My Financial Mountain: Planning My Simple Budget | Julio Lara | Skillshare

My Financial Mountain: Planning My Simple Budget

Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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12 Videos (30m)
    • My Financial Mountain Planning Intro

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Budget

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Simple Budget

    • My Financial Mountain Planning My Simple Budget

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Income

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Expenses

    • My Financial Mountain Planning More Expenses

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Last Expense Group

    • My Financial Mountain: Create the Budget

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Thoughts

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Summary

    • My Financial Mountain Planning Project


About This Class

This course should be a crucial step in your personal finances.... 

The course will guide you on working on your financial planning. More specifically on your personal budget. If you have financial difficulties, if you want to know more about your personal finances, if you want a method to follow and reach financial stability... this course is for you.

It is a very simple course but very powerful.  By creating your personal budget you will be able to get more focus, direction, inspiration and motivation on the financial journey.  You will be able to identify where your money is going and how to allocated based on your needs.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone that wants to learn more about their finances.  It is general enough so that anyone can jump right in and it is simple enough that there are no prerequisites.

The course IS NOT:

  • It is not an in depth budgeting course.
  • The course is not designed to make you a financial wizard.
  • The course does not go into great details on methods and application.
  • Do not expect that the course will answer all or even most of your financial concerns. 

The purpose of the course is to help you create a SIMPLE personal budget.  More importantly the goal is for it to help you understand the concept so that you can lose the fear of a budget and personalize it.

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Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

My main goal is to help others become better. Better in their personal lives, in their businesses and in their finances. I love to learn and I learn the most when I help others by teaching and learning from them as well. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn and to help others reach their goals. I hope that I am able to help you by motivating you, inspire you or that you help me in the same way.

"Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lesso...

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