MySQL and JAVA Using Netbeans and Data Access Layer Design

Ahmad Naser, Freelance Architect, Senior Developer, Trainer

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7 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction to Java Netbeans , MySQL , Wamp

    • Creating school database

    • Creating Userinterface and forms

    • Mysql to java classes

    • Completing data access object functionalities

    • DAO to UI view and insert form

    • Grab data and objects from gui in java netbeans


About This Class

Welcome to Java and MySql Course, in this course you will learn the following

1-Import mysql database
2-Design the interface screens
3-Work with mysql connector
4-Work with date in netbeans GUI
5-Create mysql connection
6-Import jar files
7-Create java classes for database tables
8-Create data access object for tables
9-Create login screen with databases check for user
10-Create complete crud in java mysql netbeans
11-Work with jtable
12-Work with table model
13-Real list of items in java from mysql
14-Insert into database
15-Write and validate query in phpmyadmin
16-Work with mouse listener and jtabel to get selected row index

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Ahmad Naser

Freelance Architect, Senior Developer, Trainer

Hi! I'm Ahmad. I have a degree in Computer Science from Birzeit University and you might call me a bit of computer geek.

I'm comfortable with a large range of languages and techniques.

After implementing enterprise applications using Salesforce and Siebel CRM for 3 years and with professional experience in building websites, cloud apps, ios apps, unity games, android mobile apps and educational games for 6 years. I decided to share my technical knowledge with people all over the...

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