Music Production in Logic Pro X Beginners Tutorial - An Introduction to Logic Pro X | Tomas George | Skillshare

Music Production in Logic Pro X Beginners Tutorial - An Introduction to Logic Pro X

Tomas George, Music Production Instructor

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9 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Interface

    • 3. Apple Loops

    • 4. Recording MIDI and Software Instruments

    • 5. Drummer

    • 6. Automation

    • 7. ES2 Synthesizer

    • 8. Flex Time and Flex Pitch

    • 9. An Overview of Mixing

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About This Class

Logic Pro X is the leading Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users and it's used across professional studios and bedrooms worldwide.

NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X and a Apple Mac to use it

This course is an introduction into Logic Pro X and creating your own music. You'll learn the basics of this software that's used by professional producers today

This course will quickly cover topics such as the interface of Logic Pro X, making music with Apple loops. making music with MIDI and software instruments, the ES2 synthesiser and basic mixing

What you'll learn in this course will allow you to understand the basics of Logic Pro X

Learn to love Logic Pro X and make music with it

Course Goals :-
• Understand Logic Pro's Interface
• Create your own Music with Apple Loops
• Know How to Record MIDI with Software Instruments
• An Overview of the Drummer Instrument
• A Basic Guide to Automation
• Understand the Basics of the ES2 synthesiser
• An Overview of Flex Time and Flex Pitch
• An Overview of Mixing

To view my Complete Guide to Logic Pro X : Go From Beginner to Advanced, simply view my other courses and if you are not a premium member already be sure to click my link below to subscribe to become a premium member.

This course goes into a lot more detail about making music and mixing in Logic Pro X. It also features interviews with top music industry professionals and is over 10 hours long!!





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Tomas George

Music Production Instructor

Hi Tomas here. I'm a UK Music Producer, Sound Engineer and composer I've been producing and writing music now for over ten years. 

I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) in Music Composition.

I really enjoy creating and editing all types of music, but I especially love teaching it online.

My biggest course is 'The Complete Logic Pro X Guide: Go from Beginner to Advanced', where I take producers and musicians ...

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