NEW - Metallic Watercolor Gift tags and Holiday Cards | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

NEW - Metallic Watercolor Gift tags and Holiday Cards

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years

NEW - Metallic Watercolor Gift tags and Holiday Cards

Kellie Chasse, Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years

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9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Intro Gift Tags and Cards for the Holidays Metallic Watercolor

    • 2. Using Metallic Watercolors

    • 3. Practice by creating gift tags

    • 4. Pine cone card

    • 5. Free hand pine cone

    • 6. Rustic Deer

    • 7. Silver Island

    • 8. Final Project

    • 9. Outro

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About This Class

Hello my Arty Peeps!

I hope you will join me in this fun little class were we will create some lovely Gift Tags and Cards using these beautiful shimmering shades! 

These are super shiney, and fun to paint with.  Create a quick and simple gift tags for the holiday season. 

We'll paint some berries, leaves, and more.  We'll cover a number of quick little projects under 10 minutes or less. 

These are all beginner paintings and make great warm ups for any crafter or painter, plus it's a fantastic way to create multiple cards for a quick but rewarding image to gift.   

Let's relax and Explore some metallic watercolor paints in shades of gold, copper and silver. 


Get your supplies ready  ... and let's start having fun creating these project together! (supply list is under Class Project resources) 

Feel free to find my social media platforms in the profile section. I would love to see your final paintings posted there.

Join me in class today and let's get started! 

A time for just you to mediate, relax, and enjoy! 


A Simple Living, Full Time Artist, and Instructor from Maine

Legal Info: Thanks for watching my channel I am affiliated with Amazon and This Channel accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. I only recommend items that I personally use and like and hope that my opinion helps others.

Safety Note:  When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.  If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer or your doctor before using.

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Kellie Chasse

Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years





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First of all, I wanted to thank you for joining me, listening ... See full profile

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1. Intro Gift Tags and Cards for the Holidays Metallic Watercolor : Let's get ready to create your own gift tags and beautiful cards for the holidays, we will be using metallic water colors in this watercolor class. These are super glittery, fun and exciting to paint with. Hi there. My name is Kelly chassis. I am a full time artist in YouTube content creator, and I have over now almost 20,000 students online from 93 different countries, and I've been doing this for over 15 years, and I am loving every minute of it. It makes me so excited to see brand new students jump in, start getting creative, and boy creativity is such a important thing in today's world. A great time to relax, to meditate and just have some quiet time or me time. This is going to be a beginner class of very simple, easy instructions will be mixing. Some colors will be doing some layers and wet and what techniques, but mainly using these beautiful metallic paints. So we will be doing a lot of different little projects in this course will start out by creating some little homemade gift tags using little holly Berries, some fir trees. We'll walk you through all the steps on how to create some of these that will move on to making some homemade cards. And all of these projects really are simple enough for the very beginner. And you might learn a few tips if you are an advanced painter on a few things here and there, and they'll only take you usually roughly around 10 minutes to complete. So if you are excited to try metallics, learn a little bit about creating some very simple yet elegant cards and tags for the holidays. Then join me today and we'll get started. 2. Using Metallic Watercolors: Well, hello there. And welcome to the class. We're gonna be working with metallic watercolors today. First thing we're gonna do is gonna create ourselves a lovely color chart. So pick these up from Amazon. There are many different brands that you could buy for metallic paints. These were really inexpensive about the money. Amazon. They're only like, $9.99 us. And they are Japanese. And I'm gonna take a guess on how pronounces I think it's more by Japanese was describes the subtle beauty of sunlight shining through leaves of the trees and the dance. The rays may said these watercolors really beautiful. They're highly pigmented. The set includes six colors that we're gonna try and here, and they separate out of this little cardboard trays. So I have the first color is copper, which is colored a a. And I'm just I spritz the colors first before I started just to make sure they're nice and juicy, and they will start to flow really easy. And I do have my a tease. A watercolor sheets is a watercolor pad that I purchased, and it's £140 cold pressed paper. But again you can use any type of watercolor paper that you like. The first thing I want to do is see how translucent they are. And if you had just a little bit of water, you can see that there very light and airy. And the more I go into this is mixed this up and make a real sick pigment or paint. I can get this very opaque looking, two more solid color in here. Beautiful. So we're gonna move on to our second color, which is called a Rose gold. And they do have a number to be a and this is a really unique color. I think this is really pretty. They're already really pretty. You'll hear me say, have a lot. And they have so many different colors as well that are available in all these metallics. Well, just dark in that one. Oppa's well again, you can see that it's quite opaque if you add another layer of color on top. We are ready for our third color. Here is a beautiful bronze color, which is a que and this one, um, was probably the my second favorite of all the colors next to the gold which will be doing next. I can't like the seller to Ferrell really pretty. And these air really great pains to use with your you know, your holiday cards or, if you want to add a little sparkler jazz to your your regular cards. Birthday cards. Really any type any any type of cards throughout the whole year? These air Ah, greatly thing toe add on top of regular watercolors. Even so, this is the yellow gold A. D from this one is a really pretty as well, and we'll just thicken it up here so you can see the difference between more opaque and more translucent. I prefer probably for these really the Morro Peak look. So you do have to really work the pains to get them going. Makes you add enough water to them toe. Really stir them up. And this is a you, which is the color light gold. This is really pretty as well, and then for our final color that comes in this kit. It's a vey and it's called Color silver, which we're going to be using in this course. We're gonna do a couple little demos with silver. It's really pretty so always a great idea to have your color chart. If you want to label the colors and even keep this, if you cut it, you could cut it to size and tuck it rate underneath and that we'll always have your color chart for your kit said You're using. So we'll let this dry and we are ready to move on. Teoh are our first project with our metallic paints. 3. Practice by creating gift tags : be there. OK, so let's get started. We're gonna practice a little bit here using the metallic paints. And I thought, Why not? Since we're so close to the holiday season, we will create some little holiday tags so you can tear up any type of watercolor paper that you have, and I just section them off into these smaller shapes. So this is, ah, sheet of water color card paper by Strathmore, and I love these cut thes inhabits the perfect little five by seven if you're working with creating your watercolors, but I want a double is up and cut them into smaller strips for our our gift tags, I could create 6246 of these little gift tags and I have this little hole puncher. I'll leave you the link as well in the pdf so you can purchase this. I got this one on Amazon. It just punches that little tag. These are also great if you want to hang necklaces or some of your jewelry using this, it works out wonderful with watercolor paper. One thing to remember is you're gonna make sure that you have the right side that you're painting on these cards have one side that's really smooth. And then the other side has more of the two through the more of the texture to it, and the one with the texture is what you want to paint on. So for this first demo, I'm actually going to be using my Cottman kit here, and we're gonna make a really pretty teal green color. So I'm using my Verdean green burn number and cobalt blue for this to make this beautiful teal shade. And then we're gonna create just some little flower, her little pedals. You could see that I'm leaving a little bit of that white spaces for a little bit of a highlight in the leaf pattern itself. Now I am using a very small brush for this of very tiny one with a flying point to it. Depending on the size of the pedal that you're making, you could make use a larger brush if you want, But the key is just to have that fine tip at the end so that you could get that nice sharp peak up at the very tip of your leaf. Just makes it a little easier here. Have to paint it in quite as much. Let's rinse our brush off and then we'll make some silver little Berries. But first, let's go ahead and just touch a little bit that silver in here in the leaf. So this is still wet, and that's blooming beautifully into the shape of the flowers. I'm just hitting the very end of that leaf. And now let's go ahead and make some little round circles again, leaving a little bit of white space to give a little highlight in there. If you do touch any of those leaves, it's OK. Some of that silver will just bleed into that till she that you have and I want to want to mention in the teal shade. It's mostly the blue, and the green is very little brown, and they're the brand will just make it a little bit richer, a little bit darker. So try not to over to the Browns. Here's a close up of that brush that I will be using, and again, I will link that for you in the description from the pdf so that you can have that these air, not very, are very expensive brushes, and they're used for silk painting, so they work wonderful with watercolor. Suitable. Simplest. Try a 2nd 1 And I'm gonna mix a little bit more of the darker green with a brown this time . And we're gonna create ourselves some for branches from our pine trees. You know, I'm just using the very tip of that brush. I could get a very fine straight a narrow line with this and you can see I'm holding my brush, right? Maybe. Ah, halfway down. And I'm just using a flicking emotion with my wrist just to create that a really quick short stroke. And I'm creating that in different directions. They're all going in the same direction, usually for trees there. Needles are very distinct and they will go in different directions. But it's usually there's not many on the bottom. There's not many on the top, so they tend to spanned out, span out more on the sides. So let's go ahead and mix up some of those beautiful copper in here, and we're just gonna layer that right on top, creating some more of those pine needles. Easy that is as beautiful. It's just a fresh looking way to package your your gifts or you could even give. This is a bookmark. We want to make him a little bit longer, Mark All sorts of ways to use thes. So I'm gonna do the same with Berries in here. If you want to go more traditional, Officer, you can use the greens and the reds. Maybe add a little bit of the silver on top and making that same shape for those little leaves. Let's go ahead and put another one of those branches right here. You could see how quick I move when I'm doing this. You know, every single branch is not painted 111 And because I think you get so in your head sometimes when you're you're painting slowly like that, sometimes when you're you want to make a little bit more messy, a bit more realistic looking natural, you just gonna go for it. And so you'll notice that I do a lot of fast, fast marks with these are fast strokes. I'm a little bit more intentional when I'm making my first line as to where that's going to go. This have more. Just more of the copper in here, less of the green and very light branches off in the distance. That's Ah, how cute is that? There's a very simple yet elegant and I mean they're perfect for giving as gift tags or packages or bookmarks or jewelry. And really, there's all kinds of things that you can do without. So I've let both of those dry completely. And now I want to make just a little bit darker shade for some pop of color or dimension in their paintings so mixed up that same shade. I'm just gonna add that to the outside here. Now, the key to this is to have it all completely dry. Heralds This is going to blend into those other colors. We want a real sharp contrast with us. We'll even throw a little bit here into our Berries in the center, just again for a little bit more of a pop of color. No easy that it really makes it, um, come to life. I think that's always important. Teoh, you know, work with your watercolors, see what you like. If you like that very light and airy look that is beautiful in itself. But if you want to make it pop just a little bit more that, adding that darker value on top once it's dry really makes a difference, have gone ahead and add a little bit of that dark green on top of our for branches as well . And again, you don't need a lot. Just a little bit will go a long way, so are cuter. Those let's go ahead and just do a couple more. Since we're working with our buries it, let's go ahead and add a little bit of the red. I think we'll make some a larger one, so you can really use these concepts in all different ways. I'm again. I'm doing the Berries, but it looks completely different cause I'm using the red. It will make please a little bit darker, a little bit bigger and leaving that a little bit of white space in there to give it that shine. Or the highlight is from your light. That makes a big difference is well, just at leaving a little bit of light in there. If you accidentally cover it up and you want a little bit more white in there, you can do that by using a little bit of whitewash, adding a little snow on top. Maybe we'll do that a little bit later. So I think those were good sides again, like adding a little bit of silver to this while they're wet and you'll see her in a minute , I'll show you when these air done and dry how much sparkle this adds to your gift tags, and it just makes it very festive. And I didn't rinse. My brush off here got a little bit of that red still in there. You can barely see it, but as just a little tent of color to that silver, which is really pretty. So sometimes washing your brush out is not necessary. And again, this makes it just so pretty with having that shiny sparkle that will show you in a second can understand how pretty it is until you actually see it. Once it's dried and in the and a nice lighting love one more here can. It gives it a just a sweet little new look using those same same shapes, and we'll do one more here with a green. This one is more traditional. You see if my brush really does most of the work for that shape. I don't have to do. A whole lot of you get the right brush. It really makes a difference. Play with your brush because you all different types of shapes with these again adding a little bit of silver while it's still wet. And I want to show you here when I add some Berries. Some red ones show you here with a wet and wet. If we add some of those darker values, you can see where that cherry already turned, or that against the holly turned dark by adding that red to the green because you were picked up some of those other colors a little bit of blue to that, that balloon the red will make purple. And while a bitter that blue on top of the green as well, This one is not a sharply defined of the other ones, because you see how that blend blend in there a little bit more. But look at that shine that sparkler, as isn't absolutely gorgeous. It's perfect for holidays, and you can see I left a lot of space in the center here with a lot of these, just so I can write my to and from, or write a little note in there with the gift that we're giving. Let's go ahead and try one more. This is on just 1/2 sheet, and now I'm using a really pretty blue deep blue again, creating some more of those for tree for branches. It's a little bit larger, so you can see a little bit better what my little stroke marks. Or like some of my little sicker than others. Again, if you put a bit more pressure down on your brush, you could make him a little bit wider. Let's bring another prurience down this way. If it helps you to, you can always turn your paper upside down or left right. But if it's a little bit easier for you to work on again, these are not all the same. Whit. I put different pressure down on my brushes. I'm making these and that we'll get some variation in your little branches. You another little small one over here, and just to make it a little wispy, you could see where some of those were overlap a little bit. We'll add some more of those Berries again, leaving that little bit of a highlight in here and it will continue to fill in just a few more of these in a couple of areas. Remember, this is part of your playtime. So while you're working on these, I don't want you to get to heading about where everything's gonna go. What's it gonna look like? I just want you to practice creating those shapes, those leaves and the pine needles. And this is really all about play. And, you know, this really helps you with your composition to as you you start to work on things and you start to add things you can think. Oh, I really wish I would have put a leaf here instead of hear, Wish I would add in more Berries. And, you know, this is something that when you practice, it really helps you grow as an artist, even for me. I see these, especially when I'm practicing. Oh, you know, I should have put it here. I should put there. And then when I go to do my final piece, I have a better idea as to where I want things. So I don't think the every paying that these artists are doing are coming out perfect every time because they're not. It takes practice even for people that have been doing it for years. So now I'm getting just adding because these are still wet. Just adding a little bit of touch of silver in there. Just for a little highlight. Pretty again. Very simple. So go ahead and practice those, and I'm gonna show you next how to create a very simple pine cone. 4. Pine cone card : So go ahead and will practice doing a pine cone. Now, I have done a pdf sketch here for you that you could print. Al, This is the perfectly drawn pine cone. Where is the one I'm gonna be doing here? Is this a very light sketch? And I actually went ahead and took thes pains, and it did the very tips of the pine cones. You see how beautiful that that is? So this would be a great little project on its own. So this is a lie that I had one head in just Freehand sketch really quickly for the demo. And this is in my art easa watercolor notebook and just want to show you how you can create a really fast a little card. I do have the watercolor strathmore card. These are great for as well. So you can either choose to do a demo on your watercolor paper or you could attach this to a watercolor card as well, or you can do it directly on your watercolor card, and we're gonna do a 2nd 1 on a watercolor card here when I'm done and will do more of ah ah one without even sketching anything down. So if you want to create on without sketching, you could do that. So I am taking my silver, paints my hotel, it paints. And again, I have my silver brush that I'm using for this. And I'm just going to really quickly just fill this all in with a silver. So this is a very light coat. This is not real thick. You can still see my pencil lines right through it again. This is great for practicing. And then we're gonna just fill this entire pine cone in with the silver. These air, how are pine cones are in main ones. They've been opened. So I actually on my Facebook page. I actually had some that were closed up, and I opened them up and showed a picture of them on my Facebook page where I put it in oven for a while. It to 25 they actually opened right up. So this is what they look like once they're open. And they do have a lot of pitch on them so that you can see where it's a little bit shiny where the pitches. So we have this awful, then just catching up those edges just a little bit more. And before this derives, I'm just going to really quickly put in a little bit of this beautiful copper or it on top . And what's gonna do the very tips of this a couple areas and throughout here. And you can see how fastest and easy this is just to create a pine cone. Or you can get into a lot of details, which I have in the original PDF sketch that I have for you. But if you want something more crafty and just very light area and fun, you could do this very fast. And as I said, it makes a great little card. It's trying to make sure I got those edges of each of the tips of those becoming all different directions in here. So that's it. I'm done, and I'm just going to do a nice little lining all around the edge of this card or painting using that same copper. If you wanted a perfectly straight line, you could always take this out as well. So I am not the best Lederer. This is one of the things that I really need to work on myself. But I did want his show. You hear my calligraphy pan and is how I do my writings. So if you have enough space down here at the bottom, you can write any type of little message on here. This would be wonderful for even, like Thanksgiving for the fall for the holidays for Christmas. I'm gonna write Merry Christmas, and I'm gonna be using my calligraphy pen for this, just dipping it into a little puddle of the paint that I have created here in the dish. So you do need to make sure you got enough water in here for this to really move and pick up and you need any clicker, creep end. This one actually comes with a lot of different Nibs within this five to written them. So if you want to make a little bit wider, you could you may have to go. We're just a couple of times to make it just a little bit thick enough so that you can see it. They could also use some embellishment, ISMs, some stamping, really anything in here. But again, it's just a way to personalize a little card. So we're gonna let this dry And this is the finished A look, and let me just pick this up so you can see the beautiful sheen again that that offers they're pretty so sparkly. So the next up, we're gonna be actually creating wanna this time with just our brush. 5. Free hand pine cone: So for this one, we're gonna do a second pine cone. It's time. We know drawing were to be doing this one just with our brush, and we're gonna add a little bit darker values to this will also be using a little bit of wash. So this is thestreet more water color cards. I'm just gonna full that in half. You can see here how, and that creates a lovely little card. And again, we want to make sure you're painting on the correct side. You know, we're gonna do a pine cone out without drawing anything that's could be scary for some folks. But again, this is one of the things that really recommend that you practice. So make sure you have that side that's got a little bit of the tooth to it that's aside that we're gonna be painting on, not this smooth surface. And again, I'm going to take my paints and going to add a little bit of water to them because I want them to be very juicy. This one started to dry up from the last one, so you put a little puddle of water in there and you could see how you get that brush going and you'll thicken this up and you get a little bit more pigment in here as you work with us. So you see, it's still pretty watery at this point. So we're gonna thinking that it just even a little bit more. And now I'm going to in the middle of that piece of paper, and I'm just going to take that brush and push it down and pull, and that's gonna create that little shape for the pine cone. Now, for the brush I'm using here is a watercolor brush. It doesn't have as much of a tip on it. This one is a round brush by Kalinsky against my very favorite brushes. They are made with sable in the last year really long time, long as you take care of them. So make sure you rinse them off and use some special soaps to keep them nice and clean. After you're done and let them dry flat. I want to do a 2nd 1 right beside it here again, just pushing down and pulling and turning my brush left and right. So I want to make that shape of that pine cone and then at the bottom there just kind of funny the way that there, you know, you're not seeing a whole lot of detail in here, So this is more of an illusion, and then the very end of the pine cone. So there we have a ship of red pine cone with the silver, and then we're gonna go ahead and add that border all the way around again. I will tell you this. Make sure your border is completely dry before you put your hand on it. I've done this before where I put my risked right into the wet paint and then I left marks everywhere. So make sure you dry a border. You could even do your border first if you want to. If you're concerned with that, so we have our silver down. This is nice and dry now, and I'm going to mix up a little bit more of that same teal blue that we use before using the brown, a little bit of cobalt blue that it's got a little bit of green. It is two different types of blue that are in your common kit. No one is ultra marine blue and others cobalt blues have used a cobalt blue it tends have a little bit more of that green undertone to it. And now this time, instead of on the tips, we're gonna have a darkest shades. We're gonna actually go into the inside near the base of those little pine cones. And if you look at the pine cone in the top left hand corner, appear the rial one. You can see where those darker values are. They're more down in the center and hidden in there, so that's where the light does not get to. So that's where it's a really dark. And those were your doctor values they're gonna pay. So you have switched to my silver tipped brush A gangs. I wanted to have a nice fine point on this one, and they could get me into those little nooks and crannies in there and give me a chance to do a little bit more detail ing down near the bottom. Let's get you close up here. I'm going and taking just a few of those and a little bit darker under in the center here as well. No, really, the 2nd 1 the same way this feeling of in Nice in lightly. Don't go too heavy. Try to keep it near the underneath of those. You sure that your tips have a lot of light again feeling in that bottom area. So let's say we want to put in a few more of those Berries and fuel Italy used down in the corner. And because that is nice and dry, you can see that I can actually paint over that silver now, in creating some of those nice leaf shapes, we're gonna fill this one right in and we use a little bit of white wash Move it out of fuel highlights in here after get a couple more little Berries and it's just in a little right hand corner here. Could always leave yourself again enough room if you wanted to move those Pangos toe left to the right again so you could have an area for your writing. If you want, I'm gonna grab my Wyke Wash. You could say I got a little heavy with one of those bottom leaves. There may be a little bit too wide, so this is a great way to fix something. If you have a mistake. No quash is more opaque. It's got a chalky appearance. I use this a lot of my classes, and I'm just gonna mix a little bit of water. This is, Ah, watercolor paint, so that means that you can add water to it. You can blend it. You could move that. You contend it out. You do all the things you come with. Watercolor. The only thing that is different is it does leave that chalky white appearance or a little bit of a chalky appearance afterwards. So whenever you put wash down, keep in mind that that may legal texture on your watercolor paper. If you try to paint over it and you will notice that my leaves here are still a little wet , so my white wash is not is not white. It's picking up the the other color underneath. So the more that you work with squash and the more that you continued at layers them or that darker pigments from underneath will come through. So if you want to keep it bright white, you want really, really thick and you want to put it on more like house paint consistency. Not sick like toothpaste. Does that leave it clumpy on you. If I wanted to spread, why can use a little bit less of the water and let that blew dry underneath before putting this on here? If I wanted it white, so next will be painting a few deer's. 6. Rustic Deer: So here's another simple one. If you want glamour with the metallics but yet still a little bit rustic. So we're gonna do this, little dear, and I do have a pdf again for you. If you want to trace that one out, you can print that up and copy that from the pdf. So I'm gonna use at the Rose Gold for this one, and we're just gonna fill the head of the deer in. If I add some water to this, you could see where I come. Still blend that. But it's very thin now or one at another copper color rate over this one should be careful when you're shaping around some of these areas. You don't want outside lines too much of a literally make your dear look a little funny. Try to keep that shape as much as you can. And again I'm using that same little fine tipped brush that makes it really easy to be able to control where you're putting your paints. When Aaron set off was a little bit of that copper to it, just for another variation of color. And this is again still wet. So we're just gonna drop a little bit of that darker shade in here. Yeah. I mean, careful on those edges and that will ever got to eat. The ears will put the ears in that rose goal, and then we'll do. The antlers will make those make those silver. Now, I'm gonna use my brush for this one. But if you have metallic little pen things like them, it might be a little easier to follow some of these lines for the antlers. Time's gonna be very carefully, Just basically tracing those lines with my brush. Using the very tip again, you may want a very fine number zero watercolor brush for this. The one I'm using here is actually number four. But again, depending on what kind of brush it is, if it has a very sharp tip on it, then you probably could use a wider brush for it. But this Ah, this one actually has a very good tip for a size four. But the body of it is a little bit wider. I will make a note, though, that the smaller the brushes, the less pigment it's going to hold. So sometimes it's easier if you have a little bit wider belly on your brush, so holds a little bit more of the pain. So I think I want that just a little bit darker. It seems to be a little bit too transparent in the body of the deer, so let's go ahead and add a little bit more of that copper using a little bit less water. This time, I don't want to add it everywhere. Just want added here and there. Just give a little bit of variation so we have a nice little space underneath. The deer again would be a great spot to write something. But I'm just going to show you we could make a little pattern here. Almost like a little half reef. We'll do the other side. I could have connected a little bit straighter, but that's OK. We could always throw some little more or the Berries in there. You could deal reef in their bow. Lots of little things that you can do, and I'll leave that up to you. I just want to show you just a very quick, little, rustic way to do a deer, and sometimes it's difficult to trace these things out. So having that little pdf for you. Hopefully will be helpful. But again, you go ahead and sketch it out. See if you can do it without using the pdf to start. So this would be pretty for someone that loves nature. Or someone that is Mary would see re outdoors. Totally like this one's. Well, of course, I went through a little bit more of that same pillar copper in here just for another layer and that I am thinking we could make this a little root off. What do you think? A little silver on the end of the nose here. So there we go. That's what it needed. So that one was really simple. Right? Let's go. Ah, one more step. Get a little bit more detailed with the 2nd 1 So I'm gonna be using that same beautiful teal that we used in our other a pine cones and gonna fill that. And again, I've traced that one out. I've made his ah, his horns a little bit more pronounced on this one, and I squared off his nose just a little bit more so you can change the dynamics. That's what I've also made it a little bit wider down here on the bottom and you'll see why here in the seconds we're gonna fill of this bottom piece in, get the ears in here too. And when I straighten it out just a little bit, make him look less feminine. I think this more risk or your head. Just shape that a little bit more there. Think it goes this enough space. So I now have a dark blue that I'm adding to this just in the center, and I'm going to create an illusion of trees in here. You probably have seen this before. It's beautiful. People put thes trees in just about everything. I'm seeing him with butterflies, with dolphins with it. Really? Any animal? Elephants start to say that, Um, so we're gonna do with this with the deer, and I think I've even seen deer before and bear all kinds of different ones. So this is just a really pretty way, especially here in Maine, because we have a lot of trees and nature. This is a beautiful way to just add a little bit more dimension to your card. So go ahead and put in a little bit of the silver on top of that and just again shaping that out a little bit more. Well, while it's dry a little bit, let's go ahead and put a little bit of the silver in the horns in that silver is really pretty. When it's flat, buddy. It's hard to see sometimes. So we're gonna add a little bit of blue to that in a minute. Give him a little nose for Rudolph, and they were to go back in with a little bit of that darker blue again. Now that that has drive a little bit, still a little wet, it's still moving a little bit that they were gonna go in with some more silver after this one's dry. We need to build upon this a little bit green, a little bit of shadow in here, in the underneath, double sprigs of trees here. Maybe a tall went up here. We'll let this dry in the morning, go back in with some silver, that one still moving a little bit more. That's what happens when it's really wet like that. It is just going to continue to blend a little bit, so I'm just gonna a race. These couple of marks here that I had because I made his nose a little smaller. Almost click. He's facing the other direction on this one. If you have a very minute, little changes in a painting can make a big difference. I'm gonna first add a little bit of that blue in their gimbal. It's drying. It just makes it pop a little bit more. Was hard to see with just the silver from certain angles. Here we go. Now that's drive ahead with a blow dryer and drive that Now we can put those silver trees back in here. No, it shows up a lot more, but you do have those nice background colors toe to build upon. Most looks misty with a silver in here. And when you're making trees, you're just doing little tapping motion. Using the very tip of your brush would be pretty few. Add a little bit of snow from the whitewash to this as well. If you wanted to, I think that's that's it simple. And if you again, if you wanted to put words down the bottom, you could do that as well 7. Silver Island: so I couldn't help myself. I had to actually do a little mean landscape for you. This one again is using that same teal blue. I am really loving this color today and remember, you can always switch, seize up and create with different colors and different shades. So I went my paper just in that small area where I want to put the trees and I'm tapping in that color wet into wet, just letting it blend and move where it wants to go, and then rinse off first a little bit. I still have a little bit of this blue in here for a really soft shadow underneath, and now I'm taking the tip of my brush. I'm going up on beyond that area where I had originally put the water so you can see that I get those nice to stink sharp lines for the tops of the trees. By doing this, I'm just spreading that up over that area and blending it and just softly underneath. Then they could go back in with a little bit darker shade of blue and create that line to separate that and add just a few more trees in there again. We're just paying the background. It's more of an illusion. You extend that out just a little bit more over here, so it looks like it's away in the distance and it runs my brush again. And let's go ahead and put a little bit of the silver in here. Now you can see I've been using the silver a lot. This is by one of my when I hear it. Colors I've used throughout this course. I'm gonna tap a little bit of that silver in here. Afghans putting a few little marks down here on the bottom, just for some little reflections and some dark areas in the snow. I want you to keep in mind if you if your brand news who went and white painting you do want to make sure that this days and nice and juicy or what, where doing these colors over the top of each other. If you let that dry too much, then it's not going to have the same softening effect. So I'm gonna go ahead and blow dry this come back and we're gonna we're gonna add some more sharper details once it is fully dry. All right, So we're back. I have blow dry this and you can see that beautiful sheen that the silver has in there. It's always hard to see that when it's a weapon, once it's dry, really, really shimmers, it really pops out rights. And now we're going. Teoh, get our brush. We're going to mix up some more color here, and we're gonna get a darker value and really start adding some details to this because all of this other stuff was done wet and wet and all becomes part of the background. So when I use that same shade of blue and a lot darker this time, lot less water and I'm painting another glaze over our previously dried background so you could see how much deeper, richer and more defined this is. Now, when you're not using a lot of water, you a lot more control with your water colors. Some of my tree just started for that little stick, and then I just very easily tapped to the left and top to the right and create a very messy looking tree. And if you look outside, check out trees, you will see that they are not perfect and That's just not what it looks like when you're looking outside your window. Trees are crooked. They're not perfectly even on both sides unless they are cut like a Christmas tree. Me there almost perfect where they shape them. But in nature, they're not like that. So I bring my branches out, you know, to left to the right. They're not symmetrical, and I I like it this way again. It's all preference, basically like those perfect little trees then and go for it. You know, it's all about what you like. So now when I do the same thing with a silver gun and just a little bit of silver here in the reflection area or the shadowed area where the snow is and we're gonna paint exactly the same way we did those other trees. But we'll be using some silver again. You want to make sure that you've got a good amount of pain on their not too watery. You wanted to be a little bit thicker. No, put another little wondering here so you can see I have some variations of sizes. Trees are not all the same height. I go up and down, just makes it a more natural look when I add just a few more darker values on the underneath here and just to give it a little bit more color. And I've got a little bit more green in that one, I think that I did blue. I think we'll just put in. How about some little birds up here at the top? You gotta making that real dark color and very easy make these little V shapes for our birds and like to do odd sizes. So we'll put three of them in here. They're all flying in the same direction. That is a simple little scene that you can do So these air, great little things for cards. Oh, and then I will go ahead and just put a very quick little line around it in the silver. And these are not perfectly straight lines. This is part of making something that's handmade. It's not cookie cutter. Every one of these will be just slightly different. And they're really fun. Who does love a homemade card? Right? So we're finishing up with our very final project 8. Final Project: All right, this is going to be our final project. We're gonna be putting all of these little things together a little bit will be working all the way around our card this time. So I am using my larger brush. This is the Kalinsky brush, and this is the rounds. You could see the difference between this one and the other brush that we used earlier for making our little leaf shapes. So I'm gonna be using the color light gold for this one out of the metallic kit. And we're not leaving any white space on the smokes. We're gonna fill these little leaves in with some copper on the inside for a little pattern . We're gonna make our way all the way around here, creating these shapes and William in different directions. We're gonna be using all of the colors for this one. I want really to see them all together. Find the light. Gold is quite light. It's more yellow. Gold, lightly yellow, Most like butter yellow versus the yellow gold that is in the same kit. I'm gonna continue to work all way around Our card, in no particular order, is shaped just creating these little leaves in filling in some of that white space around the edge. And so you'll see some spaces. I have to leave. Some are three there clump together on and this is the part of the fine use gets it play. And now we're gonna go onto using the copper shade again, mixing that and really well, your list. Once these dry, you really have to work them to get them nice and thick again, using that a whole lot of water. But you want a little bit thicker than what I have here. So I'm gonna continue the work that color in with water no will create some of our Berries again with a copper leaving and a little bit of that white space. Fill this in around our border. Have fun with this. It's, um, really fun just to kind of create a little pattern. And it doesn't have to be a repeat pattern at all. And now we will use a little bit of the color bronze to create more of those little pine needles. This time they're a little bit sicker, little bit shorter, stockier. They almost look more like a cedar, and we'll continue to fill those in and around our painting. You'll notice that I am turning my card around as I work through the different areas. And also the yellow has dried of that. Gold is dr underneath, so you can pop colors on top of them, especially if they're a little bit darker shade. It's really easy to do. You could tuck him in and behind like I did that one being kind of hide him here and there just to fill up some of that white space. And then we'll use a little bit more of that Rose gold, and I'm just filling in the insides of these little leaves. Just give him a little texture in here and then so don't leave our last color out. Number six is the silver. So we're gonna be using a mall in here. So this is a really shiny little car. This is beautiful when it's all finished. Now I just have a little bit of white space in through here, so I'm just taking my silver and just making some little textures. Little Dodds, almost very similar to the for treatment not quite, is defined just filling in some of those areas. So it looks like we have a little bit of silver background leaves in here for our final step. We're gonna be pulling out that calligraphy pen again. And we just left a little area in the middle here that I want to be able to just write something. Remember, we want to make this a little bit more running with a little bit more water here. Really mixed this color up so that we can have a nice little puddle here to pick up with our calligraphy pen. You could see I'm just scraping off the side of my brush and we've got a nice good puddle in this one, tipping it sideways just like an look up some of that paint with my brush and let's just right. Joy in Here is the joy of the season. Enjoy giving. I am joyful for 2000 and 19. It's been a wonderful year, and I'm looking forward to 2000 and 20 coming up. So I have to show your renting off my water in my other bucket with all of the colors in here. And this is just so beautiful. Check this out. It's got such a if you picks it up, it's just got such beautiful color in there. Look at that. So that is just beautiful. I love shimmery, shiny things. And this is a close up of our finished carding, an idea of how shiny this is. And I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. So make sure you check out the last video. I will talk a little bit about your projects coming up. 9. Outro: So thanks so much for joining me today in this little class. Grab your metallic paints and let's get started. I would love to see your projects. So start out with making these little tags. These are their perfect little practice sessions for you, so you can create lots of little things on here to go ahead and print out dear. The pine cone gets started. Try out the means thing that we did. And don't forget your cart ality cards. Everyone loves a homemade holiday card. And if you're a big fan of these metallics and want to learn something new, then check out the new how to create your own iridescence with different mediums. That sounds really fun. We actually work with alcohol inks and watercolor in this course. So again, thanks for joining me. And I hope to see you in another class of real soon.