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My Favorite Card Trick, The Invisible Card

Daniel Platt, Yo whats good?

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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. The Trick Performed

    • 2. Step 1. Card Controlling

    • 3. Step 2. The "Move"

    • 4. Step 3. The Delivery

    • 5. Final Thoughts/Tips


About This Class

In this class we will be learning how to perform a more advanced card trick. It is longer than others that have been taught before on this channel because it is a lengthier trick in which we will need to learn multiple skills in order to perform it smoothly. These skills will be taught in depth, as you follow along with me.


1. The Trick Performed: Yeah. All right. Welcome to this next video. This video is of the disappearing magic. No. What qualifies me to be able to teach you this? I don't really know. No. Like, I'm all that experienced or done a whole lot of my life so far. But I have I could say that I performed this trick all around the world, including Europe and North America. How's that? I have I've been doing this trick for a very long time. It is my favorite trick, and I'd love to show you how it's done. So I'm gonna show you exactly what this trick looks like so that you can know if you want to learn this trick. Okay, so I want you to choose any card at all. You sure got one you don't want. Okay, you go without I'm not gonna look at it. I don't know which one. And I'm just going to take that card and I'm going to put it anywhere within the dive boat . The middle. It could change, actually, if if you like, really doesn't matter. You have to take my word for it. So I'm just gonna go right there. That's your card. Can you put that card right in the middle? And I'm just gonna start shuffling back. So now the goal of this is that, um I'm I've been trying to learn to control the deck. That's a really good thing from magicians to know is where the card is all the time. I've been working on it. I can usually get it to about the top five if I want to bring it up to about the top. So let's see. 12345 I think I should be about there, so I'm just gonna go through. I want you to tell me if it's in the top five, but don't tell me which one. Okay, so one, 234 Okay, so tell me if it's in here, but don't tell me which one. Okay, so 12345 was in five. It was okay. Ourselves in 1234 top five cards. So now I'm gonna take your card right here. I know it's a little hard to see, but that's okay. So I want you Hold that. You know you have arms. Okay, I'm just gonna put a razor, so it's right there now. I'm I'm not even gonna deal access those cards. Okay? So I'm gonna put those there if that moves, you know, if I've touched it. So I'm gonna take your car, and I'm gonna put a face up above the seven of diamonds. OK, so can I take your car? Where did that? Right, right here. So I'm gonna take your card. I'm gonna put face up above the seven of diamonds. Now it's a little hard to see, but just hold on. So I'm gonna put in human, can get out of cadaver, have a dapper shocked that works. And so now we can go through. Do you wanna go through and look for it actually can. So I'm gonna go through on the look. For what? What did I say? I said the seven of diamonds been regicide. Seven diamonds. There is a face of carbon, but now you're thinking them. No, no, no, wait. Hold on. It was in the five. It was in the one, the two, the three or four five. All right, so if you'd like to learn how to do this trip, just stick around, and I will be sure to teach you how to do it. Thank you for tuning into Danny's tutorial, and I'll see you very soon. 2. Step 1. Card Controlling: What's up? Welcome to another one of Danny's tutorials. We're gonna get right. We're gonna get right into it. Just gotta clean up all these cards. Oh, right. So I finally got on my cards cleaned up off the floor. Today, we are going to be learning how to do a trick. It is my favorite trick of all time. I'm not sure what it's called. Please forgive me. We're going to break this down into a couple steps. This is gonna be a much longer trick. That's why it's its own class. This is because I wanted to create a more in depth magic trick. This one, it takes many more steps. It's much it's more difficult to do just because there's a lot more sleight of hand tricks involved in this singular trick. It's a performance of many different things that are involved, So we're going to be going into each of those and breaking them down. So to start, grab any deck bicycle, Dexter. Greater cheap. Yeah. So go grab a deck of cards and I'll be here waiting for you. So starting off, we're going to have the spectator choose any car. Doesn't matter. Just don't let yourself see it. Then you're going to take the card without you seeing it. Which is you're going to work. You're going to put it anywhere in the deck and you gonna show to them. All right, this is your card, everyone. Right? Um and then you're going to square up the deck. But as you're screwing up the deck, you're going to get a pinky break. What a pinky break is is when you look to the side, you will notice that my pinky has made a break. It sounds a pinky break. You're going to get your pinky right in there and from the front. You want it to look flushed. You want to look fun? Eso that and you want to hide it behind your head This way, it conceals the fact that you haven't break straight to the six of hearts. So you're going to once again show them their card. Here's your card, and you're going to swab the deck. Not really screwing it up, getting that pinky break. And then immediately you're going to transfer it into a thumb break. Thumb break is taking that pinky break and just holding it there with your thumb, but making sure the front of the cards are completely flush. They shouldn't be able to tell and you'd be holding in this position. Now, I'm not sure how much experience you have a controlling cards, controlling cards. What that means is you're going to be. It's the aft of shuffling cards and knowing exactly where that person's card is. And so, in this case, I've brought the person's car to the top. Yeah, so let me show you how I did that. I'm gonna be doing this in the most simple way possible. So we're going to be starting from the thumb break. What you're gonna say in this part of the trick is you're going to reveal that as a magician, I have been learning to try to control a car. You have to tell them a lot of magicians. What they do is they control the card. They move the card to exactly where they want it or not. And you say I'm not that good, I I can usually get it about the top five. I'm trying. I get to the top. Okay, I am sure. And so your job is now, get it to the top five, but specifically the third from the top, that is very important. It's the third card from the top, and I'll be showing you how to do that. So sorry. From here. Once again, taking your index finger, you're going to just pick up a few cards, anything to sweep it into your left hand. You haven't got all the way you gonna keep going until finally you've picked up all the cards on top of the six of hearts. She's right there. Then you're just gonna drop that in your hand. Now, this is on the top. But that was you needed to get the third from the top. And so what you gonna do is not that you know exactly where it is. You have complete control over it. You can take your gonna one card off and you're going to go. And so now it's gonna be on the bottom, and you just gonna go into this classic shuffle. The shuffle is great because you can always control the top in the bottom card. So now I have it here. I'm gonna do it once again just to make sure that they believe that it's really being shuffled up. But now to keep it on the bottom, I'm going to grab my fingers here and here. And as I'm, I'm gonna pull out all the cards in the middle. And so that's gonna pull out six of hearts and keep it on the bottom. I'm just gonna do that again. All right? So once again, pulling back out is pretty obvious from the side. So if I were to be performing this, I would say, Gavin Schmidt, shuffle it up. That wasn't your card, was it? Okay, Good. And then just keep chopping up now to you, to top. So it. Once they traveled, you shuffled it a couple times and they think, Oh, well, even that tiny weird thing at the beginning. Well, this shuffling now makes up for it. It's fine. It's all lost. Then you're going to start to bring the bottom card to the top note. It's always on the bottom. Therefore, you have to be very, very sure that you do not flash the card to them. A flash is when they see the card on the bottom because it's right there of open, so you must make sure that the car deck is always pointed down to the bottom and that as you are shuffling while this patch of light has moved in and now it's very, very bright and distracting. I hope you're OK with that. I'm not reshooting. The rest of us are all the beginning of this. So now that it's here, you're going to work on bringing it to top. So you're going to do a normal one taking off the top cards. And this is where you say now, once again, I've gotten pretty good. I've got it, too, about the top five. And so once you get close to the end, so why don't you have about how many cards left? You can start being more careful and spreading it out so that as you go, you get to the top. You make sure that this bottom card is going, there's gonna be two cards on top of it. So you have three cards left in this hand. How you do that? You Once you even get to the top, you can just say, now it's about the top five. You just taking one off at a time and I've never had anybody catch this? Never anybody freak out about it because they're thinking. Oh, yeah, He's trying to be exact. He's trying to be a certain of where the card is. And so you cannot just go one by one until you have just three cards left in your hands. That's your six of hearts and two others on top. So now there's gonna be 12 and the six of hearts is gonna be right here. All right, so one final go through what? It's gonna look like one complete show of what we've learned so far. I want you to do it with me. Oh, man. Huh? Okay, I got this. I got to fix this. Okay, I've cleaned up this, uh, light. So back to everywhere. I'm gonna do one more run. Few of what it should look like. And I want you to do with me. So have this bacteria pick any card. How about six of works again? Just for the fun of it on. Don't make sure that you don't see it, and I must say, Okay, I'm gonna put it anywhere in the deck anywhere at all in complete. About half, half so good you know, not too much of a top. Not too much of the not too close to top. Not too close to the bottom. All right, so this is your card right there once again and see it. I don't know what it is. I'm just going to scrap the deck on top. And now I'm just going to start shuffling the cards because the role of the magician is that you? My job is to try to be able to control where the card is now. I've gotten okay. I can generally keep it in about the top. If I wanted to bring it to the top, I could bring it to about the top five. So let's see here. I think that should be good. And so now, uh, it brings us to where we have learned. So it's not the first. The second, but this six of hearts is the third card. So we will be moving on to this in the next lesson. But thank you for staying thus far. And I hope to see you in the next lessons that you can continue to learn how to do my 3. Step 2. The "Move": all right. Glad to see all your smiling faces. Once again, we're going to jump back right into this trick to start. We are going to We have learned how to control the card of our show off their choice, Not our choice. It was their choice completely to the third card down. And so now we are going to continue on with the trick. We're going to be showing them their card. What I mean by that is going to say All right now I can use to get to about the top five, and this is and I want you to tell me if it's in top flight, but don't tell me which one. So 12345 All right, so tell me if it's in top five, don't tell me which one. Okay, so 12345 Was it in the top five? All right, so now I have the 12345 So have your five cards. This is all that we're going to be learning in this step. All right, so now we're going to continue this trip. I will show you what I did. So counting off the five cards or to recap. You've just gotten it says the third card now from top. And now we're going to be pulling off five cards from the deck. The way to do this is you were going to go into this grip. I'm not sure The technical name for this script. All I know is that it's this script and we're going to be pulling off one card at a time. And we're gonna pull off five cards and make your movements very exaggerated for this because it is going to be important in the next step. So 12345 All right, so five cards and then you're gonna take those five cards, face up and put him back on top of the deck. All right, So, as in my other videos, where I've said that doing one move competitively, um, normally gets the audience accustomed to That's how they do it. And that is where you are able to make slight changes such as a false drop, picking up 1/4 normally that way, and then all the sudden have me disappear. This one we have just accustomed their minds to. This is how I have been feeling off cards. Okay, so now this is where we can change something. This is where we can throw something in that they're not suspecting. This is the most important part of the trick and possibly the hardest part of the trick. We're going to be taking the one, so I'm gonna count off five. Don't tell me what one two, there's their card. We already notes the 3rd 1 down. As I'm doing this, I'm gonna get a pinky break. And I actually do a ring break a ring finger break as well. Three. I've just loaded it on top of my fingers for, as I say for I am loading their card onto the bottom of the deck for five. All right, so I do not have their card in the deck. It is on this small five cards, five cards. It's on the bottom of the deck. Now you may already be able gas will do with that, but we're gonna go over once more. Once again, we have the fact guards the tell me if it's in here, but don't tell me which one. 123 I've loaded it. Four deposited it. Five all right. Some tips to help this work. It is rather tricky. It takes a lot of practice. This one, uh, what I like to do is I keep these fingers on the bottom pushed past. So that's when I do load it up. Um, it just fits. Right? And I could just grab on with these fingers. Also, I bring these fingers in this hand around to this side of the deck, and so that's essentially going to square this card perfectly in as I grab the next card. Uh, one last thing. Every time you pull off your card, you want to make sure that these cards are being hidden under the deck like that. Okay, because if they're hidden under the deck, person will notice that something has gone. So 123 or five. That was not the greatest. I've never had anybody actually noticed. Even though I've messed up quite strongly a couple of times, but we're gonna try that once more. So 1234 five. Now we say All right, so I have these five cards in any one of these could be your card. I have one, 2345 cards. Once again, I've got 12345 cards. So how I'm doing that is very similar to how I did this. I'm going to take one card. I'm going to get my pinky and my ring finger underneath or over top of my first card. I'm going to pull the second card over top so that now this is loaded. As I go and grab my third card, I'm going to deposit my second card onto the bottom of the stick, so it's going to look like this. It's now we have to hear do here and then I just go. Three, 45 About five cards, 12 loaded, three deposited before God. Five. God in full. Be fun. 2345 Making sure not to show them the bottoms because then they'll be able to see that none of their cards Aaron that important, Not the flash. Keep that nine getting it down. Then we're gonna move on. Expert in this trick in the next video 4. Step 3. The Delivery: All right, So now we have done almost all the prepping, and we are coming to the punch line of the trick. The part of it, that is unbelievable, yet possibly, you know. Okay, is the live it up. This is the line. We've said it all up for this now. So to reach up, I do not have the six of hearts in my five five cards. Even though they believe that it's their they've seen it with their own eyes. They've seen that it's in the five cards. Now it is loaded onto the bottom of the deck face up, which is very easy to accidentally flashed. You make sure that it is lined up flat. Now for this. Now I like to exaggerate. I say. All right, I'm gonna grab your card. Got your card. Got your card right here. You see, it is right here. Now, um, I want you to hold on to your car so I get the person to hold on. I'm just gonna put it out here, and so I say, I'm gonna take your card, and I'm gonna put it face up. So did you see that? I flashed my pick those cards up. So I had to be more careful than when I picked them up. I grab all the cards, especially the bottom ones, and make sure they stay tight. So I'm gonna grab your card. I'm gonna put face up above nine of hearts. All right, so what? Have your car right here? I know it's a little hard to see it, but it's right here on face up above the nine of hearts. Okay, so I'm gonna cut that into the middle of the deck while I do that. I'm taking their card and putting it directly face up above the nine of hearts. Don't let them see that. Don't flash. So I'm gonna So it's right here. Face on the but the 19 fronts in just a couple of middle of the deck. Now I'm getting up. Cadaver. The punch line of the trick is company. Now turn it over. Whenever you reveal in trick where a card is upside down. We haven't You reveal card, but that is their card. You always want to reveal it upside down first so that the mystery continues for them. You're gonna say OK, now we're gonna look for the eight of hearts. We're looking for the eight of heart. So where is the eight of hearts were at the right about? Oh, Knight of Arts Nine of hearts. And there is one upside down card. Now, now you're thinking that no, this could not possibly be. Haven't shown in this because it was anyone. The two this three before in the five. That is how this trick is done. Sometimes while I'm doing this, I will hand just to make it sure that it's even more impossible. I will hand thes four cards, five cards to somebody, and tell them I can't let you put your hands open. And I'm gonna put these cards within your hand. Do not let me get to them, That is. After that, I have taken their card out and put it on the top of the deck and half of them squish it up . And then I will have them revealed the five card. So I'll have them show the 123 before and then five. Once you have loaded and cut the deck in half, the trick is done. Eso you can have other people look through. You could have other people reveal the card, which makes it more powerful because you are engaging the audience. And so once again, this last little we have already gone. This is I'm gonna run through the punch line one more time live so that you can see how I do it. I would say All right, so I'm gonna have so just to prep, I have no clubs. No, I don't have any six of parts loaded onto the bottom from the counting off the five in place to get there. I have already done counted and shown that there are still five guards even here, even though there's 44. And so I would say Can I'm gonna take your card right here. Can you hold on to that? I'll just place their and I'm gonna take that card. Can I have somebody? I just want you to put your hand. You put your hands open. I want you to question between hands. Thank you very much. Um, all right, So I'm gonna take your car, and I'm gonna put face up above the four of clubs, so take your card back here. You don't want trouble seeing it. All right? and put face up above the four of clubs. So I'm gonna cut that into the middle of the deck. I'm getting up. Cadaver. All right, so now you can have somebody come here. I want you to go through the deck. I want you to find the four of clubs looking do for clubs. Oh, there's upside down card. Wait. Do not flip it over because it was in the five cards. Right? So can you show those five? It wasn't one, 234 The five. 5. Final Thoughts/Tips: So you have now learned it. But you need to be able to do it. So knowing and being able to do is something very different. Do not try to go directly from this and show it to somebody. This is going to take many, many minutes, maybe hours of practice, to be able to do it smoothly. Being able to go through the cut, they get that card on top being able to shuffle if being able to control it so that it is not just within the top five, but it is exactly three cards below, um, the top deck 12 And then it would be there that was the car controlling. Um, having that, uh, being able to do 12345 cards and making sure toe load out without noticing, That's still the hardest part of this whole trick right there. So that is going to take a very long time of practicing to be able to put that card of theirs underneath the deck without noticing for me to you some great day