NEW COURSE! 5 Easy Strategies for High Performance Team Work

Jill McAbe, Business & Performance Skills Expert

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7 Videos (37m)
    • Introduction: What Makes a High Performing Team?

    • Strategy #1: Create a Highly Specific Team Goal

    • Strategy #2: Find Your Individual Motivation

    • Strategy #3: The Four Styles

    • Strategy #4: Make Room for Dialogue

    • Strategy #5: Checking In and Out

    • Conclusion: Summarizing the Strategies


About This Class

Whether at work or at home, our lives are more enjoyable -- and more successful -- whenever we are a part of constructive, productive teams. Anytime you work with someone else on anything, you are on a team ... and the more high performing teams you are in your life, the more successful you will achieve overall! 

But here's the thing, few people actually understand how to evaluate what a high-performing team is, how few high-performing teams actually exist, and most importantly ... how easy it is to become higher-performing!

In this training, you will learn 5 easy to implement strategies that will help you:

  • understand how to evaluate a "high-performance team"
  • enjoy working with others more, even people who irritate you a little :)
  • have more influence and persuasive voice when you work with others
  • accomplish increased quantity of high-quality work on shorter timelines
  • go farther in your work and your life (wherever you apply these 5 simple strategies)

I look forward to hearing what you think of the course in the comments and, if you found value in this course, I invite you to check out my previous course entitled Goal Setting: The #1 Success and High-Performance Skill right here on Skillshare!

Follow me for updates on upcoming course releases, and feel free to email me at [email protected] too!

Rooting for your success, 


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I enjoyed this class because these aren’t just strategies that can be used for the workplace - I intend on using these concepts in school for future group projects... a few of these might even work well for communicating effectively with family/friends, like the lesson about making room for dialogue! Overall, a great and concise course on building strong teams; I can’t wait to start putting it to use! Thanks, Jill.
Great tips that can be used straight away
Thank you, Jill -- 5 great strategies for helping inspire, build, and work with teams to ensure they realize their maximum potential. Will be put to good use promptly!





Jill McAbe

Business & Performance Skills Expert

I am a business performance skills expert, teacher and speaker and my mission is helping people excel at work through vision development and acquisition of cutting-edge performance skills and tools.  

I hold a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University. I am Certified in Change Leadership, Communication Training, Tilt 365 Individual and Team Development Tool, and in Executive and Team Coaching. 

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