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My Digital Nomad Six Areas of Concentration

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Digital Skills for Creative Tinkerers

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9 Videos (18m)
    • 1.0 - introduction

    • 1.1 - work

    • 1.2 - passive/active income

    • 1.3 - hobby

    • 1.4 - community

    • 1.5 - develop

    • 1.6 - play

    • 1.7 - you, the project

    • 1.8 - share and review (...)


About This Class

being a digital nomad, either static or in transit requires a certain amount of discipline and probably takes a certain kind of mindset too. it's often not talked about but i wanted to provide a behind the scenes look at how i try and structure my day to day life as i move towards wanting to be location independent and work remotely from the road.

my daily routine being a digital nomad

  • (work) - where to work online to bring in money to pay the rent!
  • (passive) - what i have running in the background to drip feed into funds
  • (hobby) - blogging, video blogging and side projects attention
  • (community) - where i spend my time
  • (developing) - larger courses, mvp’s
  • (play) - energising activities

I've broken it down into a few areas where i think sharing some feedback on how i approach them might be of other help of people that are wanting to 'get out there' and see life a bit more without the shackles of 'everyday life' - it's a balance and it takes time, effort and energy. lots of mental energy. if your doing it alone having a system makes things a little easier. this is kinda the bones of my system i guess.

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Helpful for starting out as a digital nomad, thanks.
More nuggets of wisdom for digital nomads from Philip! (and thanks for the mention!) :-)
Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!





Philip 'dm' Campbell

Digital Skills for Creative Tinkerers

I'm Phil from England and I make courses every month (recently, daily!)

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