Multiplication and Division - Primary School KS2 Written Methods | Ramon Rossi | Skillshare

Multiplication and Division - Primary School KS2 Written Methods

Ramon Rossi

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8 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Introduction to multiplying and dividing

    • Short multiplication

    • Long multiplication

    • Long multiplication with decimals

    • Short division - dividing by 1 digit number

    • Short division - dividing by a 2 digit number

    • Short division with decimals

    • Fact families using multiplication & division


About This Class

This course will show you how to be better at your written methods for multiplication and division.  All you need to do is to watch and learn.  These videos will help students in the UK prepare for their end-of-KS2 (Year 6) SATs test, particularly the arithmetic test.  However, these written methods can help anyone be better at maths and prepare them for life.

No exact prior knowledge is needed - everything will be explained simply in the videos.  No software, materials or tools are required for the course.  When you are ready to try one of the written methods for yourself, you'll just need some paper and a pen.

Short multiplication, long multiplication, and long multiplication with decimals will be covered.  Short division, including how to divide a decimal number, and how to change a reminder into a decimal will also be covered.

All feedback is welcome!  Thanks, and enjoy!





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Hello, I'm Ramon.

I am currently a Year 6 teacher at a primary school in London. I have about 10 years experience teaching primary school subjects, specialising in teaching maths and writing.

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