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2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Mushroom class

    • 2. Mushroom post script


About This Class

Learn how to make great photographs of mushrooms, at a low cost. No expensive lenses, the photos in the class video were taken with a iPhone with a cracked lens and a DSLR with a "nifty fifty."

This approach is about having fun and being creative, even as you take your dogs to a walk. Hunting mushrooms to ingest is an ancient and dangerous practice. Especially with climate pollution, toxic species are changing locales and easy to find edibles are toxic. (And even if you do your research, it can be wrong, or even just wrong for you.) Even expert hunters sometimes disappear into the deep woods.

This class is about loving to hunt mushrooms, but in a healthier way for those who can afford safer food sources. 

So stay local, and hunt with your camera. It is an amazing world, and this class will help you see it. 





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Emily Martin

From Mushroom Photography to Mediation

I tend not to travel in straight lines. By exploring side roads, I come with a greater understanding of whatever problem I am trying to solve.

In my day job, I am a mediator and adjudicator. Art and craft are side roads.

I use cameras to see more clearly, and a hammer and a torch to make new things.

There is a old story about how psyanky keeps the world going. Just in case, I share the craft whenever I can.

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