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My Top 5 Pro Tools Workflow Tips

Iwan Lane, Audiophile, nerd.

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    • My Top 5 Pro Tools Workflow Tips


About This Class

Welcome to my first class, my name is Iwan and I am an audio technology student.

This class features a detailed description of some of my most useful Pro Tools shortcuts, as well as four techniques that are guaranteed to speed up your workflow. This class is for intermediate to advanced users of Pro Tools but all levels will be able to follow along!

We cover;

  • A few common (but very useful) keyboard shortcuts.
  • Colour Coding your Session.
  • Groups and group functions.
  • Disk Allocation.
  • Memory Locations as Views.





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Iwan Lane

Audiophile, nerd.

Hey, my name is Iwan. I am an audio technology student studying for my MA qualification at the moment. I dabble in all things audio and have particular expertise in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering. I hope you enjoy taking my courses as I grow my SkillShare content; please contact me with any topics you would like me to cover and do not hesitate to ask anything about the course content.

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