Music Production: Inside the Beat - Pop/Hip-Hop | Byjoelmichael | Skillshare

Music Production: Inside the Beat - Pop/Hip-Hop

Byjoelmichael, Music Creator

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14 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Course Project

    • 3. Defining the Goal

    • 4. The Kick

    • 5. The Snare

    • 6. The Hi-Hat

    • 7. Aux Percussion

    • 8. Tuned Percussion

    • 9. Drum Recap

    • 10. Harmonic Elements - Piano

    • 11. Harmonic Elements - Synth/Samples

    • 12. The Bass

    • 13. Melodic Elements

    • 14. Closing Remarks


About This Class


In this course, you will learn an approach to create a track for professional release while sticking to the creative vision for the project.

I want to offer you an in-depth look into a pop/hip-hop production that was crafted for an artist, under a record label, with a specific goal to be the lead single of a series of releases that define this artist’s sound.  

We will take a look at how the musical goals of this project were defined and how that led me to make particular creative decisions when building this track.  

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to define the creative goals for a track
  • Creative ideas when building drums
  • Ways to create the mood with harmonic and melodic choices
  • Ways to use effects creatively to put your listener in the space you envision for the track

Of my 20+ years experience as a music creator, I’ve always learned best with real-world examples from those that inspire me, and as a result, I designed this course to feel like a workshop in which you can witness how everything comes together in a track for professional release.

You will create a track, or finish an already started track, with techniques learned in this course.  A link to the completed track can be posted in the project section of this course.  

So regardless of your level as a music creator, this course will be beneficial for the beginner and the experienced producer.  Also, I am using FL Studio for this course, but all of the concepts can easily be applied to any digital audio workstation.