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5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction to the EQ Effect

    • 2. EQ in Practice

    • 3. Live Demo

    • 4. Mike's Bonus Tips

    • 5. Your Project

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About This Class

Learn the EQ Effect for Music Production
Are you interested in Music Production, Songwriting and Making Music on your computer? Well the EQ Effect is one of the most essential for Music Production, in order to shape and control the frequencies of each instrument and sound in your song.

Examples of things you will Learn

  • EQ Effect Essentials
  • Band EQ vs Parametric EQ
  • Frequency Ranges and Q-Value
  • Mixing Music with EQs
  • + Bonus Tips and Tricks

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Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer | YouTuber