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Myths about finances that knock me down

teacher avatar Wendy Vazquez, Business and blogging for creatives

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Myth #1

    • 3. Myth#2

    • 4. Myth #3

    • 5. Myth #4

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

The idea of "earn tons of money" for doing this or doing that, is one of the main things that provoque us to get frustrated with the things we do daily. Not because we can't earn big amounts of dollars, but because how we sell it. 

In order to have a good income, and to make a good use of it, is necessary to stop the wrong kind of thoughts about finances and money. 



Making money drive us to have a relationship with it, so, we have to get the correct idea of how to see it, how to think of it, and how to manage it, and don't let it manage us. I have been working most of my life, since I was a little kid, nobody taught me how to have healthy finances, so, money I earn, money I spend. And that's not wrong! But the how we spend it has a big role in this part, and we need to understand it in order to start a beautiful journey in to healthy finances. 

And yes, I call it beautiful, because when I started it, I at last have peace, even after loosing my last 9 to 5 job. Not because I didn't have to work, but because every penny in my pocket has an objective, a destination, and that prevents me to spend what I don't have.  And, at the end, the time I had and the money I had allowed me to find another income source while I was out of the company. That's how I discover a lot of things about finances that help me to get up again, to recover my health, and above all, to know that I am in control of my relationship with money, and that can lead me to a healthy financial plan. I you like to see what I learned, then I invite you to watch this class that I put together for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wendy Vazquez

Business and blogging for creatives


My name is Wendy, and I am a Graphic Designer, who always enjoyed the crafts and DIY. I want to create a community around those topics, in order to help people who also enjoy them, to built their business or project with creativity and organization. There are many ways to achieve it, and one of the most important is by learning how to manage our finances, personal and the business. I want to help people to understand their numbers, embrace their administration, and see that it could be a creative and fun topic, and you can learn to love to talk about it, as I did! 

Remember, creatives and designers can have financial health too!

Join now and learn and share this passion with other teachers!

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1. Introduction: A lot of people think that every little girl first job is to be an money. But it wasn't mine when I was nine year old with the money my parents Gables, my brother and I but a lot of candy put a table outside my grandmother house, made the numbers in order to know how much we shall chart so we could have a little bit of revenue on. It started a little business. We even were competition to each other. But we didn't knew that. So we put our tables side by side on start selling. We were relating all the passing people on inviting them to buy candy. We didn't knew them, but we learned one way how money worked. We buy things involved. We seldom in retail. We make money. There was a competition, and if he talked a client before me, the most, probably is that the client will buy from his business. At the end of the day, we have made double off what my partner cut gave us on for two kids. It waas like we were reach. I don't remember what we did with the money. I only remembered struggle to get it. It was one of my favorite days and one that I remember clearly even thought it's been more than 20 years since then. So if I was so good business and making money, why was so impossible for me to be and work in what I wanted for the last 4.5 years? Why was I in an only comfort zone off a 9 to 5 job that waas taking away my health? What changed from when I was nine to when I was 28 On the first symptoms off stress came out. Everybody has, ah, little entrepreneur in their mind. Who is Joe suspecting the right moment toe pop out and start something? Why is that? Because it's in our nature. And I'm not talking just about beginning a business but a new project, a new idea, a new brand new program, new composition, new studies, investigations it center. If not if we appeal to the fact that I'm just not for that, then how is that? You reach the point where you are because truth be told, even if the place where you are right now is not what you want. You took a bath together. That means that you have to make a first step. So you started something new. Okay, considering that fact, then why zone we start our own high, healthy financial plan? Why are we slates off a paycheck that could be taken from us in one second? Why the we start new things that we have toe or we are obligated to. But one of the most important thing we shall. We left it to the arts. Are we making something wrong for that to be understood, it's time to have the talk. I mean, the talk, the one that not everyone wants to have the one that make everyone feel a little bit awkward and say, Judge, I'll later please. I'm busy right now, So it's time. Let's talk about money, how we earn it, how we see it, how we use it and what happens to our relationship with it. Not a cheese it dog in which I told you that you can Earth pencils off dollars with no effort or the complicated one with numbers are on person patients. It's a real tuck, which goes from the berry root of what we need to evaluate what we need to establish and put on the table to know if we're doing what we want in order to leave or were just let in being carried away. But the situations we're going toe analyze the midst that make us thing like we are in the right path in order to create a better living. But the years go by and we see no changes in our situations. Those mitts that we will live daily because is what everybody told us is what everybody does. And if we think differently, then we will be the weirdos off the town. It happened to me those mitts that we live daily and drive our finances, contribute our stress and prevent us from increasing our patrimony. In conclusion, this class is for the Braves. Those who wants toe see their world from a different angle. Those who questioned the working system, knowing that despite all efforts, it hasn't been good for them. Those who wants to know if there is another way to build their patrimony with a bear, a relationship with money. You don't have to like it. You don't have to agree with it. I just recommend you to consider My name is when they've asked us. I'm a graphic designer, blogger, entrepreneur and I will like to welcome due to my class. 2. Myth #1: myth. Number 19 to 5. Job is the next step after graduated and is a better and only way to make a living. As I told you, my first job was when I was nine. The next one was when I was 14. I was so bored on a summer vacation that I told my parents I wanted to work somewhere. They help me to enter us assistant in a candy, sir. The next one was when I was 16 McDonogh's and the list goes on and on, as you can see. Once I knew that I cool earned money by myself, I made another it off it. So the a logical thing to do when I graduated as graphic designer from my college from College West to find our workplace to start and I did I enter into a little business and began a full time job for the first time in my life. The reality was that because all the jobs I had when I was younger, it wasn't so difficult to change from one lifestyle toe. Another even thought that my entrance west at seven AM and almost daily I had to stay because the extra hours I had to make because my boss thought that if you left when the Gluck said the exit our then you weren't committed to the company. So there were days that I left at 89 or even 10 p.m. And even so, I love that job because I was doing what I wanted. That's why you stayed there. The conclusion is that my lovely 9 to 5 job became seven. I am to 10 PM job on their not so good for about it was that not all the time that I was at the office. I work it in the company projects because sometimes I had to wait until the client upper of something or my boss by then needed supplies for the project, and I waited and waited and waited. But I wasn't allowed to work in something else. So in a crude reality, I was just warming the chair. And that didn't matter, because those same three lays provoked that my boss commanded to stay until all the products were finished, even if they weren't for that day or worse that week, that was my working reality and the payment waas so low that I waas almost grateful to spend all the time of the office because that prevented me from spending the few revenue I was making. Long story short, I started calculating the earnings per hour and noticed that it was so low that I was doing better when I worked at Starbucks Oracle Center. Yeah, I know. Maybe at the call center, the local. The total amount of the payment was almost the same I was making at the moment. But also the working hours were less and didn't make any extra hours. So the job was lovely. I was learning some funds off things, but after a few months off, spending more than 15 hours per day at the office, my emotional love, I felt for the job window again. That was my first learned lesson from the working market. Just because everybody tells you that do you have to find a 9 to 5 job and that's necessary doesn't mean it's true. It doesn't matter if you are doing what you love. If the company doesn't care for Jewess person, then your care for your work will fall. There are great companies toe working because they are concerned about the stability and happiness off their employees. But finding the right job for Jew is like finding a partner. You have to look, you have tow, analyze and you have to know that the place will be good for do and and you will be good for the place. In today's working system, a person has to be at the office from 40 to 40 hours per week at the earliest in order to say that has a full time job. It doesn't matter if you're working our was productive or not. You have to be there and of story and you are successful. If you find a job like that because, well, you are a college graduated. So you should be working in an office, maybe in something different. Not your major, but it's enough ISS and for that you should be thankful and I waas. But I also was overwhelmed. So I lasted the deer in the job and then I quit. After that experience, I started questioning the working system as it waas and ask it to everybody. I knew if it was coming, the person finished college, graduated and then start working in a big fancy company. Then one day has to stay because I delay in some delivery another day. It's a meeting another day. The Bulls wants to get out ahead with something, and slowly but surely those situations start to increase until the person is just to stay at least one hour after the exit. That's okay, is the first job is necessary in order to have a success. But how do we measure that person's success when it's enough to say, Hey, no need to stay anymore? You are successful right now because truth be told, I have been working most of my life in quite different places. And by the time I left my last 9 to 5 job, which was at University, nobody could say that at least one person in that company was successful. Except, of course, the dean. And even he was a touch to what the board says. So who were the real owners of the university? Do you thing that a job that the month, that kind of extra time without paying for it and without caring for you is the right place to work? And there's the other side of the coin where you find a 9 to 5 job on judo. Absolutely nothing all day long, but you still get paid because the company needs a person in your chair even thought. Nobody knows why you person wide your position was open or what those need to be productive . So while they're figuring out you go work a little baiting, which can spend the rest of the doing nothing, and then you can go back home, a lot of people will say that it's a dream job. But in the reality who wants to feel like they're time, they're leaving. Time is being used like that. Yeah, maybe the environment is a stress free, and maybe you're happy for a while. But then you start questioning yourself. Why am I here? Why I don't have another responsibilities. Am I willing to accept this? Yes, I still have my every month payment, but for how long? And is that Faymann enough. Can I leave? Not survive with what I'm earning? So do you think that a place where nobody recognizes your abilities and expertise and ledgett warm a chair is the right place for you? Or that you are the right person for them? With this. I'm not saying that every office work is about thing. But for several people, the reality is these that I'm describing on they know on, then don't want to change it. Why? Because it is difficult to find a job because the situation is hard because the job market is one of the hardest. So we are so impregnated with the reality regarding the job hunting experience that we prefer to stay in a place we don't want to be because it's safe. But I do there because you want because you found what you love to do. Or are you expecting the perfect moment to do something else? So the reality for this myth is looking for a way off. Leaving isn't the same thing as looking for a job. There are good jobs that aren't precisely in a novice and with different working hours. But there is somebody who love it. Why is that? Because there has to be a match, the right person for the right place and the right place for the right person. So before I even start a painful job hunting process first, define what are you? What are your abilities? What can you do to contribute and what are you willing to do and then describe what you need? It may seem a little bit utopian, but starting from that base you will be focused in something in particular instead of just letting the ups defined. You're working situation. You will see that when you are at the interview, you will be engaged with something, and we'll open your possibilities off getting the job journey. Okay for this myth, I am baijiu to make a comparision between three job options that do you have, consider, or where you have working after you make them, Then at the site off it show, write down in your abilities and expertise. I hope this analysis helps you to find your perfect working much. Let's see myth number two. 3. Myth#2: more working hours, More productivity, more money. Myth number two. Is that really true? For who? Let's think a little bit about this because maybe what I'm telling you is not something that you are precisely enjoying and go see hand with myth number one. But if you really want to change your mindset about revenue and money, then I imagine to continue this class technology was developed in order to get a better life for everybody and to improve the lifestyle and some working process. So why, after all we have gained in technology, the working hours hasn't changed a lot. Yeah, I know the world changes every day on the working parameters changed, too. But reality is that we can do a lot more in list time, so the logical thing will be that the working hours be less or at least differently distributed. But they increase more and more every day, and we think that's normal because is what society and everybody around us tells. I remember one day after ah week full off extra working hours, all team members were tired and then one activity that our boss didn't schedule up here. She sent us a text message in which she asked us for to stay for a to our meeting. We were reluctant, but we stayed because well, it was important. It was work. Then the next day again a two extra hour gathering West program and we again had to stay. It ended by 10 PM even thought it was due to finish by 8 p.m. And after that we have a little council for retro. We were tired. We had bean working like crazy. The event wa successful, but it didn't matter are both started yelling at us and complaining because the event wasn't the way she wanted. So at her eyes, it wasn't a good event. Once again, we were tired. We have been working extra hours almost every day. The things were going pretty good and even thought she wasn't happy because in her words, we'll fail at this point. I was starting to feel a little tired off gratitude on the way she waas managing the office and my help was decreasing. So I had reached the point off choosing between my help or my job I started Ah, site photography business on stay less for the extractive. It ease. So the result. A few months later, I was fired. It took a while for me to recover my health. But that didn't stop me from keep increasing my little photography business. I had savings on the money that that the company gave me. So I use it to make more workshops, improve my photo equipment and learn more and more every passing day. The working process Those months were higher than the ones at the office. But my health was coming back. I was resting pretty well at night. I waas eating at the current hours and I was administrating my time. That was freedom for me. The point of this story. Well, just because I had the opportunity to start a business off my own, it didn't mean that I will work like work lists. On the contrary, the working process was bigger and the payment wasa still low. Because, let's face it, I studying business is not always big income left great income but the reality waas that I was gaining knowledge on improvement, my equipment but no big revenue wasn't the horizon. When this situation happens, a lot of entrepreneurs get discouraged and started looking for a new job and forget our about their business dream. And it happened to me too. But I joined a lot off entropy in your groups. Good away from those who didn't believe in May. And most importantly, I started to make a little math. Okay, When I was working at the university, I had to stay long extra hours without extra payment. So at the end of the month, my paycheck was the same, dividing the total paid amount With the working hours, I discovered that not Onley. My earn per hour was digressing, but it wasn't the same amount for every month. I was literally working for less payment. That's what happens when you work from for somebody else. Now in the other side of the coin at my foot, the referee business I was working a lot more, but the reality waas that the working hours were lists is that possible? Just when I was in the company, the work was a test up. So my fatigue waas mostly mental. But in my business waas this job on in the field so it waas tired for my mind and for my body and Jeff the working hours were list on my revenue was a little bit low from the one I made at the company. Dividing the final earnings between per hour was a little bigger from the from the valley per hour at the company. That is how the reality that we live daily on I don't want to see hit me in the face. The working hours doesn't mean more payment, and in almost every case it means lower revenue. That doesn't mean your company's Spain less, or that you will make a lot of money. If you go by yourself. It means that as every reality to the midst in this class, we have toe analyze every point off our jobs in order to find out our value per hour. And no, if it's work for what we're doing. I was not only making a little big, a little bigger income, but I was also gaining knowledge and building something. I felt that I had a purpose again. Maybe you felt it at the company. You are working or at the at your own business, and that's good. But how much is valued? Your working our Is it the world for this myth? I invite you to make a little project which consists in learning your total revenue per working hour. The tricky part is that if you are in a job where just a extra hours, a lot, a lot of times, then I suggest you to take an average amount off extra hours working per week and add them to the quantification. Because at the end, the reality is that you are working them more than two times that week, more than two weeks per month and doesn't appear as extra income. They are decreasing your Bali per hour. It's a valid reality for a personal business. And for a company job, let's see the next meet. 4. Myth #3: myth number tree. Bigger income is always the answer for this myth. I will like to start with story off to people I met. One is a man who has no college degree. Never graduated on. The second is I will recognize professional in his field with years and years off practice on a big list off, well satisfied clients so far. If I ask you who is the most wealthy person of boat, who will you choose? I bet is the professional, but let's dig a little bit. The first man has been working all his life in jumps where he began in something low, and due to his constancy, hard work and ability, he has jumped to higher positions in the company, even thought he has no major. By his 60th birthday, he has the ability to retire, and because all he not all kiss benign show planning, he will be able to have a good income for his retirement, and he plans to start also a little carpentry in order to be occupied. The second man has hit some business in his field but has no retirement date. Even thought he is older than the 1st 1 and his own boss. So why he can retire. The second man has been growing a 1,000,000 art depth for many years and keep increasing it daily because keys expenses. Okay, so he has a formidable house that isn't his beautiful cars that are hiss and ah, lot off things that aren't owned by him. Do do that. I'll ask you again. Which one is the wealthy man? How many times we have reached the end of the month with apparently no money and anything, the leftovers from other day or at least with all the capacity of going out and hang with friends? Because we can't afford that until the next payday. Okay. And all this because I lifestyle that we see every day and we believe in it, even thought we don't know why and were realized. It's practically a problem over span. The thinking process is simple. I see something I wanted. I sell the idea to myself that if I buy what I saw, I will be happier or ill will relief in it. Then the one thing part became a need part. So in conclusion, I buy it. But then there's the older part off the story. The part that nobody tells you after do boat. How do you pay cash? Credit is money you already have or is money you're going tohave. Did you have in mind that the first purpose off buying it due to a necessity, did you bought it? If you paying cash, it means you have the money. I don't think there is a problem as long as it is legally Aaron, and it's not bound or budget for something else. But if you pay with credit, maybe is not a good idea as it sounds, paying with credit leaders to an increment in our depths on, the result is paying with money we have not yet. Erin. With time, we have not just lived. That is the reality. Off decks and credits and most of the times the debt is due to a fall, say the Elf, obtaining something for free or gangs something because we made a purchase. But it was really necessary, and again, did we? But it they kiss example something simple as the coffee advertise it say's by six cup of coffee and the 70 spring. So you think that's cool? I'm gonna start buying coffee every morning so I can cut my free coffee. At the end of the week, someone will say, Hey, but you're buying six coffees and you say yes, but I'm gonna have a free one. And in less than a minute, somebody convinced you to buy something you didn't want to buy in the first place, making you believe that you aren't something with the purchase. And the worst part is that we believe in the free stuff. We believe that is no strange attach. But we have spent money we didn't mean to in order to obtain something we didn't need to. That is when our spending problem appears we're not earning nothing. We're just letting go money we have earned with the time off our life just because it's a free coffee. We're not used to analyze every purchase we made every penny we let go every brother who use because we have the false belief that only poor people do that on. If we start doing it, it's because we have a low lifestyle. So we get ourselves in trouble. And then by the end of the month, when we barely can pay for the daily food. We start thinking that we need a better income, a second job or that the working system is suppressive because they don't pay us enough to have what we want. Okay, back to the two minutes of my story. What was the difference? Okay, the 1st 1 the one who didn't have a college degree, had to learn to set financial goals, to plan ahead, to look into the future and make it stable. He passed a lot of need due to the lack off preparation and learning. But that change in his mentality made him to be prepared for retirement. During his working life. He didn't have a great income from managers, and during some of them he had no job battle and look for other options. But he made what's necessary to be able to reach a good retirement. The 2nd 1 never did. He thought that just because he had his own company, he could spend all the money he wants, because banks opened their doors to more and more credit, and he believed that it waas the right path. He will have a certain lifestyle, and he will didn't settle for less. Now he can stop working, even in his song company, due to his stepped, he is entitled to be there and nobody knows for how long. Bigger income is not unanswered. The reality for this myth can be summarized in four points. Purpose, objective vision, budget. Those are the answer to a healthy financial plan on financial freedom. Our Ju prepare to change mentality. I invite you for this myth to analyze your purchase for a day, write down everything you buy due to a necessity, a payment or simply because an impetus. If it's some necessity or a payment that has to be done, it's OK, then a problem. But if it's an impetus, I am budget to record what it waas and what causes it. Juma Be surprise as I waas when I did this exercise. Let's see, maybe number four. 5. Myth #4: myth Number four. I did it. They have to pay. In the best days, I found on online article thing things you can sell up, etc. And make tons of money. It's not the original original title, but I don't want to denounce it. However, what my intention was the title with the keywords for a better s you sell etc. And money. First, I would like to make a note that the author made an excellent heather, and it's something that will attract a lot of people, especially those who are passing a hard financial time and need to generate revenue in some legal way. They see the article and think that it will give them all the answers they're looking for. So they enter to the patient. And that's where the tricky part began. I knew that the name of the article was over. Describe it, but didn't stop me from rating the post. It was actually nothing new. The author only talk about how all the so called secrets off the top Etsy sellers had been revealed in platforms like Pinterest Instagram. It's there on every very cool Enter Am bill, the same empire as creatives. We are used to put a lot of effort in the process of making a new design. Art, photography, animation, etcetera. We sketch. Look for the right materials, chose the right colors, make a dummy, see it, make it again, over out, over until the product is finally the way we want. And at this point, we think that Onley because off this way of work, the claim will fall in love with our product on pay. Why, what? We want them to pay for it. At least that's the article says it will happen. So it must be, isn't it? There are a lot of people all around the love who sell the idea that just because you want something and declare that you will have it, then it's going to be really they are the dream sailors, and that article can be described as one of them. I'm not telling. Do that, do you? Or me won't be able to achieve what the big sellers at exit it. But I won't sell you the idea that just because you want it, you will have it. I'll tell you the truth. In order to reach your goal, you will have to work hard every day and perhaps a follicle being both in the process. A few tears, angry joy. But that's the necessary path. This is a mid for the entrepreneurs, sailors, crafters and basically everybody who works by doing something and selling it, whether it's a product or a service and thinking a little bit further, we start dreaming about the perfect business we're creating with although the science or craps we want and charged for them what we want. That's until reality kick us. And we noticed that not everyone is as excited as we are about what we're selling. How is that happening if somebody else did it and had a pick audience that both their product, this myth is what? Get down. Ah, lot off creative entrepreneur. Based on the premise I built it, they'll come No, because the premises back. But because the reality is so little bit more complex than that, yes, do you build it? The people needed it. Did you see at the month or in the case, off crafters and photographers? The do target audience knows what it is before building an empire. We need to establish the basis off it and for them, this is the most difficult part off it. If you know how to program the launching off a product or service, I had the official selling date then, most probably during the other side, and your business will at least survive for a year. But if you're not thinking in the launching part, if you just open your Facebook page or your instagram and hope for the best, then let me tell you that probably your beautiful product or great service is getting lost in the tons of news and block posts that are uploaded every day. There is no such thing as stunts of money just because you know how to make something, it takes more. It takes the extra mile that not everybody is willing to work, maybe due to fear laziness or because they're too comfortable at their jobs and things they don't need it. The reality for this myth it's a little bit harder than the odors. If you are in business, then you have to sell if you want to sell. The investment is a big war that will describe at least the first year it will be in time. It will be in money or even both, but you will have to invest in order to create. Building the base for your company is like building a house. If the basis sold it, then the house will endure long time and changes will be possible. An adaptation will effect with no big deal. But if the base is not solid, then the house will collapse with the first problem. And for this the parameters tongues much, Many low and few will have to disappear from your vocabulary. You will have to start talking the business language with the rial measurements, parameters and knowing how much and in which things you are investing your money so you can have an excellent Roy. Do you know what Roy means? You will learn the basic words in orderto start seeing your creations notice a hobby. But as a business, Roy is return off investment. As I told you, investment will be necessary whether in money our time. So how could you get a good Roy? This kind of questions are the ones that will lead you to establish a creation process in which you can measure time spent money, materials, you juice and materials that are leftovers and you can use later. Also, you will have to add the time during best in looking on, attracting your ideal client. Make them see you remembered your brand and then converting them into buyers. This connects a little bit with middle number two in one way in other to know how to calculate. Calculate the return off investment. You will have to know your value per hour by now. You have to know how much is it? So if you are thinking on jumping to the twilight stone off entrepreneurship and start by your own, then how much you can invest now in sales, management and product or service creation and how long it will be until do got a good and constant Roy. If you're not earning revenue with what you're doing, then ju don't have a business. It's merrily a hobby 6. Conclusion: after talk to you about this mitts, I would like to end with a picture that if we don't follow it all, the midst will be empowered to be in our lives. Your word as person is not valued on. How much do you have? Or Aaron? It's a different subject. Remember that what you do in your job in your business in order to have an income in order to leave is just a tool. Maybe you love what you do, and that's great. But we cannot stop seeing it as it's a simple tool. Don't define yourself for that and especially don't let people around. You defined you for that. You have tow treasure map, establish your goals, take care of yourself and your family, and that's a big deal off planning. So don't let people around you give you more war ease based on what you have. One of the biggest lies that drag people into depth or don't let people have the peaceful lifestyle they want is when we try to appear, it's something that we're not. We can dress excellent on a budget. We can drive a good car on a budget. We can have a good house on a budget. Being on a budget doesn't mean being born. It means that we choose to have finances with objective. We want healthy finances. So what meets dragged you toe a worst financial position or a big debt? There are a lot more minutes that can be taking you away from what you want. But after this class, you will be able to define which one are those that are interfering with your financial health and with gurgles in order to break them for the project, I imagine. Right. Your goal. What you want. It could be a short church. Um, goal. Like making a trip. A medium term goal. Like having your own business fully functional or a long term goal Like making a good retirement saving. Once you have defined your goal right down, which myth is stopping you from reaching? Don't be afraid. Discovering our witness will lead us toe our strength. See, you're up next class