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Musсari Flower: How to Paint in Chinese style

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ink painting Muscari 1

    • 3. Ink painting Muscari 1

    • 4. Painting Muscari in color

    • 5. Muscari in color composition

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About This Class

Another one primrose I'd like  to paint with you is muskari. Small funny flowers appears from the ground every early spring, sometimes throught out of snow.


You will study and learn:

- to draw beads, circles and balls using Chinese technique

- to make tone ballance with ink and colour painting

- to mix mineral colour and take it in to the brush properly

- make wet and dry streaks on rice paper

- to create small compositions with nice flowers


The materials you will need:

-Brush for xe-i universal (goat hair or mixed goat+kolinsky hair).
-Wolf hair brush for contour 
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for chinees/japanees painting
-Paper for xe-i/sumie


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: Another bright flowers spring is must guard. The small primrose is o for the beer from under the snow and delight us with their blue and purple flowers. I propose to debate this wonderful moment when the first flowers, a beer in the garden. In this course, I will show you how to draw flowers circles and how to collect them. In inflorescence. The mature miscarry flowers may decorate paintings and postcards. It brings sensor for the spring to your home. 2. Ink painting Muscari 1: In this lesson, we draw another primrose muscarinic, or is it a so-called Mao's highest? And this is a very small flower that also appears very early and pleases us every spring. The color spectrum of this muscarinic ranges from lag two blue. And that is, that is in principle, mostly live. But again, sometimes it some deep blue or shades of blue. But we will start drawing within and then move on to color the structure of this flower and look like small balls, round flowers. The link to the stem, it begins to bloom from below. So the lower both are larger, closer to the top of the flower, they become slightly smaller. Now, I will show you how to draw circles. I put an ing on the brush, remove excess moisture, and start practicing drawing circles. Try from the beginning to make them small. How I draw the circle, I draw with into movements. So that each time I draw it, I have a white dot in the same side. Almost the shape of this white dot. Here again. For training, you can by taking a certain amount of ink and the brush, try to make a lot of circles like this to work out the movement. Be sure that this circle themselves around the not. So then the result with a small glare on it drove this way as Cyril, the circles at this ten from one taking of ink. And when you have circles began to turn quite confidently, try to combine the flower itself. So I take a little more active think. So my inflorescence doesn't have absolutely identical flowers by tone. And start to draw selectively sunflowers in the fluorescence, not all will be equally round. Sound will hide behind their neighbors. Like this. This is how I combine the inflorescence and the circles will become larger downwards. The shape should be conical. When the flowers are in fooled Lew, they may have black dots that indicate a bell opening. Because in fact, this round flowers look like bells. And here I'm showing this opening, but not all of them. Here are the flower. I will make this down a little more active and show it next to eat. Less than 30K strong. You can make a hint here. It can make a hint here that this stem basis, and sadly in fluorescence. Now, I will show you the same scurry only. I will add an outline to the drawing. 3. Ink painting Muscari 1: First, I do all the same from the circles. I assemble all the fluorescence like this. I played lid darker flowers in the center. They will take on a tone accent. When the dark ink will live the brush, their lighter flowers will appear. And the lower the flower on the stamp, the larger entities. Here I have drawn another must carry. Now I will take thinner brush, grey in grenade, but more egg. Then the one withdrew flowers with why Bhutan, a napkin so the brushes dry enough and then the outline. Luke wish flowers are in the foreground in which are in the bird grant. So that the outlier of this, this is drawing with all client in some place, speak and see the halls of this bell flower. And I understand the lease of the muscarinic are similar to the lease of snowdrift. They're quite thin, flexible, and very frequently like aided. If this still snowing. They may note stand vertically but be slightly bent under the weight of snow. This way. This is how miscarry looks in Lake and divide drawing. 4. Painting Muscari in color: Now I will show you how ALU, add color to this flower and then we will draw a small work with this flower. So as I said, this flower is either blue or purple. So i will work in this range. Burkle can be taken by mixing blue and red. Lu should be the 451st of the Murray spelled. It should make combination of these two colors. Or you can take a ready-made verbal 439. Here it is. Quite a bright light color. As blue can be used. This stone loop. It is slightly meet. It slides, they mixed in the light color. So here you have a lot of options with colors. So I start with like white bail collar. Now I add the leakage blue. Then I remove excess moisture and gained on the tip of a more active column, which I will begin by drawing with. The point of my actions, is that more active color will leave the t both the brush slowly and the more light color will come from the top. And in the process of drawing, flowers quietly become lighter. The first central flowers and later the lighter ones. Now look and start to draw the third circles. As an exercise. Slowly the mixture with a brush goes away and the circles are getting pale. E can do this exercise before you start drawing the final picture. You see while it was drawing with one color mixture, they went from dark like to quite bail. Such a color gamma for muscarinic is quite typical. Right now, I'm taking the paint again and start painting the flower. Make sure that the shape of the flower is not the sharp cone. After all, this is a wildlife and wild live doesn't like absolute clear, precise geometry. Look at these. The shape of my flower. Isn't like this. I keep a pyramid shade, but does not quite a straight pyramid. And that the stem. I will draw this towel willing for this, I will take another brush. In order to brush for collar is always clean, wooden spoil the purity of the paint. Here I add this tab like this, and the dark dots of all the flowers which are opened like bells. I also add this dots would link this way. This collar, Joe in color with the outline, you can start drawing the picture. I also take a lighter color into the body of the brush, darker on the tip, and remove excess moisture because the objects that will draw a small enough and you should take a smaller brush to make it easier to draw. Or very clearly control the amount of water underbrush. Otherwise, you will get very strong bar when you don't control the size of what's you draw. Don't forget to hide some flowers behind the others in order for everything to be natural, like in nature. After the flower is radial, I will take a thinner brush, kill it with the color slides no more x. Then the flower I drew and outline. You should have the outline. Well, the flower you drew is still wet. So the outline is getting slightly blue. Bowling on sports of collar. Pay attention please. The lower flowers are facing down with their bell opening in the graphics. That they have a role counter. And the bottom makes sure that the line is strong. It's not necessary to get very, very clearly into the edges of the sport. There is no dust to make perfectly smooth circles. It is much more important to make the graphics confident and strong. Here at the graphics. Now, I take the ink again and the stem and leaves over the graphics. In small paintings, it is especially important to observe harmony. Don't try to make everything to call up, make your work more sophisticated. And that's another, I think for such a painting. Here is the muscarinic in black and white was scurrying collar. Now let's try to draw several colors next to each other. 5. Muscari in color composition: When you draw this several colors side-by-side, be very careful and make sure that they don't stand straight and clear in 0. If we look at the photo of flowers, we will see that the stamps don't stand absolutely parallel to each other. There somewhere closer, somewhere divert suddenly rhythm. Or the stamps should also be quite interesting. Further, when this flowers grow in a flower bed. And there are quite a lot of them. It always turns out that sound flowers overlap others. So it's a little strange to depict each flower in the picture standing alone and not intersecting with other. I will not draw such a large number of flowers. Now, I would limit myself to two or three. In this example, I will try to show how to treat the wreath and combination of this flowers. So I start with the flower that is in the foreground and the most vivid in color. I mean, for the collar that Alike remove excess moisture, take umbrage shade on the TPP and begin to form the first flower. The brighter flowers in the, in the inflorescence also don't stand on the rich either. They hurray, they're irregular reef. And then similar to each other. There are many varieties of muscarinic summer very, very round, and some have flowers that are quite elongated and look like a bell. You can draw circles quite round or a little elongated as you like. Here I drew the first such flower. Next, I will draw the second flower behind it at the back. This is my group of flowers. It is clear that you can draw not only to flowers, but 34. It depends on how large an interesting decomposition you have in mind. This is something like a spring postcard. Then of course, the number of elements should be small. If you want a larger picture, you can make a whole flower bed on this miscarry. Here, I drew one flower after another, making them slightly different shapes. These MIT, flowers that goes side-by-side, now opens it. I will draw another one. And bright color will be edited lethal. And you can immediately add graphics while they are still wet a little later, it will be too late. Because as I said, the graphics are better to go wet. I will take a small brush and take the colors. And the flowers that are getting fade are turned down with their host. So withdraws such a Chrome and the bottom. The rest are fairly around. Remember that the paint is also leaving the contour brush. So further outline. Be more active. Then when the paint brush, it will become more pale. When he started the outline, start to brighter flowers. Go to the side. Baylor wants. Now, I need to make the third one that we'll go back to them side-by-side. After that, I will move on to the greens. I will make the third flower very small so that the Toward conflict with the first two, just a baby miscarry. It's upper flowers will be just bots. Misko flowers are very different in size and they can be close and very small inferences depends on the maturity of the root. When there was a strong, it gives a large and fluorescence. When there was a small, he get this tiny flowers. Here. I had given them another campaign yet, editing a nullcline to it. And they start drawing greenery. There. First thing you need to do well in their refund all the stamps, reason and tonality. Here, I draw the first stamp. They say, I will draw a bit more pale. And I draw this stem for the baby. Remember that there are stamps are quite thick. Done make them very weak. And then certain. I add those to the open flowers and some grass. I will draw the grass dropping. Remember, the three blades of grass should not intersect at the same point. This is not a good compositional solution. There can be very young just appeared grass. That's how I drew them. Scar. If you want to add something, you can make some snow. I will make snow by mixing blue paint and EEG. And with these very, very pale mixture, small drifts of snow in the ground like this miscarry in snow. This is the type of drawing I want to see as a result of this lesson.