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My TOP 5 Ways to Make Money with Calligraphy/Lettering from Home

teacher avatar Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. My top 5 ways to make money with Calligraphy from home

    • 2. Welcome to class!

    • 3. The Wedding Industry

    • 4. Working with Small Businesses

    • 5. An Online Print Shop

    • 6. Print On Demand Sites

    • 7. Work with everyday people

    • 8. A few last tips!

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About This Class

I started learning and falling in love with calligraphy back in 2012 and have been earning an income through my calligraphy and lettering skills since 2013. I currently enjoy working from my home studio and have clients both locally as well as all over the world.   

Teaching others calligraphy and lettering has been something that I've enjoyed doing for the last few years.  What I love best is helping my students learn a new skill that they can grow from a fun hobby, to a side hustle to earn money from. 

This class has been one that I've wanted to teach for some time now.  It's a class that I wish I had when I was adding calligraphy and lettering services to my creative business. 

I have a broad variety of ways that I earn money through my calligraphy design services and products.  These income streams are both passive and active.  In this class, I will take you in-depth through my Top 5 Ways to make money with calligraphy/lettering from home!

My goal for you with this class is to empower you to earn additional money each month with your new skill! Whether your goal is to earn an extra $100 a month or $1,000 a month, I'll take you through;

what skills you need;

what tools are required;

an idea of what your time commitment looks like and;

a rough estimate of how much you can earn from each category. You’ll be sure to have a better idea of how you can reach your income goal and turn your lettering hobby into a business!

If you are new to calligraphy, I recommend that you watch one of my beginner calligraphy or waterbrush classes.  These classes are designed to share with you exactly how to get started with calligraphy and lettering and get your new skill and potential side hustle going! 

To starting learning calligraphy and brush lettering, check out the classes below;

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Using a Dip Pen and Ink for Beginners

Brush Pen Lettering: Learn fresh, modern calligraphy & lettering styles that stand out!

Learn Brush Lettering Using a Waterbrush / Paint Brush for Beginners

How to easily digitize your Calligraphy & Lettering using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The format of the class allows you to listen along and make notes so that you can pause the sections and really brainstorm if the category speaks to you and if it's something that you want to implement into your own business. 

If you are curious about learning the different ways I earn an income from writing pretty letters all day long, then hit enrol!

I'm excited to help you continue your journey! Let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nicki Traikos

Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor


First of all, welcome to Skillshare! I've been a student of this amazing platform for years and have learned valuable, new skills, and techniques that I use in my current creative business to this day!!

I love all things watercolor & modern calligraphy lettering related.  I work in a variety of mediums such as; watercolor, guache and acrylics, to designing patterns, working on commissions & even create tattoo designs! 

A little fun fact?!

I started my creative home based business,  life i design when I was 40 and haven't looked back!  This creative business of mine, has allowed me to stay at home to raise my kids into the independent teenagers that they are today!!  It's never too late to try, to do, and to... See full profile

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1. My top 5 ways to make money with Calligraphy from home: learn my top five ways to make money with calligraphy from home. Hey, I'm Nicky. Triggers of Life by design I've been working from home as a professional clicker for letter and designer since 2012. In this class, I will share with you my top five ways. You can earn an income from your modern clicker feet and lettering skills like I do. Let me share with you a little bit more about my business and how I make money. I started life by design in 2012. Michael was to build a creative business selling way are in lettering while inspiring and teaching others to follow their creative passions, too. I currently work from my home studio as a letter artist and designer. I work on a large variety of client projects and also teach in person and online clicker feet and lettering workshops to I've been earning an income through my clicker feel lettering skills since 2013 which is about when I started learning and falling in love with calligraphy and lettering. How I got started is simple. I've always been a fan of calligraphy and eventually found an online class with Molly Jakes on skill share. I enrolled in it, binge the class and never looked back. Taking that online class meant that I learned the proper techniques and which quality tools to use, but also how to use them. I then proceeded to practice and practiced Ah, lot daily, in fact, and for hours at a time. My calligraphy style is very loose, casual and, as I like to call it perfectly in perfect at suits, a variety of applications and styles. I've been enjoying making money for my calligraphy for years now, and I've been doing that for the last seven years, So I have a lot of experience to share with you. What I especially love about earning money from my clicker feel lettering is people actually pay me to do what I love. I'm hired to write or draw letters in my style to help them with their project. I earned both passive and active income in my business, and that's something all share more about in this class. If you're new to calligraphy, I recommend that you take one of my beginner calligraphy, brush lettering or water brush classes, thes classes, air designed to share with you exactly how to get started with calligraphy and lettering, as well as how to digitize your lettering, too. They are designed to help you learn and grow your skills so you can potentially start your side, hustle and make money to in this class. I'll show you my top five ways to earn an income from your modern calligraphy and lettering skills. I'll share with you the skills you need for each category. That tools required the time and effort required by you, and a rough estimate of how much your earning potential is within each category. I'll teach you all that I can so that you can choose your multiple pass for earning money from your calligraphy and lettering. I created this class because this is a class I would have loved to have access to myself when I was first. Starting out, I'm hoping to answer a lot of your questions, give you a better idea of where to start, and we'll hopefully save you a lot of time and frustration. My goal for you at the end of this class is for you to start earning passive and active income from your skills. This class is perfect for anyone who is looking for ways to start growing their calligraphy business. Whether you're looking to earn an extra $100 a month or an extra 1000 you'll be sure to have a better idea of how you can reach your income goal and turn your lettering hobby into a business. Anything is possible when you have the right information, look and roll to start learning about my top five ways. You can turn your calligraphy hobby into a business as I take you through each of my many income streams. If you're ready to earn money with your left for letters and clicker fee, get started with me today. 2. Welcome to class!: Welcome to class. Thanks for rolling in this class. I'm really excited to have you join me. I've been fortunate to be able to earn an income from home and work around my family schedule. My goal for a while now has been to help other people learn how to start and grow a business from home, too. Over the years, the way I earned money has changed greatly, and it's because I've chosen to shift my focus and my income streams so I can have more time and flexibility in my business. While fitting in my family's needs to having the freedom of choice is just one of the many joys of running a creative business and being your own boss. Also being in control of your time and art is pretty cool, too. I'm lucky to work from my home studio in pretty historic Union Bill, which is north of Toronto. I've worked with many clients locally as well as all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, I have a few passive income streams, meaning I literally wake up to new sales and income without physically doing anything other than the initial set up of my design. or workbooks, etcetera. Passive income is money earned with minimal activity through a variety of ventures, which require little daily effort or upkeep. On the individuals part, I let her a quote and digitize it, then upload it to a print on demand site like Red Bubble. When someone buys a product with my design on it, they print my design on a multitude of products like this sticker or a pillow case. Well, art, etcetera. The list is huge. I enjoy earning a small percentage of the sales from it for days and years to come. I do the work once and earn income passively over and over. Get It's a great thing to wake up to new sales and more money. I also earn an active income with my calligraphy business, meaning I actively put time and effort into creating design and earned income from it. What's examples of active income is when I work with small businesses, manufacturers and individuals who pay me for my service of calligraphy and or lettering. Active income means that I trade time and talent for money. I get paid once and the job is complete. Don't get me wrong. There are downsides to working for yourself, especially from home. You need to be very disciplined. You must be able to organize your time and put an effort into marketing and promoting yourself and your services. You also need a solid plan how you're going to earn that money. That's where I'm hoping to help you with this class. All break down what you have to put into place in order to earn an income from your calligraphy and lettering skills and how you can earn money with each of the ways that I earn money with my calligraphy services and designs, I'm excited to share with you all that I can. I want you to take out a fresh sheet of paper or open your favorite journal notebook and spend some time brainstorming about these next few questions that I'm about to ask you. What's your goal? What's your goal for learning calligraphy? What's your goal for earning an income from your calligraphy skills? How do you want to spend your time growing your income from your calligraphy? How do you want to make money from your craft? You're in control here. Decide how much time you have to dedicate and how you want to start building your business from calligraphy and lettering. Go ahead and press pause. Take 10 minutes and think about your goals. Encourage you to take a few minutes to write down your personal goal. So as you take this class, you can keep those goals in mind when you choose what paths you want to take with earning money. Whatever your goal is, I'll give you my top five ways to make money using your calligraphy skills. After I've covered each section and broken down what you can expect, you can decide how many ideas you'd like to implement, and you can get started working towards your personal goals immediately. As I go through each category for my top five ways that iron money I will break down key points for you to consider. What is the category all about? And what products or services can you offer what your time commitment will be like for filling work in this category? What style of lettering? Best suits this category, what skills you need to build the tools you need to offer services or products in this category, and roughly how much money you can expect to earn. Ready to start with the first category. Let's begin by looking at the wedding industry 3. The Wedding Industry: calligraphy and pretty handwriting is a big part of most people's wedding planning. From invitations to seating cards to sign Ege, you'll see calligraphy added as personal touches to the big day. Wedding clicker fee is one of the most popular easy to grow and lucrative industries. To be a part of working with brides can be both very fun and very challenging as a clicker . For in letter, you would design lettering for invitations, handler signs, address envelopes and even letter wedding vows. The sky's the limit with building a presence in the wedding industry, people take a lot of time to plan their wedding and often splurge to create a wedding of their dreams. They're also detail oriented, so clicker feet and pretty lettering fit perfectly into this category. Some products or services you can offer lettering for invitation sweets, address outer envelopes, create custom stamps, seating and table charts. You can let her name cards, hen letter signs and let her wedding vows. Thank you Cards and menu designed. The sky is really the limit with the wedding category. The wedding industry is a great example of creating active income when you're lettering, outer envelopes or seating cards. You can only work on one card or one envelope at a time, so some projects in the wedding category can be very time consuming. Imagine that most weddings will have hundreds of guests who will all need invitations and seating, which means lots of your time spent will be on lettering. That's great, but you will only be able to take on a few clients at a time in order to meet tight deadlines with high expectations of your clicker fees service. You will also need to decide if you will be supplying things like the paper for seating cards, envelopes, invitations, supplies for signs like would canvas etcetera. If you are supplying those things, you will need to source out a supplier and keep inventory on hand to offer the best service for the job. If you're designing invitations, will you be offering printing as well, or will you outsource the printing to a printer? Will you provide a design file for your clients to take care of their own printing Lots of good questions to ask yourself, and only you can decide what route you want to take and how much service you will provide aside from the actual clicker feet or lettering work. If you are working with local brides and grooms, you will also need to figure out how best to package and ship your finished work, whether it's a would sign or a stack of hand lettered name cards. You will also be working on tight deadlines as the couple normally expects quick turnaround time and will want their items in time for the big day. I personally don't do a lot of wedding calligraphy because I choose not to spend the time required on the emails back and forth with communicating ideas, colors, paper, etcetera. It can be very time consuming, however, also very rewarding if you like to work on big projects. I like to have more freedom and flexibility with my time. Planning a wedding is also very stressful for some, so expectations are high and I recommend you service one wedding at a time, so you are able to offer top quality service and experience for the couple's. If your calligraphy style is flourished and elegant than wedding clicker, feet is perfect for you. Most brides look for whimsical, beautiful and dreamy themes for their big day, a dependant Inc will be your tool of choice and elegant, very balanced and precise calligraphy is what you'll need to deliver to your clients. However, some brides and grooms are modern with their details and may ask for something more modern and brush stroked to go along with their theme. The majority do, however love, whimsical and romantic. You will need a variety of pens. Depends, nips and ink. Small brush pens and paints will be handy, too. A variety of papers and or envelopes. If you were supplying them, a variety of items to use for place cards would coasters. I get spices. You can get really creative here would for science canvases, printer and paper. No. You also need to experiment with different kinds of inks to suit whatever paper you're working on. For instance, if you're working on very thick cotton textured paper, your nip has to pass over the surface of the paper easily, and your ink shouldn't bleed into the paper and feather. That's a big no no. So a variety of ink, snips and pens with some paper options and even envelopes will be very important for you if you're designing wedding invitations as well as lettering. Will you print them from your home printer? Or will you have them printed at a local print shop? If you're printing from home a good quality printers key. I recommend a Cannon Prisma printer. I've used it for years, and I love the quality of the print and have printed everything from invitations to Wallert . If you're creating table charts or signs, will you be stalking mirrors, wood panels and acrylic toe? Let Iran How about chalkboard lettering? Consider expanding your skills by offering chalkboard lettering services to now. How much money can you roughly earn? As I mentioned earlier, the wedding industry is huge, and people often have higher budgets when planning their dream wedding. So there is a decent income to be made with wedding calligraphy. What you have to factor in is your time and your talent when figuring out what your rates will be. So add your time, plus your talent and how much you want to earn an hour that will give you your rate. Here's arrange for you to reference. Envelopes are anywhere from 2 to $6 depending on the details and how many lines they require. Place cards are about a dollar per card, depending if you'll include first and last name or just the first name. Welcome signs depends on the cost of wood tools, etcetera, so you'll need an idea of how much lettering will be required for each. I normally were quote a flat rate and usually charged based on how long it will take me. For example, If your hourly rate is $40 an hour and you think the sign will take about an hour and 1/2 you should be charging $60 plus the cost of your materials. Does that make sense? Chalkboard lettering depends on the size of the board and detail, but again, think about your time and costs anywhere. Roughly from 35 to $75 is the average for chalkboard lettering. Signs, wedding, invitation design and fulfillment is a bit more complex to price. The things you'll need to factor in our your time for the clicker. Few work your time for designing the invitation. How many changes you're allowing the client, if any? And are you printing and supplying paper? Will the couple need R S V P cards and how many, So the range can be a couple of $100 to a couple of 1000. I personally suggest if you're offering wedding invitation lettering design, this is a big service on its own, and it's a job that requires your full attention. Perhaps consider honing in on the skills required to be a stationery designer and clicker, for which will be an entire class on its own. If you choose to offer clicker feet and lettering within the wedding industry, I want you to keep something in mind. Referrals are key. I was a freelance makeup artist for about 13 years, and weddings were a huge part of my revenue. But more importantly, referrals were a big reason for the success of my business. I often have the bridesmaids from weddings they were in become my brides, and my business grew quickly because of that, which meant that my work had to be perfection each time, and my customer service skills were also top notch, so continue to offer high quality calligraphy work. Stay ahead of deadlines and you'll do great. Keep in mind that the wedding season is busier in the warmer months, so your work, maybe seasonal invitations, will be needed. Offseason but seating charts, place cards and signs will be most often and need during peak season. Balance is key here now on to our next category. 4. Working with Small Businesses: lettering for small businesses. A great thing about working with small businesses is that you're really helping each other to grow. That's a double win. I personally enjoyed creating custom lettering for logo designs and stationary. I have designed a number of clients thank you cards as well as Web graphics. The work can be unpredictable but rewarding when it comes in. Another great thing about working with small businesses as that they don't have to be local . I have worked with clients from all over the world. I've had clients hire me from Germany to Sweden, from California and the UK Small businesses can use a variety of your services, everything from designing logo's Web graphics and even personalized greeting cards. Christmas cards are most popular not to mention social media posts, including hand lettered quotes for businesses to use and post themselves, as well as custom sings and even promotional material like pens, monks and I've even lettered on reclaimed wood for sign Egx. Designing a logo can take a couple of hours from start to finish. Remember when I asked you about how much you want to earn an hour? Keep that in mind here. You're about to get an idea of how to structure your time. I usually budget an hour for the preliminary chat with client about styles, colors and design elements. I then move onto sketches, an outline of the look and feel of the logo. I offer the client to changes after we've picked all the elements that will be in the completed logo design. He's strict with how Maney changes you're allowing here, because I've worked with clients who've completely changed their entire design after I finished the original logo and had to charge them again to design a new one. Be clear with what they're getting, so their expectations aren't different to what you are delivering. Then I budget another hour finishing the work and preparing files. You want to offer a variety of file sizes as well as formats, which take time to set up and save Turn around. Time is usually flexible, so you don't have to worry about a super quick turnaround time. Although when I'm working with small businesses, I know they prefer toe, have their files delivered as quickly as possible so they can implement and move on. You'll be surprised at how many ways you conserve small businesses. Here's an example of principles that I created for a scrapbooking magazine. Normally, it's really based on the look and feel of the businesses brand. I've created a range of lettering, from bold brush lettering designs for a media company to an elegant, bouncy logo for photography company. Here's a tip. Being able to offer a broad range of lettering styles is helpful for appeal to a wider audience, which means higher potential for making money, so the skills and tools that you'll need for this category. Along with offering a wider variety of lettering and calligraphy styles, you should be able to digitize your lettering and designs using Adobe Illustrator. At the very least, most clients will want a variety of file sizes so that they can use them for everything from sign ege to business cards. It's good to have some graphic design knowledge so that you can pair fonds and supporting text with your design. I'm not formally trained by any means. I typically use a mood board for each project that I draw. Ideas from a scanner will come in handy so you can scan your sketches before you finalize your work. If you're printing thank you cards for small businesses. Again, I recommend a cannon picks, my pro printer and a variety of papers that you can trim unfold to create greeting cards. So how much can you earn? Roughly? The great thing about working with small businesses is that they tend to have a budget for marketing and require quality and professional designs to represent their own business. Here's another tip. I recommend that you calculate how much time you require for each service that you will offer and add an extra half on hour to include your time for communication by email, text. Telephone etcetera as there are bound to be last minute file size changes and additional emails for asking for alternate files as they start to implement your designs into their marketing and Web sites. So let's break down a simple lettered logo design. Let's say the entire process takes you 3.5 hours, plus 1/2 hour for extras. That's four hours total. Your hourly rate is $75 for example, you should be charging more if you're offering a full service of digitizing offering multiple design files, etcetera. The range is 75 to $150 per hour. So if it takes you four hours to design the logo and execute it at $75 per hour, the logo design file cost should be $300. The range of the local design rates vary from $300 to $5000 depending on the experience level of the designer and the size of the company. Again. Charge what you feel is right for your experience and comfort level, so whether you're designing logos, custom greeting cards, website graphics, etcetera, make sure you have an hourly rate that feels right for you and your budget and budget more than enough time to allow for communication and design changes. Working on custom designs for small businesses is active income. Whatever time you spend on a project will take you away from other client work and income streams. As we continue, think about how you can add a few different ways. You earn money from your calligraphy or lettering that are active along with some passive ways to let's move on to the next category 5. An Online Print Shop: number three is online print shop. You can retail or wholesale, even for years, and online print shop is how I made the majority of my money, using my calligraphy and lettering skills. I love sassy and funny quotes, inspiring and motivational sayings, and I'm a huge paper lover. So what products or services can you offer? The easiest way to start is with an Etsy shop. I lettered quotes using My Dependent Inc I digitized my lettering and I sold prints of my work by starting with that. See, I then started to design, print and sell greeting cards. I added coffee mugs, and I even screen printed sayings on two tea towels. Screen printing in my home studio made me feel like a true maker. So I was doing well with my Etsy shop and selling at local markets that I decided to open my own online shop and maximize my sales. Eventually began wholesaling my designs to local boutiques and retailers. I enjoyed selling my designs for a couple of years and built a very strong and loyal following of clients. Retail is when you sell directly to a customer. Wholesale means you sell your product and it's usually for about half of what it would retail for. Two. A retailer so a store have a chip for you. Wholesaling your items can be very time consuming and can cut into your profits big time. I don't recommend doing it when you first start out, so having an online shop is very rewarding. Creating lettering and printing orders is rewarding, especially when you can get multiple sales daily as you prepare orders to be shipped. There's a really great sense of pride that people love what you're making and are willing to buy them. However, I want you to go back to your goals and think about how you want to spend your time as we look at the next section. So once you design and create your lettering artwork, most of your time will be spent on photography and creating strong images for your online shop. You'll be working on titles and keywords for your listing. Researching and using quality keywords and SDO are huge part of marketing so that you can create success with selling your products. Thes are all non related calligraphy and lettering activities, so your effort can still be rewarding the most amount of effort will be spent on design and creating a great product. But packaging and shipping the products to your customers will be next. Creating great packaging and figure out your shipping costs may take some trial and error, but once you get all your costs and shipping strategy down, it could become a seamless process from there again. Think about if this is something that you want to put energy into, a lot of your time will be spent on marketing, order fulfillment and customer service. Very non artsy tasks. But if you set up your shop well with great photos, keywords, etcetera, you will be busy ringing in orders and shipping them out, which is very gratifying and will fulfill a goal of making money, making money and being productive, or are great things to be challenged by so the style of lettering skills you should have. Let me start with the tip here. Your lettering skills for your online shopper products will have variety and appeal to a broad market if you want to see true success with your designs and make the sales. So everything from formal lettering to modern brushy lettering and even the addition of typography will work rate for this category of your calligraphy business. You have full creative license here to create what your heart desires. No clients, no briefs, just a market research and your own personal taste. Just remember, you will need to appeal toe others so that they want to buy what you're designing and creating. So here's where it gets a bit tricky and can take you away from your craft or lettering. Not only do you need strong lettering and design skills, but in order to have success online and online platforms like etc. Or even having your own online shop, you need to be able to do the following. You need to style and take strong photos for your shop listings. Understanding. Use keywords and CEO so that your listings can be found. Spend time marketing your listings and finally be able to print, produce and ship your products to customers all over the world. All of these tasks can be very time consuming. I decided to stop printing and shipping myself so I could spend more time on my part. In a few minutes, I'll share what I did instead. So here's a list of tools, you'll need a good quality scanner computer with a Jovi illustrator installed. It's basically the most important software that I use across all of the categories of my business. A good quality printer. So the cannon picks my again is my recommendation paper and products to print on shipping materials and the time to go to and from the post office or have a service that helps you with shipping. So here's a tip. You can use print fulfillment sites like principle, for instance, to do all the printing and shipping for you. Doing so will save you lots of time on printing, packaging and shipping orders. If you do decide to let 1/3 party company print for you, do your research by samples and find a company whose products are suitable for your brands . Level off quality. Make sure you stay on brand. It will take some time and effort, but hopefully, once it's all set up, managing it will be the only thing that takes you away from your lettering. There are a lot of factors to consider. It really depends on your product, what your market is like, how maney sales you get daily monthly, etcetera. So let's look a greeting cards as an example. It takes a bit of hustle to sell online or at markets. So if you're selling greeting cards for roughly $5 each, what is your time Cost? Maybe it takes you a dollar with of paper ink, etcetera and a dollar for your time, which means your cost is $2 per card. If you retail a card for $5 U minus your $2 cost that gives you a $3 profit. Now you can calculate how many cards you need to sell to make a decent income. I personally recommend that you add other products with higher profit margins to so that you can make a better income from your lettering. Design some other things to think about. Your sales will increase in decrease based on the time of year and customer shopping habits back to schools. A busy time of year for online sales as well as the end of October through the end of January for holidays and seasonal sale shopping. Summer months tend to slow right down, which is why it's good to have a variety of income streams in order to support you throughout the entire year. Here is where you can welcome seating cards for weddings and sign making. For example, perhaps your mark up on a letter art print is $10. How much do you have to sell in a week to make a decent living? The markup on greeting cards are quite low. Perhaps you only make a couple of dollars on one sale. What quantities you need to sell to earn that income. These are all really great questions to ask yourself. Here is another tip. Make sure you add a diverse variety of both passive and active income to the ways you make money with clicker feel lettering. You will be able to earn through slower periods as each category will have its peak and slow times. Which brings me to the next category. 6. Print On Demand Sites: selling through print on demand sites so you'll upload your lettering artwork to 1/3 party print on demand site like Society six and Red Bubble, where you can print your designs on pretty much anything, from shower curtains to iPhone cases to notebooks and more. So what products or services can you offer? There's really just one. You create a letter it design and upload it to your print on demand company. Enjoy the sales and receiving a monthly deposit from those sales. This allows you to work around the issue of investing money into products and carrying inventory. It will also save you time on printing, trimming, packaging and shipping. This is a great option to earn passive income. You do the work ones and sell it over and over again. You also have the freedom to create what you like and sell it on whatever proxy want. Remember, though, keep on top of what is trending, what your customers looking for and try to appeal to a broad audience. I've been earning sales from this design four years. It's passive income at its finest. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire is a design of mine that has been promoted and featured by both Red Bubble and Society. Six. I Brush letter This design in 2013. I've been earning sales consistently from this design since then. Honestly, passive income at its finest. The best part is I also sold it as a mug, a greeting card and Waller in my own personal online shop to allowing me to earn even more income from one design. The beauty about these sites is that you can create the design once selling on multiple platforms and earn an income for years to come. Once you have letter to your design, you've digitized it and finally uploaded it. The rest of your time will be spent on marketing and promoting your design. You will also need to make sure you're using the best key words and descriptions for your item. As thes sites are quite saturated at the moment, it makes it harder for you to be found organically Understanding s CEO and knowing what keywords to use for anything you do online is something that you should be learning about if you're not familiar with them. Already, building an online business is equally tough as it is rewarding. Figuring out ways to stand out online is something that challenges everyone, no matter how successful they are. My advice. Do what feels right to you. Share who you are, not what you think you should be sharing. Be authentic. Don't compare yourselves to other people. This is tough to do. Sometimes have faith that with persistence and consistency, you will have the success that you plan for. Remember your goals again. This is totally up to you. You have total creative freedom with what style of lettering you want to focus on with your product designs. However, when you decide on which P o. D. Company or print on demand company you want to be selling on, I recommend that you do research and figure out the demographics of who is shopping on their site. I find that red bubble has a younger customer demographic, and I sell a lot of stickers on this site. Society six has a broader range of customers and normally sell quite a variety of products . But note I have found recently that Society six has become extremely saturated and is a platform that is harder to be found on, So the skills and tools that you'll need for this category they kind of go without saying. But of course, lettering, calligraphy skills. You should also know how to digitize your lettering, cause that's a must. You also should know how to save file sizes that allow for the best quality print on large items, like wall tapestries as well a small items like stickers. If you haven't taken my learn how to digitize your letter in class, I suggest that you start there in terms of tools, along with a good variety of pen tools. A scanner and computer with Adobe Illustrator and or Photoshopped will enable you to digitize your designs and create appropriate file sizes for the broadest range of products . I have been using my iPad pro for some designs, and I like how much Aiken streamline my process. It's good to have, but not a must, how much money you can earn. This is where the income potential can vary based on how effective your keywords are, how much you market. And with a bit of luck, most of the print on demand sites are very concentrated, with lots of talented artists who each can have hundreds of designs potentially in their shop. So here is where you need a strong, loyal social media following and a solid email list and can market the heck out of your shop. If you're lucky, the print on demand site will like your designs and promote it for you again. This has happened to me a few times, and that's when you see an exciting spike in sales in your shop. Your percentage of revenue from these sites also vary. You have some control on a few items on society. Six and more control on all of your items on red bubble. Here's another tip. The profit margin on items you can edit will vary with each size and variation. This is Society six that I'm showing you here, so decide what your market will be. Does 20% work for you or is 35% that feels right? This is where you have to look at your time, your goals that you said at the beginning of this class and your experience decide what works for you. Note. Some months the sales will be slow, but other months, just like the online shopping popularity holiday months and back to school. Shopping can spike sales. So make sure your designs air all up to date and that you have new work available during those peak times. Our next category is a fun one. Do you enjoy working with people? 7. Work with everyday people: working with everyday people. That's right. Everyday people hire me to create GIFs memories and also hired me to teach them. So what products or services can you offer? You'd be surprised at how many people ask me in a letter. A quote, a poem letter, a tattoo design. I've created Custom Waller for people who wanted something inspirational to put up on their walls and have letter table signs for parties. Christmas is a popular time for personal lettering work. I've designed Christmas cars and hand lettered Christmas ornaments for individuals. If you have a couple of years of clicker feet or lettering experience under your belt, you could even teach others how to do calligraphy to the sky's the limit. That's why the more people you tell about your calligraphy business, the better. Because this category contains the most very types of lettering work. It really depends on what you were working on. This photo shows a memorial poem that I did for a client whose father passed. I lettered it on an 11 by 19 sheet, which took quite a while to do. I also made a mistake on the 1st 2 and when it's original, done by hand. Mistakes means starting all over again. Hand lettered Christmas ornaments can be much quicker once you've decided on the style and what will be lettered. These are the types of freelance work that I slide into my schedule when I have a bit of time and want a variety of work to do. Teaching workshops can be very gratifying and social, inspiring others to learn a new craft. Teaching them exactly what they need to get started is very exciting. I do recommend that you wait until you have a few years experience before you attempt to teach others. Having the experience will help you with troubleshooting, as others learn and will best serve those who you are teaching. Teaching in person workshops allows you to make a little bit of money from a larger group of people. It requires planning and set up and your time to teach, not to mention the tools and supplies. But once you have everything in place, you can simplify your process and enjoy teaching workshops to you can apply a wide variety of calligraphy and lettering styles, depending on what the person's goal is. If you're teaching a workshop, perhaps you can decide on the style of calligraphy with a specific tool that you're really good at. Using modern calligraphy Using A Dependent Inc is my specialty, and it's what I started teaching workshops with. However, I currently teach three different style of workshops now because I've mastered using three different lettering tools. Tattoo designing also depends on what the client is looking for, but wispy, elegant lettering is always a hit, so the skills and tools needed variety is best for this categorias well, I have even used my iPad Torkham custom designs for my personal clients. The more variety you can offer, the easier you are able to earn money from your skills. You should have the following tools handy. A good selection of pens and calligraphy supplies. Quality paper toe letter on for final projects, lots of marketing material. I eat business cards, air, good toe have handy and other marketing materials that you'll want to hand out. If you're teaching workshops, you'll need a great deal. More, perhaps will have to put together a course entirely on teaching workshops. It's a biggie. So here's another tip for you. Lettering some designs and taking stunning photos that you can share on social media will help people think of you when they need some custom lettering. Done. Marketing yourself will help you reach your earning goal more quickly. Having a website is key these days. It doesn't have to be fancy, but as long as people can explore who you are, what services you offer and how to reach you, that's all you really need. Here's where it could get interesting. You can easily charge per hour for a design or per project. If someone wants a large poem done and clicker feet, ask yourself. How much time will it require of you because you won't be able to do anything else in that time? Other than letter that project, go back to what you defined as your hourly rate. How much do you want to charge a personal client? Then take it from there. If someone asks you for a small letter tattoo design, maybe you charge $50 allow for one or two changes. If someone is looking for seating cards for a party, how many cards do they need? Are they supplying the paper or you maybe use your hourly fee and give yourself a strict timeframe for how long It will take you to a letter. The place cards. So my advice to you about earning money using your skills choose two or three of the categories that I shared that you'd like to explore. Decide how much money you'd like to earn each month. Figure out how many hours a week you'll need to work to earn that money. Plan out what tools and supplies you need. Figure out if there any skills that you need to learn or work on. Start promoting your services and enjoy the new income. 8. A few last tips!: a few final tips to help you earn money from your clicker feet and lettering skills. Here are some key tips that I recommend you start with as I share how to build and maximize your calligraphy business, whether you are looking to earn an extra $100 a month or an extra $1000 a month. Tip number one. Practice. Grow your skill and confidence with calligraphy and create your own personal style. Develop your skill. This should be something you continue to work on. No matter how experienced you are. I am constantly still learning and improving my skills. I practice as often as I can until I feel like my pen and stroke are fluid and effortless. Spend time growing your skill and developing your style tip number to build a following, whether you social media or your own website, build a following and you will notice that opportunities will present themselves quite easily when you put yourself out there. So share your new skills and passion with everyone you know, which means learn to take some great photos of your work and share them online. Tip number three. Find others to grow with. This is something I shied away from for years and feel like it hindered my growth a little bit. Don't be shy. Join groups as question GM, other calligraphers and letters. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll find a support, a group of fellow calligrapher and creatives, and you'll learn a lot from each other. I hope you've been inspired to start growing your calligraphy skills and learned a few new ways how to earn money from them. There are so many other ways to earn an income with your lettering that I haven't even included in this class. I have given you my top five ways that I've earned money with my calligraphy and lettering skills and continue to use in my own business. I suggest that you implement what works for you and grow from there. Thank you again for taking this class with me. I invite you to have a look at my modern calligraphy classes, how to digitize your lettering and stay tuned for more creative classes to come this year