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Brandon Rike, Graphic Designer & Band Tee Artist

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10 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Client Interview

    • 3. Research & Brainstorming

    • 4. Sketches

    • 5. Adobe Illustrator - Part 1 of 4

    • 6. Adobe Illustrator - Part 2 of 4

    • 7. Adobe Illustrator - Part 3 of 4

    • 8. Adobe Illustrator - Part 4 of 4

    • 9. Finalizing in Photoshop

    • 10. Mocking Concepts for Presentation


About This Class

In this class, I cover how to absorb your clients’ direction thoughtfully, and execute an end product that fills their need, as well as the needs of their fan base. I will be letting the student into my thought process behind each decision. While the skills are important, it’s the thought behind the action thatwill set you apart from your peers.


With over a decade in the music merchandising industry, I have watched trends in band tees come and go. While the aesthetic of these pop culture staples is ever-changing, my process and techniques remain consistent. I create band tee graphics for a living, and have managed to stay passionate about it for quite some time. I have developed streamlined processes that allow me to work quickly and effectively, allowing myself to enjoy each project.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction. We will cover the basics of the t-shirt project and how it functions as a  
  • Client Interview. We will chat with the client and identify themes for the design. 
  • Research & Brainstorming. I will walk you through an effective brainstorm and research collection process.
  • Sketches. You will sketch ideas for your band tee.
  • Initial execution in Adobe Illustrator. I will walk youthrough the digitization process in Illustrator.
  • Finalizing in Adobe Photoshop. We will bring the image into Photoshop to add finishing touches.
  • Mocking Concepts for Presentation. You will create concept mockups for the client presentation.


What You'll Make

You will design a graphic tee for a band. You will follow along through interview, research, brainstorming, sketches, execution, and presentation. All the while, as an added bonus, I will be accepting submissions from the students that will also be submitted to the band. The band will choose one of the student-submitted designs to put into production, and sell on tour.