NEW: Make stunning animated videos! In minutes. | Adobe Voice | Ruud Rensink | Skillshare

NEW: Make stunning animated videos! In minutes. | Adobe Voice

Ruud Rensink, Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

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14 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction Adobe Voice

    • 2. Who am I?

    • 3. Download and Install

    • 4. Create a new Story

    • 5. Adding Photos

    • 6. Manipulating slides (changed 7-jan, 15:30 EST)

    • 7. Preview

    • 8. Changing Music

    • 9. Changing Layout

    • 10. Using Themes

    • 11. Using Structures

    • 12. Sharing your video - Basics

    • 13. Sharing your video to Facebook, Twitter, mail, YouTube & Clipboard

    • 14. Training Ready?


About This Class

Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that lets you make an impact with an amazing animated video. Persuade, inform and inspire anyone online.

You have something to say. Make your message stand out.

Use the free Adobe Voice iPad app app to create and share striking animated videos or beautiful visual stories.

In just a few minutes you can create video's for promotion, training, explaining, selling, storytelling, journey, invitation and more!

It is never bin so easy to make a stunning video!



In this training I will teach you step by step how you can make great video's using Adobe Voice.


Follow these lessons and you can make these video's and upload them right away to Adobe's place, YouTube and your own website and Social Media.

And you know? Adobe Voice is Free!

Where are you waiting for? Sign in and start!

You are going to learn everything from Adobe Voice:

  • What's the purpose of the software
  • The interface
  • Using Structures:
    - Making your Own
    - Promote an Idea
    - Tell What Happened
    - Explain Something
    - Follow a Hero's Journey
    - Show and Tell
    - Share a Growth Moment
    - Teach a Lesson
    - Share an Invitation
  • Using different Music:
    - Internal
    - Your Own
  • Using Icons
  • Using photos from:
    - Internal database
    - Your iPad
    - DropBox
    - Facebook
    - Camera
  • Using Themes:
    - Sample Themes
    - Customize Theme
    - Customize Fonts
  • Changing Layouts:
    - One Thing
    - Two Things
    - Fullscreen Photo
    - Thing + Caption
    - Thing with Full Photo
  • Manipulating Slides:
    - Changing order
    - Deleting
    - Duplicating
  • Preview on the iPad
  • Creating a video
    - for yourself (local)
    - for the web (Facebook, Twitter, mail, Youtube  and so on)
    - in Adobe Public Space
  • Settings, Credits and Category
  • How I made this training
  • Tips

At the end of this Course, you know everything of Adobe Voice!





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Ruud Rensink

Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

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I am a passionate & professional trainer that wants to share the benefit of Microsoft Office, SpeedReading, Mind Mapping & Sales with you. My experience is that SpeedReading & Mind Mapping can help you live a better life. I am very serious about that! And about better Sales? You can imag...

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