Music Production in Logic Pro X - Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) | Tomas George | Skillshare

Music Production in Logic Pro X - Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tomas George, Music + Audio Production Instructor

Music Production in Logic Pro X - Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tomas George, Music + Audio Production Instructor

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9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome to this Class

    • 2. FAQ Which Studio Monitors Should I Get?

    • 3. FAQ Should I Update to Logic Pro 10.3?

    • 4. FAQ Best Drum Sample Packs?

    • 5. FAQ Best 3rd Party Synths?

    • 6. FAQ Should I Master Myself?

    • 7. FAQ Which MIDI Keyboard Should I Get?

    • 8. FAQ What Microphones Should I Get?

    • 9. FAQ What Headphones Do You Use?

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About This Class

In this class I answer some of the most frequency asked questions that I have received when teaching music production and Logic Pro X online. This questions I answer are as follows:

1. What Should Monitors Should I Get?

2. Should I Update to Logic Pro 10.3?

3. Best Drum Sample Packs?

4. Best 3rd Party Synths?

5. Should I Master Myself?

6. Which MIDI Keyboard Should I Get?

7. What Microphone Should I Get?

8. What Headphones Do You Use?

Meet Your Teacher

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Tomas George

Music + Audio Production Instructor


Hi, Tomas here. I'm a UK Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Composer I've been producing and writing music now for over ten years. 

I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) in Music Composition.

I really enjoy creating and editing all types of music, but I especially love teaching it online.


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1. Welcome to this Class: Hi, There is Thomas George, and welcome to this F A Q or frequently asked questions class for logic pro temp. I made this class just to answer some commonly asked questions that I get for logic pro users. This class is also applicable. If you don't use logic Pro temp. I'm going to be covering answers such as Which studio monitors should I use should update logic. Pro Temp. The best sample packs the best third party sense. Should I master myself, which midi keyboards shallow gets? Which microphone should they get? On? Which headphones do I use? So these are questions like See time and time again and hopefully this short class will just answer some of these for you, so join me in this quick F A Q class. 2. FAQ Which Studio Monitors Should I Get?: This next frequently asked question is about studio monitors. Which judo monitors do you recommend? Of course, it depends on your budget. If you have a higher budget, I have a look at Gender X or maybe even folk ALS. It does depend on the size of your room. Of course, you don't need huge flags on what speakers in a small room. If you in a massive room, you might need some bigger speakers. So, yeah, it does depend on the size, your room and you budget. If you have a low budget, but have a look at some and audio monitor's em. Oh, dear, I think a grateful kind of reasonably priced products and in my experience, meme m already have always been fantastic monitors that have a look at em audio. If you have a low budget or higher budget, maybe some folk ALS 3. FAQ Should I Update to Logic Pro 10.3?: This next frequently asked question is about updating logic. Pro 10 point to the logic pro 10 point free. If you're using a Mac book Pro 2016 or above the Touch bar, I definitely recommend updating to logic pro temperate free Just because you can use the Touch Biologic program, which can be quite useful, especially if you're traveling or you're on the move. You can use the touch bar to play drums to play different hits on your keyboard as well. It can be quite useful, but apart from that, there's not that many differences. But I do think it's a good habit to always have the latest software. I know people that still use logic pro nine. And they always say to me, There isn't that much of a difference between logic. Pro nine Logic. Pro 10. To be honest, that isn't but do you think it's a good idea to always be on top of all yourself? Why not just logic pro all your different APs? Because they're generally just making them better and better and better, and you really want to be able to capitalize that Just use the best stuff out there, so my answer would be, Yeah, I do recommend update, and it's not essential. But it can make some slight differences that in the near future, you updating can make it better and better and better so in a few years. Time se logic pro 11. So it might be a lot better than logic Pro 10 so continually update and get the latest version. 4. FAQ Best Drum Sample Packs?: This next frequently asked question is about drum sample packs. Question is what sample back do you recommend? Andi? I always say, Have a look at vengeance. Vengeance make some fantastic samples. But to be fair logic, you've got over 2000 samples. If you download all the additional content, so many Do you really need any more sample packs? But if you do want to have a look at some more, have a look at vengeance going to vengeance websites. I know that, like TDM sample pack of electro sample pack, we've got some great ones. And also ex first sample packed X for two, which Dead mouse actually created is also fantastic for drums. So have a look at those two X for to buy dead mouse and the vengeance sample packs, depending on what genre of music you want to create. But like I said, lodge, it's got loads of loops, lows of samples. Maybe have a look at them first, and then, if you do want to expand, have Luckett vengeance on expert 5. FAQ Best 3rd Party Synths?: Hello. This next frequently asked question is about synthesizers. What third party synthesizer do you recommend? So third party basically means a synthesizer that doesn't come of logic made by another company. I recommend having a look at massive by native instruments or even the complete packed by native instruments. They make some fantastic Simpson completes, but I personally really like massive for electronic music and, of course, serum by ex for records, these two Simpson Fantastic. They're not cheap, but they are really good. But to be on this, you can do a lot in logic. Pro alchemy. We've got logic. Pro 10.2 above is absolutely fantastic. You can do so much in alchemy, But if you do want to experiment with Mother Simpson, recommend having a look at massive or even the complete package by native instruments on serum by expert. So thank you for watching 6. FAQ Should I Master Myself?: Hello. This next frequently asked question is about mastering. I get asked often. Should I master myself? Why should I pay someone else to master for me? And I would say, If you've got the budget, sure pay someone else to master. It's great to get another pair of ears on your songs. If you're just starting out, I wouldn't really bother of paying someone else to master. I just try and do it yourself just so you can get used to the process so you know how to master. You do get stilled. Certain plug ins just designed for mastering like ozone. I do. You think you can do it pretty good? Just in logic, I have used a few outboard gear plug ins for master in one them. That's really great is the final Isar by TC Electron ICS. It's a 96 K Model 96 finalized TC Electron ICS experimental of that. That is really great, but to be honest, you can do most of it just in the box. You don't necessarily need to spend over $1000 just on mastering gear. If you do, you want to take your mastering new music to the next level. Maybe have a look at some outboard gear or maybe even some plug ins like ozone. But, yeah, if you're starting out, just master yourself, because if you want a decent master engineer, not really that cheap, but it can be great to get never persons pair of ears on your mix, because when you listen to a track over and over and over again, you don't really notice some of the fine details because you've heard it so much years. Air just so used to that music as soon as you pass it to someone else, they might notice stuff that you just didn't know what didn't know just because you've heard that song so much. Because when you get stuck in that trap of just mix and mix and mix and non stop, immersion in your music is quite hard to zoom out and take a never set of ears or having their perspective on your music. So that's my answer for Master. And if you can afford it, yes, If not, do or yourself it can. It can be good to get some nasty messages, your songs, But yeah, I wouldn't break the bank just gets gets a master and it is really just the Sprinkles on top is really just the cherry on the cake. Of course, if you're mix is no good, master is not really going to make any difference if you song right in. If your music isn't any good, Master and it's not gonna be the answer. You have to work on your songwriting and work in your composition. Work on your mix, then have a look at the master in 7. FAQ Which MIDI Keyboard Should I Get?: by this next frequently asked question is all about Midi keyboards or MIDI controllers. I get asked which midi keyboard do recommends on the one Our use is the oxygen 25 by M Audio. It's quite small one. It fits on my desk perfectly on there. Really Like em. Audio is a company. I do think I think that makes some great reasonably priced products, and I've experimented with lows of Midi keyboards over the years. I've even had awaited Key 88 key Midi keyboard. Which, to be honest, I really didn't like it just too big too bulky took up the majority of my desk, so I had to proper on the side, and that had to look it over, put in place when I wanted to use it, and it just wasn't practical. I also use this many I'm audio key station, many 32. I use this one to go traveling, so I just put my rucksack and then and now I've got a media key. But of course, you get musical typing. You hit command, care and logic. Musical typing comes up on. If you have the touch bar, you can actually get their keys on the touch bar, fusing probably 2016 or above model. But I prefer using this little mini travel one. I never can still play chords easily musical type things a bit more difficult for me to play chords and riffs. This is good if you're on the film, the go if you're traveling. You don't have space for a bigger keyboard, but the oxygen syriza my favorite type of media cables. I know they do. One's bigger than 25. I think they do a 49 key and even large than that. So if you want a larger one, got the death space. Have a look of M audio option? Syriza. Quite cheap. I know this one. This is actually the older model. I know the new models about $100 which is quite reasonably priced. Andi, I'd personally like M audio was a company. I think the keyboards very good. Of course, if you don't like that, people have a lot experiments. But in my experience, I found the option. Siri's really great Midi keyboards 8. FAQ What Microphones Should I Get?: The question I get us all the time is what microphone do you recommend? Of course, it does depend on what you're trying to record. If you want to record vocals, of course, you might need a different mike than if you're trying to record a kick drum. If you just want one microphone that's going to basically record most things quite well, I'd recommend having a look at an A K G 414 and also at S and 57 acre do for four. It's the Excel Aversion is around about $900. It's quite expensive, but it does have a polar pattern that allows you to record all different types so you can record a figure of eight. So both sides of the mike record a room sound. You can use it for vocals, instruments like a guitar piano. I wouldn't necessarily use it for Kick Drum, but it can be great for percussion There. Some 57 only has one polar pattern, and it's a dynamic mic, so it doesn't pick up his longer range as their Form four. But it's great for percussion guitars, piano, and it's around about $100. That's a cheaper option. If you want to do any voiceovers like this, I'd recommend having a look at on electro voice. Ari 20. That's the one I'm currently using now. Or a Shure Sm seven b. This one is fantastic as well. The Short s and seven B is also great for vocals on No Bondo from You to use this vocals on the Ari 20. That's great for basis as well, if you want to. Michael A. Bass, AMP. Ari, 20 consigned Fantastic for that. Also I never might to look at is, of course, a Short S and 58. This is great for live vocals, so if you're doing a live gig, I definitely have a look at the shore. Sm, 58 is quite real, reasonably priced. It's around about, ah, $100. Also, if you want to record, say, a video and you want when there's clip on Love, Mike's Levere Mike's, I'd have a look at the road filmmaker kit. That's one I use for some of my videos where I'm not near a microphone on traveling around . I have that little clip on, like there, there around about $300 for the transmitter receivers. It's a bit more expensive. I have experimented of a love Mike's and the cheap ones are absolutely awful. So do recommend spending a bit more money on that Mike and Mike's in general. Really, You can't really have a short cut for having a cheap mike. If you get a cheap yes, be Mike. It's not really going to sound very good if you if you only want a few Mike's or recommend having a look at S and 57 s and 58 on a Shure sm seven b on may be also 44 If you can't afford it, they are quite expensive. If you get that number of Mike's, it pretty much be sorted for any kind of recording, apart from maybe a live band or live drum kit. If you're just in your home studio and you want to record vocals or percussion 57. Sure some 57 or form fourth a larger budget. And if you want to voiceovers like I said the Ari 20 there some seven bay now great for vocals to, of course, it's tons of different Mike's. But these ones I use often the ones I really like 9. FAQ What Headphones Do You Use?: Hi. This next frequently asked question is all about headphones. People ask me what type of headphones do you recommend, which had phones do you recommend? And I will say, Here is what you're comfortable with because you want to get used to see hearing the same thing over and over again. These headphones. Just why I used the same path. Headphones. I've been using this brand this model of headphones for years. The Sennheiser hasty to five. Open up a swell so you can move your head around. They don't slip that kind of a standard deejay headphones. And the reason I use thes is because I used to deejay lots. I'm just used to hearing lows and music hundreds of hours of music through these headphones . So know what sounds good through these headphones to do? Add a bit of color. Not necessarily the best studio headphones in the world, but I'm used to them. I know what stuff sounds like through there. You can get open back. These air closed back open back can also be great, can be more high quality. But if you want to use them out in the Barrett, for example, of your phone off. Recommend open back because they've won around. You can hear you. So if you in office or you're not at home or in your studio would recommend looking at clothes back. But yeah, there's no real answer. Have headphones, Lows of good ones. I Paris. They like a brand Sennheiser. I've always been using Sennheiser headphones. And since I started using a hasty two fives quite a few years ago, I've just always kept on using these headphones because I'm used to them. Maybe have a look at these. Well, if you're not going to D J, I probably wouldn't recommend them, but yeah, I don't really did a much anymore. But when I did, it was always these headphones that these the kind of standard deejay headphones. So if you see any commercial deejay now that normally got these headphones or beats by Dr Dre, beats do get a bit of a bad stick now and again. But they are pretty good headphones. Pretty awesome by pair sleep affair. Mixing on studio monitors rather than headphones. I do find it more comfortable. Do you think it gives a more accurate representation of music free studio monitors rather and headphones? So thank you for watching in this lecture all about headphones