My Lightroom compendium: fundamentals of Adobe LR, explanation for beginners (includes my presets)

Luca Foscili, Portrait photographer & retoucher

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Intro

    • Importing files & interface

    • Develop: Tools

    • Develop: Adjustments

    • Metadata

    • Where to install presets

    • Password for the presets pack


About This Class

Hi everyone!

This is my personal starter guide for Adobe Lightroom: if you aren't familiar with this software this should be the first class you ever enroll to, if you want to learn from me.


I'll be explaining:

  1.  the functions I use the most;
  2.  the What & the Why of every button I press in my own post production classes.

I will keep it updated every time I create something new that could be useful to you too.

That's how the class is composed:

  • 1st section: dedicated to the interface of Lightroom and how to import your photos in it;
  • 2nd and 3rd sections: I will explain how the tools in the Develop frame should be used;
  • 4th section: I explain the meaning of metadata and how to add them to your photos.

Let me know if I could add something else in this Compendium: something you didn't understand in the lessons, the explanation of something, etc.

Check out my website if you want to contact me directly:

I'll try to give my Skillshare Premium students support any time I can! :)

27.05.2017 update: Preset pack added to class' project, the password is in the lesson "Password for the presets pack".

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It's my first time working with Lr and this class helped me make a quick review of the tools and workspace. I recommend it if your never used Lr before





Luca Foscili

Portrait photographer & retoucher

Hi all! I'm ​Luca Foscili, italian professional photographer and retoucher

Let me ask you:
Why would you buy premade actions/presets for your post production workflow, when you can make your own?

Sure, you will save the time you need to build them...

Yes, presets bought from worldwide known professional must be great...


Would you REALLY give up YOUR personal touch to YOUR own pictures for the reasons mentioned above???

I used some presets when I started and let me tell you that creating your own is 100% more satisfying!

By watching me create my own filters, you'll understand how to create yours!

Anyway, I will share with you my presets in case you really need them.

These are the basic classes for who's starting out with post production, I strongly advise that you enroll to them if you are a beginner! :)

If you want to connect with me on other platform, follow these links:

YouTube - Instagram - Facebook

Now sit back and enjoy the ride, I'm going to explain everything I know to you!

If you have any questions or request don't be afraid to ask, that's exactly the reason why I'm here! ;)