Mushrooms 3 Ways - Innovative Vegan Cooking With @EdibleEthics | Lucy Johnson | Skillshare

Mushrooms 3 Ways - Innovative Vegan Cooking With @EdibleEthics

Lucy Johnson, Professional Vegan Chef

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Why These Mushrooms?

    • 3. Shiitake Steaks

    • 4. King Oyster Scallops

    • 5. Pulled Oyster Mushrooms

    • 6. Mushroom Project

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About This Class

Feeling inventive? Want to increase your vegan cooking repertoire? Trying to find more ways to cook with mushrooms? Tired of relying on supermarket meat replacements? Attempting to impress your vegan guests? Look no further...

I am going to show you 3 innovative ways to cook mushrooms.

Mushrooms are incredible! They are extremely versatile, very healthy, and they don't harm the environment like so many alternatives. 

I will show you how to make:

Shiitake Steaks

King Oyster Scallops

Pulled Oyster Mushroom 

Also check out my mushroom recipe on my website Edible Ethics - Pulled Hoisin Mushroom