Multiply your Productivity: Use your calendar right (2018) | Thor Pedersen | Skillshare

Multiply your Productivity: Use your calendar right (2018)

Thor Pedersen, Teaching, sharing knowledge and paying it forward!

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14 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro video122112

    • 2. Dontdoublebook

    • 3. Calendarpromises

    • 4. Buffertime

    • 5. General productivity

    • 6. Account creation google

    • 7. Calendarlayout2

    • 8. Addevent v2mp4

    • 9. Tipstricks2 v2

    • 10. Extra calendar2

    • 11. Practicalexamples

    • 12. Labs

    • 13. Outlook

    • 14. Outro


About This Class

Are you struggling with finding enough time for everything?
Are you missing important events and having problems remembering it all? 
Do you need more structure and focus in your life?

If you answered yes to any of those questions - take my course and let me help you!

I will teach you: 

  • How to use your calendar right, enabling you to stress less, get more done and be more productive.
  • How your calendar is a tool – and how to make it work for you. (I use the google calendar in the examples, but it is transferable to any system).
  • To be more productive to get more done faster, how to work smarter and not harder.

Use your calendar to make sure you get everything done, allow nothing slips through the cracks and clear your mind of the clutter. (You have enough time for it all).

I will cover how to:

  • Use your calendar efficiently.
  • Get valuable hours back from planning correctly and assigning a time value to things.
  • How to make your calendar the awesome tool it can and should be.
  • Determine what goes in your calendar and what does not (Differentiate between calendar and non calendar tasks).
  • Use the google calendar, the interfaces, the options and the views.
  • How to set up events, calendar invites, reoccurring meetings.
  • Add google hangout to your invite for video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Using multiple reminders for the same meeting or event.
  • How to have a Main calendar and how to make separate sub-calendars. These can be work, leisure, business, workout, family calendars or whatever makes sense in your life.
  • Use of your calendar for time blocking.

I have condensed the videos down to a point where they just contain the essential knowledge on calendar productivity you need. Enabling you to reach your goals and change your life.
A big part of the course is teaching you to increase how efficient and productive you are using your calendar, getting you valuable time back.





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Thor Pedersen

Teaching, sharing knowledge and paying it forward!

For many years helped a lot of people reach their goals, and get what they want in life, let me help you.

For IT training and even more IT certification it is very important to understand what the framework of what you are doing. 
Many certifications are difficult, not just because of the knowledge you need, but also because of the way they ask the questions, and the point of view of that particular certification.

Looking at the CISSP certification as an example, it...

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