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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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5 Lessons (20m)
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About This Class


This is to help you see the overview of how to set up a viral traffic system that actually works.  This course is based on my two prior courses on SkillShare that teach you how to use Pixabay and Canva.  Make sure you sign up for the free iTunes podcast on associated topics at the Real Fast Results website.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr. Scott Brown

Investment Expert and AACSB Finance Professor


Dr. Scott Brown is a finance professor at the AACSB Accredited University of Puerto Rico. He is a nationally recognized academic researcher in portfolio management, market micro-structure, and corporate finance.

All of Scott's SkillShare courses are designed you to help you add specific skills to your resume list of competencies.

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1. Viral1: Hey there. So I realized that I didn't really tell you anything about, you know, viral images throughout this course. And the reality is is that I am a successful viral marketer. So I'm going to show you how we use picks obeying camera images and we viral them up or we look for different levels of viral, not city. But this is a very, very complicated system that took quite a bit of time to set up. Not it's not super time consuming, but the time has to be put in. And there are so many additional things that you have to learn that this is not a course on actually how to create a viral website. I'm just going to show you my viral system so that you can understand what works and what you should be thinking about setting up, and that's really valuable. And then I'm going to direct you to a podcast that will help you get the additional information you'll need to set this stuff up because I'm not an expert in Web programming, but I know enough about it to set what I'm gonna show you up myself, and when I'm going to show you is really powerful. My viral system contains three parts to it. The first of it is a viral website. You can see it right here. I run a community called Worry Free wealth where I show investment tips. Now this particular image is viral and the way I know it's virals. I found it on Tumbler and had lots of notes. Now you can't just go on copy an image, so you have to be able to attribute the image correctly and again. I'm not an expert in this. I'm just pretty much monkey see monkey, Monkey do and how I set this up again. There's a podcast. There's a bonus lecture pockets. You go looking that you can listen to that and actually get direction as far as the how to set this whole thing up. So this is a viral post that here's the viral image. And if I scroll down, you can see seven secrets of the mighty mightiest millionaire mo mentum stock investor ever . And if I click on that, it's gonna take me to the post. And then you can see that the viral post of the viral images actually the lead image in the system. But the top image is the actual subject of the system here, which is this gentleman, Nicholas Darvis. And you can see that this has already had 88 views. So I've got some of these in here that have got a heck of a lot more views than that our shares on Facebook and again. That's why this is virals, because I create viral hits on this website through the other component, which is the Facebook page, and France, since this is, ah, post that idea on retirement planning and you'll notice that it's got over 6600 shares on Facebook. So how do I get all that viral mo mentum going across that? Well, you have to create a Facebook page and you can see that this WordPress blogged right here. That is, the viral site has a Facebook plug in in it. Remember, I'm not teaching how to set this up on just showing the possibilities. And then at the end of this section, there's a bonus lecture in a podcast that will explain to you where to go. If you want to do this because it's gonna take you at least a month to get this whole thing set up of about maybe 45 hours a day, two or three hours a day. At least that because you're gonna have to get a bunch of content set up for the block. You have to be pretty committed to it. But there's a big payoff, and I'm showing you that right now you can see the 6600 50,000 um shares that we've got here. This has produced some pretty amazing, pretty amazing increase in my in my traffic. If you go over here and look at friends, that was a daily. If you look at the monthly, I get over 1000 views a day now which I've never, ever in my entire history of blogging. Then you can see that I had very, very poor experience with generating traffic crest of our website. And then last month I really pulled the system together and and started flying it. And so you can see that my viral marketing strategy works very, very well for generating traffic across this viral website over here, and it generates lots of Facebook shares. This is a form of social proof and it's real powerful, actually pay for these shares. I pay for these shares through a Facebook page. That's actual Facebook price, not the Facebook page. And you can see that here. We've got all these posts. You can see how the reach that likes and again, Like I say, I'm gonna send you to the expert that taught me through Daniel Hall and you learn how to set this stuff up. But notice that each and each one of these e that has a lot of use. This has 7007 interviews or there's a lot of likes on this Facebook page, so that's a second component. The first component is a viral word, plus press blawg, and then the second component is a Facebook page, and then the third component is a free fate is a free course overhearing you to me. You can see I've got value investing boot camp, Columbia University proven, and you can see that I've got a total of 1093 students in that in less than, you know, a couple weeks. So what I'm doing is is I All of a lot of these posts over here are connecting and driving traffic over into the free course over on you to me, I didn't notice. I actually got a comment. That's great. So I am, if you can tell I get a lot of activity across the system. It is composed of three parts. Number one is thieve viral Web site number two is that is the Facebook page. And number three is the free you dummy value investing course. And this whole thing is a viral system that works like a sales funnel that drives people into the free you Timmy course. And then I have to come up with strategies to move them up and actually pay to enroll in my actual stock investing courses. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through and tell you a little bit more about each specific component, and then I'll wrap with podcast. That will be the end of the course 2. Viral2: so welcome to the little part of this talk where I'm gonna talk about the actual viral website. Now, let's talk about the components of why this viral website is powerful. Why? It's important. Number one, it has a good logo. I created the logo over on fiber and again in the podcast I'm gonna direct you to You're going to get all of the different steps and you're going to get in contact for the guru who will teach you how to set this up really well again that this is not my expertise. I actually learned from somebody else and how to do this. People can search for my topics. This is a theme that you're gonna learn. You know where you can go and get it and all this whole thing is set up to be viral, and you can see that I got different sections to this block. This is a WordPress blogged. And if you don't know how to program in a wordpress block, you're gonna have to learn how to and again, that's a whole you Timmy course in itself. And that's why I'm saying I'm going to show you my viral system. But you're gonna have to go put each piece together and there's three big pieces to it. You've already got the core skill. The core skill is to be able to kick out graphics like this and, you know, be able to resize Thies this one I think I found over on Tumbler and it had a lot of notes and then I can either. I can resize it in camber. I can pop it in and just score it to size to the other. You know, lower post that I've got down here. Now let me show you something that I think is important. And the reason for that is is that by the way, this website is also optimized. I paid another guy in fiber to come in here and speed it up for Google Page speed. So it's just a totally ripped and fast website. Okay, lets go. I think it's over here. So if you come over here to the 12 best financial planner tips for your money, this lead image is a viral image. Now you can't just go out and create viral images. That's why the thing in this course the title book says you know, of course, for creating viral images. You can't just go out and create viral images. You people put him up there and sometimes they go viral, and sometimes they don't. This image went viral and it went viral. And I could tell because that lots of notes on Tumblr tumblers My, This is my number one source right now for viral images. There's others out there. I just haven't really kind of learned how to do them. You can see that this has got 823 shares on Facebook. What I want to show you, though, is that this is the raw image that I've just sized out. Um, and if you come over here, this image I basically took is a screenshot. If we click on this image, it's gonna take us over to the Amazon book. And I basically just opened up this image, downloaded the image, and then what I did was I created a custom size and camera, so I've got a basic little microcosm of the image. And then when you click on it, you get the full size listing and in the thing is, is that you recognize this face because it was part of this image over here. So that is the the way that I start with a viral image of the top that I could not create myself again because you can't create viral images. You can't just say Okay, well, I'm gonna throw a violent image out there and make it viral. You can't do that. There's times when I've put stuff out there that I thought would go viral and it didn't. And then other stuff I didn't think would go viral is gone. More viable than I thought. But these air images, if you're looking around places like Tumblr, these air images that bona fide viral, this image is an absolute modified viral image. That's the main thing. And then in the rest of the post, I'm using what I've taught you in the pics of a in camp A course to create really nice, consistent bit images that tie back into the header image up here at the top. And that's how we've done. That's how I've done this. Now, what's important is is that you're gonna be able to track your site stats. You're gonna need to set up your appearance. You're gonna be using the theme section. So, for instance, over here, I've got this theme and, um that I like. I said, You'll get direction on that theme. You'll find out where that theme is located, you know, from the podcast. But that's the last lecture here. There's plug ins there. Certain special plug ins that you've got to put into this. There's s CEO factors there. For instance, there's an S E O plug in. And you know, when you come in and set up your plug ins, then you're gonna have to configure some of these plug ins. So the main thing that I want to understand is that and you need, by the way, you need to keep these plug ins updated, so it looks like something needs to be updated. Okay, Yost CEO needs to be updated. So if I hit update now, the left in it. Now, the reason that you need to keep your plug ins updated is because if you don't, then your wordpress block could get hacked. And again, I'm flying through this thing really fast. I understand that The main thing that I want to understand this I just want you to see the big picture. So you know what you need to create what you need to create. Did you need to create a viral? WordPress? Blawg? How do you do that again? The last pot in the last podcast. There's there's a discussion of how to create this viral system that I've created here. 3. Viral3: your Facebook fan pages. Another big factor. Honestly, I'll tell you the truth when you set up your viral system, and if you really put your gumption into, you'll have it done in a month. But this has taken me a year. And then, you know, the course that you've taken with pics of band camp is just a small part of it. It just allows me to create these images. So I've created the background in Canberra, this icon and can va. This profile picture is created in Canada. The thing is, is that in order to have a Facebook fan page, you have to have content. So where do I get my content? Well, I get my content from you know it from my WordPress blawg. You just saw this post, and so I'm able to put something in here and then publish it, and then I can boost it. And when I boost it, then I'm able to actually, um, increase the amount of visibility. And if it's a well done post again in the podcast, you learn how to create a viral post. If it's a viral post, it's something that people like. That means if they're on their cellphone on the iPhone and you know your post goes across their iPhone screen. If it's if it's created the right way, it makes them much more likely to hit the like button. And so you can't just create a Facebook fan page and start advertising. That's how I started. It was a big mistake, and I threw $500 out away that way. And they're 6 $700 actually, think $700. And so now I've got this thing fine tuned into a viral system, and you can see that I've burned 38 cents today and I'm almost halfway through the day. Notice that notice how many of these were running at one cent? And I've got this last one here running it to this Kobe Bryant. One kind of bounces back and forth between one and two. Um, but virtually all of my posts are running at one cent CP. My videos were running at a at a 10.1 cent, um, cost per view. So that's what my viral system allows me to do. It allows me to have a very, very low cost of advertising. I generate a lot of likes. I mean, look at this. Have generated thousands of likes. I'm generating hundreds of likes per day, if not over 1000. Yeah, I'm generating over. I'm generating about generating 500 to 1000 likes a day through just with $5 spent in Facebook advertising on the web. So begin this Israel powerful. If you can get your virus system to work, its gonna reduce your Facebook advertising cost. It's going to increase your community engagement dramatically. And it's just gonna kind of make everything sort of start to sizzle up. So that's why I believe so much in this particular viral system. 4. Viral4: The third part of my system is my free value investing website. When I created this free course on pics of A and Canada, I did. It really is much to help me train people that work with me on how to use picks obeying Camba. In the meantime, I was working ahead and get setting up this viral system that took me Well, I mean, I published the this course on free images. What, Back in November? So So it's taken me this long December. My viral course. I really consider creating the course that you've been through on pics of in camera to be where I really kind of started when I was creating my of our course. But notice that, um, I've got 1093 students now. One of the things that's gonna happen when you do free courses. Did you want to work really hard to make sure they're good courses? Because if they get hammered down, toe less 3.9 reviews, then, um then ah, you to meal kill it. So, in fact, this course right now at this very moment is in this danger. That's not it. Where is it? Yeah, right here. You can see the all time averages 3.92 So if a drops below four, they're gonna act the course. If you come up here, you can see that Hidden is gonna get killed by June July 13th. So, um, you know, if you like this course, give it a good review. Um, otherwise, it's gonna go a bye bye away. Way, Way. So, you know, I realized from the feedback that you've given me that I really didn't show you what I was doing for a viral course. And so because of that, um, you know, because of that, I really I kind of realized that you should see this. I think this is really valuable to you. So anyway, like I said, if you like the course, let me know and give it a good review. Um, but But if you're going to create this viral system, then you're gonna have to look inside your niche, whatever it ISS. If it's I don't know, whatever it iss, maybe it's photography. If it's photography, then you're probably gonna want to set up a free photography course because it's really easy to get people to enroll into a free photography course. And then you've got people in your niche with this course, like in pics of Ain Canvas. Outside of my niche, I set it up for my personal assistance, but I didn't realize how it would end up creating a student base that was very far outside of my next. But in the end of the day, it's good, because your niche is almost certainly not likely to be. You know, the finance niche. So you know, you know there's a lot better niches out there than finance, believe me. So, um, focused on your niche and get a free course set up in your niche, and then you can work up your viral website. You can also work up your your Facebook fan page. 5. Viral5: So if you want to learn how to create a viral website that I strongly recommend that you go over and get hooked up with Reald fast results, podcasts and reason for that is, is that Daniel Hall is a major Internet marketer and he actually interviewed the expert in Facebook marketing that taught me how to set up my viral system that you're seeing create all of that very, very low cost traffic across my website and very, very low, low cost interactions, you know, engagement in the form of likes. So this, But this is really, really useful. These podcasts are free and in fact this you can click on these and they'll take you over to the website. You can also just search for the real fast results podcast on iTunes. Now this is what it looks on iTunes. It's completely free. This entire thing is free. That's why I'm showing it to you. And like I said, Daniel Hall, who's the leader of this community, actually interviewed the expert that taught me how to create my viral website and he'll teach you for, you know, like I say, he's really, really, really smart, and you'll learn the entire process through the free podcast. I know they just did. This podcast, as I'm speaking right now is like a week or so ago, So if it's not up there and this is real fresh, the only reason is just because Daniel hasn't got posted yet. But this is a really, really important part of the course for students who are interested in learning about viral marketing. I didn't really think of about you at the beginning when I started the course, but then when I saw this comment that I hadn't had anything in there on viral marketing went, Oh my gosh, I really need to get these lessons in there So you guys can see that I really am a viral marketer and then a very successful at it and have gotten it to work, and I'm not the expert in viral marketing. I actually learned from somebody else. But if you go over to this podcast on iTunes, it's going Teoh get you completely hooked up and moving in that direction.