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Mushrooms 3 Ways - Innovative Vegan Cooking With @EdibleEthics

teacher avatar Lucy Johnson, Professional Vegan Chef

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Why These Mushrooms?

    • 3. Shiitake Steaks

    • 4. King Oyster Scallops

    • 5. Pulled Oyster Mushrooms

    • 6. Mushroom Project

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About This Class

Feeling inventive? Want to increase your vegan cooking repertoire? Trying to find more ways to cook with mushrooms? Tired of relying on supermarket meat replacements? Attempting to impress your vegan guests? Look no further...

I am going to show you 3 innovative ways to cook mushrooms.

Mushrooms are incredible! They are extremely versatile, very healthy, and they don't harm the environment like so many alternatives. 

I will show you how to make:

Shiitake Steaks

King Oyster Scallops

Pulled Oyster Mushroom 

Also check out my mushroom recipe on my website Edible Ethics - Pulled Hoisin Mushroom

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucy Johnson

Professional Vegan Chef


Hello, I'm Lucy.

I am a ex-professional Vegan Chef originally from London, England. 

For the last two years, I have been living my dream, travelling the world and working online. I guess you could call me a 'Digital Nomad'.

I used to work full-time in vegan kitchens within London but now I work freelance, helping restaurants and businesses create vegan menus, develop dishes, start-up their kitchen, and train their staff. 

I also hold cookery lessons and put on the occasional supper club, anywhere in the world!

In addition to this, I am a food blogger - - which means I regularly upload my own recipes, review products and recommend restaurants. 

I hope you enjoy my lessons! 


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1. Welcome to the class: Hello and welcome to my kitchen. My name is Lucy. I'm a professional vegan chef, living a merchant city. I've been being enough over three years. I really understand the difficulties that come with substituting many of your everyday food items on. I've been shopping for over a year now, and I currently about three months doing my website on or support supper clubs and cooking lessons so I can help guide you into, uh, maybe during a vegan journey, maybe just your interest in vegan food, Uh, just to expand your repertoire. I hope I can help you. So today we are looking at my favorite ingredients. I believe it. It's extremely versatile. You could do pretty much anything you want with it. It's very healthy. Very good for the environment stops you from relying all these fake process meets, Uh, you know, the vegan products you can now find in supermarkets As good as they are, I much prefer using things that comes straight from the earth, something that you know is gonna do good for your body. Something you have to look at the ingredient this fox. You know exactly what you're putting in your food and that is the mushroom. There's so many things you could do with mushrooms on. They will easily reputation a lot of different things you might have used in your cooking before. So the three mushrooms we're looking at today should talk a mushroom. So I put some fresh air talking mushrooms. I got these from the supermarket just around the corner from May. Maybe you might not be so lucky. Teoh, have access to fresh talking mushrooms. If you don't, that's fine. I would recommend using portabello mushrooms for the recipe that I'm going to use to the second mushroom. We've got King Oyster mushroom on these. I'm pretty sure you can get in a lot of different places, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. And then my side one, it's just the oyster mushrooms. And I think these air really readily available nowadays, so it shouldn't be an issue getting these No way this is gonna work is that I will provide you with a basic knowledge on video or how to cook these three mushrooms in a way that gives you the opportunity to create anything you want with them. I will provide some examples, but for the simplicity of this module, we will just focus on the mushroom itself. 2. Why These Mushrooms?: why these three mushrooms? So she talking machine? Uh, very meaty, Very woody on for me. I just find that it's got such a nice texture when you cook it, the to me resembles something like state on and the king oyster mushroom so hearty and it's got this good, robust texture. That means you can cook it and you can probably cook it in many different ways without it just disintegrating tau mush, whereas oyster mushroom, Did you ever cook it? You know, very nice texture. So the oyster mushroom I find this is a good motion for anything you want. Don't quickly on. Now I will show you the three different recipes that I think these mushrooms air what brilliantly for? No, that. Let's get some mushrooms. My one piece of advice is not dunk them in a lot of water to clean them more for them. Not you just gonna create so much rumor that's not very pleasant to be. So my advice is just get a piece of kitchen Rolande wipe off any visible dirt you don't need toe for a dunk Them, you know, tiny bit of doubt here in them, you might find information to brush it off 3. Shiitake Steaks: the mushroom number one. We're going to be looking at the Kentucky Mushroom on. We're going to be creating a steak substitute. I find that when you cook these, you got a really nice texture from them. That means you can stick them on a plate with normal side of chips and peas and vegetables that you might have had with your steak. Dinner on is gone. I'm really well with friends and family in the past. No, it hasn't fought anyone into thinking it's actually steak, but hasn't left people feeling that they had the same kind of style of dinner. Yes. So if you're after something quick and easy something you marinade just stick in the pan and just put on a plate with what you like to eat. Then this is the one for you. But this recipe I have about 200 grounds Should talking mushrooms, I say, depending on what Suddenly Smith, you consent? Maybe 23 people. When you have ones that this size here, you could maybe three per plate. So we'll based rescue on two people on. You know, you can follow my guidelines. You don't have to just take the process do with it what you want. I'm just trying to show you these amazing things you could do with mushrooms to create your own really tasty dishes. Okay, then what I'd like you to stop doing is removing the stem from the stocking mushroom. I start find that it makes it look like steak. But you keep stem on there. So it's up to you. Really? You can use the stem from things next. Ticket sores just get invented with it. Really? So just remove all of the stores. Oh, you're less dreams. Do is great. Marinate for the Kentucky shoes. So what I do is I get about two tablespoons of soy sauce I person for using show you tamari . But so he sells is quite cheap on its that so you can get your hands along then that's fine . I also like to put in one tablespoon of olive oil you can use any way you want. Just my personal preference is extra virgin olive votes. This one might cite difficult for you to get your hands on. If you can get it. Amazing. It would also be for quite a long time. This is liquid smoke on just brings in that smoky flavor that you get from smoking. Something brings in a very meaty kind of taste in a room with like, no achieve. Don't fret if you don't have it, I'd use a smoked paprika instead. Just get a pinch of it in the taste. See if it brings out the smokiness. Well, it looks like I put in a teaspoon. And then after that, I just put in grinds pepper. Been just so results in the No sir. I put in a bid stakes by seasoning, which is just a mix of yeah, pre current onion and garlic and stuff. And it's just a quick, easy things. Two major marinade I'd stick into flop dish on. Get your mushrooms in there. Let him sit. You contend to 30 minutes. Make sure you turn them over. Brush the move with a bit of the mix. You know what? I'm swimming in it because I don't want to create too much moisture within. The mushroom is gonna make it really soggy. So just enough to coat the outside. No credit is really nice play before sticky outer that you might have on your steak. You know, you know your pencils. Enough sucking machines that tongue very handy. It's get sucking mushroom, stick it and hear it sizzle, isn't it? Become It's now You got a medium time me Clinton bombs. So that gets you high. I like to use chopsticks picking elimination in the three. Move things around, told, gets a very good simple Tom's. Yes, it when he's away for well. And just leave them for a few minutes until you start seeing rounding, doesn't it? I'm taking. Did you see them rounding on? They should look like this if they are on to burn to that turned on, meet the woman cooking for at least eight minutes. Okay, so what we want to see with our Kentucky state is that nice and brown golden color. We're gonna take them off the heat, stick them on Teoh se Children boards, maybe some kitchen roll town. Any excess moisture. The mushroom that said there were like like you would a steak. You mind? I've decided to seven with surprise. Nice outside. Sell it on some Suraj vessels 4. King Oyster Scallops: Okay, so everyone's recipe number two. Are we using the King Oyster mushrooms as a scholar off scallop. However you want to see it? Alternative. So what we're doing is using extent of mushrooms s of what we're using is this bottom half fare. We're gonna slice them into the size that you'd expect to have besides this going up, be to King oyster mushrooms were using. That's going to serve one person. If you're using it as a main dish, maybe pass a dish. But I'd say this is fine for two people as a starter, as you know, meat, scallops. You know, maybe a fancy starter. You get three or four slices that Scott up, which would look really nice on the plate. Okay, so equation, that whip is a menace. Just say arounds. Nice chunk off the king oyster mushrooms. This is gonna hold itself in the pan. It's like said, it's quite a mushroom. So this, you know, as worried about cooking it on, does keeps its shape. So that means that stick on a play with people already, Whatever you know, you want to stick with your Scots and it will look pretty similar. It's not far off, right? So before we cook up King waste emission scallops, it's get to you. Put minute Walter marinade for half an hour into warm water helps improve texture on second chance, infused with flavor. So I like to put a bit of a comic ceiling in that sort of officially kind of noted that I also stuck in one the juice from one small line. I mean, it takes with soy sauce and then some water and keep the scallops or picking arse mushrooms in there for 1/2 hour. He took personal special oil in a frying pan and stuff cooking. Please have something that kind of accept this to be of water. You don't want to cook. See, we don't think Let's keep that in there and just mushroom do that in your stops. Sizzle. Um, and now we see. Keep him in there about 45 minutes on each side. Golden color from one side. The from over there. Science burns like you just learned on the heat. Like said that four minutes on each side. What, you won't end up with that? This is gonna look like Phillips, so we're ready for reading and then take it off the heat, stick them on a chopping board or more kitchen roll and sit and sit for a minute. I'll see you decide what you gonna pay them with my skull, A dish I have on some fresh apple. It's a nice fresh herbs. Fresh apple. I have stuck in a lime and chili water. Just keep it fresh. And yet, like I said, the fresh hubs gets a pea puree on. Maybe even a cashew cream would be really nice. Yeah, mixed night scallops, isn't it? So it's just another mushroom. This extremely best toe and the texture is incredible. So I hope you enjoy this one, guys. 5. Pulled Oyster Mushrooms: it's a recipe gnome. Three. We're using the oyster mushroom God uses a pulled pork alternative, so I've got about 80 grams of waste the mushrooms. Now we're probably said about two people you're playing this thing else. You serve it with beget, said Maggie's anything either. So we just want to stop by simply tearing the oyster mushrooms up so easy. Uh, I find it quite therapeutic, so just tell one of them up. Stick them in a boat. You know it is a both live ripped up oyster mushrooms is a very quick, easy way of making pulled pork cell effect wherever give something slow cooked. As I said, these mushrooms, they don't want over cooking's. They were a bit moshi and horrible, so we've already done the tearing thing. Now you just need to cover them in, like about Kissel's. Maybe skip it. Soy sauce, Prica maker. Maybe a bit of syrup like make syrup and just make a site rubble in them. I get to the easy option right now. I have a suitable vegan barbecue sauce. It's gonna marinate in that and then cooking that do what you want to go a bit more complicated If this is an easy weeknight dinner source, we have the mushrooms about Brazil's Don't make them too wet. We want to get into crisp up in the oven, and we don't want to cooking them for a long time. So just enough to coat the outsides and then don't let it stood around too long because they will start to cook in the liquid. Waste the mushrooms full about 10 15 minutes. About 200 degrees. Andi, anyone you haven't they should very soft mission Start crisping up on the outside and then provides a nice little texture. Kranish on. Should have Trey off cups. Mushrooms are pulled and ready to do what you want with. I am sticking mine and forget we've salad on some source. Here it is. Uh, waste a mushroom get. I'm looking enough. Tiu. Have mine with Cem. American ranch source. Vegan wraps Source. I picked up from Hong Kong. If you don't have this, put some cashew cheese. A vegan mayo. You can catch up or more like spillage. Yes, just a really nice way of having a mushroom sandwich that doesn't just look like mushrooms in the salads. You've got something pulled. Pork alternative. Yeah, to enjoy 6. Mushroom Project: on from that. I want you to create your own projects. See what you can do it. Mushrooms. What would you pair it with? What kind of favors would you replicate? Things that you might use me or replicate things you do fish? What? You create something entirely new. I'd like to see what you guys would do with mushrooms.