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My First French Lesson

MyFirst FrenchLesson

My First French Lesson

MyFirst FrenchLesson

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Greetings

    • 2. Thealphabet

    • 3. Numbers

    • 4. Lesson2

    • 5. Lesson3

    • 6. Lesson4

    • 7. Lesson5

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About This Class

Bonjour !

Welcome to My First French lesson :

French is a beautiful language that is sometimes difficult to learn, but if you are here, you want to understand the basics of this language.

As a French I will speak to you as a French and to be comfortable. The goal is to help you get started and succeed in your journey through the French language.

It is with the rhythm of the acordeon, that I invite you to discover this language full of beauty !

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Lydie, I am French and live today in Montreal where I teach French, I am passionate about travel and speak several languages. I like to share my knowledge, especially when it comes to the beautiful French language. I have been teaching French for a while and I know that knowing the basics of this language is important. I will do my best to make my classes as rewarding as possible.

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1. Greetings: you have a criminal in. Welcome to your first French lissome. I sending you can use it when talking reprints all family, all in a normal situation. Hey, Lou Boudreau. Good afternoon. Good night. Good evening. Boost. My name is up is to co I cool. Jim, I told myself Nice to meet you. Oh, are you Kamata Cuomo means oh, Ali to go. I'm doing well in French. We said I'm going. Well, I'm doing well. Thank you. Love Message. And you? I'm doing very well. Jared. Seven. Very well, thank you. Messages, please play. You're welcome, Jim. Result All you can also say excuse me is more nuclear news Is kissing what? When you're lying for more situation. It was more when you are in a former situation given bother anymore for more situation. Informer Sully. See you later. After things that you're going to see a person very soon. Glad descended all you can. You You can also use a cruise. If you want to sound like a native French, that's using only in a formal situation. Goodbye Over far. You can also say actually, but only if you think you're never gonna see the person anymore. You said Abdel Toe 2. Thealphabet: you have a say in welcome to your first French lissome. Uh, be be si si de de Mm. Okay. If z g us, he's Yeah, l l Mm. And end. 00 be okay. Yeah, s yes. Teeth T v Do movie do movie. Thanks, Zed, then. 3. Numbers: most seven. You have a call. Say welcome to your first French lissome. Oh, Oh, do do what? That Thank you. Phone Since since set Set REITs REITs Myth for myth This this Now we will count from 10 to 20. This owns phase Cattles Girls says Diss it this business one more time This and shoes get dolls, Girls, save this it business. Let's come 10 by 10 We call that in France Lodges in Just Val pumped Go home! Fun count! Sweat salts, Sweats altered. Get over Careful rooms one more time. Fall Don't John Holmes. Fine. Don't sweat. Don't sweat something. Get a move on. Careful. So 4. Lesson2: Boudreau. Seven. You have a good day and welcome to your first French lissome. Okay, let that with personal pronounce. I she i you to you to she l l with Reese New. You bet. Cruel Day. He'll But we've s they he'll and again. But this time for feminine Ella, even this we've s okay. Lets start again. But repeat after me She chief, she ealier l l new new You live l okay. We also have is like, Let's like you say, Let's let's go like only let's go. Okay, so Oh, I repeat Oh, it's for, like, action. Like when you select. Okay, do Two of up we're going to use today are to eat, which means multi mosey and to like are to love Which means Emmy Amy dip of And we've because they are verb off the first group So very easy to congregate But it's up now we're going to congregate to have to eat multi in prisons I it vision more you it to manage its you know she it with its Omar Mobile You eat better world of rheumatology that it in large animals for the criminal again two months, Elmar almost module Multi in More and more example remote back. She managed it that it faster. You know that moment, the clothe way it shrimp. Trimark to march different. You ate fruit. Now we're going to complicate. Developed to love light in me in prison. I like love, Jim. You like love to em. Likes love Lim She likes love, Ellen. Real like love on them are losing you Like the proof using me. They like love is him. Oh, anything feminine again, Gen See, we put a Napa stuff after a Jay because we have a void. 2 a.m. Lim Ellen on them. News Imo It was in me. Use them. Ed is him. See? Between the s and A You have to make relation on the new m m. No Zimmerman of me is them. L is um don't we get to mental exam? I can now all to make a difference between I love you. And I like you in French. I love you in France Is should 10 to say I like you. You have to put I love you. Well then. Oh, I love you very much. Should then book again. I love you. Is 10. I like you. It's like Justin. I love you. Well oh, should then book I love you The him it zam Jim Tom So he's I like love your smile to em Live it to eminently fit You're like love French fries Zili Zinni flow like love flowers 5. Lesson3: you have a criminal and welcome to your first French lissome. Okay, in distress on we gonna learn about Developed to be Okay, lets go Get in Krisel. I am just You are true It he is really She and we are Newsome off. Only you are but cruel. Who's it? Did? Uh, so they have their a game, but for many. Excellent. Okay, now repeat after me. This is to it true. You know, you uh oh. May told me new some new some Who is it? That's it. So it so Okay, Don't forget to make the liaison between the S. And that is on a visit. Who is it? Example? Dream. You know, dream. You know? No means you have kids. I just really don't just really cool thoughts. I'm up to UNICEF You back. It was Genesis three overs. I'm not up, ***. Shen rule Touche. Negation In France, you have to say move all And we've opposed defend and Bob, which means not example Jal MPA different in most Bob Nunes Some gold again. June empower leaf It. Which means I don't like french fries in the most body of law. And they don't eat minutes You know some way up. Okay, now some example New some twists, new some twists only lists only Christs way are sad in most in new South Korea means hunger . They are let angry You are young, You are young Treason to you is that was that spot? Who's it spotted? Which means you are acquitted. You are fitted Visit spotted use it spotted. 6. Lesson4: seven. You have a good day and welcome to your first French listen in distress on we gonna learn about except pronunciation and sound Lexa Lexan agrees. Like you're saying a a That's more like you pulsing something out of the mark. Like if if example like taffy, No caffeine, Which means to coffee Lex on God, Lex on gloves like song you can find like, song half in a call for you I will first explain to you father there is, like the later half the alphabet the air example in this through the mass which means a mother lex on Siskel flicks lacks on sickle flex Lexar Siskel flicks you can find like sounds of conflicts in a o you Oh, I it does not changed their sound except for so I'm going to explain to you thought it The song is like, oh, example large bets that bit bit lap It's the best Lexan, huh? I thought you and a oh, and you make this sound The Exxon doesn't change the sound of do who we that accents used to say off Vaksince is to say where father in again. It doesn't change the sound of a with that accent is a verb toe off example. The landmark okay, Reebok sounds is to It's like I go to Paris should be up now. The sounds We have a I and e i is like e with, like song. Have example Lumet's The Master Lumet's Lapin Lepine Sadness. We also have you. It's like that with that accent. Just the zippers. Just Brazil is I'm happy. We also have Hey, you owe a you. It's like, oh, remember later of their habits. Oh, example. No letter. La booty. The beauty also. And we have O. M and O. M. We have to rule room in the one when there followed by a consul int over then the end and m you after personal states life. Oh, oh, Example. Fitter question. It's a big It's our question, Ghoshal. Except for one word, Monsieur. Which means, sir, Monsieur, you're gonna Purnell's o m life with that accent, Monsieur. Remember to when it's followed by and and and at the end of the work panels home. Oh, example. Zin Miles bum. There's in malls in e l e bun a every bun. Okay, one more time. I we have all I am. It's like And remember when we learned about the number example one which means far away one. And we as I am and a I am a m and you m it's like also the number one example during the month. Uh, we're in a month and left Edgar laugh anger Second, each shekel left the end life for and we have m e m a m a m is like oh oh, example. I know you loves everything all bitty buffer mobility Tom, so much don't so much Aubrey loss, Aubrey loss. We also have I m m. It's almost like why? But like when you said yes. Yeah, Oh yes, Example in value. That's true. And we are assisted six city Since it is like you know, the little thing in this scene See you you use it in front of a oh, and you when you want to tell the some K two s example when you don't put this is it's Gasol. Sounds like Goku Not very really for in a framed very beautiful. So you have to put this city And now Gasol boy, a winter 7. Lesson5: you have a criminal and welcome to your first French lissome in just some gun alone developed toe I j you are true as she was of oh news Ever you are the whole seven They Oh for me again to love only news level Whose every It is a example that is on the shelf This shop they have ducks but news Evel News seven Richman into halftime news Evel as a bun Okay. In French with sometime Jews developed to have while in English we used to be example which means you are angry Zevi do that shops Zevi Last chance. You're elected J j Ma Man, I am in pain. I am in pain.