Myths about finances that knock me down | Wendy Vazquez | Skillshare

Myths about finances that knock me down

Wendy Vazquez, Business and blogging for creatives

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About This Class

The idea of "earn tons of money" for doing this or doing that, is one of the main things that provoque us to get frustrated with the things we do daily. Not because we can't earn big amounts of dollars, but because how we sell it. 

In order to have a good income, and to make a good use of it, is necessary to stop the wrong kind of thoughts about finances and money. 



Making money drive us to have a relationship with it, so, we have to get the correct idea of how to see it, how to think of it, and how to manage it, and don't let it manage us. I have been working most of my life, since I was a little kid, nobody taught me how to have healthy finances, so, money I earn, money I spend. And that's not wrong! But the how we spend it has a big role in this part, and we need to understand it in order to start a beautiful journey in to healthy finances. 

And yes, I call it beautiful, because when I started it, I at last have peace, even after loosing my last 9 to 5 job. Not because I didn't have to work, but because every penny in my pocket has an objective, a destination, and that prevents me to spend what I don't have.  And, at the end, the time I had and the money I had allowed me to find another income source while I was out of the company. That's how I discover a lot of things about finances that help me to get up again, to recover my health, and above all, to know that I am in control of my relationship with money, and that can lead me to a healthy financial plan. I you like to see what I learned, then I invite you to watch this class that I put together for you.





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Wendy Vazquez

Business and blogging for creatives

My name is Wendy, and I am a Graphic Designer, who always enjoyed the crafts and DIY. I want to create a community around those topics, in order to help people who also enjoy them, to built their business or project with creativity and organization. There are many ways to achieve it, and one of the most important is by learning how to manage our finances, personal and the business. I want to help people to understand their numbers, embrace their administration, and see that it could be a...

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