Music Production: Dj Snake Style Track in Logic Pro X | Martin Svensson | Skillshare

Music Production: Dj Snake Style Track in Logic Pro X

Martin Svensson, Learning music creation since 2006.

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26 Videos (2h 25m)
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    • Introduction

    • Requirements for This Class

    • The Initial Idea Part 1/5

    • The Initial Idea Part 2/5

    • The Initial Idea Part 3/5

    • The Initial Idea Part 4/5

    • The Initial Idea Part 5/5

    • Organising the Project & Arrangement Part 1/5

    • Organising the Project & Arrangement Part 2/5

    • Organising the Project & Arrangement Part 3/5

    • Organising the Project & Arrangement Part 4/5

    • Organising the Project & Arrangement Part 5/5

    • Adding Sounds Part 1/2

    • Adding Sounds Part 2/2

    • Before Mixdown

    • Mixdown Part 1/7

    • Mixdown Part 2/7

    • Mixdown Part 3/7

    • Mixdown Part 4/7

    • Mixdown Part 5/7

    • Mixdown Part 6/7

    • Mixdown Part 7/7

    • Mastering Part 1/3

    • Mastering Part 2/3

    • Mastering Part 3/3


About This Class


Do you like the style of Dj Snake and the "modern" EDM music?

Are you running in to writers block easily these days? Then this course is for you!

Welcome to this course where I will learn you how to create electronic music in the style of Dj Snake. In this course - you will learn how to create a "modern" EDM track fast and how to get ideas quickly. In just a few hours you will learn how to overcome writers block and arrange your track fast. 

I have produced electronic music for a long time - over 10 years now - and a few years ago I got to a point where I couldn't get past writers block and I didn't know what to produce anymore. The genre "Electronic Music" started to get generic and after a while the style got slower in tempo - from 128BPM to 110BPM and even slower. After trying to experiment with tempo and different style I became a lot more inspired to create music again. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to produce a full track from scratch to finish.
  • How to get from a short musical idea - an 8-bar loop - to a full track.
  • How to make transitions from different places in your track so you get a natural and professional sound.
  • How to mix and master a track so it sounds good on every place you play your track.
  • You will get the finished Logic Pro X project file (.lpx file) that you can download and open on your computer.

​We will first go through an initial idea process, or a creative process where we just throw every sound that we like in to the project. Without any rules at all, just whatever we feel sounds great at that moment. I think that it is important to be creative when creating music since music is an creative art after all.

After that we will go over organising the project and arrange the track even though we don't have all the sounds for our final project yet or we're not 100% happy with the sounds yet. I think it's really important to create a first arrangement or how I call it "the skeleton of the track". This is so we can see visually how our track will look like when it is done. Now it's a lot easier to see what sounds we should add where in the track.

​When we are done adding more sounds that we like and adding FX's such as transition elements so our track sounds more alive and not that static - then we are going to the finishing process of the track.

Mixdown and mastering sections are also fully covered in this course so we can listen to our tracks on every sound system there is out there like you car speaker, Spotify or a big club sound system. We are going through the process on how to have it mixed down properly.





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Martin Svensson

Learning music creation since 2006.

- Founder and Owner of music-prod, a platform with courses for learning Music Production and how to be a musician today with over 10 000 Subscribers. 

- Music Producer and Professional musician. Producing music for 10+ years with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. Produced music for several big labels and for other Producers, Dj's and big names in the music industry.

- Certified Apple Logic Pro X Producer since 2015.

I have a lot of experience in mak...

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