and you can set the individual pages by clicking on this blue selector line and moving it round. So if I check it now, I have the first page that are my table and my to charge. There is the second day there is only my sales revenue. Productor mourn table in a large restaurant, and that is spatially, which is empty. It can also remove it by decreasing the stable. See, this is how I introduced the H three jube even empty chair. I just leave it here to show What can we do? Beat it later on now and you click on the fireman, you click on the print area. You see that the first page contains the child, the table and the two charts. The second page, if you click to the next page, contains all the process of new per product moment table in a larger version, and the third page is actually anti. This is how you set landscape orientation and arrange your content accordingly. In the print. More 30. Change print margins: that's review how to change the print layout and customize it for your needs. When you are in the view tab in Excel, you can actually click on the page layout area. You see there is some margin on the left on the right in the upper area and in the bottom of the page. You can use it to at food, or if you're rich, you can add the local. Or you can just add title for the whole page, like safe soon. But if you would like to change the margin, you have the chance to change it from within this view by clicking with left mouse. Click on the margin area you see the current margin is 1.73 centimeters holding your left mouse button and then changing the margin by scrolling with your mouth. Who? This is one way to arrange your content and change the margin according to your needs. Some other way to do this is click on the file menu. Thank Link imprint and then you are in the print mood you see below orientation landscape orientation. You can actually customize the letter size based on your painting area. How big your paper is you can paint a three a four a five, but you can actually change the margin. Change it tomorrow wide normal or last custom setting. I would recommend to be careful with the margin of you, so you don't want to have unnecessary margins, but also you don't want to lose any information. So it might be that with narrow margins I had there is not visible or some information is not visible on the paper. Think about it and you can actually see it in the preview. This is how you can set margins for printing and further customized heather and the food in any exception document. 31. Select number of prints / printer or print to pdf: in this section REVIEW REVIEW How to select the print type printer. It served the number off pages that you could come. The fireman you when you think you're already with printing, click on the fireman, you select print you see you can set the number of copies right in the top corner. If you would like toa Heavy Tinto vengeance, let's say print everything twice. You can just set the copies to to or if you would like to hand it out to five people and you can set it to five. You can actually said the print there in the next section. The default ease Microsoft bring to PDF to save paper. This would print a speedy if I that we can save into our desktop or whichever folder we would like to save it. Or alternatively, you can also click on this our own to set the Pinter's the printer status. And if you have any network Pinter already configured, you can select it to print it in a physical paper. But you can also select facts if you have fax machine collected other settings into the pages, which is quite useful. You can say that you would like to have five copies, but only from page one to page two. It would mean that it would print first page that we have a table and two charts the second page where we have the sales revenue per product paramount in a bigger version. But we don't bring the last empty paging five because this would be just based off for energy. So I think it is quite useful to understand how you can set the number of copies print. There are actually the type off print life into PdF. To be honest, this is the most used version for me and those so you can said the number of pages or actual page ideas that you would like to print. If you only would like to play in the second page, you can say that pages to to is that you would like to print, and they will. All the print the second page, in fact, versions of usually if you bring to PdF, it doesn't make sense to print it in five Asians or the foundation is more than enough. You can email it to as many people as you would like to, and then you should just click on the print button to begin printing