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Music Theory applied to the STEEL DRUM

Mark Piantanida, Certified, Berklee College of Music

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5 Videos (30m)
    • Welcome

    • Introduction to Theory

    • The Chromatic Scale

    • Major, Minor, Pentatonic scales

    • How to Download a Steel Drum app


About This Class

Whether you play classical music or heavy metal, we all use the same 12 notes-the chromatic scale. 

This is a fun course that will teach you:

  • How to build a chromatic scale in every key
  • How to pull a Major scale from the chromatic scale
  • How to pull a Minor scale from the chromatic scale
  • How to pull a Pentatonic scale from the chromatic scale

You will start by downloading a steel drum app from the internet, then learn to build scales. The steel drum is like no other instrument, as you'll see in the video, because the note layout is designed on the circle of fifths. 

Please have fun and enjoy the class!






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Mark Piantanida

Certified, Berklee College of Music

Hello, my new friend. I'm so glad that you've joined me.

I'm Mark.

I'm a steel drum player from Sarasota, Florida.

I play private parties, corporate events, and Tiki bars.

I relocated to Sarasota from New Jersey in 2001. Loving the life that I found here (sunshine, beaches, and palm trees) I decided to begin playing the steel drum to further immerse myself in this new tropical paradise.

My passion is music, and I love to introduce people to my instru...

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